Art show celebrating the bicycle

Tonight opens an art show which celebrates the bicycle called Why I RIde, the Art of Bicycling in New York.

Here is information on the show from On NY Turf.

A great art show is opening tomorrow, and it is great because it is all about bicycling in NYC! It’s the perfect way to start the summer. Why I Ride opens tomorrow and runs through June 3rd, and organizers Carol Wood and Elizabeth Stuelke say it is going to make the NYTime’s Friday events list. Woot!

The show has four locations throughout the lower east side:
Lower Eastside Girls Club gallery/cafe
56 E. 1st St.

Bicycle Habitat
244 Lafayette St.

NYC Velo
64 Second Ave.

231B Eldridge St.

Plus a online gallery

The exhibit includes works by at least 17 artists, and the catalog has essays by more than 26 people including city councilor Rosie Mendez. Yay Rosie!

On Ny Turf has a piece which shows a timeline of Critical Mass in New York since the RNC.

see you at the show.

3 ways to support Times Up

There are 3 ways to support Times Up, NYC’s favorite environmental group that tirelessly puts on tons of free rides and events throughout the year, not just during bike month.

1) give time’s up volunteers a big hug and tell them you love them

2) donate money, become a member, volunteer at events…

3) go to the Time’s Up Benefit Art Show, running until Saturday (May 5th) and buy some art…at very affordable prices for a gallery in Chelsea.

You could actually do all three of these things.

But running until Saturday is a great art show featuring works by: Swoon and Seth Tobocman, plus many others.

Photos are by Justin T. Shockley

The show is at:

511 West 20th St, Ground Fl (at 10th Ave.)
New York, NY 10011

The show runs till Saturday at 6pm
Hours: Thurs.-Sat., noon-6pm and by appt.

Come, by some art, support Time’s Up.

Polo, Polo and more Polo…

I just can’t get enough.

here is an article from Razor apple with pictures of last weekends Eastside Polo invitational.

Here is a report back from Angelo:

“The A-Team had a long drive home, long enough to lick our wounds clean. The ESPI’s in NYC, hands down the best polo tournament ever. If you missed it, you missed 14 teams battle for supremacy with some of the best ballers ever. The tourney ended up being quite the spectator event with rivalries beginning right from the start, from two teams that were slated to be in the finals together. The A-Team (Ottawa) and The Ratkillers (NYC). Then two big upsets. Both A-Team and Ratkillers lost in the semi’s which put The Broad St. Bullies and The Christ Punchers in the finals. Philly vs. Philly, ya know that’s going to be good. That left The A-Team and the Ratkillers to go to war for bronze.

The Christ Punchers took the whole thing. Congrats, the one team to beat the A-Team (defending champs) deserves to go all the way. In my opinion Dave from the CP deserves the MVP of the tournament. He also got the GWG.
The Broad St.Bullies took silver with a valiant effort from Zach, Cory and Adam, but it just wasn’t enough.
The A-Team and Ratkillers grudge match was just that…a bruiser of a game. It went to beer point (match point) but the Ratkillers fell short despite their bush league tactics. The A-Team edged them out with their skill.

The A-Team would like to thank, All of NYC…Trackstar crew and all other key organizers. Bill for his professional officiating. Josh for his floor. Alfred for his hospitality. Hodari for being in our corner the whole weekend and to all of our fans out there, we love you.

The now North Side polo Invite, formerly the Golden Ball Tournament, will be held this Sept. in Ottawa. This is going to be our 4th annual and probably the biggest so far. More info TBA.

ESPI 2008 will be held in Ottawa, maybe a pre-event to CMWC XVI Toronto, maybe an event unto it’s self, maybe an event at the worlds.
One thing is for sure the Mallets of Mayhem are hosting it.

We like to keep stats on our tournament play….

The A-Team is 25 wins and 1 loss in 3 continental tournaments, that’s including round robins and finals….you better refocus your telescope Cory , the centre of the polo universe is a little bit more north.


More photo links:

North American Cycle Courier Championships–SF

Gabe Morford and Mike Martin really set things off with their 40 minute video MASH about track bike culture in San Francisco. They opened eyes with their coverage of tricks one may have never thought possible on a fixed gear bicycle all beautifully displayed on the intensly pitched hills of this West Coast gem of a city.

It set things off with many riders trying to better their skills and invent new ways of riding and better tricks.

Here are a few more videos from San Francisco…by Colin Arlin and Colby Elrick.

promo part 2

San Francisco is hosting this years North American Cycle Courier Championships (NACCC 07) Memorial Day weekend and invite all to come and see the city. This is a great time to be on a bike with lots of alleycat races, parties, racing and events.

Fred has sent this message out looking for volunteers to help out:


My name’s Fred and i’m in charge of recruiting
volunteers for the various events like the main and
qualifying races and parties during Friday, Saturday
and Sunday.

So, I’m asking. If you are coming to sf to race and
feel like helping out when you’re not racing then i’d
love to hear from you. Maybe you’re coming with a
friend who isn’t racing but is down to help out-
please direct their attention towards me.

Or if you find yourself milling about during or after
the race and you see some folks cleaning up or
schlepping things around that look like they are
having a hard time (or they’re having an easy time and
you just want to meet someone cool), then you could
just help for a second and have some new friends.

We’re trying to work out some perks to being a
volunteer. We have a ton of sponsor gear…..

If you want to talk about any of this or see what’s
available to do, i’d love to hear from you. write me
back at this address Or just
find me or any of the other race organizers and
volunteers during the events.

Looking forward to meeting all y’all.

LA is preparing some pre-events for NACCC with “City on Lockdown 2.”

Ashira writes:

The NAC3 Pre-Events in Los Angeles is going to be rock solid and funtastical!

Registration is up at Los Angeles Bike Messenger Association – so go there and click on DTLA events to get your registration on.

FYI – “City on Lockdown 2″ is probably going to be way better than “City on Lockdown 1″ and “City on Lockdown 1″ had me convinced that LA rocks harder bikes-wise than most places I been.

x ashira

U- Lock Mob presents: CITY ON LOCKDOWN 2

schedule is:

May 18th:
Registration, Group Ride and After(Pre?)Party

May 19th:
Mural Alleycat (LA has got some of the best murals of all time – including many by LA messengers like Cache). The Battle of East LA (the first one was INSANE! LA River here we come!) and a killer afterparty.

May 20th:
BBQ, Fixed events and Big Lebowski Bike Bowling

Huge Prizes!!

THEN – May 21st – 25th

Join us for THE CALIFORNIA BREW TOUR!! 5 days of riding up the coast with The U-Lock Mob towards the NACCC’s in SF. Camping, alleycats, LOTS of beer, etc etc

Sponsor list includes:

PBR, Orange 20 Bikes (owned and operated by Jim C from Richmond), Swobo, REload, Level, Chrome, BaileyWorks, Timbuk2, New Belgium Brewing, iMartin, and DTLA’s very own Megan #2 who has promised custom handbuilt bikes to the winners!
Here is another example of LA on lockdown…

The cops turned on a crowd of peaceful demonstrators at the Tuesday May 1st rally for immigrants rights using teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the people.

Excessive force from the LAPD…hard to believe.

more info at LA indymedia

probably got started by a bunch of unruly bike messengers….

just kidding.

Bike blog gets new URL

So I am trying to change Bikeblog.blogspot to They say this could take a couple of days. Please look for bike blog at both url’s.

I’m not sure if I set this up correctly, but I bought the domain name:

just to drop the blogspot part.

I am still hosting through google’s blogger.

We’ll see what happens…but if anyone has experience with using a custom name…plese advise.


Michael. Happy Bike Month!

Ok, May is Bike Month…Madness

So Bike month means all kinds of things…
the 7th annual bicycle film festival bringing you a ton of movies made about bikes, bikes and um…I think Bikes.

May 16th-21st.

I am happy to have my 3rd project in the festival, a tale of two Japanese bike messengers coming from Tokyo to race in NYC’s most intense fixed gear only alleycat race…Monster Track.

premiering at the festival, Saturday May 19th at 7:00, 9:00 and 11:00pm

Pick up a schedule near you or check the website.

For a Bike Month schedule go to transportation alternatives

Noah Budnick, of T.A. wanted me to post this about bike month:

Throughout Bike Month, the Parks Department, Bike New York, the DOT, the
Department of Health and T.A. will be partnering to teach kids how to
ride bikes!

This is quite exciting, not only because it’s getting the next
generation on two wheels, but because the Parks Department is really
committing resources to these events. There will be “teach your kid to
bike” events in every borough on Saturday, May 12, Saturday, May 19 and
on Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day).

What the Parks Department could use are a few volunteers who love
bicycles, know a thing or two about bikes and can lend a hand checking
parents and kids in and with the odds ‘n’ ends that always come up at
events like these.

So, I’m ask for everyone’s help to please help out at one of the 15
“teach your kid to bike” events and to spread the word and try to drum
up others to help out. Parents and others who have taught people to bike
are definitely desired.

If you can help, please e-mail Rich Conroy (cc’d here) at or ring him at (212) 932-2453 x.159.

Thanks everyone! Please forward and post this to others who may help.

Details on where and when the Parks Department is hosting Teach Your Kid
to Bike events are below and at:


Noah S. Budnick
Deputy Director
Transportation Alternatives
127 West 26th Street, Suite 1002, New York, NY 10001-4010
Phone (212) 629-8080
Fax (212) 629-8334
Direct (646) 873-6022
Mobile (917) 684-2912
Email: .

Our mission is to reclaim New York City’s streets from the automobile,
and to advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best
transportation alternatives.

=Bike Riding Lessons for Kids
=Saturday, May 12, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
* Victory Field in Forest Park; 96th St. near Myrtle Ave. (Queens)
Getting there: J,Z to Woodhaven Blvd.

* St. Mary’s Park; St. Ann’s at St. Mary’s (Bronx)
Getting there: 6 to Cypress Ave,; 2,5 to Jackson Ave.

* Marine Park; Flatbush, Gerritsen and Fillmore Ave. (Brooklyn)
Getting there: Q to Ave. U

* Marcus Garvey Park; Madison Avenue between 120th and 124th St.
Getting there: 2,3,4,5,6 to 125th St.

* Midland Beach; Fort Wadsworth to Miller Field (Staten Island)

=Bike Riding Lessons for Kids
=Saturday, May 19, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
* Equity Park 90th St. and 88th Ave. (Queens)
Getting there: J,Z to Woodhaven Blvd.

* Van Cortlandt Stadium Broadway between W. 242 Street and Putnam Trail
Getting there: 1 to 242nd St.

* Brownsville Recreation Center; 1555 Linden Blvd. (Brooklyn)
Getting there: 3 to Junius St., L to Livonia or New Lots Ave.

* Tompkins Square Park Ave. A and 7th St. (Manhattan)
Getting there: L to 1st Ave.

* Wolfe’s Pond; Cornelia, Holten and Luten Aves. and Raritan Bay (Staten

=Bike Riding Lessons for Kids
=Monday, May 28, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
* North Rochdale Playground; Baisley Blvd. & Bedell St. (Queens)

* Behagan E. 166th St. and Union Ave. (Bronx)
Getting there: 2,5 to Simpson St.

* Commodore Barry Park; Flushing Ave. and N. Elliott Pl. (Brooklyn)
Getting there: F to York St.; B,M,Q,R to DeKalb Ave.

* Inwood Hill Nature Center; 218th St. and Indian Rd. (Manhattan)
Getting there: 1 to 215th St.; A to 207th St.

* Silver Lake; Victory Blvd., Clove Rd. and Forest Ave. (Staten Island)

Some photos of May critical mass

Here are some photos of the last critical mass. Some from the time’s up

and some from

Here is one of me on the train with Brandon taken by Jefferson Siegel of the villager.

I’m sorry if any subway riders were inconvenienced. We shouldn’t have to resort to these kind of tactics just to ride our bikes in a city that is supposedly moving towards a green initiative. Green as in money, that is.

Bike Polo images.

Looked like a fun weekend for bike polo, with the East Side invitational.

Here is a video of the final match.

Trudy’s got some pictures up online

would you play polo with a guy in his underwear?

forget kickboxing…this is the sport of the future.

There was also a bike prom afterwards:
Some bikers dressed up?…

Some dressed…DOWN.

Bike Blog nominated in blogger choice awards

So I have been nominated for the bloggers choice awards in the “best pop culture” category. So far I have a whopping 1 vote…huh, pretty damn popular.

I thought it would be fun to try and get some more votes…so if you like bike blog and want to play along…please vote for me.

Yes, its another thing you must sign up for…sorry.

check it out at:
blogger choice awards.

Sad news…14 year old biker killed in Bushwick by hit and run SUV.

14-year-old killed in hit-and-run next to his bicycle…Sunday morning.

Police search for the driver

Eyewitness News

(New York – WABC, April 29, 2007) – A 14-year-old boy is killed in a hit-and-run crash. Now police in Brooklyn say they continue their search for the person responsible.

Eyewitness News reporter Patricia Wu in the Bushwick section has the latest.
This is a heartbreaking story. You can see the family and friends of 14-year-old Anthony Delgado are still out at the scene.

They gave Eyewitness News the invitation, which is actually an invitation for a baptism party that took place in that brick house last night.

The teen was riding home, crossing through this intersection, when he was killed. This is what his devastated mother has to say to that hit-and-run driver.

“The only thing I really want to say is that whoever hit my son and if anybody knows information, please come forward,” said the mother of the victim. “Let the cops know.”

Fourteen-year-old Anthony Delgado was riding home on his bicycle. It was just after midnight when someone driving a black Ford SUV hit him at the intersection of Palmetto Street and Central Avenue and kept on going.

Witnesses say the car was going very fast. Investigators are still searching for that hit-and-run driver.

Anthony’s mother also told Eyewitness News, he was very loving and he had dreams of growing up to be a car designer.

(Copyright 2007 WABC-TV)