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Title: New Hall1 Short
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Title: Hero3 Test-around JH
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HERO3 Test- around JH from Andrew Whiteford on Vimeo.

Title:Alleycat Racing & Lucas Brunelle on CBS Inside Edition
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Title: Tour of Johor-Day 3
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Title: Flux backpack by Torch
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Title: USAC Elite Track National Championships
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From Prolly:Track racing videos are always a thrill to watch:
“Just a few fun shots from the 2012 Track National Championships in Carson, CA. Includes Friday night racing of Team Pursuit, Women Kierin, Men Sprint, and PARA Men and Women Individual Pursuit.
Posted near Halloween, so obvious use of Misfits song.”

Title: #FF Power Hour 10
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Mayor Bloomberg declares bikes are more important than cars

This just in…Mayor Bloomberg is also a radical zealot like our D.O.T. Commissioner JSK. At a recent meeting of transportation
authorities he declared bikes are more important then cars.

More from Gothamist:
Cyclists Are More Important Than Cars, Bloomberg Declares

By: John Del Signore
October 26th, 2012

Today Mayor Bloomberg made an appearance at a major gathering of transportation agencies from across the nation and, with NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan at his side, said out loud what the tabloids have always suspected he feels on the inside: People in cars are third class citizens. Originally, “the streets were there to transport people,” Bloomberg said. “They are not for cars… One of the original ways was walking.” And he didn’t stop there.

“Cyclists and pedestrians and bus riders are as important, if not, I would argue more important, than automobile riders,” Bloomberg declared calling for more investment in mass transit and more of the “complete streets” designs that his DOT has been shoving down the NY Post’s throat for years now.

Bike Kill 9-tomorrow

Forget about the wrath of a mere hurricane…the real destruction takes place tomorrow at Black Label Bicycle Club’s annual Bike Kill!!


Email me for details.

Cinelli, Rizzoli and Richard Sachs. Design program…10/27/12

I’m a little late on this but there is a Design Book Fair this weekend at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T) One program in particular seems very exiting to the world of cycling with a panel discussion on leading innovators into the design of bicycles.

“Bikes and Books” a celebration of Bike Design is Saturday, October 28th from 3pm-5pm.

Here is more from the editor and chief of Designers & Books, Steve Kroeter.

“One of the programs we are most excited about highlights bicycles as design objects and the books that inspire bicycle people. Here are the members of that panel:

Moderator: Dan Rubinstein: editor in chief, Surface Magazine
Richard Sachs: builder/designer Richard Sachs Cycles
Mike Spriggs: owner Gage+DeSoto
Lodovico Pignatti Morano: writer and consultant
Antonio Colombo: president and owner of Cinelli

We think the fair is going to be a wonderful weekend-long celebration of books and design for the New York design community and all New Yorkers generally.”

Bikeblognyc readers can get a special discount on tickets.

Bikes and Books: A Celebration of Bicycle Design
Sat., Oct. 27: 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Special “friends” price: $15 (regular price $25)

Go: here.

Enter code:

More info about the design fair:

The first Designers & Books Fair is set is set to launch on the last weekend of October in New York City—Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28. The Fair exhibition hall will include approximately 35 U.S. and European design book publishers and booksellers displaying and selling the newest titles for the Fall and upcoming holiday season as well as important backlist titles. Special Fair discounts (up to 30%) will be available on many books. There will also be rare and out-of-print book dealers; demonstrations of book arts, including calligraphy, letterpress printing, and bookbinding; and book signings. A special feature of the Fair will be programming in two auditoriums adjacent to the exhibition hall that will include presentations, interviews, and panel discussions—all with leading members of the international design community.

Tour art by Chungkong

Right after the announcement of the course for the 100th Tour de France, here is some minimalist artwork…


Check out these gorgeous minimal artworks by the Netherlands based designer Chungkong. Away from his day job designing brand identities and advertising for his clients Chungkong spends time creating his own artwork, his posters are really eye catching. Chungkong strips the subjects down to their bare bones and brings them to life in vibrant and playful designs, covering a variety of subjects from cult movies, books and sports.

Get prints: here.

Cranksgiving, November 17th

It’s not to early to start thinking about NYC’s most amazing charity race:

Find out more:

There are 18 Cranksgivings happening this year. More of them will pop up in the next month or so, but here’s the list so far:

Oct 6:

Nov 3:

Nov 4:

Nov 10:

Nov 17:

Nov 18:

100th Tour De France announces it’s route for 2013 race.

Ok, maybe you’re completely turned off to international pro cycling since Lance has been found out to be a big fat cheater…but for those still interested…

Here is an article from Bicycling Magazine about next year’s 100th Tour de France and their announcement of the race route.

Cycling Looks to the Future After Armstrong Affair
PARIS, Oct 24, 2012 (AFP)

Cycling on Wednesday sought to move on from the Lance Armstrong doping scandal as leading riders urged fans not to give up on the sport and Tour de France organizers unveiled the race route for its historic 100th edition.

Two days after world cycling authorities wiped clean Armstrong’s results back to August 1998, including his record seven Tour wins from 1999 to 2005, details of a grueling 3,360km course were announced of the race that the disgraced US rider dominated.

Next year’s Tour, which starts for the first time on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, includes a twin climb of the monster Alpe d’Huez and an unprecedented sunset finish on the sweeping Champs Elysees boulevard in Paris.

Read more: here.

Philly Bike Expo-October 27th & 28th

Back again, Philadelphia’s largest bicycle expo yet…

Location: 23rd Street Armory, 22 South 23rd St. Philadelphia, PA 19103.
Go here for location on a cool google map.

NYC’s own BikeSnob will be eloquently enlightening about bicycle culture at a seminar, Saturday October 27th from 11:00am-11:45am in Griffin Hall.

Goodbye to a kind soul. Cyclist Danny Lieberman

Danny Lieberman with Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan at this year’s Five Boro Bike Tour.

I meet Danny a dozen times on rides, street memorials and throughout the bicycle scene. He was a warm kind-hearted soul and I was saddened to find out he recently passed away from leukemia. Here is a beautiful remembrance by Charlie Komanoff, posted on

Remembering Danny Lieberman, a Gentle Force for Better New York Cycling
by Charles Komanoff
October 22nd, 2012

Before Streetsblog, there was “ebikes.” Since the early 1990s, this listserv has been a digital village square for New York-area bicycle riders — the place where cyclists share info on routes, gear, events and politics — and an incubator for change as well.

Danny Lieberman, the listserv’s beloved founder, moderator and guiding spirit, and a mainstay of the 5 Borough Bike Club, died last Friday. He was 52. Danny was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago and hung in as long as he could. Two fellow 5BBC’ers, Ed Pino and Liz Baum, helped care for Danny in his last weeks, and many of us got to see him before the end.

Read more: here.

Lance speaks out

Photo by Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Here is a hilarious mock retort supposedly from Lance Armstrong on the day he is official stripped of his seven tour titles. If only this were truly from Lance.

A Message from Lance
October 18, 2012
Posted by John Bailey Owen

“Last August, I took advantage of an offer from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to be automatically stripped of my Tour de France titles by refusing to defend myself against doping charges. Disappointed as I was to see the government’s anti-success bureaucrats tearing apart the Constitution at great cost to the taxpayer, I was relieved to have finally freed myself from the demonization that my astounding triumphs inflicted on me.

But with the release of the USADA’s new report, which alleges that I was a “doping kingpin” throughout my career, I see how foolish I was. The agency’s offer was nothing but a honeypot, cynically designed to make the idea that I doped seem almost potentially plausible.

This new two-hundred-and-two-page document is filled with lies, each more ludicrous than the last. Lies about me forcing teammates to dope, lies that I threatened witnesses and their families, even lies suggesting that I thought the International Cycling Union was “somewhat at fault for the extent of my cancer,” so, “if I ever have a doping problem, I have this card to play.” With whoppers these large, one can imagine the USADA letting loose even more outrageous ones in the future. Maybe some stuff about chimp hormones, or chimp pituitary glands. A secret, poorly run chimp farm on my villa in Nice, and the like. Loose chimps sent to terrorize enemies. But again, I just said those would be lies. So let’s agree, right now, to not pay attention to those. Deal? Deal.”

Read more: here.