New documentary about High School Cycling programs-Single Track High

We all know it starts early, the love of cycling, so I was really excited to receive this press release about a new documentary following the rise in the movement of high school cycling programs.

There is a premiere in upstate NY on tuesday…Here is more information.

Singletrack High–Documentary Premieres in Irvington, March 12th 2013.

Proceeds benefit the upstart New York High School Cycling League

Dobbs Ferry, NY– Singletrack High- a documentary showcasing the positive impact of the high school cycling movement- is having its New York State premiere at the Irvington Town Hall Theater on Tuesday, March 12th. All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the upstart New York High School Cycling League.

The New York league is one of three new leagues to join the national movement in 2012. New York’s first race season kicks-off April 28th with the Ridge 2 Ridge Race at Sprain Ridge Park in Yonkers.

Students and their parents, along with members of the local cycling community, are expected to pack the house for the documentary’s premiere. The film takes a close look at the National Interscholastic Cycling Association’s (NICA) NorCal High School Cycling League, Singletrack High follows a diverse group of high school students through the 2012 mountain bike racing season.

Who: New York High School Cycling League
What: Screening of Singletrack High
Where: Irvington Town Hall Theater
When: March 12th, 7:30 PM
Why: Raise Awareness of Newly Forming Statewide Program
Tickets: $16, Available Here or at the theater

Here is a trailer:

Singletrack High Teaser from Pedal Born Pictures on Vimeo.

Third straight year, Ticket Blitz on cyclists while Reckless Drivers continue to Kill

I first started documenting the NYPD ticketing cyclists back in 2011, when it seemed to be a coordinated effort by local law enforcement to “crackdown” on illegal cycling maneuvers. Based on several reports, and random postings like this on twitter:
It seems as if the police are at it once again in the coldest months of the year and with ridership at it’s lowest. Most of the NYC cycling community would agree there is a lot of bad biking out there but an organized effort by the police to enforce traffic laws on cyclists is infuriating especially in light of recent events where reckless motorists have killed bikers and pedestrians.

Two incredibly tragic events happened within the last two weeks:
A 7 year old, Amar Diarrassouba was killed in Harlem walking to school last week and there was the gut renching story of a pregnant hasidic couple (21 year old-Nachman and Raizy Glauber) killed on the way to the hospital by a hit-and-run driver.

Reckless driving is often left unchecked and many commuters in NYC feel if there is any coordinated effort by the NYPD to make our streets safer it should be focused on vehicles leading to fatalities.

One concerned citizen, Duncan Meisel, created an online petition and is looking for signatures.
Picture 1

Please let your voice be heard and sign on, here.

There has been some positive activity on the NYPD taking vehicular violence more seriously. The NY Times reports that after much criticism of the NYPD’s lack of investigating car crashes, things are starting to change.

After Criticism, Police Change Policy and Begin Investigating More Traffic Crashes
By: Matt Flegenheimer and J. David Goodman
Published: March 10, 2013

In a marked shift of protocol, the New York Police Department has begun conducting robust investigations of traffic crashes that result in critical injuries but not certain or likely death. In the past, investigators from a specialized unit, the Accident Investigation Squad, were sent only when at least one victim had died or was deemed by first responders to be “likely to die.”

The new policy was outlined in a letter sent last week from the police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, to the City Council. Under it, the department’s crash investigators will be summoned “when there has been a critical injury or when a Police Department duty captain believes the extent of the injuries and/or unique circumstances of a collision warrant such action,” Mr. Kelly wrote.

read more here.

Time’s Up–Valentine’s Day Party

It’s that time of year again for bicycle love on Valentine’s Day.

Time’s Up Valentine’s Day Party of Love and {anti}-War:

facebook event page.

Thursday, February 14th
9pm – Group Ride departs Gaia Tree in Tompkin Square Park
10pm – Doors open at Living Theater
21 Clinton Street, Manhattan

Entertainment Includes:
Burlesque Performance by Honey Chicava!
Bike Dance by NYBD (New York Bike Dance) on Time’s Up Energy Bikes!
Performance by hip hop group Cheetahs on the Loose!
DJing by DJ Fake Money!
Performance by No Way Josie featuring Kym “Non-Stop” Perfetto!
MCing by the women of Cheetahs on the Loose!

Drinks Include:
Brooklyn Beer!
Love Potion 69!
And Wine! Wine! Wine!

$20 suggested, sliding scale. Membership included.

Bring your friends, make-up with your enemies, kiss your lovers, and dedicate this dance to your big time love – your bicycle. Get ready to spread the bike love and support your community. Lots of sweets, strawberries, a chocolate fountain, and chocolate body painting!

Check out our Promo Video:

And photos from our 2011 and 2012 Valentine’s Parties:

Hot sweaty, half naked biker dudes hanging from the ceiling…

You don’t want to miss this one…

The Kids are Alright-on bikes…Youth Bike Summit 2013

Young minds come together in NYC to talking about bicycles and related politics at the:

2013 Youth Bike Summit

More details:

WHEN: Friday February 15 – Sunday February 17
WHERE: The New School 66 W 12th St New York, NY
ADMISSION: $20/youth; $35/adult

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Enrique Penalosa, Former Mayor of Bogota, Colombia & Devlynn Chen, Local Spokes Youth Ambassador

1. Keynote Speakers Enrique Penalosa, former mayor of Bogota, Colombia and Devlynn Chen, 17 year old Recycle-A-Bicycle intern speaking together.
2. Rude Mechanical Orchestra marching band procession leading 200 attendees with colorful signs down 6th Ave in Manhattan to workshop sessions.
3. Group workshops with people engaging in conversation.

Recycle-A-Bicycle’s Youth Bike Summit is a three-day national conference geared toward youth, bikes education, and advocacy. Whether you’re a student, educator, or advocate, there is much to be learned though this dynamic, inter-generational exchange. This national conference offers a youth and adult Keynote presentation, 15 engaging workshops, hands-on activities, a thought-provoking visioning session with youth and adults working in communities near and far. By creating a space where ideas from bicyclists of all ages can be heard, we seek to create a more inclusive national dialogue that addresses the issues, rights, and concerns of all bicyclists.Learn more about the Youth Bike Summit in this video by Streetfilms.

HISTORY: In March 2010, Recycle-A-Bicycle (RAB) attended the League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Summit with two high school interns who had completed a comprehensive job training program and Earn-A-Bike program at RAB. Both participants learned they loved bicycles and expressed an interest in learning more about how bicycling fits into policy, the environment, social entrepreneurship, and community-building. Traveling to Washington DC for the first time, the 17 year old participants explored the nation’s capital by bike, attended the conference, and lobbied elected officials. As we debriefed on the bus ride home, we discussed the importance of engaging youth in the national dialogue of cycling education and advocacy. As a result, the idea of the Youth Bike Summit came into being. Both young advocates were active participants in the planning of the conference in 2011.

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Gas Mask Bike-Beijing

The Atlantic in Focus series just had a photo article on the dangerous levels of pollution in Beijing.


Alan Taylor’s article titled, “China’s Toxic Sky” shows startling photos of smog with levels so bad — at one point measured 40 times recommended safety levels.

Read more: here.


Here is one Beijing based artists attempt to combat this toxic environment with this bicycle project:

20130205150648.jpg Matt Hope’s “breathing bike” (image via

Here is more from

Matt Hope,
a Beijing-based artist, is taking his adopted city’s problems head on. Instead of hiding in his apartment and dealing with Beijing’s extreme extreme pollution crisis with the help of air filters and masks, Hope is hitting the streets with a bicycle-cum-sculpture that actively filters the air around it.

A short documentary shows Hope pedaling around the city on his “breathing bike” with his face in a fighter pilot mask. The bike works by creating electricity from the pedaling motion, powering a wind generator. Air gets pulled into the bike through an Ikea trashcan, and the dust particles get positively charged and stick to a metal trumpet. The cleaned air gets propelled through a tube to the gas mask, fit for breathing.

Here is a video:

Winter Alleycat Round Up 2013

Here is a quick round up of some winter alleycat races.

Miss Thang may not have been able to perform during the cold weather of President Obama’s inauguration,

but that didn’t stop a bunch of D.C. couriers and other bike maniacs.

That same weekend of 1/20/13 was host to an inauguration alleycat:

Wait, these guys are wearing shorts. Maybe it wasn’t that cold…well…Beyonce.

Check out more images from the alley cat photo master Kevin Dillard at

Here is a report back from

Beyonce did get her act together at that football thing last Sunday but the real sporting event was held in Minneapolis for the 16th annual Stupor Bowl, the longest running alleycat in North America, in the freezing cold ice and snow.


Turns out our own Austin Horse (stunt rider for Premium Rush and NYC bike superstar) won the race.


Austin Horse w/ the Champ Bag, and winning bike.

Here is a bit more from Minneapolis bike blog:

Congratulations to our homey Austin for winning Stupor Bowl speed race for a second time this weekend. Not only that, but he also took home top honors at Friday night’s alleycat.

Congrats as well, to Brandon, Erin, Erica, Benjammin, Beth, and all the other podium finishers. The word brutal gets thrown around a lot, but Saturday’s fifty miler in zero degree weather was truly that. Props to all who completed.

And speaking of winter, here is a video by Derek Pedros of the Santa Alleycat. But judging by the clothing of the riders, I’d say the Santa doesn’t stand for that jolly fat guy. At least it’s nice to see a warm climate.

santa alleycat from Derek Pedrós on Vimeo.

Video Fridays–New in 2013

Here are some videos to warm you up in the cold frigid weather.

St Louis Lock-In Pinata Video
Seen on: Urban Velo
The St Louis Bike Polo Lock-In was this past weekend, featuring another level of 24 hour indoor polo party mayhem. This was my third trip to this one of a kind event, and it gets better every time even if this year the sleep deprivation got the best of me and I found myself curled up in the back of a rental Kia at 4 am. This is video of the 4th annual pinata smashing that happens around 1 am, giving but a taste of the party. Until next year kids.

InRoads Trailer
Seen on: Urban Velo
InRoads is a short documentary about the handmade bike culture in the Denver/Boulder area. The full film will premiere on February 23rd in Denver. Visit their site for more updates.

InRoads (Trailer) from Tyler H. Boyd on Vimeo.

State Bicycle Co. Team Issue Helmet by Lazer
Seen on: Urban Velo
Now that’s a good lookin’ helmet. Manufactured by Lazer, the State Bicycle Co. team issue helmet weighs in at 290 grams with 16 vents and they still manage to slap a good lookin’ logo on that thing. I’ve worn a Lazer helmet before and am glad to say it fit my weirdly small adult head just fine, while working for normal sized heads all the same.

You can buy the helmet for $69.99 on the State site.

Are YOU Cyclist?
Seen on: Urban Velo
Here’s an amusing video made by the shop Bike n Hike out of Portland. I get the feeling they’re going the Portlandia route on this one (a stereotype feedback loop?), but hey, it’s more amusing than the bike shop commercials in my neck of the woods.

BMX MONDAY-20Twenty Matt Roe Malaga Edit by Richard Forne
Seen on: Bike Jerks

Crashes 2012
Seen on:

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Lance lies, when he cries and Jimmy Fallon goes country with it.

Poor Lance. Now it looks like some unreleased footage from the Oprah Winfrey interview may reveal Lance wasn’t telling the truth…gasp.

But seriously, is Lance really as bad as Joe’s lies?

After all she wrote 65 songs…all about pain.

Kind of like the pain Lance created by slandering his former massage therapist Emma O’Reilly.

Recently Jimmy Fallon had some fun with all this by writing his own Lance song based on the O’Reilly situation: “You’re a Crazy Bitch, but you ain’t fat.”

OH(prah) Lance–and what about the Ladies in pro cycling?

Just to follow through on a story I’m sure we are quite glad is over, Lance Armstrong.

Lance went on Oprah last week in an attempt to play ball with the United States Anti-Doping Agency and lift his life time ban on competing in endurance sports. Instead he did a lousy job of 1) telling the truth and 2) being even remotely apologetic to the numerous people he discredited in his attempts to hid his decade of lying about using performance enhancing drugs.

David Zirin, sports editor of the Nation and author of his upcoming book: Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down, appeared last week on Democracy Now to talk about the Lance interview. It was very telling how David pointed out how Lance had a golden opportunity to point out the larger world of corruption of the pro cycling world and to find out how to protect cyclists from a very dangerous physically taxing sport instead of finding better ways to get away with doping.

Read more of David’s work on his column:

Meanwhile, with all this attention on the men of cycling, very little attention has ever been focused on the woman of the sport. In fact they cycling authorities have canceled the woman’s race of the legendary Tour de France. While most people aren’t even aware their was a woman’s race, one of its biggest champions of the sport Nicole Cooke, retired last week. She did not go out quietly though, she used this opportunity to make a scathing speech highlighting the inequality in the sport and why Lance Armstrong should go to jail.

Here is an article from the Guardian:

Cyclist Nicole Cooke: ‘I had to say exactly how it is’
Cycling champion Nicole Cooke’s retirement speech was a fearless attack on inequality in her sport. She tells why she had to speak out – and why Lance Armstrong should go to jail
By: Simon Hattenstone
January 16th, 2013

It says so much about the sport of cycling. The very week that disgraced Lance Armstrong finds redemption in the form of Oprah and a global television audience, the greatest female cyclist of her generation, Nicole Cooke, says farewell to an honest and inspirational career, and the world barely blinks. Nicole who?

But Cooke was determined not to go quietly. She has always said it as she has seen it, and never more so than in her retirement speech, in which she pulled what was left of the rug out from under her beloved sport. Slowly and methodically, she exposed every aspect of corruption in professional cycling, from doping to gross gender inequality. It took 20 minutes to deliver, and was greeted by journalists with stunned silence, then sustained applause.

Cooke, 29, has won everything there is to win in her career – the women’s Tour de France twice, the Italian equivalent, the world championship, Olympic gold. She was the first woman to dominate both long-distance tours and day races. While Armstrong is still worth an estimated $100m, Cooke leaves with little more than her pride and a pile of prestigious jerseys. In the months leading up to last year’s Olympics she wasn’t even paid her wage by her cycling team.

Read more here.

Nicole’s retirement speech in full can be found: here.

WeiWei don’t tell me–massive bicycle art project

(photo by: Clifford

What do you get when you cross rebellious Chinese artist Ai WeiWei with the most popular mode of transportation in his native country?

An art installation made of over 760 bicycles…so radical.

The project is being shown in San Gimignano, Italy at the Galleria Continua.

Images from the exhibit entitled: “Stacked.”

According to

The bicycle is the principle means of transport in the country. It is an iconic machine that is necessary to move workers across the cities and towns. The most famous brand is Yong Jiu Pai, “Forever.” It is used by millions of Chinese daily. The bicycle consists of chains and sprockets and is mass produced. So the installation “depicts the matrix of the labor force–the people,” according to Galleria Continua, which is hosting the exhibit.

Read more: here.