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See these happy bikers…

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Upper Manhattan Bike Tour
Saturday, May 26th, 2007
North end of Central Park at W 110th Street and Lenox Ave. (right by the exit of the park’s East Drive )
2:00 pm

Bike the upper reaches of Manhattan to learn about the recreational resources, historic landmarks, and vistas from the highlands. This Saturday’s ride will highlight landmarks associated with artists, writers, poets and public figures of Harlem , such as Julia de Burgos, James Baldwin, Countee Cullen, Audre Lorde, Jacob Lawrence, Augusta Savage, and many others. Bring $ for refreshments.

Bike Month Critical Mass as advertised by the DOT

Well its coming to the end of Bike Month and what better way to celebrate it then to go the monthly bike ride, critical mass. This is where you can ride your bike in a group and get harassed by the NYPD who STILL has nothing better to do then criminalize bike riding. Tonight was no different.

About 200 people showed up, about 150 more then last months drizzly ride where we all hopped on the subway and headed downtown to avoid the cops.

This time the ride left Union Square and headed down 5th Ave. where they were surrounded by tons of cops. This month the cops officially gave out the parading without a permit ticket…Happy Bike Month.

The group split up and 50 people went to Washington Square park to reconvene, another group of about 25 went to Madison Park. Madison was surrounded by cops and people were affraid to leave.

I heard rumors that the ride linked up and a group of 50 rode without harrassment for at least an hour. More info to come.

Saturday is Bike Fetish Day.

Hosted by the City Reliquary and there will be an Alleycat Race leaving from Bicycle Fetish Day…

my flyer with cool picture from last year

Their flyer with useful information…like where Bike Fetish Day is.

Flashback…of Pirate Bikearrrrs

Chris Ryan has this video from the Saturday Bike Film Festival Bike Parade.


and from the Track Bike events… a supreme New York thing

Planning meeting for waterfront bikeway.

Eleven miles of the waterfront bikeway (from Coney Island to the Navy Yard) have been planned.

The three miles in Williamsburg & Greenpoint have not.

Come out and make it happen!

What: Greenway Planning Workshop for Greenpoint & Williamsburg
When: Thursday, May 24th, 6: 0 0 PM
Where: Brooklyn Brewery, 79 North 11th St. (L train to Bedford Ave)

THIS IS A REALLY IMPORTANT DEAL! According to the Community Board in Williamsburg, our community wants a passive greenway, meaning no bikes and small paths made just for walking, etc etc. If we don’t speak up…that is exactly what we will get.

Come to this workshop style meeting (aka less talking, more table design work a la community charette) and get your vision for the williamsburg waterfront heard. (And then enjoy a little beer tasting at the end…ooh la la! this is my type of meeting!)

Your voice and your ideas are needed to make it happen. Register today at . Space is limited.

Get a glimpse of the vision in this streetsblog

A free beer tasting will follow the workshop!

Bike Lane Liberation

Quick reminder…

Thursday, May 24, 2007
6:30 PM at Washington Square Park, meet near the Arch

**Clown makeup & props available at the start of the ride and at the
Time’s Up! space from 5:15pm – 6:00pm

Come ride with the Bicycle Clown Brigade as we clear the bike lane for
the evening bicycle commuters so they can enjoy a safe ride in
car-free bike lanes.

Ride will end at the Time’s Up! space for movie night.

make your bike shorts tight…and get them on dvd.

Time to start showing off your bike videos. Velodrome super star and filmmaker Luke Stiles is hosting bike short films.

Info from the site:

Bike Shorts is a low-key event to share whatever you’ve been working on with like-minded folks. It is is not a festival. We started Bike Shorts because we know there are a lot of people out there creating great stuff, and it should be easier to share and show your work. Plus, YouTube is really only good for the latest dancing baby clips, cultural nostalgia, and highlight reels . This is all about bike stuff.

So get out there, strap your camera to your head, and make some movies. You know what though? If all you’re gonna do is strap your camera to your head and film you & your buddies dodging traffic, you’re not going to win the $100 cash prize So be original. Be creative. Impress us.

Check the site for more info and make in your shorts.


Friday, May 25th, 2007

Check out this event:

There is a day location–and an evening location…check the flyer.

For more info check out-
Bikes in the kitchen

Coverage of this amazing weekend.

A supreme New York Thing sent this link to a video he made of the Joy Ride Art show on Thursday.

Check it.

Bikes Rock and win fastest commute…

Transportation Alternatives put on a race to see who is the fastest commuter…

Battle for the Fastest Commute!

Cyclist Out-Commutes Straphanger and Car Service

Friday, May 18th 8:33am from Fix Cafe in Brooklyn to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan

This morning, Luci Olewinski, Nurse Practitioner at Bellevue Hospital, won Transportation Alternatives’ Bike Month NYC 2007 6th Annual Commuter Race by making it from Fix Cafe on North 11th Street and Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan in 15 minutes, despite strong headwinds over the bridge. Olewinski beat subway rider Phillip Pond, by 4 minutes and Cab rider James Vincente, by 8 minutes.

Olewinski, a nurse practitioner who commutes daily to her night shifts in the Bellevue Hospital Emergency Room, reported that she was happy that her “victory proves to would-be bike commuters that getting to work by bike is fast and easy.” She encouraged others to “take advantage of the good summer weather and give bike commuting a spin.”

According to 2000 Census figures, New Yorkers have the longest average commute in the country, about 45 minutes. However, the average bicycle commute in New York City only takes 30 minutes.

Cycling is booming in New York City, and Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC long-term sustainability initiative commits to making cycling an everyday form of transportation and recreation for New Yorkers. Bicycle use is at record levels with over 120,000 daily cyclists in New York City, up from 75,000 just ten years ago. Mayor Bloomberg’s goal of adding 200-miles of bike lanes by 2009 and 40-miles of greenway paths by 2010 will improve safety and encourage more New Yorkers to ride. More cycling will help achieve PlaNYC’s goals of reducing global warming emissions by 30%, achieving the cleanest air of any big city in the U.S. and improving travel times — all necessary to maintain livability now and in the coming years.

Bike Month NYC, presented by Transportation Alternatives, the NYC Department of Transportation and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene honors the bicycle as a healthy convenient, quick, quiet, clean and community-friendly form of transportation. This year’s sixteenth annual celebration of cycling in New York City features over 175 events throughout all five boroughs between April 24 and June 3, culminating with the 3rd annual Tour de Brooklyn bike ride. The calendar of events is available at bike shops and online at