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Pictures of Andre’s Memorial Ride

Here is a link to pictures taken on Sunday’s Time’s Up Memorial ride for Andre Anderson.

REVELOCITY-Freewheels fundraiser and Party!!!

Come on OUT!

WHAT: A Great Party for a Great Cause!
WHEN: Saturday May 20th, 9:00pm- Very Late
WHERE: Dick Shea’s Dance Studios, 69 W. 14th St (@6th Ave)

This Saturday, May 20th, we celebrate the strange and stalwart, the
maligned and mass-ive, the the odd and oft-oppressed. We celebrate
the Bike, in all it’s geared and fix-geared glory. We celebrate the
community and culture that evolves and revolves around it. We
celebrate REVELOCITY!

It will be a night of surprises; of special guests; of unexpected
treasures tucked into off-kilter corners. Two stages on two floors,
three bands, four singers, and 6 DJ’s spinning it until the sun comes
up. An art auction, inventive installations, brass bands, Bike
Blended beverages, and more that you have yet to imagine. For full
details on the line-up go to

including Paul Brill, Japanther, Roger Manning, SubAtomic Soundsystem,
Team Spider, DJ Chrome, DJ Dirtyfingers, DJ Dr. Feelgood, DJ Kid
Magic, DJ Stefny, and DJ Thaddeus

with work by Rebecca Alvarez, Thomas Beale, Big Noise Films, Black
Label Bicycle Club, Mark Brewer, GlassBead Collective, Taliah Lempert,
Brandon Neubauer, Peripheral Media, Jesse Pesta, Swoon, and Visual

serving up obnoxiously strong cocktails under the stars

customize your clothing with some visual love! bring your own
clothing or buy a t-shirt.

by GlassBead Collective

by C-Spot Designs

At Dick Shea’s Dance Studios, 69 West 14th St (at 6th Ave.)
Doors open at 9:00pm.
$10 in advance
$12 at the door.
Buy Tix online at

All proceeds from this event will go towards the legal defense of
Critical Mass Bike Riders in New York City
Bike Blog really really really endorses this event and wants EVERYONE to go…what’s happening to cyclists in NYC is not a BIKE RIDER issue it is a direct attack on our basic freedoms. Freewheels are the people who are there for you when you have legal questions, with warm chinese food after you get out of jail and yes…even money to help with legal defense. But more than that, they are dedicated individuals who care about our rights to the road and making this a more healthy and cleaner city to live in.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the superhero alleycat

If your feeling pumped after the bridge battle it’s time to jump into the phone booth or head to the bat cave to don your super powers for the next Alley Cat Race. It’s the Superheroes Race–Saturday May 20th. This is a two person team race like in Batman and Robin so now you can wear your tights and not feel out of place. Dress up is encouraged. Villians are ok too. Registration is 2:00pm, race at 3:00. Race start is Fulton Ferry Landing, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. $10.00 for race (per team) and afterparty. $15.00 for race, party and t-shirt.

Here is what the race organizer had to say about the event on bikeforums…”so here’s the SUPERSTORY: I have a comic book shop and a bikeshop sponsor, plus bagjack in berlin who will sponsor a NYC superheroes alleycat. The idea and course is pretty much solid: It’s solo and teams of two (ambiguously gay duos) who have to hit checkpoints that require particular super powers.. or in somecase require superpowers just to get to the CP.

It’s a long, brutal race with CP’s that correspond to the real NYC superhero points of interest.

The advantage to racing as a crimefighting team is that only one person has to “Do” the CP. But both have to be present, together. Between the last CP and the Finish is a dead sprint. Only then will you know who is the “superhero” and who is the “sidekick.”

If i do it, I’ll need to drop a good amount of dough on the CP’s & some “special” prizes.
Who is going to show up?
How many of you think you’re a superhero?
And more importantly, when do I do this thing?

To me, it’s the ultimate alleycat that I would prefer to race and not organize. But it must happen.

Check Ella’s Blog for more details.

Sunday May 14th…Memorial Ride

Photo of Andre’s family, taken on the Time’s Up Memorial Ride, by photographer Tod Seelie

Sunday was the Memorial Ride for Andre Anderson. Tod Seelie took photos and wrote about the experience.

Saturday May 13th was also the Garden’s Parade

Photos by Philipp Rassmann

Saturday was a beautiful day in NYC for the environment. While hundreds of cyclists were enjoying Bike month with an allocate, film festival and block party, another event was paying homage to the earth. It was the Time’s Up Roving Garden Parade with a portable ice cream trike (although it did use fossil fuel) the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and reverend Billy lead a march through the East Village and celebrated the community gardens. Here is a report from Ellen.

“A fabulous time was had by all at the Roving Garden Parade on Saturday. Many people showed up costumed in various flowered, buggy and birdy garb, some on wheels others on feet. The Rude Mechanical Orchestra and Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir kept the procession hopping as we spread the word about the 65 gardens endangered
while visiting those in the East Village that were saved, lost and still threatened by development.

Perhaps the best part was that we proved that we can take to the streets in an un-permitted action sucessfully many of us without our bikes/getaway vehicles and the cops generally allowed us to do it. (with a little griping about one way streets and asking people not on bikes to go back on the sidewalk)

The best innovation of the day was a Free Ice Cream Bike, with a gasoline powered generator and freezer on a cargo bike. The freegans gave out an endless supply of cones and bars to the entire parade and the community. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Times Up Garden Coordinator
More photos of the event by Fritz Askew (this photo by Fritz)

Fred Askew Photography

Tod Seelie of suckapants also has pictures of the Garden’s Parade.

One of Tod’s Photos

Yesterday, Bridge Battle 2

Yesterday was Awesome. Bridge Battle 2 alleycat over the bridges was well attended and a great event hosted by Mess NYC. A great site for stories and video…soon to be a dvd magazine. Riders battled the bridges in a knock down no holds bar race to see who is the fastest.
Austin Horse won the race from team 4916 and completed all the checkpoints in about 45 minutes.
Ken Stanek was a close second
Hugo Giron was third also from team 4916
Dan G was fourth from team action force/Trackstar
and “the King” Felipe was 5th from team Puma.

The race ended with a glorious track event called “Track-o-Rama” with a vicious footdown, skids, backwards circles and trackstand hosted by NYC’s fixed gear culture shop…Trackstar.

My Flickr page has some photos of the days events…videos to come on messnyc very soon…I am editing right now.

Check the NYBMA for a great summary of the events and pictures including…Carlos awesome video.

Other things going on today.

-Bridge Battle Alleycat meets at 23rd and FDR (bandshell) at 1:30pm race around 2:00pm

-Trackstar is throwing a block party/skids competition along with the Bicycle Film Festival-Track-o-Rama.
The alleycat ends there…which will probably take the winning riders about an hour. This is a permited street party.
$5 for the day ($2 with a Bridge Battle spokecard)
Registration opens at 2:00
2nd St. between 1st and 2nd Ave.

-Times up is throwing a roving garden parade in honor of our community gardens. 2:00pm in the center of Tompkin Square Park. Look for the festively dressed people.

-3rd night of the Bicycle Film Festival with lots of great shorts on biking including one I made about Deathrace 2005 alleycat and the Awesome low budget Messenger movie that started it all PEDAL. at 7:00pm

-Time’s Up Prospect Park Moonlight ride is also tonight…Meet at 9:00pm at Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn for a nice night time ride of the park.

-After party for all today’s events. Darrly-Dane Nau and Blacken presents: Bikeage @ the Delancey, 168 Delancey St. (betwen Clinton and Attorney)
Bicycle Film Festival in association with Tokion Magazine celebrates bike culture and the release party of Peter Sutherland’s new book Pedal. Bikeage is an over the top bike party hosted by Darryl-Dane Nau (Shit Hammered) and three of the deadliest Dj’s around. Black Label Bike Club’s own Dj Dirty Fingers, the one man army of Ted Shred and many more special Djs will be crankin out a mixed cluster of live mixes so be ready to tear up this sleazy decorated dance floor. Watch projected bike videos and throw back free Brahma beer from 9:30-10:30pm. There will be hundreds of giveaways from Puma, Timbuk2 Messenger bags and Smart water and cheep $3 beer all night.

New Info on Sunday’s Memorial Ride for Andre

Ok, I was a little unclear…The Mermorial Ride for Andre Anderson is as follows:

Memorial Ride for Andre Anderson
Date: Sunday, May 14th, 2006
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: -Noon: Union Square South
-12:30: Brooklyn-side of Williamsburg Bridge or Grand Army Plaza
-this will be a VERY-FAST-paced ride meeting @ 1:30ish at Thompkins Square Park (the middle)leaving promptly

Summary: The Rides will converge from 3-3:30 pm at the Rockaway Skate Park. (Shore Front Parkway at 91st St…just off the boardwalk).email with questions, info, whatnot

I believe Andre’s family will be present and there will be a big Jamacian food picnic afterwards.

Saturday May 13th…what to do?

So much is happening at once. Start your day off with a slam bangin alley cat brought to you by Mess NYC
Bridge Battle 2

Messengers, Fixed gear riders and biker battle it out on NYC’s famous bridges…

The battle ends at a Trackstar, Bicycle Film Festival block party…Track-o-Rama

So much going on the good and the tragic

What a crazy weekend so far for bikes!! Wednesday night the 6th annual bicycle film festival kicked off a party at Union Pool in Williamsburg with the bands Aa, Matt and Kim, Home Video. All the heads were representing, riders for Blacklabel, Film makers, messengers…
A flyer for the Sunday’s Memorial Ride:

Mother’s Day, May 14th, is the memorial ride for Andre Anderson. What happened to Andre is really tragic and sensless.
Here is the Proper text of the press release which explains this unjust situation:

On September 24th 2005, 14 year-old Andre Anderson
was killed on Shore Front Parkway at Beach 77th St. in Far Rockaway, Queens, by Jose Vicens , 23, of Rockaway Beach, Queens, behind the wheel of his Lincoln Navigator. Andre was struck from behind and killed while riding his bike on a neighborhood street near his home a little after six o’clock on a Saturday evening.

The Wave newspaper wrote “Jose Vicens, 23, was behind the wheel of a 2003 Lincoln Navigator last Saturday just after 7 p.m. when he struck Andre Anderson, 14, who was pedaling a bike down the middle of the eastbound lanes near Beach 77 Street, according to police sources. Vicens tried to pass to the right, but the boy swerved into the right hand lane. Vicens countered to the left — but not in time. Anderson suffered massive head trauma and bleeding. His small bicycle was crushed . […] Vicens remained at the scene until police arrived. He was not issued any violations and is not charged with any crime in connection with the accident. An official police statement said there was no criminality in this incident and that an investigation is ongoing.”

According to Jose Vicens’s
statement, he saw Andre in time to take not just one evasive maneuver, but two. However, there is no evidence in the police accident report that he applied his brakes (“no skids”) or honked his horn to alert the bicyclist of his presence or of his actions. Instead, he tried to pass Andre to the right (!) and then to the left to finally rear-end him and kill him.

You would think, since the car driver was BEHIND the cyclist and acknowledged seeing him, and also since the speed limit is 30 mph and the car driver admitted driving above the speed limit (35 to 40 mph) that he would at least be slapped with something. Think again. Also, there is no proof in any of the police reports that he was administered a Breathalyzer. So, on a nice wide street with no indication of other traffic present (witness statement), a car driver was strangely unable to avoid fatally striking a cyclist, even though, by his own account, he saw the cyclist.

What makes Andre’s death more senseless is that the “man” who killed him has never been charged with anything. Instead of rushing towards the front of his car to see if the cyclist he just hit was ok, he rushed towards the back of his car to his friend’s SUV who was driving just behind him and who came to his rescue by giving a corroborating statement about young Andre swerving between the lanes. Unfortunately, the statement the police never took is the statement of a witness that puts the blame on the driver, not on the cyclist. Fortunately, that witness came forward and gave her information to the family who has unsuccessfully been trying to press charges.

What makes Andre’s death more painful is his killer’s utter disrespect for human life. It only takes a little computer savvy to find out a lot about Jose Vicens, thanks to his My Space account: his heavy drinking , his hobby “sending bikers flying in the air” and his feelings ” sucks about the paper [The Wave article] and shit, but ya know none of that shit wont matter in 5 years.” What is also troubling when you peruse those pages is that some of his friends are Police Officers that seem to be exhibiting the same destructive tendencies and whose My Space account pages are incompatible with the restraint which is expected of them while in uniform.

What makes Andre’s death more of a shame is that according to Right of Way ( Andre’s death falls into recognizable patterns, in accordance with their year 2000 analysis of cyclist deaths in New York, that Queens District Attorney Richard Brown has shown no interest in investigating Andre’s death, and that the DoT has not taken any action to make sure that nobody else dies there by installing speed bumps and traffic lights.

To lose someone so important and valuable because of the recklessness of another person without just consequence is unbearable and unimaginable. Seven months have now past and this tragedy is yet to be thoroughly investigated. The District Attorney’s office was informed of the accident the night of the occurrence and decided that there was no criminality to the actions of the driver. How is it possible that a conclusion could be arrived at without having allowed time for the investigation to even begin?