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The squid and the whale of a bike rack

Check out 25 awesome and unusual bike racks from
Like this one from Seattle, WA.

More new stuff…renewable, recycled and read all about it.

Nona Varnado ( has a nice piece about Bamboo bikes in Berlin…

You may have seen the Bamboo bike studios that have popped up in Brooklyn and San Francisco, or at any of the Bike expos around the country. They’re pretty, environmentally friendly and have a strong DIY component with the option of taking a class and building one yourself. Personally I was always a little worried that there might be a little too much DIY involved for something that needs to hold weight, at velocity over the average lifespan of a bicycle. Perhaps I’m too finicky. In any case, I was happy to get contacted by Stefan in Berlin who’s part of a trio of awesome guys (Ozon Cyclery) bringing Bamboo Bicycles to Berlin with some serious technical design, build and testing qualifications. Plus they’re really pretty. (the bikes, I mean…)

Find out more: here. (from the Birdwheel)
Kickstarter page: here.

Born in the junkyards of America, here are a new line of bags made entirely out of recycled materials from First World Trash.


It’s not a front basket, it’s a new compartmentalized handlebar mounted pouch for smart phone, ipod, water bottle…you name it.

Check out the Bike Pouch, kickstarter page.

Saw this on the fine folks at my favorite urban bicycle culture magazine, Urban Velo.

Check out a new site for handmade awesome products for you and your bike:

More about them:

At BikeCraft℠ we go out of our way to curate a selection of quality, unique, and hard-to-find handmade products that showcase new and innovative ideas and provide unique, functional solutions to everyday issues.

Buying handmade means that you’re getting a product that was manufactured with the upmost attention to detail and design, not mass-produced in large overseas factories. Your purchase of a handmade, domestic product helps to support small businesses in the United States and spur the development of new ideas and creations.

Where are the bikes in your neighborhood? Easy just use your smart phone.

Remember this little gem from back in the days of sideburns and polyester?

Looks like you can start substituting lyrics for: “where are the bikes in your neighborhood?”

Thanks to one tech savy upstart, looks like Citibank won’t be the only one offering high-tech bike sharing.

Introducing the zipcar of bicycles, Social Bicycles or SoBi now with a new website and kickstarter campaign.


A whole team of software engineers were recently on hand at the Tech Crunch conference to unveil their updated bikes which allow users to find bikes using smart phones and wireless communications. After locating an available bike, the rider is sent a pass code in order to unlock the system.

Here is more from Engadget magazine:
Social Bicycles announces availability by the end of the summer. We go hands on. (Video)
By: Brian Heater
Published: May 23rd 2012

When last saw the Social Bicycles (SoBi), there wasn’t a heck of a lot to report on. The whole thing was little more than a concept, a Kickstarter page and an early prototype. Flash forward just under a year later, and it’s beginning to look a lot like a real, consumer-facing product. The New York startup showed off its bike and a couple of apps today at TechCrunch Disrupt. The concept here is not too dissimilar from a Zipcar — you locate a bike using the Android or iOS app, find it on the street, enter your PIN, pull out the lock and you’re good to go.
If you’re feeling particularly enterprising, you can can pick up bikes to rent up for $1,300 a piece, if you order less than 50 or $1,100 per, if you go for more. The wireless data, meanwhile, runs $15 per bike, per month. The company has both consumer and business-facing apps. On the administrative side of things, you can track the bikes and set boundaries for return. Incentive programs are set up, giving customers credits, should they do something like get a bike from outside a designated hub and return it to one.

Find out more: here.

Skill Share-Organize (legal) Rides in NYC-tonight

Nona Varnado, cycling fashion designer and blogger at The Birdwheel is hosting a skill sharing tonight on how to organize a (legal) bike ride in NYC.


Where: Red Lantern Bicycles (Bicycle-Brew-Know How)
345 Myrtle Avenue, between Adelphi and Carlton. Brooklyn.

When: Wednesday, Bike Month-May 23rd, 2012

More about the event:

Just in time for Summer learn how to successfully organize large and small group fun rides. We’ll go over the best routes for safe and easy bike lane navigation, NYC legal requirements, local resources, how to avoid mechanical trouble, creative themes, safety tips, best promotional options for good attendance and more.

Red Lantern is Brooklyn’s original Bike Cafe, who will have coffee, tea, beer and goodies available during and after class for socializing with other future ride organizers!


One more from the bikejumble

I forgot to mention another cool booth set up at the bike jumble last weekend.

Brooklyn’s own is silk screening t-shirts based on vintage cycling posters from a by gone era. Pete, the designer, has put a few twists of his own using traditional printing like a Warhol soup can.

I’m partial to the Valkyrie looking: the Liberator! In men and woman styles.

After all, cycling is liberating.

Here’s a little more about their designer Pete:

I am a small, independent T-shirt company operating out of historic Red Hook, Brooklyn. Having built up my first label, Live Poultry Industrial Clothing, into a distinctive line of designs that celebrate the industrial landmarks and icons of Brooklyn and the five boroughs, I decided to create a second line of t-shirts at an affordable price that exemplifies the fun of cycling.
Hence, The Cyclery was born. Hope you like it!

Cool shirts Pete. I dig them.

Rumble in the Jumble

I briefly popped over to the 4th annual Bike Jumble this Saturday and was blown away with how big it’s gotten. Thanks to organizer Harry Schwartman, NYC’s premier swap meet for bicycles, parts and clothing has almost tripled in size with booths and sellers extending down the dead end street next to Park Slope’s old stone house, into a handball court. There is some vending here from established bike sellers and shops but the heart and soul of this event is individuals selling their stuff, vintage frames, shoes, cranks…we all know cyclists are akin to hoarding. This is really what makes the jumble so great, it’s kind of like live and direct craigslist.

Definitely a bright future for this event:

Great place for clothing…socks, hats and jerseys.


Your almost garunteed to find something you think you need and like this sign says:

It’s about making an offer. Sweet Rolf rims.

There are also pretty good collections of used and vintage bikes at affordable prices.


There is a good chance you’ll find some succulent vintage road frames along with their sellers who have great stories about each frame.



Black label was in the house rocking some great mutant creations, like a tandem tall-bike.

Some of their members are planning a cross country tall-bike journey back to the Mother Ship…Minneapolis.

Here’s DJ Dirty Fingers swapping parts and beats.


20120521-171342.jpg(taken from @NYCmesskings)

More cool frames:

Vespertine NYC was their with reflective fashions.

20120521-172620.jpg(picture from @cleverhoods)

Also the new bike shop in Bed-Stuy was there:
Bicycle Roots 1078 Fulton Street.



If you missed it, hoard your stuff. This is a great place to buy and sell.

Congrats to @RBDBGA winner

Congratulations to @Courier429 for winning the

20120521-141935.jpg (@RBDBGA) twitter
T-Shirt giveaway. David S. will be rockin this in his hometown of Cleveland, getting awesome.


Be on the lookout for more twitter giveaways…coming soon.

Biking culture, LA style.

For such a car obsessed place, the California mega city of Los Angeles has a thriving and active bike culture. Dozens of group rides can be found for all interest levels from Santa Monica to downtown. There is also a strong political force where the city council passed a law requiring motorists to give cyclists room three feet of space on the road. I’ve always kept a close eye on LA and watched its progression along with really great blogs like: BikinginLA, TakeoverLA, wolfpack hustle and of course, trackosaurusrex.

I mean look at their police force:
(cake anyone?)
20120521-131829.jpg(Rider spotlight of Officer Gordon Helper from the Wolfpack Hustle.)

I mean bike cops aren’t necessarily your friends but it gives them a better understanding vs our NYPD who show up at your bike accident, after being hit by a car and give the cyclists traffic violations, if they do any investigation at all.

Here is a recent article about LA’s bike scene from the NY Times, covering the politics and the fourth annual CicLAvia, which attracted over 100,000 riders.

Los Angeles Lives by Car, but Learns to Embrace Bikes.

photo by: Monica Almeida/The New York Times
Photo Caption: The fourth annual event, which closed 10 miles of Los Angeles streets to car traffic, drew nearly 100,000 bicyclists.

By: Adam Nagoyrney
Published: May 19th, 2012

LOS ANGELES — It was a warm April morning in downtown Los Angeles, and there was not a car on the road. For five hours, the streets were commandeered by nearly 100,000 people on bicycles — old and young, wearing spandex and silly hats, dogs and babies perched on handlebar baskets — in a celebration that produced a sight that once would have seemed inconceivable in this city of cars.

“Bike ridership is up dramatically in L.A.,” the mayor said.
It was the fourth time this city closed its streets for the event known as CicLAvia, and it was the largest one yet.

These days in Los Angeles, there are midnight bike rides, East Side bike rides, women’s bike rides and nude bike rides rolling out nearly every day. In the past 18 months, close to 40 miles of bike paths and lanes have been created across the city and the City Council passed a measure to prevent bicyclists from being harassed by motorists.

Read more here.

Villy Custom Crusiers 2012

Checkout Villy Custom Beach Cruisers. You can design your own color scheme. How Fashionable!

Here’s a little promo video:

Villy Custom beach cruisers are a fun new fashion trend and a great way to get around town or beach in style.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this with your friends :) and make sure to tune in to Shark Tank to view our segment on May 4th!

Shark Tank?!

Check out this story:

Bike to work day: Video Friday.

I’m in a construction lift, 80′ off the ground working on lighting for White Collar, here in lovely Yonkers…



So this gives me time to plunder a bunch of other bicycle blogs for another random edition of: Video Friday!

Title: Giro reverb session 1: Artist Chris McNally Rides San Francisco.
From: Urban Velo
Here’s a short video that tells the story behind the Giro ad in Urban Velo #31, It’s a profile of artist Chris McNally, who has done work for Puma, Levi’s, Ibis Cycles and more.

Title: How a bicycle is made.
From: Urban Velo
Let’s kick off the week of Bike to Work Day (5/18/12) with this simply awesome video that is what the title says, “How a Bicycle is Made”.

Part of me thinks I’m about to watch a Tom & Jerry cartoon and another part is waiting for the MST3K silhouettes to pop up and start delivering witty snark. But really, it’s just an incredibly fascinating and detailed video from 1945 that shows questionably young workers putting bikes together with “bracket pieces” and makes me wish for ye days of olde when the bike industry necessitated seemingly endless rows of warehouses to keep up with the demand.

Do you think this is how they do it in Taiwan today?

Title: Ninja Horny.
From: Urban Velo

Title: The Last Kilometer.
From: Urban Velo
A clip from The Last Kilometer, an upcoming film following cycling through five characters and five stories. From what I can see and have read, I’m going to like this film.

Title: Garage Race 2012
From: Urban Velo
Racing in a parking garage seems like a great time and a terrible idea all at the same time, though this one at least seems to be in a garage without any cars popping up unexpectedly.

Title: Boikzmoind DVD
From: Urban Velo
Videos about fixed gear bikes are a dime a dozen, so it takes something a little extra to make yours stand out. The folks in Bristol did just that when they put together this beautiful piece of work for a 30 minute documentary about fixed gear riding in the Bristol area called Boikzmoind. Instead of just releasing the video they also crafted a 95 page book to complement it, using screenprint and digital printing processes to bring it all together. The video looks to be shot with equal attention to detail, mixing standard philosophical waxings with a good dose of humor (what’s up with that bunny?!).

The package will run you $47 and you can purchase it here.
More shots of the book are here.

Title: Courier Culture
From: Urban Velo
A short film about the courier culture in Washington D.C.

Title: Spy Tour of California: Matthew Busche
From: Tracko
The California based eyewear brand Spy built this unique commercial to be a playful expression of its youthful, irreverent point of view by bringing an action sports approach to road cycling, as well as sending a “Youth Against the Old Guard” message. The idea was born of this: Matthew Busche—Spy athlete and 2011 U.S. National Road Race Champion—trains a lot. To be the best requires tremendous focus and hard work—which equates to pain. To get through it, Busche says his mind drifts in and out of daydreams. Told through the prism of Busche’s daydream, viewers journey with him as he imagines himself hitting the alluring trails of California’s coastal mountain ranges and doing some crazy stuff on a bike strictly built for pavement.

Title: Brussels Express
From: Tracko

Title: Turntable Rider created by Cogoo.

Title: Portland Design Works
From: Prolly

Title: Sean Martin for Affinity.
From: Prolly

Title: Deal with it TV: Sean O’Connell
From: Prolly