December 2014
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Right now-Bike Expo

Hey it’s Bike Month!
To find out what’s going on Transportation Alternatives, has set up a new web page which will list all the biking events for the year including this month (MAY) which is bike month.

Perhaps you’ve seen the posters around?

You can also meet outstanding members of our bicycle community on this site, people who are curating bike month events…like this guy:

Noel Hidalgo AKA: @noneck.

Right now, as a kick off to the 5 borough bike tour, is the Bike New York’s Bike Expo.
Bike show number 2. This one is free at Basketball City, pier 36:

When: Thursday, May 3, 2012 to Saturday, May 5,2012 (the days preceding the 2012 TD Five Boro Bike Tour)

Thursday, May 3 – 12 PM – 9 PM
Friday, May 4 – 10 AM – 8 PM
Saturday, May 5 – 10 AM – 8 PM

Where: Pier 36, Basketball City, New York, NY
Located along the East River at South Street and Montgomery Street

Transporation Nation abandoned bike map.

Transportation Nation’s Alex Goldmark is putting together a source map of abandon bike’s in NYC.

Perhaps this is a good time to check the map and make sure your ride isn’t being categorized as “abandoned,” or if you have a local neglected bicycle in your neighborhood, add it to the map.

Here is more from the site:

What counts as an abandoned bike? That is determined by these criteria set by the DSNY:

is not rideable
appears to be crushed or unusable
parts are missing other than seat or front wheel
bicycle has a flat or missing tires
the handlebars or pedals are damaged, or existing forks, frames or rims are bent
75 percent or more of the bicycle is rusted

The bike must be locked to public property including: light poles, bus stop signs, parking meters, trees, tree pit railings and bike racks.

DSNY says they receive many calls about possible abandoned bikes, “but upon inspection by our field supervisor a large percentage of the bicycles don’t meet the criteria to be classified as derelict.”


So if you spot an abandoned bike, snap a picture and send it to If the location feature on your phone or camera is enabled for photos, we can pinpoint the exact location right away. Otherwise, include information in your email about where the bike is and what else you know about it, and we’ll manually put it on the map.

Find out more, here.

New bike shop in Brooklyn: Bicycle Roots

New bike shop in town…

Brooklyn Roots
1078 Fulton Street (Btwn Franklin Ave. & Classon Ave.) Brooklyn (guess that parts obvious)

Despite what the following description says on their website…they are open!

Got this on twitter yesterday:


Welcome to the hood!

From their website:

Bicycle Roots will be the largest woman-owned bike shop in New York City. We’re not open yet, but look for us in June 2012 at 1078 Fulton Street, between Franklin Avenue and Classon Avenue, in Brooklyn.

Here’s what you can expect to find at our beautiful store in Bed-Stuy:

- A huge selection of bikes for commuters and recreational riders
- Accessories for every aspect of city riding
- Friendly salespeople who actually listen to your needs
- Honest mechanics who can make your bike work better than ever before

Even though the shop isn’t open yet, we always love to hear from you. You can get in touch by email at

This site will soon host a full-featured website and online store. In the meantime, here are some other places on the internet where you can find our updates:

- On Facebook:
- On Twitter:!/bicycleroots
- On Flickr:

the Polar Bear ride.

(photo by: Moscamaurer)
Yes the polar bears are pissed off about the loss of their natural habitat due to humanity’s pollution and climate change.

Their anger was expressed on Sunday with Time’s Up bicycle activists taking it to the streets in their annual Polar Bear Earth Day ride, which was canceled on Earth Day (4/23/12), due to rain…Irony?

Here is a brief recap and slideshow from the NY Times local East Village section:

Sunday’s Brrr-illiant Polar Bear Bike Ride
By: Tim Schreier
Published: April, 30th 2012

The reopening of First Park wasn’t the only thing washed out on Earth Day. The rain also put a damper on the Polar Bear Bike Ride, an annual fete organized by East Village-based organization Time’s Up. Lucky for us, it was rescheduled and took place yesterday in Union Square. The group has a knack for decorating bikes to send a message – as you can see from our slideshow it was on full display at the event, meant to encourage others to reduce their carbon footprint by cycling.

See the slideshow, here.

First impressions of New Amsterdam Bicycle Show

The whole family had a great time at the second annual New Amsterdam Bicycle Show.

A real coming together of Etsy style handmade bicycle accessories along side industry main stays like Bianchi, Electra, Jamis and Raleigh.
It was great to see hand-builders like Seth Rosko and life long NYC pioneers like George Bliss of Hudson Urban Bicycle (HUB) and Dave Perry of Bike Works as well as Bicycle Habitat and Worksman Cycles.

Loved the great booth of hip accessories put together by Susi Wunsch of and Julie Hirschfeld of Adeline Adeline. Keeping it glamorous at their, “Little Bike Shop.”

Max loved his shirt.

Special shout out to my sister blogger, Nona Varnado, ( for her creative direction of this year’s fashion show.


and thanks to Manhattan Media for the free press passes.

I’ll have my full report soon but for now check out my photo gallery, Here.

Alleycat in SF-mini velodrome.

I love alleycat flyers. Here is an event in San Francisco, tonight. Hope you can make it.

Seen on

Just so happens Prolly is visiting the great Northern California town. Checking out the world’s smallest velodrome,

read more here.

718cyclery and Ice-T

Looks like Bicycle Habitat isn’t the only shop with celebrity status. Check out who stopped by 718 cyclery (254 3rd Ave, Gowanus, Brooklyn)

O.G. himself, Ice-T, shooting an episode of Law and Order, SVU.

Here is owner Joe Nocella’s attempt at capturing the scene:

Joe said Ice-T said his shop was the “Mercedes F*&king Benz of bike shops.” Then started asking him about fixed gears and how to avoid potholes. Joe also mentioned how gracious everyone was in the cast and crew.

Sweet…this Sh*t really laid my foundation for a love of hip-hop, not to mention it was videos like these and MTV raps that made me want to move to NYC even more.

Critical Mass-Tonight!

A message from Mellow Yellow, AKA about tonights NYC critical mass.

MayDay is upon us. It will, no doubt, be one to remember. But before the American Spring, before Occupy Wall Street, before the popular uprisings in the oil lands, cyclists in New York City and around the world made the world we wanted to see and celebrated free community in Critical Mass. Since August of 2004, cyclists of NYC have resisted Tonight and the coming days could be, should be, momentous. To be sure the corporate state and its violent thugs will be out in force to control even our most peaceful movements, our bike riding, our dancing in the streets. But what else can we do while the world is spoiled, the old world burns? Still we ride, still we dance. Still we come together with open ears, eyes, mouths and hearts. Together to make the world we want.

Bring Lights!

Now, for the bad news. I am selling my soul out to all-powerful capital, so that I may pay off loans, debt, and make rent on a place to rest my stuff. Its kinda a shitty situation, but I have been ignoring some basic responsibilites for a while, and I gotta make this work deadline. TONIGHT! So I dunno when I will be able to join the 5 day orgy of Critical Mass riding/walking/dancing/talking/chanting that is coming to Manhattan and the rest of the world this weekend. Infinite sadness!

If I don’t make it, please consider then communicate these humble suggestions (if you are feeling like bike ninjas):
1) Make lots of friends and new contacts before the ride.
2) Try walking in a single file loop with your bikes before you roll. Keep it moving!
3) Ride to or regroup at Tompkins Square, Washingtons Square, or Madison Square Parks.
4) Maybe ride by the Williamsburg Bridge if the cops follow you.
5) Definitely ride the Wall Street.
6) Film the police.

I will try to get together a more detailed listing of bike-able happenings in the next five days, but until then check this out, I am sure you will find something to keep you occupied!


Mellow Yellow

p.s. if the weather becomes gorgeous next Tuesday, you have my full permission to do a naked bike bloc.

Report and appearence from Brookyln Spoke

Doug Gordon runs the amazing informative blog about local bike politics. He recently posted about the situation with the construction on the Prospect Park West bike lane.
Photo via Paul Steely White.

DOT crews installing the new pedestrian islands on Prospect Park West have unearthed the old streetcar lines that used to run along the boulevard. You may remember that tracks were also unearthed at Union and PPW when DOT began constructing pedestrian and cycling improvements to Grand Army Plaza last year.

It’s just another reminder that change is quite literally built into the history of our city’s streets.

Good to know the sight of workman crews and diggers is not the success of a fiendish plot of cranky ex-politicians getting their way to have the lanes removed due to an obsession with car culture.
image from NY Press of New Am Bicycle Show 2011.

Doug will be speaking at the upcoming New Amsterdam Bicycle Show, Sunday, April 29th at Noon.

I’m hosting a “Bike Share Sneak Peak” at the show on Sunday, April 29th at noon:

–> Doug Gordon, the editor of, presents a sneak preview of New York City’s new bike share system. Representatives from the New York City Department of Transportation and the people behind Bike Share will talk about their plan to put 10,000 bicycles and 600 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn this summer.

My guest will be NYC DOT Policy Director Jon Orcutt, one of the driving forces behind the city’s bike share plan. I can’t promise answers to your most pressing questions (Who’s the sponsor? What color are the bikes? Will I get stations in front of my apartment, office building, and favorite restaurant?) but it should be a fun and interesting look at bike share systems around the world, what lessons New York City has learned, and where some of the stations will go when the system launches this summer.

I’m a big bike share geek, so this is a huge honor for me and should be a lot of fun. We’ll leave time for questions from the audience, so bring your curiosity and your enthusiasm for bike share! Plus, stick around after and we’ll grab a beer.

NewAmBikeshow, Ladies Social

Nona of the Bird Wheel, is hosting a ladies social event after the first day of the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show.

From Nona:


Will you be at the New Amsterdam Bike Show this weekend in NYC? I’d like to invite you to join me and other women in the bicycling industry for fancy hawaiian cocktails, stories about how the first day has gone, encouragement, support and networking.

3 blocks away from the show, Lani Kai has a beautiful “basement” with skylights, a fireplace and drinks that frequently feature edible flowers. And if you’re hungry, there’s food. I hope to see you there!