Bradley Wiggins becomes first Brit to win the Tour, now on to the London Olympics

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Congratulations to Bradley Wiggins for winning this years 99th Tour de France. Bradley became the first British rider to win the 3,479km epic race with a 3min 21sec lead over British team-mate Chris Froome after Sunday’s 20th and last stage to Paris.

Here is a piece from Bradley himself in the Guardian, talking about a childhood dream come true.

A childhood dream comes true – now it’s got to be Games gold
Bradley Wiggins, the first British winner of the Tour de France, on riding up the Champs-Élysées and what comes after.

Bradley Wiggins
Sunday 22 July 2012

There is a set of railings, about six or eight of them, just before the entrance to the Place de la Concorde, about a kilometre from the Tour de France finish on the Champs-Élysées. I stood on those railings with my brother and my mum on 25 July 1993 watching the Tour de France go past.

It all went by in a flash, but I spotted Miguel Indurain in the yellow jersey – about to win his third Tour in a row – and Gianni Bugno in the rainbow jersey of world champion.

It was my first sight of the Tour. We’d come over from London for the weekend, gone up the Eiffel Tower the day before, then watched the Tour come into town on the Sunday. I remember thinking how big it was, how huge it was, seeing the riders whizzing past. I never imagined that 19 years later I’d be coming down there in the same position as Indurain.

It sounds cliched, but it’s the stuff of childhood dreams really. It’s what I’ve dreamed of for 20 years but I never dreamed it could become reality.

Read more: here.

Fyxation photographer contest

Last week I posted this amazing photo by Kevin Dillard of Demoncats.

Kevin is one of my favorite urban cycling photographers who has been capturing the alleycat scene for years.

Turns out his work is part of a photography contest hosted by urban cycling gear company, Fyxation.

They held a contest where photographers send in a portfolio of work and can win up to $1000 in cash and gear.

Kevin made the finalists list and is vying for the wining slot when the contest wraps up July 25th.

The results will be posted on their Facebook page.

To see the list of finalists,

Congratulations to Kevin and good look in the finals.

Friday Video picks–a day late.

Title: Poleriders from Above
Seen on:
Andrew Katzander is the creator of Poleriders, a mobile dance pole on a trike complete with soundsytem and lights. What’s the best way to see this traveling spectacle, besides in person? From above. Here is a high angle shot from this year’s NYC Pride parade. *Note. Due to Youtube’s privacy code, the music had to be changed…You may want to crank some Tech House or YMCA to replace the accepted but not fitting classical.

Title: Gothic to Modernism Bike Tour – Bornbike Barcelona
Seen on:
Looking for a bike tour in Barcelona? Check out,

Title: LACON DE CATALONIA – Andreu Lacondeguy
Seen on:
Andreu Lacondeguy…going big!

Title: FABIKE Sliding Dropout System
Seen on:
From Urban Velo: FABIKE has an interesting take on the sliding dropout design. Their system allows not only for adjustment of the chain length, but allows you to switch between 120 and 130 mm spacing (or to an optional dropout with a derailleur hanger).

Title: Golden Saddle Cyclery Grand Prix
Seen on: Prolly
From Golden Saddle Cyclery: Golden Saddle Cyclery hosted an amazing day of races to raise funds for the Encino Velodrome. The races consisted of a 3 category Omnium as well as a separate sprint race. Aside from racing, the highlight would have to be the camaraderie and the amazing food prepared by Todd of Burrito Project fame. Golden Saddle would like to thank the racers, spectators and all of our sponsors who donated prizes to help keep this amazing facility open. A special Thank You goes out to Keiron, of Ride The Black Line, for throwing this great event and allowing us to participate. Make sure to make it out to the rest of the summer series going on through out the months of July and August.

Golden Saddle Cyclery Grand Prix from Golden Saddle Cyclery on Vimeo.

Title: Tom La Marche Chi Town Baja
Seen on:

Title: BMX Video Monday
Seen on:

Title: Bike DealerCamp 2011
Seen on:
Where do bicycle retailers and dealers go to talk, ride and discuss the future of the bicycle industry, Bike Dealer Camp. Going on July 24th-26th in Dear Valley Resort, Park City- Utah. Here is a video from last year.

Title: The ShockWheel invention by Chet Baigh
Seen on:

Title: Ochy Hill
Seen on:

Title: Travis Collier – MacNeil BMX
Seen on:
A bunch of footage from Travis Collier from his trip to Japan as well as a bunch of great clips from Vancouver.

Travis Collier – MacNeil BMX from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

Title: Rocky 2-7 day stage race in Vancouver BC.

ROCKY 2 from Ultramontane on Vimeo.

Title: FOAD in Seattle
Seen on:

FOAD In Seattle from FOAD on Vimeo.

Title: Clit Clips 2
Seen on:
Rik Anderson,s Clit Clips is back for its second installment and I dont mind the long wait between one and two because this one definitely comes hard. All of your favorite fixed gear dudes plus some guys I dont know getting down. I believe it was mostly filmed in Chicago which has some amazing looking spots and a little Milwaukee too. Watch it a couple times if you know whats good for ya

featuring Murder B, Torey Thornton, Josh Boothby, Shea Hardacre, Tom LaMarche, Mason Willets, Matt Spencer, Mike Dinh, Rik Andreson, Finn Zygowski, Corey San Agustin, Joe Orentas, Julius Carasquillo, Scott Bell, Denis Bejtic, Sam Hanson, and Colin Foster.

Title: Bone Deth BMX bombardment.
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Title: Mission Workshop presents Julien Colombier
Seen on:
Julien Colombier works with chalks and pastels on large surfaces.
Shot in Paris, in early July.

See more of his work here:

Mission Workshop presents Julien Colombier from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Title: Global Gutz Mexico City
Seen on:

Global Gutz Mexico City from SakeGroup on Vimeo.

Title: Nadeah Odile-Official Music Video-2011
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Title: Velocity Tour 2012 in Nagoya Japan
Seen on: Tracko
filmed by Ryota Kemmochi

VELOCITY TOUR 2012 IN NAGOYA from Ryota Kemmochi on Vimeo.

Title: Velo from Motionlab
Seen on: Tracko

Seen on: Tracko

Title: Tour De Francis-Documentary
Seen on: Tracko
Filmed in May 2012 in Belgium and France for Halfords’ sponsorship of the Tour de France on ITV4.
The TV campaign also includes 24 idents shown throughout the Tours coverage.
Agency / DLKW Lowe – Production Company / Another Film Company – Director Nick Mason


It’s a handlebar, it’s a basket…it’s both!

Perhaps we have the food delivery messengers to thank for the rise in popularity of front baskets. I’ve especially seen more of them on fixed gears and other incarnations of the commuter bike.

Regardless of their origin, the front basket is very convenient for storing things especially for quick trips to the store. They definitely eliminate fussing with securing bags to the back rack or attaching panniers.

Front baskets come in two basic options, ones that detach from permanent hardware and ones that stay mounted to your front handlebars.

For those committing to the front basket, one San Francisco based designer has created the BARBASKET which incorporates the basket into the actual shape of the handlebars.


Chris Loumanen has created a pair of handlebars with an extra bar that holds a soft basket.

Here is a bit more about this innovative design from Chris:

The Barbasket is an elegant, functional way to take stuff with you on your bike. Its a handlebar with an integrated basket rim that supports a fabric basket. It holds your stuff snuggly, like a little hammock. And it has a bungeed flap on the top to keep your stuff in when things get bumpy. But the best part about it is that it does all this without looking like an janky add on. It becomes part of your bike.

The BARBASKET is the first product by Chris’s company NRML which looks like NORML without the O, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

I’m sure there is no corallation, but a clever name, I mean what do you expect from Northern Cali.

Chris has the bars all ready to go into production he is just working on the fabric portion. This product will sell for $120.00.

To get everything finalized, Chris has launched a kickstarter campaign.



Here’s the video:

If this is the first product, I think we’re we’re going to see great things for bikes out of Chris’s company. The BARBASKET is a nice twist on the usual front basket rig, I mean, why be NRML?

Glow in the Dark bikes from Pure Fix

Don’t look now, but Pure Fix, that company who sent me a free bicycle…

Has just come out with the first GLOW IN THE DARK, bicycle.

Introducing the new KILO.

Comes in 3 Colorways, all $399 (free shipping with code ‘free99’!)
-GLOW frame, Black Wheels
-Standard painted frame, GLOW Wheels
-GLOW frame, GLOW wheels
A variety of GLOW shades to choose from – neon yellow, green, and red glows
ALL 5 sizes: 47cm (XS), 50cm, 54cm, 58cm, 61cm (XL)

Find out more here.

Citibike bike share delayed from July to August, but has demos.

According to Streetsblog, and Gothamist, the much anticipated NYC Bike sharing program, will be delayed from July (which is already half over) to August.

The source of this came from the Citibike twitter feed, @CitibikeNYC for those following along.

Streetsblog reporter, Noah Kazis explains more in this article:

Citi Bike Launch Pushed Back From July to August

The city’s bike-share system will launch in August, not the previously announced start date of July, according to the Citi Bike Twitter feed.

Two months ago, city officials announced that New Yorkers would be able to start taking trips on the new public bike system by late July. Now bike-share operator Alta is telling prospective bike-share customers that the launch date will come in August.

Confirmation of the delay came over Twitter, where Alta responded to a number of city residents eager to start riding. “Hi David, thanks for your continued support and interest in Citi Bike! Look for the launch in August,” said one tweet last week. “You’ll be able to sign up for memberships next month,” said another. In another sign that the wait for the launch will extend past July, the Citi Bike team has added a set of public demos to its events calendar, with dates through August 1.

Read more here.

Copenhagen bike super highways

It seems like a fantasy come true, but bike super highways are a reality in Copenhagen as city planners have literally “paved the way” for residents to commute from the suburbs to the city on bicycle. In April, the first of 26 routes opened by city planners in a combined initiative to make this Danish city carbon neutral by 2025. This means the city will have a neutral balance between the amount of carbon it produces and the amount it can sequester or offset, by such miraculous things as people biking to work on a regular basis. Advanced superhighways, with timed lights, areas for rest and comfortable roadways are just the right steps to achieve this type of balance needed to reduce carbon emissions.

There was a recent article in the New York Times along with a short video explaining some of the process this European city is involved with.

Commuters Pedal to Work on Their Very Own Superhighway

By: Sally McGrane
Published: July 17, 2012

COPENHAGEN — Picture 11 miles of smoothly paved bike path meandering through the countryside. Largely uninterrupted by roads or intersections, it passes fields, backyards, chirping birds, a lake, some ducks and, at every mile, an air pump. For some Danes, this is the morning commute.

Susan Nielsen, a 59-year-old schoolteacher, was one of a handful of people taking advantage of Denmark’s first “superhighway” for bicycles on a recent morning, about halfway between Copenhagen and Albertslund, a suburb, which is the highway’s endpoint. “I’m very glad because of the better pavement,” said Ms. Nielsen, who wore a rain jacket and carried a pair of pants in a backpack to put on after her 40-minute commute.

Read more here.

Great Urban commuter for sale for #bikenyc

I haven’t done this in the past, but just thought I’d try it as an experiment. Who knows, maybe I’ll start my own bicycle want ads section.

A good friend of mine in Brooklyn NY, is selling her commuter bike and just thought I’d help spread the word.

From Dominique: (the seller)
Vintage frame. Chrome. Made in japan. ~56cm, made for someone that is about 6′ tall. I am 5’6″ and it is a little too big. The back wheel was custom built with an 8-speed Shimano Nexus inner hub with coaster break. The bottom bracket and seat post are basically brand new, the crank is about 1 year old. It’s a wonderful city bike, rides great! It is pictured with my Brooks saddle, which is not for sale. The bike comes with a simple black saddle. The frame has a few dents but nothing major, only cosmetic. I also have a jtek bar end shifter for sale (separate – $60) that is meant for the hub if you would want to put drop down bars on it. I am also willing to sell the bike without the back wheel, or vice versa.

She’s asking 500.00. The internal hub is a real score.

If interested, contact Dominique at:

Womstreet video contest-best fixed gear video. is a new website that hosts contests where participants create videos and then are voted on to win prizes.

There latest is sponsored by Jimmy Johns, gourmet sandwiches.

Check out the best Fixed Gear Biking videos…

11 days to vote for your favorite.

Vintage from Kevin Dillard

Had to post this…From Kevin Dillard photographer mastermind of Demoncats.
Seen on

A classic spin on a famous vintage cycling photograph of the Tour de France from the 20’s-“Vervaeke and Geldhol smoked the cigarette.”

and now, alleycat style…