Bike Lane Liberation

Quick reminder…

Thursday, May 24, 2007
6:30 PM at Washington Square Park, meet near the Arch

**Clown makeup & props available at the start of the ride and at the
Time’s Up! space from 5:15pm – 6:00pm

Come ride with the Bicycle Clown Brigade as we clear the bike lane for
the evening bicycle commuters so they can enjoy a safe ride in
car-free bike lanes.

Ride will end at the Time’s Up! space for movie night.

make your bike shorts tight…and get them on dvd.

Time to start showing off your bike videos. Velodrome super star and filmmaker Luke Stiles is hosting bike short films.

Info from the site:

Bike Shorts is a low-key event to share whatever you’ve been working on with like-minded folks. It is is not a festival. We started Bike Shorts because we know there are a lot of people out there creating great stuff, and it should be easier to share and show your work. Plus, YouTube is really only good for the latest dancing baby clips, cultural nostalgia, and highlight reels . This is all about bike stuff.

So get out there, strap your camera to your head, and make some movies. You know what though? If all you’re gonna do is strap your camera to your head and film you & your buddies dodging traffic, you’re not going to win the $100 cash prize So be original. Be creative. Impress us.

Check the site for more info and make in your shorts.


Friday, May 25th, 2007

Check out this event:

There is a day location–and an evening location…check the flyer.

For more info check out-
Bikes in the kitchen

Coverage of this amazing weekend.

A supreme New York Thing sent this link to a video he made of the Joy Ride Art show on Thursday.

Check it.

Bikes Rock and win fastest commute…

Transportation Alternatives put on a race to see who is the fastest commuter…

Battle for the Fastest Commute!

Cyclist Out-Commutes Straphanger and Car Service

Friday, May 18th 8:33am from Fix Cafe in Brooklyn to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan

This morning, Luci Olewinski, Nurse Practitioner at Bellevue Hospital, won Transportation Alternatives’ Bike Month NYC 2007 6th Annual Commuter Race by making it from Fix Cafe on North 11th Street and Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan in 15 minutes, despite strong headwinds over the bridge. Olewinski beat subway rider Phillip Pond, by 4 minutes and Cab rider James Vincente, by 8 minutes.

Olewinski, a nurse practitioner who commutes daily to her night shifts in the Bellevue Hospital Emergency Room, reported that she was happy that her “victory proves to would-be bike commuters that getting to work by bike is fast and easy.” She encouraged others to “take advantage of the good summer weather and give bike commuting a spin.”

According to 2000 Census figures, New Yorkers have the longest average commute in the country, about 45 minutes. However, the average bicycle commute in New York City only takes 30 minutes.

Cycling is booming in New York City, and Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC long-term sustainability initiative commits to making cycling an everyday form of transportation and recreation for New Yorkers. Bicycle use is at record levels with over 120,000 daily cyclists in New York City, up from 75,000 just ten years ago. Mayor Bloomberg’s goal of adding 200-miles of bike lanes by 2009 and 40-miles of greenway paths by 2010 will improve safety and encourage more New Yorkers to ride. More cycling will help achieve PlaNYC’s goals of reducing global warming emissions by 30%, achieving the cleanest air of any big city in the U.S. and improving travel times — all necessary to maintain livability now and in the coming years.

Bike Month NYC, presented by Transportation Alternatives, the NYC Department of Transportation and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene honors the bicycle as a healthy convenient, quick, quiet, clean and community-friendly form of transportation. This year’s sixteenth annual celebration of cycling in New York City features over 175 events throughout all five boroughs between April 24 and June 3, culminating with the 3rd annual Tour de Brooklyn bike ride. The calendar of events is available at bike shops and online at

Pablo reviews knickers…

Pablo, who spends the majority of his day on his track bike as a NYC messenger, knows a thing or two about what feels right to wear. He reviews bike knickers for the NYtimes…

NY Times article with slideshow

Gear Test With Pablo Airaldi, Bike Messenger and Racer
Pants in a Twist? Try Some Knickers

Published: May 17, 2007
URBAN cyclists can’t win. Snug-fitting Lycra shorts offer a padded chamois and seams that don’t chafe, but lack style. Regular pants with rolled-up cuffs may be more fashionable but can become clammy for anything longer than a short ride.

Cycling-specific knickers can be a good compromise. These three-quarter-length pants stay clear of a rider’s bike chain and have a rear pocket to carry a U-lock. Some riders choose to wear bicycle shorts under the knickers and others don’t, even on 50-mile outings, said T. J. Flexer, an owner of Orange 20 Bikes, a Los Angeles shop that carries knickers.

“Urban cycling is no longer comprised of just bike people and messengers,” said Tim Parr, the president of Swobo, the company that first designed casual cycling knickers about a decade ago. The reasons vary, he said. Rising gas prices and the growing cachet of courier culture have more people saying, “Why don’t I just bike?”

Pablo Airaldi, a New York bike messenger training for the Cycle Messenger World Championships in August, tested knickers while delivering packages.

Bike Film Festival 07 off with a great start.

Photo by Tod Seelie:

Despite foul weather and a major band not playing the opening party…this years Bike Film Festival 07 is off to a kick ass start.

Wednesday night was a party at Studio B in Greenpoint with bands and Ines Brunn, known for her skills on a fixed gear.
Artistic Cycling…this video is not from Wednesday night.

More photos from Tod Seelie here.
More photos from Wednesday night Susan Buice

and Jenac

Here’s a trailer for this years 2007 Bicycle Film Festival made by:
Some pictures from Tod a suckapants

Last night (5/17/07) was the Joy Ride art show with all works inspired by the bicycle. Lots of people took photos…here are mine…Mostly of Bicycle messengers inspired by free Pabst.

my flickr set here

West Coast Troubles…

Looks like San Francisco/Berkley has had some altercations with their rides.

In San Francisco, there were a couple of incidents with angy bikers

Headline from San Francisco Gate
Critical Mass pedals politely through S.F.
A SMOOTH RIDE: After last month’s heated confrontation between bicyclists and a driver, participants were determined to make this month’s event a more pleasant experience

Then check out this bizarre ride from Berkely’s Critical Mass which was last Friday (I guess its the 2nd Friday of every Month)

Video of ride.

The driver of the minivan claims people threw bikes under his van…kind of like when demonstrators damage police equipment with their heads at demonstrations. The driver, a 70 year old man wants to negotiate better about how the pedestrians, bikers and motor vehicles can share the road. I wonder how those negotiations would go…”you bikers talk about your problems…while I run you over.”

The video is really disturbing and you end up feeling bad for everyone…but the driver kind of looks like Dick Chenney and he is behind a machine that can kill people…maybe he should negotiate like our Vice President and tell people to go Fuck themselves.

Here is an article about the incident.

Mutant bike class looks for new instructor…

Wow, I was bummed out today. I got all hot and bothered about “bike culture being for sale.” I thought we had another hot button topic about weather an art space could actually have classes on building mutant bicycles for more money then you could buy a bike. I thought there would be lots of fiery responses on the issues of public space and selling out. Instead a few people told me I was just whinning. What fun is that? Last time tallbikes came into question I had major newspapers calling me up and asking, “whats with these mutant bike gangs that are terrorizing the city?” It was fun pretending to be an expert on a fringe sub culture of a sub culture that barely existed, then watch how the New York Times and the Village Voice blew it all out of proportion. So I ranted and it went flat and there were no discussion about to be punk rock or not. damn. Then, right before the day was up…Sweet vindication.

The supposed teacher of this Tallbike class wrote in:

“hi. this is carlos valpeoz, the person who, i guess seems responsible for this mess. first of all i don’t feel like i should justify this situation because i have nothing to do with 3rd ward anymore. i only feel compelled to write this response because since i have lived in brooklyn i have been very involved in bicycle culture. your argument, mr. green is completely valid. you elaborate mostly on exploiting bicycle culture. this class has never existed, does not exist, and will never exist…at least under my instruction. when i was dealing with 3rd ward, the purpose was not to exploit a culture which i am fully immersed in, but to offer people an opportunity to create and design at a place which seemed to not be run by business men. it was never about building tall bikes so that the affluent brooklyn scene-ster could swing their dick around. i was fooled into thinking that 3rd ward really cared about maintaining a strong community in this seemingly exploited city as opposed to just making money. i had absolutely no idea that they were still running this class. i have nothing to do with 3rd ward anymore and do no agree with their mentality, prices, and all of the above. my appologies. carlos.”

Whos whinning now…

Carlos, please email me off the blog. I’d love to talk more about this and thanks for taking the time to respond.

classes on bike culture

So 3rd ward in Bushwick,
is this big art space offering space and classes. They have office space available, a wood shop and a metal shop. They have studio space for photographs or perhaps an insert stage for film and video purposes. They also offer classes…cool things like electronics for artists and introduction to MIG welding. They have passes that for $300.00 a month you can have access to all of their facilities and make the art of your dreams. Add another $150.00 and you can have a desk.

They contacted me about their new class in May called: Mutant Bicycle Mechanics and it reads something like this:

Teachers: Carlos Valpeoz & David Messinio
6 classes on Tuesdays 7-9pm
Price: $450.00 + $40.00 materials fee.
This course will introduce students to an entirely new aspect of bicycle culture. The focus is to allow the students to fully understand the mechanics of a bicycle while allowing them to build their own mutant bike out of raw steel and recycled bicycle parts (i.e. tall bikes, tricycles, chopper bikes, tandem bikes, bike carriages, etc.)
Students will be persuaded to conceptualize at home, bring in their ideas, rationalize, and create whatever is feasible in class. With the aide of introductory machining and welding processes, students will be able to use their imagination and response to raw and pre-existing material to create a form of transportation that is aesthetically sound and entirely functional. A 6 day shop pass will be included in the price of the class so that student can work on their own during the term of the class. This course is an introduction to mechanics of bicycle components, bicycle maintenance, welding and light bicycle fabrication. People with any or no experience in these areas are encouraged to attend this class.

huh? I dunno about you but this seems a little weird. I mean, I’m all for putting more bikes on the streets that are colorful and cool but sounds to me like another large whiff of “Bike Culture is for sale.” How can you have a class on bike culture…Is 3rd ward going to have classes on being a squatter and dumpster diving and how to be a radical anarchist. For $450.00. You can buy a bike for cheaper but it won’t be as cool and people won’t think your part of some bicycle gang.

I guess instructors Carlos Valpeoz & David Messinio must be design majors in radical mutant bicycle building. I mentioned many of these points to 3rd Ward, in a length, heartfelt email that reminded them about the vandalism of Brooklyn Industries and offered advice to not to be so blantant about this kind of thing. I asked them, why can’t you just have welding classes and people will build what they want.

They didn’t respond…which pisses me off even more, especially because their original contact email was warm and inviting and told me if I had any questions to get back to them. They must be far to busy figuring out how to package culture into a $450.00 class.

Well folks, welcome to the future of NYC living…when all of our public space is sold off to developers and real estate moguls and all the culture makers and artists will be left with is spaces in which you have to make your art for large sums of money.

To be fair, these aren’t radical prices for 6 days and lab time for welding classes but they didn’t take my advice and they don’t want to respond in a community sort of way so I can only assume that they are just interested in money and want to sell off our culture because its cool and sexy from all the hard work we did FOR FREE!

So, maybe bad press is good for them…they got a plug anyway…but remember you can make Tallbikes for free in the few remaining FREE spaces we have left until Bloomberg sells them off or Ratner evicts them with eminent domain.

One is the Freegans…What is Freeganism? Freeganism=living beyond capitalism. In a society of massive overconsumption, enormous quantities of usable resources go to waste. Through dumpster diving, squatting, guerilla gardening and other strategies, freegans transform waste into resources to meet real needs, allowing us to live our values of ecological sustainability, cooperation & sharing while reducing our contribution to capitalism’s abuse of humans, animals and the earth.
contact the freegans about bike building by calling Janet (347) 724-6954 or email or visit Freegan website

Also, as part of Bike Month, Time’s up is offering a welding workshop FOR FREE on May 27th at 49 East Houston. The class won’t be enough time to complete a tallbike, but you can get time on a welder and TIMES up is always open to promote bike culture for the right price…FREE.

I will be leading a class on May 25th, 2007 called: “Critical Mass bicycle riding” Here students can learn how to avoid arrest by the police and how to freely assemble without a permit…while in the friendly classroom of the streets and a safe environment filled with 40,000 cops all on crack. Maybe they can bring their new shiny $500 tallbikes and choppers to the event. Probably won’t because its cool to make bike culture but not cool to participate in it.

I am also working on some new ciriculum called: How to live in an unaffordable city and a history class on how we have lost all of our squats, community centers and free spaces so Bloomberg can get rich. Look for it soon. All classes are $500 + $150 fee for me to buy tallbikes at Walmart, made in China and promoted on MTV’s new reality show…Radical Bikers gone wild.