18th annual Halloween Alleycat race

Wednesday, October 31st
Felipe “the King” is throwing this NYC classic.

Starts at the NYC Chrome store-238 Mulberry Street-Manhattan.

20121011-140103.jpgflyer art by: Greg Ugalde

Search and Destroy-Scavenger Hunt 10/13/12

Saturday, October 13th
Search & Destroy a crime scene scavenger hunt.

Read more at the facebook event page.

Red Hook Crit-Milano 2012

David August Trimble is taking his now famous bike race to Italy, again.

Red Hook Crit-Milano


More about the event:
The Italian version of the world’s premiere track bike criterium returns once again to the streets of Milano. The race will consist of 100 elite road cyclists, track racers, bike messengers, and urban athletes competing over 22 laps. The technical nature of competing on a track bike requires competitors to possess both street tuned handling skills and a high level of strength and fitness. Riders are confirmed from 14 countries promising a thrilling show for the thousands of spectators expected to line the circuit.

In coordination with Sunday October 14th’s designation as a “car free day” the city of Milano has awarded permits and cooperation to realize the dream of organizing this race in the city proper. This race will be an important demonstration on what is possible in urban areas around the world.



Zipments NYC-new startup, new twist on bike courier biz.

Here is an article about Garrick Pohl, who during an age of the dying bike courier business used social networking to connect clients and deliveries with the startup, zipments.

Startup Courier Company Connects Small Businesses Amid NYC Tech Boom
Published: October 8, 2012
20121011-113255.jpg Garrick Pohl of Zipments

MIDTOWN — When Michigan native Garrick Pohl decided to create a new way for couriers and their clients to connect online, the city of New York — with its massive bike courier network — made perfect sense for the launch.

Zipments, his online, same-day delivery service with on-demand couriers at the ready, was a perfect fit for NYC’s endless demand for delivery jobs, prompting him to move it from Grand Rapids, MI to NYC earlier this year.

Read more: here.

Goodbye Cash Cab, It’s time to Roll Play, on bike

You’ve probably heard of Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab:

Where New Yorkers are randomly picked up by a cab wired for television and given the chance to win cash prizes for answering trivia questions?

Well now Rich Collier is riding around with NYC’s first roving game show on bicycle.

No Open OC
from Rich
on Vimeo.

New Roll Play pieces premiere Fridays at 8:30pm on
NYC life, Channel 25 on broadcast and most cable systems and Channel
22 on Cablevision.

Tacks and Tickets, another ride in NYC

It’s hard enough taking the challenge of cycle commuting here in “The Big City.”

Somedays we have to deal with angry people who place tacks on our pathways.

Take for instance, last week when owner of Samurai Messenger Company and 13 year veteran messenger, Joshua Weitzner makes this chilling find on the 59th St. bridge.

Some “jerkhole” thought it would be a good idea to send a message of their hatred for bikers by putting metal tacks on the steep down ramp of the bridge path, right before a hairpin turn.

Read more at: Gothamist

Yes, just another day in paradise.

Now the NYPD claim to be ramping down their “Operation Safe Cycle” harassment campaign.

I haven’t been paying as much attention this year but Transportation Nation Alex Goldmark has an interesting article on recent activity.

NYPD Focus Shifts on Bike Ticketing

By: Alex Goldmark
Published: October 7th, 2012

If the flared tensions around cycling in New York City ease a bit this year, it might have to do with a more targeted approach to policing bike riders, according to NYPD data provided to Transportation Nation.

Tickets to cyclists this year are on pace with 2011, but New York Police Department Deputy Chief Brian McCarthy tells TN that delivery cyclists are getting more police attention than last year, as are locations where bike-related accidents occur. Data show fewer red light tickets have been issued than during the same period last year, while riding on the sidewalk remains the top offense.

Anecdotal reports from cyclists point to a greater understanding of bike traffic laws by riders and police alike. Last year much ruckus was caused when police held a ticket trap for cyclists not riding in the bike lane, which is legal on most streets. Though similar speed-trap like efforts aimed at cyclists continue, more cyclists have told TN they got off with warnings and were handed educational pamphlets in place of tickets than in the past. It’s not a vast shift in policy, but it’s a slightly kinder and gentler Operation Safe Cycle, or as Chief McCarthy called it, “more focused.”

Read more: here.

Meanwhile, take a look at this…
Gothamist reports a cyclist recently got $1,555.00 in fines from one routine stop.

Way to go NYPD, another message well served.

Read more, here.

Just in time for Halloween-poster by Phil Jones

Saw this on:

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WeBike-Female Based Cycling Club

Here is a nice article about WeBike a female based cycling organization in NYC.

(They are having a party Oct. 10th)


Article from DNAinfo:

Female Riders Flock To New Gender-Based Bike Club
Published: October 5th, 2012

For years, Liz Jose considered creating a cycling group for teenage girls. But when the 28-year-old bike mechanic started seeking women volunteers to help lead the program, the adult riders convinced her otherwise — they wanted a bike group of their own.

“All the women I was talking to asked if they could take the program,” said Jose, a Williamsburg resident who works at Bike Works on the Lower East Side. “So I sent an email out to 40 women to go on a group ride, and it started getting circulated. Suddenly, I had 100 responses.”

Read more: here.

Events in LA

Always gotta give some love to the West Coast.




Taken from: takeoverLA

The Harbor Ring

I first meet Meredith Sladek on Staten Island, when researching for our travel book Bike NYC

She was an outstanding resource of the area along with her boyfriend Peter Lang and some other friends who gave me a thorough bike tour of this rather uncycled borough.

Now she is working with a special comittee of Transportation Alternatives to develop a 50 mile bike and pedestrian loop around the New York Harbor, uniting Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and New Jersey (Bayonne, Jersey City)

Presenting: The Harbor Ring


More from Meredith:
The Harbor Ring provides stunning views of the metro area skyline, Statue of Liberty, the Verrazano Bridge, and Ellis Island, while reconnecting residents and visitors to New York and New Jersey’s spectacular waterfront, offering access to enjoy some of the region’s most historic landmarks and destinations. Spreading the word about the Harbor Ring project will build support towards our ultimate goal: bicycle and pedestrian access over the Verrazano Bridge, the “missing link” to the Harbor Ring.
This Tuesday, we officially launched our campaign and also kicked off our fundraising efforts to produce a print fold-out map of the entire route, which we will distribute gratis at businesses, bike shops, and at events along the Harbor Ring, so anyone can easily get a copy and locals and visitors alike can make the most of their trip around the New York Bay and experience the charm of the local sights and tastes. Donations are 100% tax-deductible–$25 or above gets you a copy of our new map, and $50 or above gets you a map and a T.A. membership. We also have opportunities for businesses to buy ad space on the map.