5 borogeneral awards and goldsprints party

A major endeavor was put on this summer, a 5 borough race series. This Friday they will have the awards and race some goldsprints…

GoldpsprintsNYC at 10p
5BoroGenerals Awards 1130pm
Skids and Tricks Shootout – tbd

S6 St and Berry. Williamsburg. Brooklyn.

Come after the cops shut times up party down….

Halloween…what to do?

Ok, if you thought last weekend was fun…Now its Halloween time.

In NYC here is bikeblog’s list of suggestions for bike events Friday and Saturday…

Friday, October 26th…NYC.
First off go to Union Square North around 7:00pm for the annual Halloween Critical Mass. Dress up and ride with friends. (remember this is police state NYC still hellbent on harassing cyclists) best bet is to trickle out of Union Square and join up with friends to ride a bit later than 8:00pm…you’ll figure it out. nuff said.

Then its:

Veloween, the Time’s Up halloween party at 49 East Houston St. featuring Rude Mechanical Orchestra and guest DJ’s. This is a fundraiser for our favorite environmental activist group…so pay what you can. There will also be a costume contest so get creative.


LA Bruja, traditional Halloween Alleycat.

Registration 2:00pm Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn…more details to come…we hope. here

There is my favorite drunken mayhem:

Bike Kill

Brought to you by the fine young folks of the Black Label Bike Club.

1:00pm Sanford and Willoughby…BROOKLYN.

For inspiration: (Bike Kill 06)

The alleycat will end at BikeKill and there will be an after party, nearby.

There is also a DANGER party at 195 Morgan AVE.

and for those in other cities in the US…there are alleycats galore..

New Haven, CT

Washington DC

Pittsburgh, PA

Charlotte, North Carolina
Detriot Rock City
San Francisco: Trickster Treat
Proceeds to benefit Glide Memorial
October 31, 7PM, Bow & Arrow at Embarcadero and Folsom.
Costumes, games, candy, prizes, and more.
$10 entry with glow tee shirt, $5 without shirt.
Providence RI
Bike cave for more info

Tallahassee Florida
Berlin always throws a huge bash:

Wednesday in Boston:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Halloween Bike Ride
Meeting at Green Street T Station in JP
8:00pm meet up
8:30pm ride off
Costumes and costumed bikes ghoulishly encouraged!
Helmets and Lights too!
This is a Free Event, DIY Organized and community based.
more info will be posted here as it developes. check back. and spread the word.

we’re planning stops along the way. If you have suggestions or questions, please send them to hwr @ but close the gaps and put “halloween bike ride” in the subject line.

more info and pictures here

Let me know about more…

MTA steals bikes again…

Watch out if you keep your bike at the L stop in Williamsburg cause your bike may be stolen…by the MTA.

check out this report from Streetsblog,

Check out the comments and Digg the article to spread the word

Report back on Craig Murphey’s memorial ride.

Our fellow cyclists die everyday…sometimes we don’t know who they are and sometimes they leave behind a lasting memory and touch many peoples lives.
Craig Murphey was one of those people and he was honored with a mermorial bike ride on Sunday, October 21st after being trageicly killed by a truck in Williamsburg Brooklyn, last week.
Craig, shown in the middle…pictures from Lovebryan

This information comes from Streetsblog:

No charges were filed in the death of 26-year-old Craig Murphey, who according to police and media reports was hit by a turning gas truck just after 4 a.m. yesterday while riding southbound in the northbound lane of Union Avenue at Ten Eyck Street.

But Elizabeth Weinberg, a friend of Murphey’s, tells Streetsblog that doesn’t make sense:

We know for a fact that he was coming from Lorimer (at Broadway) at that time (dropping off our friend) and heading to his place on South 3rd in Brooklyn, so he had to have been going NORTH on Union Ave, not south like the police report said. There is no way Craig would be riding against traffic and he had no reason to head back down in the opposite direction from home. He rode to work everyday in Harlem from Brooklyn; he knew what he was doing.

Murphey did social work with the West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty and was reportedly a member of Right Rides, a group that provides late-night rides and walks home to GLBT populations vulnerable to assault. Friends have dedicated a Flickr photo pool to Murphey, and are directing donations made in his name to WHANAP.

Here are some ways people are honoring and remembering Craig:
his myspace page
Lovebryan a friends site of pictures.
flickr photo pool

Pictures from the memorial from Elizabeth Weinberg:

There was also a memorial on Monday:

Suckapants images from ZOMBIECON

The living dead rampaged through the streets on Saturday…otherwise known as ZOMBIECON

check out some great pictures from Tod Seelie of Suckapants.

more pictures at suckapants flickr page

Great Zombie and Los Marcos Bike Polo weekend

Ok its not even Halloween weekend and…I’m beat. This weekend was a great time and thanks to all who put on great events here in NYC.

First off was a jam packed Bike Polo invitational hosted by Los Marcos. 4 or so fomer Luche Libre stars from LosMarcostan flew into town, were detained at the airport and were able to judge their own polo competition even though one of their founding members was doored by an irate driver, punching a hole in his chest with the tip of the car door.

photo by john prolly

But the show went on. Two days of bike polo here in NYC at what is now being called the polo grounds of Broome and Chrystie street. For those who don’t know there is a massive movement of people getting on bikes and hitting a ball into a goal with homemade mallets of ski poles and pvc pipe.

Just take a look at the myspace pages alone of polo sites:

Boston Bike Polo
New Haven
the DIRTY South
Los Angeles

And there is a lot more.

I was talking with Pieter Blockker from Vancouver and he mentioned the infectious nature of bike polo…
“you don’t choose bike polo…it chooses you”

It was hard to dispute meeting people who had traveled all over the country just to play bike polo in NYC for a bunch of dudes wearing Mexican wrestling masks and American Apparel underwear.

Saturday, the 20th, people took the court around Noon and began playing pickup games, giving the individual teams a chance to square off and see weather fixed gears were better than freewheels for stick handling.

Then there was a 2 on 2 showdown and the points began. Los Marcos had a very loose system of keeping score, or maybe it was just too complicated for me to understand but cheating was incouraged and througout the weekend participants scored points by bribing the judges, stealing their bikes and doing what ever they could to gain their approval.

some pictures:


Around 7:30pm the polocat began, a nightime alleycat race for the polo teams through lower Manhattan, polo mallets were required at all times and several of the checkpoints involved hitting balls, including the bull stature in Wall Street.


Some went on to a massive party in BedSty but I head over to the St. Mark’s Chuch for a Freewheels event: the Zombie ride.

All the zombies gathered at the St. Marks Church and rode through the streets, critical mass style. We had no police bothering us, thankfully…and had a nice tour of Lower Manhattan with the occasional stop to tell ghost stories and point out historical sites in NYC which had hauntings.

my friend Dan, tandem partner…did great make-up for himself and me…



Then we rode to Washington Square park and then over the Manhattan bridge to a park in Fort Greene to make smores by a bon fire.


The Los Marcos bike polo championships were well underway when I arrived around 2:00pm. Being extremely hung over from the nights partying may have been a handicap but the polo went on.

Bike Parade in Manchester UK-oct 26th

Almost forgot…oh yeah the planet.

Today is a global day of action to stop global warming. So as you put on your shorts for another humid day in October think about this…

It’s Time for a National Intervention

October 22, Washington, D.C.

and across the country

The Iraq war and the threat of climate change are the twin global threats that millions of Americans said they wanted immediate action on after the U.S. mid-term election. But as Iraq continues to devolve into violence and chaos, and as we hit another year of record warm temperatures, our legislators are failing to respond to the will of the people. We want a safe and healthy planet for years and years to come. Please join us in a series of actions in 2007 to fight climate change, not wars for oil!

Turn your voice into action!



We need to take immediate action…
…To end the war in Iraq and all future oil wars
…To halt the impending climate crisis
…To end the US addiction to oil and other fossil fuels
…To rebuild New Orleans and all impacted communities
…To end racism and corporate greed
…To promote green jobs in a clean energy economy




This weekend…Bike Polo in NYC

I’ll let the flyers speak for themselves. Its gonna be fun, lots of people are coming from other cities…its polo…on bikes.

Schedule coming soon.

What was going on in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn drivers have really lost their minds. Maybe they think all bets are off when it comes to operating their vehicles in this lawless borough.

Now I don’t want to make comparisons in anyway here. What happened are isolated instances and, well lets just say I got off light.

Yesterday, Wednesday…October 17th, for the first time in my 17 years of NYC…wait a second…17 and 17, thats creepy. I was hit by a mini van in the heart of the Hasidic part of Williamsburg Brooklyn. Surprise surprise for a group of people so well known for their driving skills…NOT. This part of Brooklyn is home to 57,000 Satmar Hasidic Jews and just about all of them seem to own mini vans. Now they may have their own version of Judisim, their own laws and customs which may seem alien to the influx of hipsters moving in right next store…but this does not absolve them from driving with the same rules of the road we all must adhere to.

That being said, I was riding my fixed gear down Roebling Street, North towards Broadway, to go to the bank. I see this Green mini van half way out into the intersection of South 9th. Roebling is a big two way street, and this intersection is huge. The van is making an illegal U-turn, only slowly, not whipping around. I decide to try and go to his front side…he must have seen me…in fact we made eye contact. Then a flukey thing happened, maybe out of panic, but one of my cleats comes out of the clipless pedals and there is no way for me to stop…I’m gonna hit something. But this van has ample time to stop. He barley clips me in the front wheel and I go over the handle bars. This elderly man says, “are you ok” as he slowly drives off, leaving me in the intersection. My back wheel won’t move and it turns out its just the chain caught. Now I’m ok, a few scrapes…I don’t say anything and one person in the crowd of people who watched this spectacle shouts…”Damn, son, I would have choked him.” I just pull out a pad of paper I carry on me in my RELOAD side pouch and proceed to write down the plates as this van is slowly driving away. Green Mini Van…DYS 3310 (New York Plates) Now what to do? I’ve been thinking about this situation, just about every time I strap on my helmet and wonder if today will be my last. I feel fine. I look down and see that my right front bullhorn handlebar has taken the brunt of the crash. Its bent in and twisted up, but the rest of my indestructible orange KHS seems to be fine…wheels true…crank tight. Then I call 911 and report a Hit and Run accident.
The crowd still can’t get over how calm I am…maybe I’m in shock. Out of procedure the fire truck shows up, then the cops and then the paramedics. I fill out all the information, give the cops my id, get checked out by the paramedics and assure them I don’t need to go to the hospital. I get a number to call for the accident report and complaint number. I can just see how this thing could pan out. The van is registered to some Puerto Rican in the Bronx, I have to go to a line up and identify 6 of the Hasidim and one guy they threw in there with glue on side curls. The old man only speaks Hebrew and has no recollection of the incident. I’m not looking for a lawsuit here, just trying to fallow through. At the bare minimum I could get a new set of handlebars and maybe keep this guy reading Talmud and not operating a vehicle…who knows. Besides the cops being really friendly and attentive, there was also a local super of a building nearby that said he would be a witness.

If anyone knows a place to get straight bars…I’m in need of a new pair.

Then yesterday…Real tragedy stikes.

This comes from WABC and posted on:

streets blog

2 cyclists were killed in Brooklyn.

“Two men, both bicyclists, were killed in separate accidents in Brooklyn Thursday morning.

In the first, police say a bicyclist was struck and killed by an oil truck at the intersection of Union Avenue and Ten Eyck Street in the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

The bicyclist, a 26-year-old Massachusetts resident, was hit while cycling in the wrong direction just after 4:15 a.m.

He was allegedly trying to beat the oil truck, turning from southbound Union Avenue to Ten Eyck Street, when he was struck.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

No charges were filed.

Later, authorities say a 25-year-old bicyclist was struck by a white passenger van at the intersection of Utica Avenue and Fulton Street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene, in front of a church.

The driver of the passenger van was not immediately charged. The accident was under investigation.

A woman who lives near Union and Ten Eyck describes the scene:

I came up to the intersection this morning at around 7 a.m., and it had crime scene tape around it. There was a large truck (like an oil truck perhaps) stopped, post turn, and when I turned to look I saw a bicycle completely flattened under the back left tire. The person had been removed from the scene, but from the somber expressions and the remains on the road it was clear that this individual didn’t survive. I would like to honor my neighbor in some way. This is so sad. I ride a bike pretty frequently and run all the time in the neighborhood. The intersection is absolutely terrible, people just peel around and often come very close to hitting me or my dog. As a matter of fact, I was just telling my friend on Monday about almost being hit a few blocks up from this (when I had a walk sign). Actually, all the intersections along Union Avenue in WBurg are like that. It is really, really hard to cross the street. The intersection where this tragedy occurred is a “T” so you can really only cross when the walk light says stop, because no one ever, ever, ever pays attention to the walk signal when they have the green light. This is so sad and senseless. After I walked by the scene, I saw so many cars in a rush try to run over pedestrians at Grand and Union, a few blocks away. I saw a car honking at a cyclist and come aggressively close to him on Union just past Grand. It is so sad. Is there anythign we can do to make drivers more accountable for their recklessness? “