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It was another great weekend for bike culture

Photo show, Superhero alleycat, drinking, fights, huge fundraiser party, blurry ride home with bike activists and mutant bikes…sleep.

I am way behind in posts. For now check out this video I made about last weeks Bridge Battle 2.

mess nyc

Feast for Joey and other happenings.

Today is Joey Ramones birthday and my good friends the Hungry March Band are throwing a parade.

Here is info off Jeff Stark’s Nonsense list a great list for weekly happenings in NYC…

The Feast of St. Joey

In case you haven’t heard, Friday, May 19 is Joey Ramone’s birthday,
and for the sake of all New York (and possibly the world), we will be
paying him the homage that his spirit so richly deserves.

It’s not too late to get involved: We still need people to help carry
the Joey giglio from Tompkins to CB’s, to participate in the Zippy
the Pinhead look-alike contest, and to bring gifts to appease the
spirit of our favorite late punkrocker.

The exact details are still being finalized, but the whole day will
look something like this:

1. Meet around 11:30a in Forest Hills, Queens for the pilgrimage, on
foot, from the original Rock and Roll High School into Manhattan. Be
prepared to tell stories of punkrock glory (real or imagined) and to
participate in whatever games we come up with along the way.

2. At 7p, the Hungry March Band and friends will be making a
procession from Tompkins Square Park, snaking through the East
Village, and ending up at CB’s Gallery. For this we need more hands
to carry the giglio. We also need people to bring offerings of
flowers (real or fake), liquor, cigarettes, or other small things
that represent something that you really care about.

3. Party and potluck dinner at CB’s Gallery starting at 8p, featuring
the Hungry March Band, the Ramoones, and Deva, as well as a Ramones
cover open mike. Please write to Sara Valentine
( in advance to sign up yourself and your
Carbona-sniffing friends to play whatever Ramones song you know.
We’ll also be giving the winner of the Zippy the Pinhead look-alike
contest a yummy award. $5 if you bring food or $10 without.

And why do we do this?

In the five long years since Joey Ramone left home, our city has been
afflicted by grave misfortune: mass carnage, regional blackout,
crippling strike, Republicans! Clearly something is amiss. That’s why
the Hungry March Band has decided to undertake the first ever Feast
of St. Joey on his birthday..

Tompkins Square Park
Avenue A and 7th Street, Manhattan
7p; $free

CBs Gallery
313 Bowery, Manhattan
8p; $5-10
Amy Bolger takes great pictures of Messengers and Bikers…she is having a show…The idea is that you go to the exhibit and then a group ride over to the Superhero race…Fun Fun Fun. Saturday May 20th. Check flyer for details.

B for Bicycles

Next Friday is Critical Mass. I’ll make my plea here. The foolish behavior by the city and the NYPD to stop this ride from happening is not only a serious waste of our tax dollars it is also an offense to our basic freedoms. Therefore I suggest the following: 1) come to this ride and participate…This is not just bike rider’s issues. This is about how the city reacts when we decide to have an event that is for the people. It is supposed to be that we decide what events we want and the police figure out how best to facilitate our wishes. 299 other cities across the globe seem to be able to figure out this basic principle…but then again we aren’t supposed to have the government wiretaping our phone calls or trying to pass legislation to read our emails. So May is bike month…This Critical Mass should be huge.
2) if you don’t feel like riding your bike, come to Union Square anyway and support the ride. Lets make the numbers big. Come for 5 minutes. just cheer on the riders.

Bike Month Critical Mass
May 26th, Friday
Union Square North-7:00pm

Article from Village Voice about Garden Parade


Call Any Vegetable
Article by: Silke Tudor
Published May 16th, 2006
Villagevoice NYC Life section
Photographs by Tod Seelie

The weatherman threatened the city with rain on Saturday but there seems little menace in the featherweight clouds shuffling across the pale May sky. Eventually, the growing heat of the afternoon sun coerces me into Tompkins Square Park, where I sprawl out on a newborn patch of green amid the usual splay of warm-weather humanity: gutter punks rolling cheap tobacco under the trees; neo-folkies twiddling guitars, drums, and Hacky Sacks; rambunctious schoolgirls practicing for dance squad; old men playing chess; young men playing Frisbee; dog walkers of every shape, size, color, and temperament; and sallow street prophets murmuring stories about abduction, redemption, and psoriasis. Before I am able to lament the absence of my favorite one-man band, a giant sunflower lopes across the park, followed by a bright pink faerie carrying a hula hoop, and a large brown-and-red pinstriped bird on a skateboard.
“What’s that?” asks an eager young parent, pointing at a large gray insect with long papier-mache’ pincers.

“A bug,” sniffs two-year-old Katlin Sasoma, immediately returning her attention to the wide-mouth bottle she is filling with dirt.

Despite her wholehearted lack of interest, a notable crowd begins to gather in the sylvan shade of Tompkins Square: people draped in springtime hues of pink, yellow, blue, lilac, and green, with garlands of flowers in their hair or animal masks on their heads. A stilt walker, dressed like a stripling bird, stretches out and does a precarious little jig. A few pedicabs roll up bearing hand-painted signs and swaths of cloth silk-screened with the Time’s Up emblem: A fist growing out of the earth like a tree characterizes the 15-year-old environmental activist group. The pastel wings of a giant gossamer bird are unfurled, revealing the words “More Gardens!,” the name of a support group committed to cultivating fallow land in urban environments.

A loose-limbed man with sunlight in his eyes hands me a flyer that reads, “It’s a roving garden party! A musical, dancing parade to celebrate our gardens!”

As if on cue, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra strikes up a song, and the people in the growing garden party bob their flowery heads. From amid the throng, Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping smiles beatifically.

“We are here to celebrate,” explains Time’s Up member Ben Shepard as he inadvertently strafes people with his giant cardboard sunflower petals. “Saving half the city’s community gardens from development is a victory. There are still more than 60 gardens in danger of development, but today, we can celebrate what we’ve accomplished.”

“Garden-elujah!” bellows Reverend Billy, cutting a dazzling image in his snow-white suit and shellacked blond pompadour.

“Garden-elujah!” the crowd replies, lifting hands in jubilation.

Quick introductory speeches are given by activists, with pleas to support local plots in peril, especially the Harlem community garden encampment currently protecting the Nuevo Esperanza Community Garden, from bulldozers. Despite knowing nods and furrowed brows, the Tompkins Square congregation remains festive.

“Please spare us from being arrested!” entreats Reverend Billy in his high-flying churchly cadence as the crowd begins its procession out of the park, gathering revelers as it goes.

“Seems like a nice way to spend the afternoon,” says 21-year-old Simon Wagreich, grabbing his skateboard and his best friend off a nearby bench.

“It’s important,” says 46-year-old Sonya Pe�a, a striking Dominican woman in a long blue dress and matching sun hat wrapped from head to hem in fresh flowers. “The gardens help those of us who are far from home to feel connected. . . . Being there helps me to feel alive so I want to support the city garden community, to celebrate my love of the city.”

Sprites, woodland animals, and an elf in an orange fun-fur vest follow the marching band onto 9th Street. By the time we pass Trinity Garden on Avenue B, the police have arrived.

“If you don’t get back on the side-walk you are risking arrest,” warns Chuck Reinhardt, whose friendly demeanor and orange-felt armband (marked “Lawyer”) provide him with enough authority to gently shunt partygoers out of the street. On the sidewalk, a large cardboard tractor wielded by 29-year-old Daniel Gillmor chases down a human flower.

“There’s a lot of power in being the evil guy,” snickers Gillmor.

When we reach La Plaza Cultural Armando Perez, the mood is nothing short of jubilant. As at all the gardens, a volunteer offers historical information about the garden and other remarks, giving us time to admire the outdoor sculptures and ample performance space used during La Plaza’s much lauded Springfest. We move on, stopping at 7th Street to pay tribute to the fallen Esperanza Garden, which was bulldozed in February 2000 after 31 protesters were arrested.

“There’s green space in my soul,” sings the heavenly Stop Shopping Choir under the window of the garden’s founder, Alicia Torres. After a time, a small Puerto Rican woman with a gold-trimmed tooth leans out of the window.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” shouts the crowd.

“I love all of you,” says Torres, her eyes glittering. “You are my people. You have to fight. Always.”

“Viva Esperanza!” shouts the crowd.

We move past the L.E.S. Ecology Garden Center with its community compost buckets and the Creative Little Garden on 6th and B, where cool, pebble-lined walkways and ivy-covered walls create a jewel-like harbor.

“This garden was established by Fran�oise Cachelin,” explains a garden volunteer. “She was a member of the French Resistance during World War II and she ran an underground abortion clinic in New York before abortion was legalized. Protecting and establishing community gardens were her final acts of activism.”

“She was also a pioneering squatter in the Lower East Side,” adds a man in a crown of flowers. “She homesteaded in a building not far from here until she died.”

“La lutte continue,” shouts the crowd, repeating her favored phrase, “The struggle continues.”

Rude Mechanical Orchestra launches into a marching-band treatment of “The Tide Is High” as we make our way to the endangered Children’s Magical Garden on Norfolk and Stanton.

Under the sweet-smelling trees, amid piles of toys and a fleet of Big Wheels, members of the Stop Shopping Choir amuse themselves on teeter-totters while everyone else partakes of free ice cream offered by a bicycle-driven mobile refrigerator.

At the Peach Tree Garden, Aresh Javadi, founder of More Gardens,lifts his wolf’s mask and reminds us to “hydrate our heads.” Our water break is accompanied by a riotous dance routine by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra. Happily watered, we make our way to Le Petit Versailles and Orchard Alley, where we are invited to fruity tea amid fruit trees.

At El Jard�n de Paradiso, we flop down in a sea of tall grass, relishing the musky odor of mushrooms and a full day of arboreal delights. Children young and old leap into the trees, perching in branches and holding court on a tree house platform that overlooks the garden.

“The weatherman told us there would be rain,” shouts Reverend Billy, “but the sky decided to bless us and our carnival of gardens with sunlight and a little shade, and at the end of the day, this consoling wind. We are grateful for the mystery and the wisdom of the sky . . . Sky-elujah!”

“Sky-elujah!” shouts the crowd, joining hands for a spiral dance while three police officers stare from the asphalt outside.

Pictures of Andre’s Memorial Ride

Here is a link to pictures taken on Sunday’s Time’s Up Memorial ride for Andre Anderson.

REVELOCITY-Freewheels fundraiser and Party!!!

Come on OUT!

WHAT: A Great Party for a Great Cause!
WHEN: Saturday May 20th, 9:00pm- Very Late
WHERE: Dick Shea’s Dance Studios, 69 W. 14th St (@6th Ave)

This Saturday, May 20th, we celebrate the strange and stalwart, the
maligned and mass-ive, the the odd and oft-oppressed. We celebrate
the Bike, in all it’s geared and fix-geared glory. We celebrate the
community and culture that evolves and revolves around it. We
celebrate REVELOCITY!

It will be a night of surprises; of special guests; of unexpected
treasures tucked into off-kilter corners. Two stages on two floors,
three bands, four singers, and 6 DJ’s spinning it until the sun comes
up. An art auction, inventive installations, brass bands, Bike
Blended beverages, and more that you have yet to imagine. For full
details on the line-up go to

including Paul Brill, Japanther, Roger Manning, SubAtomic Soundsystem,
Team Spider, DJ Chrome, DJ Dirtyfingers, DJ Dr. Feelgood, DJ Kid
Magic, DJ Stefny, and DJ Thaddeus

with work by Rebecca Alvarez, Thomas Beale, Big Noise Films, Black
Label Bicycle Club, Mark Brewer, GlassBead Collective, Taliah Lempert,
Brandon Neubauer, Peripheral Media, Jesse Pesta, Swoon, and Visual

serving up obnoxiously strong cocktails under the stars

customize your clothing with some visual love! bring your own
clothing or buy a t-shirt.

by GlassBead Collective

by C-Spot Designs

At Dick Shea’s Dance Studios, 69 West 14th St (at 6th Ave.)
Doors open at 9:00pm.
$10 in advance
$12 at the door.
Buy Tix online at

All proceeds from this event will go towards the legal defense of
Critical Mass Bike Riders in New York City
Bike Blog really really really endorses this event and wants EVERYONE to go…what’s happening to cyclists in NYC is not a BIKE RIDER issue it is a direct attack on our basic freedoms. Freewheels are the people who are there for you when you have legal questions, with warm chinese food after you get out of jail and yes…even money to help with legal defense. But more than that, they are dedicated individuals who care about our rights to the road and making this a more healthy and cleaner city to live in.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the superhero alleycat

If your feeling pumped after the bridge battle it’s time to jump into the phone booth or head to the bat cave to don your super powers for the next Alley Cat Race. It’s the Superheroes Race–Saturday May 20th. This is a two person team race like in Batman and Robin so now you can wear your tights and not feel out of place. Dress up is encouraged. Villians are ok too. Registration is 2:00pm, race at 3:00. Race start is Fulton Ferry Landing, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. $10.00 for race (per team) and afterparty. $15.00 for race, party and t-shirt.

Here is what the race organizer had to say about the event on bikeforums…”so here’s the SUPERSTORY: I have a comic book shop and a bikeshop sponsor, plus bagjack in berlin who will sponsor a NYC superheroes alleycat. The idea and course is pretty much solid: It’s solo and teams of two (ambiguously gay duos) who have to hit checkpoints that require particular super powers.. or in somecase require superpowers just to get to the CP.

It’s a long, brutal race with CP’s that correspond to the real NYC superhero points of interest.

The advantage to racing as a crimefighting team is that only one person has to “Do” the CP. But both have to be present, together. Between the last CP and the Finish is a dead sprint. Only then will you know who is the “superhero” and who is the “sidekick.”

If i do it, I’ll need to drop a good amount of dough on the CP’s & some “special” prizes.
Who is going to show up?
How many of you think you’re a superhero?
And more importantly, when do I do this thing?

To me, it’s the ultimate alleycat that I would prefer to race and not organize. But it must happen.

Check Ella’s Blog for more details.

Sunday May 14th…Memorial Ride

Photo of Andre’s family, taken on the Time’s Up Memorial Ride, by photographer Tod Seelie

Sunday was the Memorial Ride for Andre Anderson. Tod Seelie took photos and wrote about the experience.

Saturday May 13th was also the Garden’s Parade

Photos by Philipp Rassmann

Saturday was a beautiful day in NYC for the environment. While hundreds of cyclists were enjoying Bike month with an allocate, film festival and block party, another event was paying homage to the earth. It was the Time’s Up Roving Garden Parade with a portable ice cream trike (although it did use fossil fuel) the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and reverend Billy lead a march through the East Village and celebrated the community gardens. Here is a report from Ellen.

“A fabulous time was had by all at the Roving Garden Parade on Saturday. Many people showed up costumed in various flowered, buggy and birdy garb, some on wheels others on feet. The Rude Mechanical Orchestra and Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir kept the procession hopping as we spread the word about the 65 gardens endangered
while visiting those in the East Village that were saved, lost and still threatened by development.

Perhaps the best part was that we proved that we can take to the streets in an un-permitted action sucessfully many of us without our bikes/getaway vehicles and the cops generally allowed us to do it. (with a little griping about one way streets and asking people not on bikes to go back on the sidewalk)

The best innovation of the day was a Free Ice Cream Bike, with a gasoline powered generator and freezer on a cargo bike. The freegans gave out an endless supply of cones and bars to the entire parade and the community. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Times Up Garden Coordinator
More photos of the event by Fritz Askew (this photo by Fritz)

Fred Askew Photography

Tod Seelie of suckapants also has pictures of the Garden’s Parade.

One of Tod’s Photos

Yesterday, Bridge Battle 2

Yesterday was Awesome. Bridge Battle 2 alleycat over the bridges was well attended and a great event hosted by Mess NYC. A great site for stories and video…soon to be a dvd magazine. Riders battled the bridges in a knock down no holds bar race to see who is the fastest.
Austin Horse won the race from team 4916 and completed all the checkpoints in about 45 minutes.
Ken Stanek was a close second
Hugo Giron was third also from team 4916
Dan G was fourth from team action force/Trackstar
and “the King” Felipe was 5th from team Puma.

The race ended with a glorious track event called “Track-o-Rama” with a vicious footdown, skids, backwards circles and trackstand hosted by NYC’s fixed gear culture shop…Trackstar.

My Flickr page has some photos of the days events…videos to come on messnyc very soon…I am editing right now.

Check the NYBMA for a great summary of the events and pictures including…Carlos awesome video.