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April 2014
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April 27-29 Energy Solutions Conference

Gas prices topping $4.00 a gallon, Oil wars by an bunch of oil barrons who say we’re addicted to oil? And the science fiction writer of that Dinosaur movie claims global warming is a myth? What is a planet to do?

Can I put solar panels on my roof, can I run my diesel engine bmw on McDonalds fry grease or should I just ride my bike to work to help save the planet…

Find out and discuss renewable energy, solar power and other solutions at the Energry Solutins Conference

Next week, April 27-29th. Tickets are on sale now. ($35.00 for a day pass) or volunteer and get in free. Student and Senior passes available for $25.00

The conference locations are:

April 27th, 2006 (Thursday) NYC
The Community Church of NY
40 East 35th Street
New York, NY 10016

April 28 and 29th (Friday and Saturday), 2006 NYC
The Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom
311 West 34th Street
New York, NY, 10001

MAY is Bike Month

I mean April ain’t over yet, but the new calender is coming out for MAY which is of course BIKE MONTH. The calender I speak of is from Time’s Up and it looks like there are a #%#$ load of great events here in NYC. Look for it soon.

Here is an interview with Wendy Brawer of Green Map. Check out the amazing things she’s been doing:


An Alleycat you can’t refuse

Trackstar, NYC hottest bike shop on 34 East 1st street is hosting an Alleycat on Saturday the 22nd. It’s a 3 person team race so I suggest you enter it and ride for the familia or you might get whacked. I’m not one to miss alleycats based on movies, but once again I’ll be out of town. GRRRRR! Come dressed in your pin stipe suit like in the 1972 classic NYC film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and it’s always a good idea to brush up on your triva about Don Vito, Michael and Sonny Corleone. For more info on the race call: (212) 982-2553.

Saturday the 22nd is EARTH DAY, lets ride our bikes

This Saturday is Earth Day and times upwill host a bike ride and hang out in Central Park.

This Earth Day Action for bicyclists and skaters will be promoting non-polluting transportation and renewable energy. Dress festively. Bring signs and noise makers!

The ride will end at Central Park at a huge Earth Day Fair at the 72nd Street Bandshell. There’ll be music, entertainment, our bicycle blender, and free valet bike parking. TIME’S UP! is working with the Central Park Conservancy on this event. The picnic will be plenty of fun, relaxing and musical.

Earth Day Ride Sat, Apr 22nd, 12:00 pm, Union Square Park South on the steps at 14th Street. If you want to meet us at the festival, go to the 72nd Street Transverse in Central Park. Rain Date: April 23.

Here is the wikipedia discrpition of Earthday

In January 1970, the Environmental Teach-In, decided to call their one-off event on 22 April Earth Day. The successes of that day led to it becoming a regular event. Gaylord Nelson, an environmental activist in the U.S. Senate, took a leading role in organizing the celebration, to demonstrate popular political support for an environmental agenda. Senator Nelson staffed the office with college students and selected Denis Hayes (a Harvard student and Stanford graduate) as coordinator of activities. It was the era of student political activism and outdoor protests that attracted news cameras.
According to Senator Nelson, Earth Day “worked” because of the spontaneous response at the grassroots level. Though he felt his committee had neither the time nor resources to organize the 20 million demonstrators and the thousands of schools and local communities that participated, these things did happen. According to the Senator, “It organized itself.”
The “holiday” proved extremely popular in the United States. The first Earth Day, in 1970, had participants and celebrants in two thousand colleges and universities, roughly ten thousand primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the U.S. Senator Nelson directly credited the first Earth Day with persuading U.S. politicians that environmental legislation had a substantial, lasting constituency. In 1971 Senator Gaylord Nelson announced an ‘Earth Week’ — for the third week of April — as a yearly event.
Many important laws were passed by the Congress in the wake of the 1970 Earth Day, including the Clean Air Act, laws to protect drinking water, wild lands and the ocean. The EPA was created within three years of the first Earth Day.
Earth Day leadership fractured over the years, with Hayes and Nelson and other widely-known Earth Day leaders favoring more programmatic and conventional public relations approaches to the observance(s), while grassroots groups have sought to make Earth Day into a day of action which changes human behavior and provokes policy changes. Most people know about Earth Day from a 30-second blurb on their evening news of kids at school planting trees or doing a trash cleanup.
During Earth Day 2000, the event’s 30th anniversary, actor Leonardo DiCaprio was chosen by Hayes to be the spokesperson of the event, despite the fact that DiCaprio drove a large SUV at the time and was viewed as wanting to rehabilitate his public image in the wake of clever Thai environmental protesters targeting him during the filming of the actor’s film The Beach in 1999 (which was filmed in part in a precious Thai national park).

The date chosen for Earth Day is coincident with the historical date of Arbor Day, a national tree-planting holiday started in the late 1800′s. Arbor Day is celebrated on the birthday of its founder, Julius Sterling Morton. Another reading of the April 22 date understood by Earth Day organizers notes that the 1970 event took place between college students’ Spring Break and final exams, enabling students to participate on campuses across the country.

New site and magazine for Urban cyclist

MESSNYC.NET is a site dedicated to the urban cyclist. This includes messengers, commuters, bmx’ers, chopper clubs, and any other freakhow we might be interested in. All content is submission based, so we’re looking for contributions in the form of photos, interviews, scene reports, videos, news articles, profiles (of people, bands, or collectives), and feature length articles. Those who regularly contribute quality work can become staff and/or bloggers on the site.”
“Every three months, MESS will take the best material that we’ve received, and release it as a high-quality print issue. This will be a full color newsstand quality magazine, complete with a DVD. The DVD will feature Hi-res footage of bicycle related events both large and small, live music footage OR produced videos, and more than likely a fair dose of hilarious hijinks.”

“We plan on doing a bi-coastal launch party Memorial Day weekend, at the Triple Crown (MAYHEM) in Washington DC, and at the West Side Invite in Portland. By signing up for our email list, you’ll receive updates about these and other events of note.”

In case you missed these…

Tod Seelie, amazing photographer at sucka pants and everydayilive submited these photos of Richmond Virgina’s mutant bike fest Slaughterama 3.

slaughterama pix

Austin Wins Dumbo Scramble

So this guy, John “Chombo” Siers

Organizes a fun race in Dumbo Brooklyn, April 15th, 2006. 69 riders make a mad scramble around town and this guy, Austin takes the crown (not the guy in the white Chunk 666 shirt)

Check out race results with commentary by Chombo and links to flickr pages I missed at nybma/dumboscramble

—Meanwhile this guy, Squid
along with Team Puma from NYC, was getting in shape at the veledrome in Leigh Valley, in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania
Messengers from NY, DC, and Richmond came out to mix it up with a bunch of Cat 5′s. Also there was a big Womens field, Cat 4, 3′s and 2′s, Masters, and Juniors.
Amy took great photos of the event.
Everyone is getting ready for these three track eventsIt’s a series hosted by Squid and team Puma in three cities: LA, Chicago and NYC. Top Male and Top Female win tickets to Australia for the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Sydney-October 2006. Last time I checked airfare alone was something like $1200 bucks, so start cranking!
John Campo and the people at Kissena’s veledromein Queens are gearing up for opening day: April 29th and 30th (Saturday and Sunday)
Yes, NYC has a veledrome and will be hosting races all Spring and Summer. More info to come. If you’ve never raced a track before, come check it out. You could win tickets to the world championships in October.

Some Pix from Dumbo Race

chimbly sweeps flickr set
You gotta love tallbikes in alleycats…Greg BLBC

More photos from mexicanknifefights flickr page
Some more pictures off bike forums:

and Austin

My Vote for best Easter Bonnet

Here is my vote for Sunday’s best Easter Bonnet…

Yes that is Smolka arresting the Easter Bunny on bike…somehow he dropped his coffee.

Thanks Eva for sending the pics.

So what went on with the Brooklyn CM? Freewheels After Party? Dumbo Scramble Race? Vs Brooklyn Party?
Send me stories, pictures…whatever.

Next weekend is EarthDAY!!! (should be everyday)

What to do this weekend.

April 14th, 2006

Brooklyn Critical Mass:

Leaves Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn 7:00pm or Start of Williamsburg Bridge bike path (George Washington Park) Brooklyn Side 7:00pm. The two rides generally meet up. This ride is left alone by the police accept for a few scooters who ride along as chaperones. Lets make it Big!!! Look for the double tallbike tandeem bike and sound bike!! WOOP WOOP!

then go to the Freewheels After-Party Fundraiser at the South Side Lounge (41 Broadway at Wythe)

April 15th, 2006

Dumbo Scramble alleycat (see flyer below)


Party at Wild Wild Brooklyn.

Have a great weekend!!

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