The funest day ever on two wheels…two bikes…welded together!

Noon…Saturday October 28th…Black Label’s bike kill 06


In another of the important high priority category of what the city needs…we find another lame duck…no, not a Jets stadium on the West side highway or a NASCAR track on Staten Island. This time its a giant water park on Randall’s Island. Now not to be a spoiler of anyone’s wet fun…but my first thought is…have you ever been to Randall’s island besides for a rock concert? The place smells…bad. Not the kind of smell that would make me want to frolic in a giant wave pool with thousands of New Yorkers. What needs to be happening with Randall’s Island is for it to stop being a dumping ground and start to embrace the nature. One person who knows a lot about this is environmentalist and community activist Harry Bubbins. Harry has done tireless work in organizing and protecting of community gardens in the South Bronx, leading environmental bike and kayak tours and working with young people to gain a better understanding of their environment.

Harry has been focusing his efforts on fighting the water park and more info on his work can be found at friends of Brook park

Now you can help by sponsering Harry in a triatholon…here is a letter from Harry:

Dear Friends,

As you know, I have been working hard to stop the water theme park on
Randall’s Island and to preserve this rich resource for all New Yorkers.

This Saturday I am going to be in a triathlon for the cause, and I need you
to sponsor me!

Even just $1 a mile will go a long way to helping our lawyers push this case
through to victory for all of us.

Please make a donation at:

preserve Randall’s island

and to learn more. (And to see a picture of me at the only other triathlon
I have ever done!)

Please pass this on to your friends and family and colleagues with a note.

Our goal is $1,000 in one week.

I will be thinking about you and your support as I run, bike and kayak the
approximately 19 mile course.



Down Under…

I would love to just report on fun cycling events all the time…unfortunately the NYPD is once again proceeding with the enormous stick up their ass and trying to stop critical mass once and for all, thus spoiling the fun.

More on that later.

Meanwhile, this weekend Sydney Australia played host to the 14th annual World Cycle Messenger Championships

Messengers from around the world competed in alleycat races, closed course races and specific skill competitions like trackstands and skids, all to see who is the fastest messenger in the world.

Here are the results:


Main Race
World Champion Male –
1st Raphael Faiss/ Lusanne
2nd Super Mike / San Francisco
3rd Rob Beijsens/ Eindhoven

Female –
1st Sarah Torgrimson/ San Francisco
2nd Anja Raecher/ Zurich
3rd Emma James / Sydney

Main Race first fixed – Male
Shino / Tokyo
Sarah / San Francisco

Alley Cats King of the streets –
Crazy Dave / Sydney
Best out of towner – Bruce Beran / D.C.

Sprints Male Rob Beijsens/ Eindhoven

Female Mary Maroon/ Sacramento

Skids Male Alex Farioletti/ NYC

Female Sarah Torgrimson/ San Francisco

Trackstand Male Andy Zalan / DC

Female Sarah / San Francisco

Backward circles Male Andy Zalan / DC

Female Megan / LA

Bunny Hop Turkey / Sydney

Wheelies Distance Felipe / NYC

Style Andy Zalan / DC

Here is an article from ABC news in Australia which came out Oct. 2nd.

article by Mark Colvin

you can also listen to the story at this link on MP3, real audio or WIndows media player.

Last night on the 11 o’clock news

Last night on CBS local news, there was a story about Jacob Redding who has been videotaping on the critical mass rides. Reporter Ti Hua Chang, who has been good at following up on these types of critical mass abuse related stories investigates weather or not you can video tape police activity.

Here is a video link to the story.

A transcript of the story can be found on

Basically, the police can force you to stop activities if YOU are being arrested and NOT if you are observing, as long as you are not interfering with the arrest…which the police can always say that you are. It is clear that the videographers were video tapping police harrassment of the critical mass riders from the sidewalk and NOT interfering in the arrest of Jacob Redding, who was being arrested and had his camera damaged by another officer.

My tips to video people from several years of offensive protesting is:

1) the police CAN and Will try and break your equipment, confiscate your stuff and disrupt your legal documenting of their wrongful activity as much as they can. I have seen just about every trick in the book, such as physical assaults, shooting at camera people with Non-lethal weapons, even telling local residents to steal peoples video equipment.

2) be aware of your surroundings, keep cameras close to your body, try to be stealth and not let people know your shooting, although sometimes your documenting of the situation may protect you.

3) always keep the camera rolling when you are in a hostile situation. Try and get cops badges, names, street signs and as much information that you can.

4) it is always good to remove the tape and put it in a safe place after illegal activity is taking place.

5) who knows, your footage may be used in a major networks report and that is BAD press for the NYPD.

Craigs list bike pictures

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go to a site and just browse bikes for sale on craigs list in pictures. Now you can. Ryan alerted me about this site.

updated daily.

Build a Green Bakery…Bike Friendly

I first saw this on streetsblog. An eco-friendly bakery that gives 50% off to people arriving by bicycle. I asked the owner about it and she wrote back…

“Thanks for the email. Offering such a friendly discount to bicycling bakery customers is an effort to reach an enviromentally-friendly customer that is just as concerned about alternative transportation as they are organic & sustainably produced foods.

We think of ourselves as the greenest bakery on the planet: the floors, walls, paints, organic ingredients, staff uniforms, and energy practices – you name it. But we don’t want our “green-ness” to stop at our front door. We want to encourage other businesses and home owners to green their environments, so we are happy to grant tours and talk to groups about why we think green construction is important. We want to encourage walking, use of public transportation, and bicycles as alternatives to cars, so we offer discounts to cyclists. I guess you could say that it started when a customer came from Brooklyn via bike just to get a muffin from our bakery. We thought that was so great for someone to travel on bike from another borough just for our muffin, that we started offering discounts to customers arriving on bike.”

Sara Jane Weeks
General Manager
Birdbath, a k a Build A Green Bakery, a k a The City Bakery

The greenest bakery on the planet.

223 First Ave. in Manhattan.

Spreading the word on a bike Creep.

This was originally posted on the NYBMA website and I want to spread the word:

Last week, a pedestrian was sexually assaulted by a messenger who used his agility in traffic to evade her, a cab, and a cop. Behaviour like this is NOT cool, and the bicycle community cannot condone it. If you think you might know who this guy is, please alert the NYBMA with information on him. Our frequently maligned public image doesn’t need stuff like this. The pedestrian’s letter to Squid & Amy is below:

“I’m hoping you can get the word out about a bike messenger that assaulted me on Madison Avenue at 33rd Street on Wednesday 10/11 at about 2:30pm.

I was walking on Madison towards a car that was waiting for me when a bike messenger riding towards me made a sharp turn at me, mumbled something and grabbed my breast as he rode past. I chased after him, as did a cab driver who witnessed the event, and even a police officer tried to catch him on foot, but he weaved in an out of traffic and got away.

He was a scrawny dark-skinned man wearing a beat up, dark colored bag that had 4 rows of what looked like taped-over or removed block lettering and/or numbers on the flap.

I think it’s a shame that there is a messenger out there sexually assaulting women on the street while taking advantage of his ability to make a quick getaway through traffic. While he may have enjoyed himself, I’ve been unable to sleep and am furious at myself for not knocking his ass off his bike when he got too close. I have an enormous amount of respect for cyclist in the city and never dreamed he was swerving at me to grab my breast, I simply assumed he was swerving away from a car. Unfortunately I was wrong, but will certainly never make that mistake again.”

PLEASE EVERYBODY WATCH OUT FOR THIS CREEP! If you know him please contact the NYBMA.

October 21st. Graffitti Ride

Saturday, October 21st is the Graffiti Tour Ride hosted by three photobloggers, Jake Dobkin, Mike Epstein and Will Sherman.

This will be a bike tour of local graffiti artists work.

Check out the website for more info.

The ride meets at 12:00 PM at the corner of Pitt and Delancey in Manhattan.

Brooklyn Critical Mass 10/13/06

I got a chance to ride in the Brooklyn Critical Mass on Friday the 13th…ooooh scary! About 20 of us bikers met at the Park at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge on the Brooklyn side. This is a nice park and home to inline skaters and skateboarders who spend hours grinding the steps of the George Washington statue in the middle of the park. Its a good place too for the youth of today…better then some lame skate park that the city could build for them…but that would take away important space needed for unaffordable luxury condominiums. It was cold with a chill in the air singaling that fall is here and Winter is coming soon.
We rode out of Williamsburg and into Bushwick, a place where bikes are often not welcome. We were welcomed with occasional cheers and someone throwing a potato at one of our heads. We darted through the urban maze of barber shops and converted warehouses and arrived at a morbid art show on Bogart Street. It was the Gimme Head show at the Ad Hoc Art gallery, 49 Bogart St. Dennis McNett curated this show of 50 artists renditions of heads-sculpted, drawn, printed and projected. I liked the nazi skull mickey mouse and Tod Sealie’s series of roadkill photos…yummy. It made me hungry for the cheese spread and $2.00 Pabst. I was scared Austin was going to eat all the blue cheese, but he held back. So the Williamsburg half of the critical mass went to the art show to wait for the Grand Army Plaza half who reluctantly journeyed into the heart of BUSHWICK (NOT East Williamsburg…ok) They arrived after about 20 minutes of art viewing with the scooter brigade of cops who have been peacefully monitoring the ride since it began. One officer asked some people outside of the gallery if the ride was over…we said yes. The cops left. Hmmm. How to get rid of the cops? Just go to some art show and tell them the ride is over…then wait for them to leave and proceed with the ride. This works in Brooklyn. So after trying to pull people away from the warm gallery and cheap beer the mass reformed and took off, just in time because the gallery brought out the meat balls. The we rode back through Bushwick and under the J Train on Broadway. Some people wanted to go to the Recycle-a-Bike party in Dumbo, part of the Dumbo arts fest and others wanted to go to the King Kog party in Williamsburg. Decisions decisions. I headed over to King Kog, the track bike boutique who have rearranged their store on Marcy St, and have cool merchendise like vinyl tube pads…sweet. They also had lots of free beer donated by Crumpler.

Here is a little movie from the ride.

Amy and Squid win the MCA

(Squid in the middle holding Markus Cook Award-Amy was away on business)

a few pictures here.
Monday Night was Messenger Appreciation night which was a party to celebrate the hard work of NYC couriers. This gathering was an opportunity to award the Markus Cook Memorial Award to Squid and Amy.

Read more about it from Joe Hendry:

The International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations (IFBMA) announces the 2006 “Markus Cook Memorial Award” (MCA) for Services to the International Messenger Community

The MCA was conceived as a way for the international messenger community to thank it’s most dedicated workers. Nominations are sought from the messenger community for those individuals who have done most for us, for those who have consistently put the rest of us before them.

This year’s recipients are Amy and Kevin “Squid” Bolger of New York City who are being honored for their work with the New York messenger community and their contributions to messenger communities around the world. Their contributions separately and jointly range from working as tireless volunteers throughout the world, to organizing major events, to being among the formative members of the New York Bike Messenger Association and the New York Bike Messenger Foundation.

These organizations seek to improve the lot of local messengers through the empowerment and knowledge of such projects as the New York City Messenger Industry Handbook and they serve the community by providing crucial services like an accident fund to aid injured messengers.

In 2005 Amy and Kevin Bolger were among the successful organizers of the monumental task of hosting the Cycle Messenger World Championships in the city with the largest population of messengers in the industrialized world.

Their imaginative and innovative work with new sponsors brought success to unique events like the Velo City Tour and the Body Glove Challenge. The recently completed Velo City Tour rewarded 6 champion messengers with round trip tickets to the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Sydney Australia. The Velo City Tour also brought messengers rare national television coverage as professional athletes.

Squid’s pioneering work with Team Puma and Amy’s insightful photographic portraits continue to inspire others, challenge the historically narrow view of messengers and expand the diverse opportunities for messengers in the future.