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Ok, I’m late for work and I still got to put air in my tires from a horrible day of flats yesterday….ugh.

This will be brief…

Tonight is Brooklyn Critical Mass. You should all know the dates and places…just check the archive or go to the Time’s Up website.

Then tonight is the Time’s Up/Rude Mechanical Orchestra..fundraiser.

Sunday…go to the beach.

Also this Sunday is a Rally to stop Bruce Ratner from DESTROYING Brooklyn…Stadium deals are no brainers…The Rich win and take our property and give us unaffordable housing and bad traffic, while they get skyboxs to watch the Nets on our tax dollar. And we wonder why Johnny can’t read.

go to develop don’t destroy

Check this out

Tallbike…backward circles…impressive.

Tallbike video

UP-Ruded Fundraiser and Dance Party

Picture of RMO at Revelocity Party…

Time’s Up does a lot of free events for the people of NYC and occasionally they ask for money…This Friday, along with the Awesome Rude Mechanical Orchestra they are having a Fund Raiser/Party!

Date: Friday, July 14th, 2006
Time: 8:00 PM
Location: 49 East Houston St. NYC
Summary: Time’s Up! and Rude Mechanical Orchestra Fundraiser Dance Party.
Details: Environmental action has never sounded so good! Two long time allies are teaming up for an evening of rocking out and raising money for the goodfight. NYCs punk rock radical marching band the Rude Mechanical Orchestra leads an evening of music that includes Monkeyshine 9, Heavy Creatures, Quick Release and Phil Not Bombs. Each band includes at least one member of the RMO, so you know itll be good. Also featuring DJ Suggested D’s dance floor madness and the infamous blender bike.
Time’s Up
Rude Mechanical Orchestra

Time’s Up! Environmental Group, is a 20-year-old all volunteer run non-profit organization, located in New York City . Time’s Up!’s campaigns increased bicycle ridership in NYC year after year. It is our goal that this steady increase in ridership will pressure the city to create an expanded, safer infrastructure for the cycling community.

Time’s Up!’s achievements and campaigns include, helping to create a greenway that wraps around NYC, bringing pedicabs to NYC, helping to save community gardens, create more green space, and protecting and promoting cycling. Time’s Up! also runs indoor educational events, including bike repair, welding workshops, movie nights, and youth presentations.

Even if you can’t make the fundraiser party you can still support Time’s Up!Check out our website

We need your support to continue!

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra is a New York City-based radical marching band that exists in order to serve the efforts of progressive and radical groups and causes.They play for events that support feminism and women’s rights, the queer community, labor, the environment, social and economic justice, peace and community self-determination.

Sliding Scale $7-$10

Doug Gordon is upset

Doug Gordon is a concerned citizen who rides a bike, he noticed this going on tonight in Prospect Park…

“I went for my usual after-work bike ride tonight at about 7:15, waiting as I always do until Prospect Park is supposed to be closed to vehicular traffic. I was aware, however, that the New York Philharmonic would be giving a concert in the park tonight, so I was prepared for a slower ride, what with all the people such a concert would attract.

Sure enough, the park was more crowded than usual, as people strode to the concert site carrying beach chairs, blankets and picnic blankets. No surprise.

What was surprising, however, was the long line of cars waiting to get into the park and the even longer line of cars already parked along the west drive of Prospect Park’s inner loop. At first I thought this was just handicapped parking, which would have been alright by anyone’s standards. (Surely people with physical disabilities should be allowed to drive into the park on a night such as tonight.) But when I saw a number of cars without handicapped plates or decals, I was even more surprised.

I asked a nice Parks Department officer if the parking was open to everyone. It was, she said. While there was a special section for the handicapped (the lot near the Picnic House, I believe), ANYONE with a car was allowed to drive into and park inside Prospect Park tonight.

I witnessed near misses between cyclists and motorists trying to squeeze into a tiny opening at 3rd Street. I saw a young family, kids on a bike with training wheels, come within inches of being sideswiped by a car going about 10 miles per hour. A woman running with a baby jogger had to move out of the way to let a car go by her. I left the park after one lap. I can only imagine what a scene it will be tonight when thousands of people try to walk out of the park in near darkness while hundreds of drivers make a simultaneous exit. Even with guidance from police and park officials, it’s not a good mix.

Since the concert site is so accessible by public transportation, why anyone would need to drive into Prospect Park tonight is beyond me. (The F is only two blocks away, the 2/3 about seven blocks away, a bus runs regularly down Prospect Park West, plus there are ample pay lots for cars in and around Park Slope.) That the Parks Department would allow able-bodied people to drive into the park is even more bewildering. We must make accommodations for those for whom walking is difficult or impossible, but does a nice night of classical music in the park also have to be an automotive free-for-all?

I know more concerts are scheduled for Prospect Park this summer and the Philharmonic has more shows in Central Park. I hope this practice can be publicized so it can be discouraged, if not abandoned altogether, in the future.

Thanks for getting the word out.

Thanks for the great blog.

Doug Gordon

Well Doug its a sad thing about our culture…people just don’t feel comfortable without their cars…and if they run over a cyclist now and then…well too bad…the city won’t investigate it anyway.

I couldn’t agree with you more. Its bad enough the city allows cars in both Prospect Park and Central Park…Why?

thanks for the observation Doug…for now people can call 311 and complain…They don’t let cars in for the Bandshell Concert Series…why do it for the Philharmonic…I guess Mozart fans can’t walk.

Diretor of the Bicycle Program, Andrew Vesselenovitch has left the building

After a five year tenure with the Department of Transportation, the Director of the Bicycle Program, Andrew Vesselenovitch has left the building…
one of only two pictures of Andrew if you do an image search on google

He says that Commisioner Iris Weinshall and her top deputy for traffic operations, Michael Primeggia have burdened the city with unnecessary law suits and stymied the progress of the city’s bicycle programs.

There is a more indepth story on Entitled-“Bridges Burning at DOT
Outgoing Bike Program Director Rips Agency Bosses”

The blog entry, like many on Streetsblog, is written by Aaron Naparstek. Aaron is a journalist, author and community organizer working on urban environmental issues in New York City. He works for the Open Planning Project where he runs a blog covering New York City’s Livable Streets Movement. He is the author of Honku: The Zen Antidote for Road Rage, a book of humorous haiku poetry inspired by the unique brand of motorist sociopathy observed from his apartment window in Brooklyn. Naparstek lives in Park Slope with his wife and son where he is a founder of the Park Slope Neighbors community group.

This blog entry also has the email Andrew sent to the DOT explaining many of the issues he was most fustrated about.

Hmmm…how does one get to be head of the Bicycle Department for the DOT? Sounds like they have an opening. Wouldn’t it be fun to come up with all kinds of great plans for cycling and create infustructure only to have your bosses tell you to butt out and ignore problems like when people are getting seriously injured on the Williamsburg Bridge with poorly designed projects.

Still, these are important positions that we in the cycling community should try and fill…kind of like that thing about making change by running for local office.

there is also an article about this in the NY Dailynews

City bike boss rips brass and pedals off


The city’s bicycle boss quit in a huff last week – lashing out at
Transportation Department brass for not making the streets safer for
cyclists, the Daily News has learned.

In an angry e-mail sent on his last day Friday, former Bicycle Program
Director Andrew Vesselinovitch blamed the DOT for installing dangerous bumps
on the Williamsburg Bridge bike path and for failing to build more bike

The bumps – actually 2-inch, raised expansion-joint covers – were removed in
December 2005 after The News chronicled $10 million in lawsuits brought by
severely injured cyclists.

“We could have saved the city settlements for lawsuits [and residents
injuries] resulting from the puzzling addition of unusually high expansion
joint covers on the Williamsburg Bridge,” Vesselinovitch wrote in the
e-mail, which was posted yesterday to

“I brought this to [the Division of] Bridges’ attention in 2003 and was told
by [DOT Deputy Commissioner] Michael Primeggia [to] butt out,” he added in
the hastily typed message sent to Manhattan Borough Commissioner Margaret
Forgione and other colleagues

Attorney Adam White, who represents eight cyclists injured on the bumps,
called the e-mail a “smoking gun.”

“It’s shocking evidence that within the department they knew these were
inappropriate and extremely dangerous from the beginning and they did
nothing about it for years.”

Vesselinovitch also took aim at DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall.

In the past two years, only 15 miles of bike lanes were added, he wrote,
when the DOT “could have produced plans for 40-50 miles of workable bike
lanes each year.

“I waited for a long time for the direction from the commissioner’s office
to change, or for the commissioner to be changed,” wrote Vesselinovitch, who
is leaving to study architecture. “I hope that you won’t have to wait much

In June, three cyclists were killed in the city. Last year, 24 died, making
it one of the most deadly years for cyclists in the past 10 years, advocates

A DOT spokeswoman declined to comment on Vesselinovitch’s e-mail, but
pointed to the new Eighth Ave. bike lane and other projects, and noted that
bike fatalities are down 50% over the same period last year.

Saw this on NYBMA

Ticket Blitz in Central Park scheduled for Tuesday 7/11!!

I am hearing that NYPD and Central Park Enforcement Patrol (whoever that is) will be organizing a large-scale ticket blitz in Central Park tomorrow, Tuesday, July 11. I don’t know exactly where they will be or what times, but they will be issuing tickets for SPEEDING (they will be using radar guns on cars AND BIKES) and other traffic violations, including BIKES THAT RUN RED LIGHTS!!

The speed limit is 25 mph, so I don’t have to worry about that one. But is that the speed limit for the cars as well? If so, maybe we should get out our radar guns and check for selective enforcement.

6 Students ride 4000 miles for Cancer

6 international college students thought it would be a great idea this summer to ride across the country on their bikes and raise money for Cancer. They are currently in Austin Neveda resting after grueling heat, angry locals and grasshopper attacks.

Check out what they are doing and possibly donate to their cause at Cross country for cancer

Part of their mission statement:

“This summer, our Cross Country for Cancer team will be cycling across the
North American continent, from San Francisco to Baltimore, to raise
donations and awareness for cancer research. We are a bunch of college
students from the United States and England with a big idea and lack of
any realistic sense of what is possible. This ride is going to be
challenge, but we are going to get it done and we want your support. As we
cycle across America in July and August, you can track our progress
through pictures and experiences. So join us, spread the word, contribute,
and together let’s make a difference in the fight against cancer!”

Bike Stuff

Picture of Lucas Brunelle riding his bike underwater…

So the Bike Film Festival is in Minneapolis and yesterday they showed the Warriors the bike ride…good to see that video keeps going. Congradulations to Brendt Barbur and all those making the festival happen.

It runs from July 6-8th and it looks like a fun party for all.
There is a race series starting in Prospect Park.

Here is some info:

Incase you haven’t heard, a new race series is getting started in Prospect Park… Prospect Park Summer Slam!

This is an 8-week, fixed gear only race series. The series will be run similar to Autumn Attack, only this time, the races are prescheduled and you are encouraged to come with a team on the nights of team races.

Here is all the info:
Where: Prospect Park: Grand Army Plaza
When: Monday Nights (registration starts at 9pm, racing begins promptly at 9:30)
How much: $3

Schedule of Events:
July 10- Team Race (come with a team of 2)
July 17- Indie Scratch Race (3 laps)
July 24- Team Time Trial (come with a team of 4)
July 31- Team Race (if your teammate sucked, you can come with a new one) (Double Points)
August 7- Scratch Race (4 laps)
August 14- Handicap Race (The ones with the most points start later)
August 21- Team Race
August 28- Scratch Race (1 lap sprint) (double points)

Each night, the winner gets two-thirds of the nights money. The other third will be put into the grand prize, which will be split between the top male and female racer. Also, Bike Works, Trackstar, Fortynine-Sixteen, Reload and Fyxomatosis (Andy White).

If you’re left with any questions contact or ask on this post.
Will of onNYturf sent this report of the June Critical Mass in NYC

There is a bizzaro land where cyclists ride free the last Friday of
every month. Where cycling is supported AND promoted by the Mayor. Where
there are no police helicopters or marauding scooters. Where the media
does not blame cyclists if they are hit by a car. It is a place where
bicyclists one day a month fill the streets and cars have to wait, and
amazingly, despite all the bicycling, nobody dies ties in a traffic jam,
emergency vehicles are not grounded, the city does not burn down, and
the capitalist system does not collapse.

Many readers are probably already aware that San Francisco is the home
of Critical Mass, born there in 1992, and that today Critical Mass
enjoys the full support of the San Francisco government including The
Mayor. This past Friday I had the luck to be in San Francisco for a best
friend’s wedding and was able to join the June ride.

full report and photos at:

Tod Seelie has pictures of Bicycle Fetish day and Track bike tricks events hosted by KingKog


Useful stuff sent to me

Mike Pidell sent me a link to his video of the memorial ride which he posted on google video…It looks like he has a bunch of other Time’s Up related movies as well. Nice work Mike.

video link

This weekend was Bicycle Fetish day and Victor’s fourth of July alleycat weekend. This was a great time, except for my broken helmet cam…

Congradulations to all those who won ribbons at bike fetish day for things like…”heaviest bike,” “nicest fix gear” and “ugliest bike”…come on…is any bike really ugly?

Congradulations to: Carlos, Cali and Yatika for their win at Victor’s lengthy alleycat race. and to Ellen, Kym and Heidi for representing for the ladies. And let me say a special shout out to my man Jonathon who got 9th place in his 5th alleycat race.

Ken at NYBMA has full results of the race and a nice little story.

photo by Amy Bolger

Amy has some photos here.

Here are my photos

and blue Cinema got some too.

more pix

There is a great letter available for download that can be sent to some important people about how the city can clean up its act towards cyclists. Its designed so you can just attach your name and address if you are down with what it says. There is also a list of address to send it too.

the letter

We can spy on you, but you can’t spy on us…now obey!

Tod Seelie of Suckapants helped me coin a new phrase…”Coparatzzi” This is all of the NYPD’s efforts to videotape us an engage in illegal domestic spying. They can dish it out but can’t take it, and try their best to stop other people documenting the documentation. Tod was trying to take pictures while the cops were trying to push him out of the way, which explains all pictures of hands.

Check out his photo set on Flickr