Brooklyn “Bike Rave” – Saturday Night 5/14/2016

From 7 PM to 10 PM on Saturday May 14th, 2016 the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative is hosting a fundraising “Bike Rave” described as “a glowtastic night ride along the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway” supporting the 14-Mile route that will connect neighborhood parks and open spaces from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. What a good cause?

Also during the ride, “a curated radio show by Newtown Radio will be streamed with a click of a button and played on portable speakers that you bring.” Cool or what?

The 8 mile route: “Starting in Greenpoint, the group will ride through Williamsburg, travel inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard, through DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park and loop back to finish under the iconic Archway under the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO”, where there will be “food, water and music and riders will compete for prizes for best decorated bicycles.” according to DNAinfo.

This international event, which can draw thousands, looks like it has great potential for a memorable night outdoors with fellow cyclists, based on videos from Vancouver, Canada,

Melbourne, Australia,

and Auckland, New Zealand.

Reminiscent of our own Bike Summer in 2003.

You can order tickets here, or if you are the volunteering type for free, here.

Happy Free 2016 Bike Map New Year!!!

Via, reportedly the free 2016 New York City Bike Map which you can either download as a pdf now, get a paper one mailed to you by calling 311, or stop by your favorite NYC bike shop to pick up a paper copy, will be available in print shortly.


Image Credit: NYC DOT

According to the DOT 365,000 copies will be printed this year.

While according to the Gothamist, and DNAinfo, there are some errors on them that will hopefully get fixed before all those maps are printed!

At least that’s some good cycling news, as NYC Critical Mass nearly reaches extinction, meetup #BikeNYC did reach extinction, and we just learned, there will be no Ghost Bike Memorial Ride this year not because we reached Vision Zero in 2015.

New Tappan Zee Bridge bike/ped path set to open in 2018, but…


Screenshot from “New NY Bridge – Conceptual Rendering” youtube video 2:28.

Good news, yes, the 12 foot wide Shared Use Path (SUP), is scheduled to open in 2018, but it appears for years, many South Nyack residents are concerned about, having their city made more bike friendly (otherwise known as NIMBYism).

One would think the 3,500 residents would be more concerned about the expansion of the bridge to 4 lanes in either direction, currently daily, bringing an average of 140,000 motorists (with a high of 170,000) and its increased pollution, and potential accidents due to increased speeding? A uniform 100 to 120 motor vehicles per minute.

Instead “Their fear is the 3-mile path may become a tourist attraction. By the state Thruway Authority’s own estimates, 473 visitors could visit it per hour during peak times.” At maximum, 8 people per minute, not the average, or median number.

So instead of having the bike path ending calmly, in the town itself, the residents strongly advocated to dump cyclists in a yet to be built 56 space parking lot at Exit 10, a nearby busy exit off the Tappan Zee Bridge, and the Raymond G. Esposito Trail, the so called “Concept F”, due to concerns about additional local traffic.

In the long run, the residents could regret this, as the bike ride to the Tarrytown Metro North Station, is much flatter, than biking to the Nanuet Metro North Station, any time they want to invade the City by public transportation (Metro North offers a $5.00 lifetime permit to bring bicycles on their trains), or bike across the bridge for any other purposes.

To avoid this mistake, an additional access point is needed at the River Road/Piermont Avenue/Bike Route 9 crossing, and since the 56 new parking spots at Exit 10 are written in stone, this should not cause any additional motorized traffic for local residents by tourists.

Finally, a source tells me, even 24/7 access to the SUP is in question, if you can believe that?

Public comment on the proposals is open until 4/1/2016, no joking, so don’t be a fool, send an e-mail to about these and other issues concerning this vital bike path.

The Shared Use Path (SUP) appears between 2:23 to 2:45 in the video

Artist Creates Large Scale Doodles By Bike

Daily cyclist and artist, Canadian Stephen Lund likes to create large scale GPS doodles as he is rides his bike.

As reported on Bored Panda, and other news outlets, Stephen “began his unusual craft in 2015 to unwind and be creative; since then, he’s logged 22,300km, and his longest piece has been a 220km mermaid.”

Check the above links for more fantastic images. Can you think of any images you’d like to see created on NYC streets?


Donate in Menory of killed Staten Island Cyclist

As reported by the Gothamist, and other news outlets, just before 5:40 PM on Tuesday 2/16/2016, 59 year old avid cyclist, Stanley “Lee” Marshall, was struck and killed as he was biking on Richmond Road (at the intersection of Andrews Avenue), in Staten Island.


The family is seeking contributions to cover funeral and medical expenses for him on a Go Fund Me page devoted to Lee’s memory.

According to the family: “Lee Marshall was a friendly and selfless man who would give you his last dollar and the shirt off of his back. He had no material wealth but behaved as though he had through the generosity of his character,” the page reads. “He was always ready and willing to help whenever he was asked, and lived a very simple and solitary life.”

Cargo bike movers, the next big thing?

On Valentine’s Day, the New York Times featured a piece on using cargo bikes to move someone’s belongings from one Manhattan apartment to another, instead of trucks, or other motorized vehicles.


Photo Credit: Karsten Moran for the New York Times (many more photos of the January move are included in the article).

Thinking about a cargo bike move for yourself? You might contact this elusive NYC group through their facebook page.

718 Cyclery-Salsa Demo-Saturday 2/6/16

718 Cyclery hasn’t just been sitting around in the Snowpocalypse. They’ve already hosted a Fat Tire bike race. Held in the trails of Queen’s Cunningham Park on 1/30/16 (pushed a week due to record snow storm) they put on a fun, challenging event and an opportunity for riders to test out those crazy looking fat tire bicycles. Read more about it in their blog.

Now their hosting another event this Saturday (2/6/16)

Sasla Demo Ride, 9:30am in Queens, Cunningham Park.
Sign up on their site:

Stay in touch with all this amazing bike shop has to offer by signing up for their newsletter.

I’ve also started up my yearly events calendar: here. Let me know if you have events to post.

R.I.P. Lemmy – Still Feeling Mean

Catching up on old news, sadly bassist Lemmy, a bona fide rebel, rock God, and founder of Motorhead, died of brain cancer on 12/28/2015.

His first claim to fame, came in 1972 as the lead vocalist on the single ‘Silver Machine‘ a song about a silver bicycle, a number 3 UK hit, with his previous band Hawkwind.

Written during the space age and the 1970’s ‘Bike Boom‘ the song is described partly by its lyricist Robert Calvert in Wikipedia as thus:

“‘Silver Machine’ was just to say, I’ve got a silver bicycle, and nobody got it. I didn’t think they would. I thought that what they would think we were singing about some sort of cosmic space travel machine. I did actually have a silver racing bike when I was a boy. I’ve got one now, in fact.”

You’ll be missed Lemmy!

I just took a ride in a Silver Machine
And I’m still feeling mean
Do you want to ride
See yourself going by
Other side of the sky
Well I got a silver machine

City’s Message To Cyclists-Winter Is A Time To Leave Your Bike At Home. What Are Your Thoughts?

This blogger has had a bit of a hibernation since July-2015. I just needed a good Snowpocalypse to come out of my AirBnB ice cave.

Here is a posting from a ‘mystery’ guest who wanted to share his experience with cycling in the snow and the issues of the lack of priority of bike lanes when it comes to snow removal.

On Saturday 1/23/2016 a near record blizzard dumped anywhere from 26 to 30 inches of snow on NYC.

While NYC emergency services were still busy clearing the streets of snow, one intrepid cyclist, wondered Sunday afternoon if the Manhattan Bridge bike path would be cleared enough to get to work, the next morning.

Here is a video of his long journey from Brooklyn to Manhattan (warning PG-13).

Post Blizzard Manhattan Bridge Bike Lane – Exposed – 1/24/2016 – 3:10 PM

One can see, a serious job was not made by the City to maintain this vital route, putting an undo burden on the cyclist for his/her own safety.

If it were not for some above freezing weather temperatures the last few days, #bikeNYC would be in a much worse place.

So it seems you will either have to wait for the City to get around to it, or you can file a complaint here. and hope for the best.

Across the City, as late as Wednesday 1/27/2016 (and continuing) many other bike routes were still unplowed generating a series of articles in the press including the Gothamist: ‘Hope You’re Not Planning On Biking Anywhere Today’

In the future it has been suggested to use the hashtag #plowbikelanes to crowd source areas in need.

What was your biking experience during the blizzard? Did you start biking again? When? Leave your comments below.

Cell Phone Snatching Cyclist, Caught On Cam

Just got this in from a bikeblognyc fan Brian Cohen ( who was sent this dashboard cam from a friend.

A bike rider steals a phone from a pedestrian crossing the street.

The incident occurred at:

7/8/2015 at about 5:30 PM on Avenue A and 7th Street in the East Village.

Here is the video: 

Watch at about 24 seconds in.

Here are a couple of stills to help with recognition:

Maybe we can use social networking to help catch this guy, the way we stop bike theives and recover bicycles.

Spread the word: #bikenyc