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I believe the NYC 6-6-06 race is canceled

Uhm. The NYC 6-6-06 alleycat is no more. But there are a butt load of scrambles throughout the world to make everyone happy including Damien.

More info on this to come.

June is coming

So, if you thought May (Bike Month) was chalk full of events, wait till you see June…

In NYC, June 4th (Sunday) is the 2nd Annual Tour de Brooklyn, hosted by Transportation Alternatives…This year promises to be a better route.

2nd Annual Tour de Brooklyn
Sunday June 4th, 2006

Check-in: 8 am
Line-up: 9 am
Ride: 9:30 am

We ride rain or shine!

Join hundreds of friends and neighbors for the 2nd Annual Tour de Brooklyn. The Tour kicks off from Herbert Von King Park (formerly known as Tompkins Park) in Bed-Stuy. The 18 mile route will take you through scenic Brooklyn neighborhoods to the tip of Greenpoint, and follow along the waterfront (featuring many portions of the planned Brooklyn Greenway Waterfront), down to DUMBO and Red Hook, returning to Herbert Von King Park.

If you’ve never visited Herbert Von King Park before, join our feeder rides, leaving from Grand Army Plaza at Prospect Park and Cadman Plaza near the Brooklyn Bridge. Both rides will depart promptly at 7:45, arriving at Herbert Von King Park by 8:15. Safety marshals will be provided by both. See “Getting There” for more details.

This is a family friendly ride at a leisurely pace, escorted by the police and safety marshals. There will be one rest stop along the way where you can take a break, check out the scenery and grab a complimentary snack.

Watch a movie from last year
Video from Bike TV

Good article on May Critical Mass…

Picture of “plain clothes” police video taping bike riders on May Critical Mass in NYC.

Will of onny turf

writes a great account of the NYC May Critical Mass…

the article
Meanwhile in Canada, the same shit is happening to their critical mass in Winnipeg

Melanie Howe wrote:

“On Friday another 5 people were arrested, and 3 more detained without
charges. At least three of those cyclists were assaulted by officers,
including one plain-clothed officer who did not identify himself.
Luckily we’re receiving better media coverage than the last time.”

Article in Winnipeg Sun

Sat, May 27, 2006
Cops haul in bike activists
Monthly ride gets ugly
A bike ride through the streets of downtown Winnipeg ended in chaos and arrests yesterday.

Members of Critical Mass Winnipeg — an activist group that promotes bicycle use over automobiles — claim police used excessive force when several cyclists were arrested near the provincial legislature.

Police followed approximately 50 cyclists — many dressed in costumes in what was apparently a display of self-expression — along their route before trying to arrest some members near the corner of Donald Street and Broadway around 5:30 p.m.

Melanie Howe, who was taking part in the monthly bike ride, said she wasn’t sure how everything started. Earlier, police stopped traffic at the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street so the cyclists could proceed.

“I saw several cops chase after this bicyclist and grab him in a headlock from the back,” said Howe, who wore fairy wings and antennae. “I saw one fellow with a cop’s knee on his head; he was being pressed to the ground.”


Shaun Martin said police and some of his fellow cyclists were jawing at one another before all hell broke loose.

“People started arguing with the cops. There’s some anti-establishment sentiment going on here. I guess some guys got aggressive and things got out of hand,” he said. “It was just crazy. Absolutely crazy.”

Police Insp. Steve Pilote said five adults were arrested in total and face traffic-related charges in addition to possible charges stemming from the scuffle that broke out.

Critical Mass members, who gathered outside the Public Safety Building following the arrests, said some cyclists were injured and one might have suffered a broken leg but Pilote said any injuries were relatively minor.

“I don’t know of anybody that has any injuries that were of any consequence,” he said. “I would expect there might be some scrapes and bumps on both sides but nobody went to the hospital or anything like that.”

Several Critical Mass members were arrested earlier this month for allegedly disrupting traffic to protest Operation Charging Bison, a military exercise that took place in Winnipeg.

Pervert’s Invitation…2nd Day of Triple Crown.

Mike Dee fixes his wheel in Malcom X park in DC

I went down to our Nation’s capitol to check out their race scene and stumbled on to the most perverted alleycat race of all. It was the second leg of the Triple Crown, a three day, three city tour with the ghetto streets of Baltimore for the start, then DC and finishing on Memorial Day in Richmond Virgina. DC is a great place to race, wide streets, lots of space to roam, government employees to dodge and tons of cops, who pretty much leave the bikers alone unless there is a protest and they have 8 divisions of bike cops. Yesterday was the perverts invitational, not a race of speed but more of a scavenger hunt with pornographic checkpoints scattered throughout the city. The manifest was made up of two pages, one had the locations and the other held the info on the bonus points. Here we knew we were in for a treat when it said extra points would be awarded for those who had the most porn in their bag and you scored big if you teabaged won of the checkpoint workers. We all met in Malcom X park on the hill and signed in.
People before the Race.
I was just along to video tape the event and thought I would just shoot the start and then ride to the finish. Once I heard that it was meant to be a more slow pace I decided to tag along with one of the riders, just to see how far I could get, while riding in a foreign city and shooting video with one hand. I talked with the winner of the Ghetto Blaster race the previous day in Baltimore. Andrew was a working courier in his hometown and managed to win the race despite racial tensions, paintball attacks and bottles thrown. He said Baltimore was a real bitch, not the usual streets he works in but the outskirts. People wanted to finish that race before dark, but it didn’t start till 6:00pm, so that meant hurry.
Dan G helps out Baltimore out-of-towner.

Dan Gordon was DC’s local favorite, although he denied it, many out of towners were looking to follow his wheel. Dan had won best out of towner and a phat bag in Baltimore and was happy to be back in DC for this event. Then there was Andy Zalin and Reed who were also DC natives and top contenders to take it all. I followed Mike Dee from NYC and Andrew who won in Baltimore to stick with an out of town posse. Lucky for my slow ass, this was a “slower-take-your-time-and-complete-all-the-checkpoints-in-order,” race. I think we hit about every hill in the city on our quest to find these checkpoints. We got lost, a lot and had to ask people for directions constantly.
Hanging out at the Quarry House Checkpoint after bobbing for tampons.

The checkpoints were great. Strip clubs, having to suck a popcicle through the glory hole, bobbing for tampons…yikes and making it with sex toys and Blow up dolls…extra points were awarded for style. All of this was designed to see who was the nasty dirtiest guy and girl in town. We finished all the checkpoints in about 2 hours, close to last, but had a great time. I heard stories that several checkpoint workers were sucessfully Tbaged including a brillant stealth attack by Mike Dee at our last checkpoint. DC knows how to put on a fun race.
3rd place girl

I forget the name of the 3rd place girl, but Kym from NYC got 2nd and Meredith got first.
Kym, second.

Meredith, 1st place girl

For the men Andy Z got 3rd, Dan G was 2nd and Reed was 1st, winning a giant dildo, the “Manhandler” and a Surly track frame. Many of the riders on on to Richmond…Good Luck
Reed wins the Man Handler

More photos at: pics

The Lost Viking at Critical Mass-Tonight

So, I am working and not at the Bike Month Critical Mass. But our favorite Lost Viking is going to call me with updates: There he is now…


400 people at Union Square,

8 scooter cops and 2 golf carts.

Wide variety of cyclists from BMX, lots of Grey Haired bicyclists, with smolka mobiles on their heads, a 7 year old is on the ride. So wide variety of age groups. Some people are wearing their “Smolka Polka” T-shirts that Team Spider made for the Revelocity party.

Check back later for updates
Ride leaves Union Square North and heads downtown (Broadway) Same as last month. 12 Scooter cops escort alongside the left side. A firetruck is trying to get through. How weird and ironic that there is an emergency situation needing a fire truck right when the critical mass leaves…what a whacky coincidence. I mean if there REALLY was a situation and I were a fire truck, would you pick a route with 400 cyclists on it?
“First Trap has sprung!”

15 Scooter cops came up the wrong way on Broadway (illegal motor vehicle move, endangering people) and trapped the ride, began ticketing people at 8th and Broadway.

People at 8th and Broadway got really bizarre tickets. Told by police that they are being stopped and ticketed for being in the middle of the street…hmmm, I thought you were supposed to ride your bike in the street. Anyway, ticket says…bikes were more than 2 abreast, which legally we have found to be a ridiculous charge. People being ticketed were told to stay in the middle of the street while being written the bogus offense. Tourist from Amsterdam got ticket on his first critical mass, now he has a court date and is leaving the country in a week…welcome to NYC.

More ticketing activity on 22nd and 6th, Ride is broken up and heading up 6th Ave.

Chris stayed at 8th and Broadway and just saw a bunch of scooter cops cross broadway heading over to 6th Ave. Activity. Scooter cops being tailed by 5 cops cars. Another good use of our finest officers and our precious tax resources. I’m sure this is the most important crime going on right now.

Beth O’Brien, bike enthusiast, is helping me edit this from a lighting truck in the middle of Long Island City, but the crew got Sushi tonight, so thats ok.

Sounds like there is a reconvene at Columbus Circle, the lost viking is living up to his name…he is somewhere in Alphabet city with a two straglers eating seaweed appetite suppressents…Lost Viking has a hunger for justice.
Passing 50 fleetweek sailors including one woman in bikini in front of Webster Hall, way to stay focused…Lost Viking. He is hoping ride makes its way downtown

Someone at Columbus Circle reported about 1/2 the ride is there (200 or so) This spot was listed on the spoke card, distrubted at Union Square…they are waiting for more people to show…

People have left Columbus Circle, about 150 or so. Some were afraid to leave because of being completely surrounded. Cops chased people into Central Park.

Meanwhile the lost viking followed a bunch of scooter cops headed to Time’s Square to set an ambush. This is nothing unusual, the cops always think the riders are going to go to Time’s Square, like its our Medina!

At Columbus Circle a woman with a bike was buying ice cream from a truck. She was slightly in the street, police arrested her.


A Group of about 60 people were riding single file in one lane down 5th Ave. An unmarked black SUV stopped the ride around 42nd and 5th, infront of the New York Public Library. The riders were held until scooter cops arrived and began a ticket frenzy. One woman got 3 tickets. One guy had recieved a ticket earlier for not having a head lamp. At the Library he was issued another ticket for no light…He pleaded with the cops and said, what am I supposed to do…go to a bike shop and get a lamp. He was rewarded with two more tickets. Some people were given tickets for being too far to the right, some people were given tickets for being two far left. Let’s review…you can’t be in the middle of the street, you can’t be to the left and you can’t be to the right….hmmmm. Oh I just figured it out. THESE TICKETS ARE COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT issued by a police force with little instruction about what is going on other than to just give out tickets regardless of logic. After all, people will still have to appear in court, losing a day of work to plead their case and be less likely to attend the next ride. I think the word for this is HARASSMENT!


Got a report that around 40th and Broadway a woman was doored by a cop car while in motion. She was in the bike lane. She face planted and broke her colar bone. There is credible evidence that entire incident was witnessed.


New reports caught on video…At Columbus Circle people were chanting: “Domestic spying” as 4 undercovers were violating the Hanshu agreement and video taping people not engaged in unlawful activity.

Also there is a report that cops went into a crowd of 70 people at Columbus Circle and targeted people. The stopped one woman who did not have id and arrested her.

Well, people are at 49 East Houston reviewing their video tape and recapping the bizarre night.

Special note to all…this was a loose experiment for me to report on critical mass from people on the ride. Some of the information was witnessed by people, some was video taped, some was rumors heard from other people at other locations.
Take it as a rough account of what went down. I will try and confirm what happened tonight. If people know different, please let me know.

Velo love forever!

Memorial Ride video and Saturday screening.

Andrew Lynn, one of the producer/directors of Still we ride posted this message:

Hi bike movie people…

i wanted to let everyone know that a short video (4 min.) i put together
documenting the NYC memorial ride recently played at the bicycle film
festival here in NYC, and now it is up online.

you can watch it here:
The video
the quality of the compressed file is not really spectacular…
however, i know there are a lot of screenings being organized around bike
months and bike weeks and bike summers and bikes in general, so if people
are interested in screening this short on DVD format, email me at … the DVD also comes with a 30-second
anti-dooring public service announcement – great for public access
watch ‘doored’ here:
Doored Video

ride bikes & make movies !!

andrew lynn.
There are some bike movies at the 11th annual Lower East Side Arts Festival at the Theatre of the New City…155 1st ave. between 9th and 10th St. In the East Village, NYC.

Here is the Saturday, May 27th schedule of videos…wow all in one day!!!





Please note – Schedule Subject to change.

Directed by Jim Jarmusch, 1980, 75 min

Directed by Gary Brackett, 2006, 17 min

Directed by Henry Chalfant, 2004, 54 min

Directed by Jack Waters (IN PERSON), 1983, 15 min

Directed by Lizzie Borden, 1983, 90 min

by Interactivist Collective, 2000, 5 min

Directed by Elizabeth Press , Andrew Lynn (IN PERSON) and Chris Ryan, 2005, 37 minutes

Directed by Chris Ryan, 2006 22minutes

by Newsreel collective

members Ben Morea and Osha Neumann (IN PERSON), 1968, 15 min

Directed by Robert Kramer, 1969, 134 min

Directed by Tung-Wang Wu, 2005 15 minutes

Directed by John Catania and Charles Ignacio (IN PERSON), 2005, 90 min

Directed by Henry Griffin, 2004 15 min

Directed by Clayton Patterson (IN PERSON), 1987 77 min

Its never too late…

Tod Seelie rocks! He put up some pictures of this Years Bicycle Film Festival on his Blog

Check out more here

Thanks to all who made Bike Month so Rad.

pictures of Joey’s Parade

Fritz Askew has put up some nice photos of the Hungry March Band lead Feast for Joey…Check it.


Tomorrow is Critical Mass…

This is the bike month Critical Mass…come out come out where ever you are…

In other news…

I finally got some pictures up from last weekend…

Amy’s photo show
Superhero alleycat
Revelocity Party

and Carlos does it again with another video from last Saturday.

Superheros Race

This Saturday in NYC…Black Label Bicycle Club Bash

and in Baltimore, DC and Richmond VA…the triple crown alleycat race bonanza…

Start out in Baltimore at 3:00pm and then follow as you go…Three city tour, three different days.

It was another great weekend for bike culture

Photo show, Superhero alleycat, drinking, fights, huge fundraiser party, blurry ride home with bike activists and mutant bikes…sleep.

I am way behind in posts. For now check out this video I made about last weeks Bridge Battle 2.

mess nyc