Video Friday-7/13/12

Happy Friday the 13th! What could go wrong? Why worry about it…watch some great bike videos.

Title: Beastie 1
Seen on: Urban Velo
From Urban Velo:Graeme Obree is still plugging away at his kitchen-made bike to break the bicycle-powered speed record. This video shows his first ride on the machine with the pedal system in place. I don’t know, my expectations of his success were knocked down a notch after watching him struggle and strain with the contraption, despite assuring the cameraman that “it feels great”. I’ll be anxious to see the bike used at a greater speed. Stay tuned.

Beastie 1 (Computer) from David Street on Vimeo.

Title: Tour de Frack
Seen on: Urban Velo
From Urban Velo: Fracking, as many of you know, is a part of the process of extracting natural gas from the Earth. To say it’s become the source of a contentious issue would be an understatement. The Tour de Frack aims to raise awareness of this issue. Check out

Title: Sue Denim-Bicycle

From Urban Velo: As far as songs about bicycles go, this one from Sue Denim wavers from uber-corny to annoyingly catchy with just a hint of Queen’s “Bicycle Race” to be heard if you listen really, really hard. It might grow on you (or not), but the animation is solid and quite creative. There isn’t much more to it. Bicycle glorification, british accents and some eye candy. Enjoy.

Title: Bike Zambia Fundraiser
Seen on: Urban Velo
From Urban Velo: Granted, this 300 mile ride just ended on Thursday, but the Bike Zambia group is still accepting donations and continuing to raise awareness about the issues surrounding HIV and poverty in Zambia. The stats in the video are quite shocking and I highly encourage you to support this group in any way you can. They are pro-science, pro-prophylactics and not aligned with any religious missionary groups. They are just using their bikes to do good work, period.

You can see photos from their trip on the blog

Title: Wolfpack Hustle. The Midnight Drag Race.
Seen on:
July 28th 2012. We are going legit. The Historic 2nd St. Tunnel in Los Angeles gets shut down for Wolfpack Hustle’s first legally permitted race event. At the core is a precision timed all out bicycle sprint race. Hundreds will attempt to qualify, the top 16 men and women will go head to head bracket style till the dog tags get awarded.

Register now at:.

Title: State Bicycle Co.-Valley of the Sun
We went out with some cameras and a few friends and put together this edit. We hope this gives everyone a nice feel on what it’s like to ride in our hometown of Phoenix / Tempe, AZ. No matter where you are we hope you can relate to the great feeling and freedom that comes with riding.

For more info please contact us at:

Credits: Shot & Edited by Tyler Quinn of Ah Dios

Title: “Raindog Days”-Section from my time will tell DVD
Seen on:

Title: Red Bull MiniDome-Sáo Paulo
Seen on:

Title:Golden Saddle Cyclery-Babylon Riders
Seen on:
From Prolly: Seen on:

GSC Babylon Riders from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Title: Trans Europe Express
Seen on: TRACKO

Title: A Manual for Speed- Driveway Time Trail 2012
Seen on: TRACKO

Title: Izhar cardboard bike project
Seen on:
Source: here.

Izhar cardboard bike project from Giora Kariv on Vimeo.

Pedal Pushers Club, kickstarter-USA Pro Cycling Challege

Brett Novick made a limited run for me of bikeblognyc t-shirts back in the day. He did this through his company, Pedal Pushers Club, which currently makes really great bike culture t-shirts, hats and other apparel, based out of the DC area.

The motto for his company has always been: “Go Where Cyclists Go,” which has lead to him setting up booths at biking events including many of the Bike Expo’s that came here to NYC.

His next mission is to take his new company van and set up at the US Pro Cycling Challenge, a multi-stage race in Colorado, which attracts some of the biggest names in pro cycling, like those currently battling it out in this little race maybe you heard of…Le Tour.

To help Brett get to see Cadel Evans, Levi Leipheimer and the rest, he has started a kickstarter campaign where you can donate money at different levels and get some of his new shirt designs.

Here is Brett in his kickstarter video, explaining more what he is up too.

Pedal Pushers makes really great designs so definitely check it out.

#TechBikeNYC meetup/Ride

There is a bike ride tonight for #bikenyc and tech nurds to meet, ride and get to know each other…you know, build community.

This is the same group that have had sporadic meetups, hosted events where we’ve discussed bike tech related stuff.

Here is a splash page of the event:

But all you need to know is:
July 12th, 2012
Meet at Union Square North.

Oh yeah, bring a bike.

Brave Bicyclist Beats Badguys, Brings Bike Back in Brooklyn

I kind of missed this story, with some vacation overlap, but it’s such a feel good one, highlighting our great bike community that I felt urged to share.

This is Pheonix Res,
(Photo by Jesse Ward/NY Daily News)
Last week, she bravely thwarted a bike thief after cutting a lock and was about to steal a total stranger’s bike.

You know the old story, so perfectly illustrated by the Neistat brothers where…”Even if you’re really obvious about bike theft, nobody in this town is going to do anything about it.”

Pheonix flipped the switch, stopped the bike thief and then flyered the neighborhood trying to find the rightful owner of the bike she rescued.

Here is the story in the NY Daily News:

Brooklyn Heights bike hero stops thief and is in hot pursuit of the rightful owner.
Pheonix Res has put up fliers hoping to return the brand new bike

Monday, July 9, 2012

A fearless Bedford-Stuyvesant cyclist who thwarted an extremely rude thug’s attempt at stealing a brand new bike is now peddling fliers to find the owner.

Pheonix Res was able to stop a thief from cycling away with two chained-up bicycles in Brooklyn Heights two weeks ago .

The robber clipped the chain lock fastening both bikes to a rack on Joralemon St. but was only able to get away with one because of Res’ quick action.

Now Res has posted fliers all over the neighborhood hoping the owner of the one she rescued comes forward.

“It’s such an awful feeling to come out and see that someone has made off with your bike – especially a new bike,” said Res. “I couldn’t just leave the other one there for someone else to steal.”

Read the whole article: here.

It turns out, through her vigilance, the rightful owner was found:

The follow up story, also in the NY Daily News:

Brooklyn bike hero who stopped theft finally finds real owner
Pheonix Res hung flyers and told her story to the Daily News before finding Joshua Deal

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
(photo by: Julia Xanthos/NY Daily News)

A fearless Bedford Stuyvesant cyclist who rescued a brand new bike from a would-be thief and then peddled flyers to find its owner has found her man.

Cobble Hill resident Joshua Deal’s eyes lit up as Bedford Stuyvesant cyclist Pheonix Res presented him with the missing $760 bike he thought he’d never see again after it was nearly stolen from outside a Starbucks on Court and Joralemon Sts.

“You’re my hero,” said Deal, 29, a nurse in the burn unit at Cornell Medical Center told Res. “Everyone I’ve told this story to said, ‘Really? That happened?’ It’s a miracle on Joralemon St.

“Now I want to chase down a bike thief myself,” said Deal. “I want to pay it forward.”

Read more: here.

Well done. Seriously, this is a true case of: “If you see something, say something.” if you see someone trying to remove a bike lock with a saw or angle grinder, chances our this is not the rightful owner who just lost their key. A little effort of a scream or just acknowledging that a theft is in progress will probably go a long way.

Strada instagram scavenger hunt race in NYC, 7/14

Saw this one on and some flyers in my local bike shop: ON THE MOVE (400 7th Ave-between 12th-13-Park Slope, Brooklyn) They were doing a quick repair job for me.

This looks like a fun event to do with a partner.

the Stada Pedal Pursuit, Saturday July 14th,

A five hour alleycat style scavenger hunt where two person teams take pictures and post them on instagram. $30.00 a team.

More about the event and where to register: here.

“Pedal Pursuit” by Strada Customs is a highly interactive and experiential activation with the format of a point system based scavenger hunt that involves teams of two’s to cycle throughout New York City. An entry fee of $30 per team is required to register for the contest and each team is given a long list of tasks that requires the team to cycle to varied landmarks and locations in New York City and the outer boroughs. Once arrived at the location of the task, a team member must snap a photo of the required task and post it on instagram and hash tag it with #pedalpursuit – the harder task, the higher the points are for the specific task. the Objective is to acquire as many tasks and accrue as many points within a 5.5 – hour period.

All teams will be required to report back to base in order for the staff of Strada Customs to tally up all the points of each team. There will be 3 places for winning teams and along with trophies, prizes will be given out with the grand prize winners to win a Strada Custom bike. Entry fee will also cover free food, a tentative partnership is being build with a local New York City food truck to provide food service for all the contestants and spectators. Along with the free food, all contestants will be given a free branded t- shirt for the event.

can any shoe be a cycling shoe?

Saw this on Urban Velo, and felt compelled to spread the word.

A company in Santa Cruz, California answers the question, “Can any shoe become a cycling shoe?” says…”YES!”

If you are caught in the dilemma of finding cycling shoes too sporty (and expensive) for your average commute or with limited options of anything remotely as comfortable as your favorite sneakers, Retrofitz will add a four hole plate to accept cleats SPD (Shimano), Time (off road models), Crank Brothers and Ritchey clipless pedals.

Here is a blog, with lots of photo examples of adapted shoes.

The future of fashion is here…

Pure Fix Cycles hook up!

I got home from vacation to a brand new bicycle!

Pure Fix Cyles sent this sweet track bike, which came practically built in the box. A few tools and I easily put it together.

Now it’s time for a test spin!

Thanks Pure Fix.

Time’s Up 25th Anniversary Party!


!!!Time’s Up 25th Anniversary PartyTOMORROW!!!


From Time’s Up–
Reminder: Time’s Up!’s 25th anniversary fundraiser is tomorrow, July 3rd from 8pm-Midnight at the Brooklyn Brewery, 79 N 11th St, Brooklyn!

There will be a free group ride to the party with our famous sound bike: 7pm Union Square North
We will offer free valet bike parking at the door
There will be live music throughout the night by Booboo Danger, Sweet Street Symphony, and Bradford Reed
Charles Komanoff, Wendy Brawer, and Benjamin Shepard will speak about our work
We will serve Two Boots pizza and vegetables, cheese, and smoked fish from NYC farmer’s markets
We’ll auction off the original Time’s Up! Energy Bike from Occupy Wall Street, a Greenmaps tour with Founding Director Wendy Brawer, and a bike decorating session with Nadette Stasa.
We’ll have have historic Time’s Up! gear for sale and one complete set will be raffled (one free raffle ticket with entry, extra tickets $1)
And of course, there will be ample Brooklyn Beer on tap!

Come help us celebrate 25 years of direct action and help fund 25 more!

We hope to see you there, but whether you can make it or not, please make a donation!

Bicycle Film Festival in NYC this week!

Although I am away this week with the family in Cape Cod,


You should definitely go to:

Bicycle Film Festival-New York City-2012

June 28-July1
Anthology Film Archives
2nd and 2nd New York

From the festival:
This is THE SUMMER OF BIKES in New York City! And the BFF is back!
BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL WORLD TOUR commences in New York for its 12th consecutive year!!

Bicycle Film Festival launches in New York and then will continue to Helsinki, Moscow, Istanbul, Hong Kong, London,
Buenos Aires, Milano and more than 20 other cities.

The film programming this year is stellar. The shorts programs are hugely popular and are not to be missed.

Feature film highlights include the world premiere of the feature length LINE OF SIGHT (Dir. Benny Zenga) by legendary cycling cinematographer Lucas Brunelle, and SHAY ELLIOT: CYCLE OF BETRAYAL (Dir. Martin Dwan) about Ireland’s first professional cyclist and the incredible events surrounding his career and life.

A little history:
In 2001 Brendt Barbur, Founding Director, was compelled to start the Bicycle Film Festival after being hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York. He was inspired to turn this negative experience into a positive one, and created a festival that celebrates the bicycle through music, art, and film. The festival merges many creative communities, including fashion, music and art, as well as various bicycling communities – road cycling, city biking, fixed gear, BMX, cyclocross – over a shared passion for bike riding.

For the most up to date information:
Twitter: @Bffworld

Social networked bicycle rental is here: Spinlister

So what is the Air BnB of bicycle rental? An online social netowrk of a community of people renting out their own personal bicycles to total strangers?

Check out: SPINLISTER.