Video of Time’s Up Criminality Suspected Ride

Here is Time’s Up own Keegan, explaining the purpose behind the Criminality Suspected Ride:

Congratulations to winners of a snowy Monster Track 14

This was definitely a wet one, with one of the only times it’s actually been snowing during a race.

Congratulations to Austin Horse who won and took home the awesome Reload prize bag.

ScreenShot20130317at10.42.26AM (image from UCWNET )

top4(Photo by Mariangel)

The Top 4 from right to left:

1) Austin
4)Chaz (first out of town)

Just to give you some idea here are some videos pulled off UCWNET:

The Start:

Find more videos like this on URBAN CYCLIST WORLDWIDE

Battle to get the 2nd Manifest at STRADA Customs NYC:

Find more videos like this on URBAN CYCLIST WORLDWIDE
Couple more photos by Nate Chin:
Crowd at STRADA.
Alfred rushing off with the next manifest.
Lucas Brunelle, lost the first group and then held back to wait for riders coming for the third manifest.

Criminal Suspect Artwork for Criminal Suspect Motorists

Last night 7 memorials were painted on the streets where pedestrians and cyclists have recently been killed in what’s seems to be a wave of car violence.

These markers are part of a tour lead by Time’s Up called the “Criminality Suspect Ride” to draw attention to these recent tragedies and a lack of action in response by the NYPD by not pursuing criminal charges of the motorists involved.

Here is more from Gothamist:

20130315-145320.jpg (Times Up. Flickr)

Illegal Street Memorials Mark Spots Where Drivers Killed Without Consequences
By John Del Signore
March 15th, 2013

Last night a group of cyclists took to the streets to spraypaint body outlines memorializing seven spots where pedestrians and cyclists were killed by motorists who faced no criminal charges. This morning, activists affiliated with Times Up! will be visiting the memorials to call attention to the NYPD’s widely-criticized handling of crash investigations.
The chilling memorials were painted on spots where the NYPD declared there was “No Criminality Suspected” within hours of each crash. The locations include the spot in Queens where 16-year-old Tenzin Drudak was killed by a driver who careened up onto the sidewalk after spilling a container of milk, and the spot in Queensbridge where Japanese student Ryo Oyamada was killed by an NYPD patrol car. Over the last week, six pedestrians and cyclists have been killed by motorists and not a single driver has been charged with a crime.
On Monday, it was reported that the NYPD would make changes to the way it handles crash investigations, including changing the name of the unit responsible for the probes from Accident Investigation Squad to the Crash Investigation Squad. The ludicrously understaffed unit will be somewhat beefed up, and has been instructed to investigate collisions even when there’s no immediate expectation that the victim will die.

Read more: here.

Video Friday-the Ides of March-3/15/13

Beware the Ides of March and the videos of Friday.

Title: Lucas Brunelle-Renegades of the Road
Seen on: Urbancyclistworldwide
An excerpt from the master of the helmet camera, racer Lucas Brunelle-his documentary “line of sight.” Just in time for Monster Track 14, which Lucas has video taped like no other. Here is the NYC cut.

Title: How the Race was Won-Nice-Paris 2013
Seen on: Urbancyclistworldwide
You could argue it was the lesser of the two March one-week stage races this year, but that’s fine. A decent sprint or two, a ton of lead changes, nice tactical riding on occasion and more than a few of the typical stage race antics. Richie Porte confirming the Maglia Rosa of 2010 was no fluke, and Andrew Talansky showing he has the energy, and at least some of the guile, to be competitive at the top tier of the sport. Good times.

Title: Fixed Gear Obstacle Racing in Latvia – Red Bull Tru Fix 2012

Seen on: Urbancyclistworldwide

Title: Breakin L.A. | U.S. trailer
Seen on: Urbancyclistworldwide
A group of bicycle aficionados from Hamburg St. Pauli made their way to break-in the city of Los Angeles. During 12 days the group scattered the city in all cardinal directions. They cruised through the barrios of East LA, blazed to the beaches of Venice and ascended the Hollywood Hills. They worked as volunteers at the Midnight Mission on skid row to bring attention to the 15,000 homeless people, who are the result of gentrification in LA.
They discovered a velodrome in the valley and self-tested their consciousness at the LA Gun Club. During the trip they met with a great variety of local riders. Although the bike scene in the capital of cars is relatively small, their skills are top notch. In the end the group attempted to reconquer the ecological desert of Los Angeles in order to survive evolutionary pressures, such as distances and traffic.

Title: Monster Track 12-2011
Seen on: Urbancyclistworldwide
CAVEMAN rockin the gopro, representin LOS PIRANHAS holding it down for flushing, jackson heights, corona, all of QUEENS, NYC. Watch him skitch, dodge death and ride with the best cyclists in nyc


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Tomorrow, Track Bike Holiday-Monster Track 14-prize bag by Reload

Tomorrow (Saturday-March 16th) is the 14th annual Monster Track alleycat race. A New York City tradition. Fixed gear only, no hand brakes, live in open traffic.

Here is a dramatic promo from Urban Cyclist Worldwide

Winner of this coveted fixed gear classic will win a messenger bag custom made by Roland and his crew at Reload Bags in Philadelphia, now celebrating their 15th year in business. Here’s a video of the making of this years 2013 Monstertrack prize bag.

This is a great event to check out even if your not racing a fixed gear in the streets. People travel from all over the world and it is a true celebration of our biking culture. A fixed gear holiday.

Check out the Monster Track Facebook page for more details.

Time’s Up tour of 7 crash sites. Friday, March 15th, 2013-Criminally Suspect Ride

The rise in car violence in NYC has definitely alarmed local residents especially since many of these crashes have not been properly investigated by the NYPD. Compacted with the fact that the cops have seemed to found time to continue their winter ticketing blitz of cyclists involved in traffic violations.

Time’s Up is taking action and leading a tour of sites where cyclists and pedestrians have been killed in recent months to draw attention to the seriousness of car violence and the need for the NYPD to change its policy.

Here is more information from Time’s Up.


Bicycle-ride to seven locations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn where memorials will be made for pedestrians and cyclists killed by drivers who committed traffic violations, yet within hours of each crash the NYPD declared there was “No Criminality Suspected,” and the accident investigation reports were never released to the public, including members of the victims’ families.

Friday, March 15, 2013

10am, ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street, Manhattan

New York, NY – On March 15, 2013, Time’s Up! will lead a bicycle tour to seven memorials that will be erected for pedestrians and cyclists that were killed by automobiles that committed at least one traffic violation.

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Am I Invisible? Launch party, 3/23/13

Last month a contest was launched for photographers to document the NYC cycling community, in an effort to bring attention to our vibrant two wheeled community often over shadowed by car culture. Next Friday is an award ceremony and exhibit launch party. Here is the official invite with more details.

You’re invited!
Please join us for the exhibition launch, party and award ceremony
of Am I invisible? A Portrait of New York City Bicyclists

On March 22 at Rolling Orange Bikes we will honor the creativity of photographers who celebrate the style and diversity of New York City bicyclists.

Location and Directions:
March 22nd – 6 – 8 pm
Rolling Orange Bikes
269 Baltic Street (between Court and Smith)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Telephone: (718) 935-0695
Subway: Bergen F, G

Am I Invisible? is a photo contest organized by Bicycle Utopia to bring together New York City’s creative and cycling communities. Photographers, artists and cycling enthusiasts from all over the city sent in their best work. A portion of the contest entry fee will be donated to Transportation Alternatives.

Along with Rolling Orange Bikes, Am I Invisible? was organized with support from New York City bike shops, Abus and BikeParka.

A jury of eight professionals from the biking and art community will choose the best images. The winners will be awarded a gift certificate that will be honored in the participating bike shops of the winners’ choice. All the contest entrants have a chance to win an Abus lock, a BikeParka or a wheelylift.

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It’s not how big your Velodrome is. Red Bull Mini Drome comes to Brooklyn.

It’s often been said…”Dare to dream big,” especially in a city like NYC, home to the Rockefellers and Robert Moses industrialist types. The land of towering monstrosities like the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building and sky scrappers that distinguish the most recognizable skyline in the world. Big Dreams like putting in a basketball stadium in the middle of downtown Brooklyn. This seemed like the right environment for a cyclist’s dream to put in a velodrome track along with the largest donation to a city park in NYC history. Size may have been part of the problem for cycling enthusiast and millionaire Joshua Rechnitz, who’s 50 million dollar dream of opening a velodrome in Brooklyn was shot down like a failed audition on American idol. But fear not Brooklyn because there will be cycle track racing!

And this time…size doesn’t matter, in fact it’s the opposite. Think small…Think mini.


Red Bull has been doing this all over the world, transforming a space into an indoor cycling venue. With the help of the German design force at Velotrack, a team that built tracks for Atlanta Olympics and the Delhi Commonwealth Games, they’ve come up with the smallest possible size and the maximum amount of excitement.

Now it’s Brooklyn’s shot. Next Saturday, March 23rd, the Bushwick Church will come alive with a sanctimonious competition not seen since they tried to elect a new Pope at a Vatican conclave.

Here is how it works…

100 of NYC’s fastest single speed and fixed gear maniacs will race against the clock to qualify starting at 5:00pm.

The field will be narrowed down to 32 with the fastest time.

The doors open at 9:00pm to spectators and the first 1,000 people are free.

The racers will duke it out, in a head to head competition, reaching speed of up to 30mph.

The event is hosted by David Ortiz

Music preformance by Ninjasonik-with my favorite hit…”Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant.”

spinning, black label’s own- DJ Dirty Finger

I’ve always marveled at this competition by watching numerous web videos of past events and I’m super psyched it’s coming to Brooklyn.

To gain entry-RSVP at:

#RBMiniDrome on Twitter
Follow Red Bull NYC on Twitter: @redbullnyc


Videos from past events:

Mini Drome London-January 15th, 2011

Mini Drome Orlando-August 25th, 2011

Mini Drome Scotland-October 2nd, 2011

Mini Drome Sao Paulo-June 30th, 2012

Mini Drome Tokyo-November 23rd, 2012

Monster Track 14


Bikeblognyc turns 9

Number 9, Number 9, Numb—can anyone see this number and not think of that song?
bikeblog 9

It’s that time of the year…when I stop and take a sentimental moment to think about 9 (gulp) years of biking and blogging in NYC.

Happy Birthday to me. Hit it boys.

Thanks to all my sponsors and advertisers. Last year was really an epic one for free stuff including a complete bicycle from Pure Fix.

Thanks to all the bike nerds around the world who follow me on various social networks including over 5,000 followers on twitter.

This year promises to be equally exciting with lots more blog mania and maybe even a “Harlem Shake video.”