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Diamond Derby, September 29th, 2012


Cyclists confronts thief, gets it all on video.

Have you ever wanted to meet a bike thief? Confront them? See what kind of lowlife human being would steal our livelihoods, our modes of transportation, our friends we call our bicycles?

Well thanks to one tenacious Portland resident who got some friends together and documented the whole thing, now you can get a front row view.

Jake Gillum was the victim who’s pride and joy bicycle was stolen from his hometown of Portland. He found his bike posted on an ad in Craigslist in Seattle and went there, posing as a potential buyer. This is some great insight into what to do if you find yourself in a similar circumstance. Here is his story:

My bike was stolen in Portland. I found it on craigslist in seattle. My friends and I did a home-made sting operation. We got my bike back. And the thief got a felony arrest. It was peaceful, and no laws were broken. We got it all on video.

Here’s that video I made that basically says everything:

Check out my recent submissions on:

The thief’s name is Craig Eric Ackerman. He was booked in Seattle on 8/11/12… in case you want to look him up.

I have proof of everything. Police reports, documentation on my bike, his craigslist posts, lots of video not shown on youtube, email transactions.

I’m trying to get the word out to thieves that there are people like me that will track them down. I want to help empower victims of theft to actually stand up for themselves.

-Jake Gillum (It was my bike)

Unicycle on the sidewalk summons cleared. Whew.

A man riding his unicycle on the sidewalk in Canarsie must have been a huge torn in the side of the NYPD. 18 year old Isaih Rosemond was using non-polluting transportation to get to his high school, but was thwarted for his efforts by the cops who yelled: “Hey, Don’t you know it’s illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk?”

Fortunately, a sensible judge who knows how to count things like wheels, threw out the case and said a unicycle wasn’t an illegal thing to operate on the sidewalk.

From the NY Post:
Unicycling teen gets sidewalk summons tossed

By: Antonio Antenucci
Published: August 11th, 2012

He one!
A unicyclist who took on the NYPD was victorious yesterday when a Manhattan judge tossed his ticket for riding a “bicycle” on the sidewalk.
“Unicycling is not a crime!” Isaih Rosemond, 18, crowed after Judge John Delury tossed the ticket the Brooklyn teen said he never should gotten in the first place, because it’s not against the law to ride one-wheelers on the sidewalk.

Read more: here.

Words matter. Aaron Naparstek says No Accident.

Aaron Naparstek is a writer, scholar and cycling advocate. He is the founder and editor of the alternative transportation watchdog and news blog: Streetsblog.

He has just published a piece on use of language when involved with motor vehicle crashes, specifically those involved with cyclists and pedestrians. Words matter and have a powerful effect on changing policy and addressing street violence caused by cars and trucks.

No Accident. It’s Time to Change the Way We Talk About Motor Vehicle Violence

A few years ago, the New York Times published a five-sentence brief about a man who “intentionally ran over five people” with an SUV after a fight in North Bellmore, Long Island. The driver, the Times reported, “fled the scene of the accident.” The police later located the vehicle that “they believed was involved in the accident.” One of the victims was in critical condition.

Ho hum. News briefs about the previous day’s car crashes are as routine as box scores and the weather forecast. Yet, in this case, the Times’ (and, presumably, the Nassau County cops’) choice of one particular word stood out: If a man intentionally ran over five people, how could that possibly be considered an accident? If, instead of car keys, the man had picked up a gun and shot five people, would the press and police have called that an “accident” too? No. They’d have called it “attempted homicide.” Yet, for some reason when the weapon is a car, when the violence on our streets is done with a motor vehicle, it’s always just an “accident.”

Read more: here.

Video from Ride for the American Dream

A short video from Fridays Ride for the American Dream.

Throw Down in da Boogie Down

Coming soon to get your Bronx on. From NYC Messkings


J. David Goodman on Transportation Alternatives past and future.

An in depth article on Transportation Alternatives, their history and moving forward in a time of new bike growth and possible delays.

For Bike Advocates Delayed Gratification

By: J. David Goodman
Published: August 10, 2012
20120813-164942.jpgADVOCACY Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives. Photo by: Chester Higgins Jr.

It was supposed to be the summer of bike share.

And for Transportation Alternatives, the bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group, it was supposed to be a time to celebrate. A fund-raising party in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn — complete with a choreographed “Bike Ballet” — was set for Aug. 23, a date chosen early this summer and meant to occur long after the bikes had rolled out.

The party will go on. But, with Labor Day looming, the city’s bike-share program, to be the largest in the country and once promised for July, has not yet hit the streets.

Read the entire article: here.

Summer Streets portraits with Dimitry Gudkov

Summer Streets will have it’s final run this Saturday (8/18/12) Meanwhile photographer Dimitry Gudkov is busy sifting through tons of portraits he took of bikers in attendance at the last two summer streets.




See them at:

New meaning to HOT water bottle

Great water bottles by: Gage & Desoto.


Their sold out (for good reason) but their site says more coming in September, so be on the look out.

From Gage & Desoto:

Given that our last water bottle was so cool, we thought we’d heat things up a bit with everyone’s go-to hot sauce. Sriracha—the pepper sauce found in our favorite Asian restaurants—was our latest muse.

From the white lettering, to the iconic green cap, to the Chinese characters (don’t hold us to the translations), it’s our alternate ode to summer.

Red 22oz BPA-free, Specialized Purist bottle with a green MoFlow cap.

~RESTOCK early September~

Video Mondays.

Ok, I missed Friday…

Title: Jonathan Davis. Welcome to SE bikes
Seen on: Pedal Consumption

Here is Jonathan Davis’s welcome to Se bikes and Velo City Bags edit. Jonathan Davis rode one SE Showtime frame in this edit and is still running it. Filming was cut short due to Jonathan’s recent wrist injury but was still able to bang this out. Enjoy!
Keep up with Jonathan’s and Patrick’s shenanigan @jonnydirt and @patlikesbikes on Instagram!!!
Filmed and Edited by: Patrick Taber
Song: Naked Girls Falling Down the Stairs
By: The Cramps

Jonathan Davis Welcome To SE from patrick taber on Vimeo.

Dosnoventa Runs NYC 2012 (teaser)
Seen on: Pedal Consumption
Check out this clean preview of Dosnoventa Bike’s trip to New York and the Red Hook Criterium.

Title: A Look into Moulton Bicycle Company
Seen on: Urban Velo
Moulton Bicycle Company is known for their different take on bicycle construction, utilizing small wheels and truss construction. A now classic English design, the video has an interesting short interview with the man himself, Alex Moulton. “Go back to fundamentals and get your face out of the computer.”


Title: Chemical Brothers Velodrome
Seen on: Urban Velo
This is the video that is played in the venue before all the olympic track races. Inspired by Tron, the visuals are pretty sweet despite some 80′s heavy angular body types, and the track was created by the Chemical Brothers specifically for these events. LOCOG, the creators of the controversial controversial London 2012 logo, worked with animation team Crystal CG to put this video together. What do you think, does this video get you hyped? It got me thinking someone needs to go all Astro-bowl with a velodrome, throw up some black lights and stage a visually amazing indoor track race. Red Bull, you listening?

Chemical Brothers ‘Velodrome’ – London 2012 from Crystal CG on Vimeo.

Title: Fixed Gear Abbis Ababa
Seen on: Urban Velo
From Josh Estey: Welcome to the cradle of civilization, Ethiopia. This is the third installment in our three part Fixed Gear Africa series, and today Josh Estey is exploring Addis Ababa, the bustling capital city of the only African nation never to be colonized by Europeans, Ethiopia. So hop on your bicycle and join Josh as he meets our earliest ancestors and partakes in the world’s favorite drug.

Check out

Title: Fixation the Movie
Seen on: Urban Velo
Fixation is a just released documentary about fixed gear culture, and the various people that would rather not coast. Based on San Francisco, San Jose and LA, the film takes a look at Olympians and couriers, trick riders, street racers and shop owners to gain perspective on where fixed gear riding is today. The full length film is out now on DVD and Netflix streaming.

Seen on:

Title:Nick Koo
Seen on:
Sick one via Deal With it SF. Nick Koo is working backwards wheelies into some really rad lines. I am glad that another killer is out there in the bay area, this one is definitely worth a watch or two.

Seen on:
Here is a really dope edit from a relatively unknown rider. His lines are fast, clean and there aren’t many skip stops or pedal sets, which makes everything seem very fluid. Definitely one guy we’ll be watching from now on.

Title: Kissena Kit x Anti Anti
Kissena X Anti/Anti
Kissena 50th year anniversary kit designed by Anti/Anti
Directed by Bon Duke

Kissena X Anti/Anti from Bon Duke on Vimeo.