Adult bicycle riding education by Bike New York.

That’s right, like not having a NY Driver’s license, a lot of New Yorkers don’t know how to ride a bicycle and as adults may be too embarrassed to learn. The non-profit group that puts on the 5 boro bike tour, Bike New York is hoping to change that with free bike riding lessons on an abandon pier on the Hudson River. Hey, don’t laugh. Isn’t it better to get people on bikes so they won’t need a car?

An article in the Villager:

Nonprofit group pedals ‘Biking 101’ on Hudson pier
by: Terese Loeb Kreuzer
June 14th, 2012

The day before Anuja Shrestha’s 27th birthday she and 19 other people assembled on Pier 54 at 13th St. on the Hudson River to try on bicycle helmets and get fitted with a bicycle. They were about to take Bike New York’s “Learn to Ride” class for adult beginners. Two hours later, Shrestha was euphoric.

“I was paranoid when I got here,” she said. “Now I can ride a bicycle! These guys were awesome!”

Shrestha, a nurse born in Nepal, said that when she was 8, she had had a bad fall on a bicycle that left a scar on her knee. She tried halfheartedly to learn to ride again when she was 10, but hadn’t tried since. Knowing that she wanted to ride a bicycle but was scared, her husband, Chris, brought her to Bike New York’s free class.

Several of the adult beginners who, that day, ranged in age from their early 20s to their late 60s, said they were scared. The Bike New York instructors were encouraging and supportive. They insisted that anyone can learn to ride a bicycle — maybe not in two hours or on the first try, but eventually. With bike paths proliferating in New York City and with a bike-sharing program about to start in July, more and more people want to try.

Read more: here.

Chrome Domes are back! Chrome x New Era snapback hats dropped today.

Finally Chrome has a new supply of their sweet New Era 59fifty snapbacks, paying tribute to the local baseball team for each Chrome HUB store locations:

The Chicago White Sox

-Store located at: 1529 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 661-0077

The San Francisco Giants

-Store located at: 580 4th Street Freelon Street San Francisco, California 94107 (415) 820-5070

The New York Mets

-Store located at: 238 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10012 (646) 792-7835

Pick them up in stores new you today.

Hey, what are they going to do about Portland, Oregon? who only has the Trailblazers NBA?

Their grand opening was June 7th.
New store located at: 425 SW 10th Portland, Or 97205

The future of dress shirts for cycling to work.

One of the common complaints I hear about people biking to work, which can often hinder them from even attempting this kind of commute, is what to do about being all hot and sweaty when arriving at work, especially in a more dressy work environment. Well there may be a solution thanks to Ministry of Supply who have designed a work shirt that regulates body temperature, based on similar technology used in NASA space suits. That’s right, it’s the TANG of dress shirts.

Introducing the new APOLLO Shirt.

They also make a base layer with the same technology:

Here is a link to their kickstarter campaign, where you can back their project.

Kickstarter video:

Also read about them in Inc. Magazine:

Innovating the Dress Shirt: Ministry of Supply
by: Abigail Tracy | staff
Several MIT students have engineered apparel that makes sweating through your dress shirt a thing of the past.
March 4th, 2012

(from left) Aman Advani, Kevin Rustagi, Kit Hickey, Gihan Amarasiriwardena)

Sweat stains on dress shirts from perspiration is a nightmare for every professional working today. A handful of young MIT students believe they have engineered a shirt that will make this embarrasing mishap a thing of the past. Their company, Ministry of Supply, is bringing the qualities of athletic gear and marrying them to business apparel—Under Armour meets Polo.

Founded in December of 2010 and a launched this past October, Ministry of Supply’s six founders Kevin Rustagi, Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Eddie Obropta, Jr., Eric Khatchadourian, Kit Hickey and Aman Advani have already seen over $13,000 in revenue since its fall launch.

Read the full article, here.

Lucas Brunelle-Line of Sight DVD is here!

Lucas Brunelle has a unique hobby. He is the only human being who can properly cover the experience of an alleycat race, a bicycle race in live traffic. With front and rear mounted HD helmet cameras, Lucas has traveled the world recording this most hair raising and cycling sport phenomenon. Oh yeah, he’s also done it on frozen rivers, on the great wall of China and underwater too.

But the covering an alleycat race is where the true magic comes alive. I’ve known Lucas from many years and had the pleasure of interviewing him in person while working on a pilot documentary project, a true professional always with a warm smile and a great story to tell. I’ve also been involved with him as a film maker strategizing on how to cover these type of alleycat events. One of his biggest advantages is being able to keep pace with most riders, especially the leaders and maintaining proper coverage, keeping the rider in perspective even when they are narrowly sliding through a jam packed intersection or skitching a moving vehicle at 40-50 m.p.h. Something only Lucas Brunelle can do. After a race, Lucas was always the guy you wanted to go to see footage and it always left you wanting more. Well finally, it looks as if he has his own DVD set to come out, which you can pre-order a copy. Often featured at the Bicycle Film Festival, introducing:

LINE OF SIGHT, the movie.

Directed and edited by Benny Zenga, order your copy today at:

If you get a chance, spend some time on the website to find some hidden gems about the whole alleycat culture. I especially like the gallery section and Lucas’s ten years plus of collecting spokecards from around the world of the races he’s done.

Product Review-Timbuk2’s Stork diaper bag

What’s the hottest accessory for your bike these days? Children.

Well maybe not for everyone, but if you are someone who may have traded beer bottles for milk bottles and Alleycat races for playdates, you may have noticed a serious change in your biking proclivities. Of course there’s no need to completely curtail your on-the-go biker lifestyle just because kids are in the picture now. You’ve still got to maintain you street cred, after all. However this new lifestyle will have you starting to reflect on the things you’ve learned as a cyclist, especially when it comes to packing gear.

One thing cyclists and parents can easily ponder is “how to carry all your stuff around?” Cyclists are generally gear heads who through trial and error have figured out the best way to pack for the road…where to keep the extra tubes, the pump, how to keep the laptop secure. Well getting around with baby starts to create parallels like where to put the baby bottles, how to pack the wipes so they are readily accessible. Start to see similar patterns here?

If the quintessential bag for the cyclist is the messenger bag, then the most necessary bag for Mom and Dad is the diaper bag. Who to better combine the two then San Francisco’s own pioneer messenger bag company… Timbuk2.

They took their vast knowledge of bag making for couriers and created their own diaper bag. Mom and Dad, presenting the Stork.

Being an aging hipster bike nerd…I was really into trying to get my hands on one of these. The main reason was because most diaper bags look like big puffy purses and the only other option (the company will go unnamed) has limitations…mainly size.

I approached the Timbuk2 booth at this year’s Bike New York’s expo before the 5 borough bike tour.

(photo by: )

I went right up to one of their sales reps and asked if I could try this bag out and within a few days…they sent me one in the mail. SCORE!

I’m not a new parent, our son Max is 3 and a half, and we’d been using the other guy’s diaper bag since day one…but…one amazing thing right off the bat, Timbuk2’s stork is perfect for toddlers and beyond, especially when you go through potty training. So this bag has longevity…and can easily convert into a straight up messenger bag for later down the road, which is what attracted me to this product.

Timbuk2’s tag line for the bag is: “The diaper bag for people who don’t want to carry a diaper bag.” Which although wordy, sums it up. A diaper bag that looks and feels like a stylish messenger bag…because it is.

But, in addition, this bag is loaded with innovative features for parents on the go.

First of all the bag itself is roomy. This space inside the bag can easily hold multiple milk/water bottles, snacks, spare diapers, wipes holder, toys, blanket, spare clothes, pacifier, pacifier holder, portable potty, manual on parenting (ok, I’m teasing here). It’s 20 inches wide by 10″ high, which makes it about a medium size messenger bag. But it is also very deep at almost 8 inches. It’s subtle, but the bag is slightly taller then most bags so it’s kind of narrow and stout, which means it holds a lot, but doesn’t feel too bulky. Standard messenger bags tend to be wider.

The next best feature is the changing pad,

which nicely fits into one of the two main compartments. It feels like a laptop bag, but then transforms like Optimus Prime into a gigantic cushy changing surface (easily cleanable and machine washable) and it’s covered in lots of cute pockets for stashing stuff. It can also easily be folded and unfolded with one hand so as to get placed with a screaming wet child. The pad is a big bonus, because most diaper bags have insufficient, small changing pads and are sometimes bought separately.

This has been a great feature even for toddlers…that’s right the potty experience only gets more…well…challenging, especially when you are carrying around, diapers and underwear and the portable potty and bags for it and bags for the wet clothes and…get the idea. Yes…more stuff.

The bag has two compartments for separating water/juice/milk bottles and one is made out of neoprene so it keeps drinks insolated, the other side is a ventilated mesh, great for storing a bottle, well, maybe for you…just in case you have the audacity to hydrate yourself as well. It also does well for keeping bottles upright and not spilling. The bag has tons of pockets for keeping things divided, like that favorite chew toy or all the rocks and sticks your kid has collected on a 2 block trip to the park…when not biking there of course. Another cute baby friendly feature, is two short fabric pieces that can cover the main Velcro, so as not to wake a sleeping baby with that familiar ripping sound. Timbuk2, you thought of everything.

The rest of the bag has all the great features that have made this company legendary, adjustable closing straps, an easy quick release lock for adjusting the shoulder strap, padded shoulder strap and grab handle. There is an extra strap hidden in the front pocket to attach keys and an extra removable strap to help stabilize the one-sided shoulder strap when riding or maybe you can use it as a leash for a wandering toddler just learning to walk.

The bag is made of durable ballistic nylon fabric and a cute tricycle design, waterproof TPU liner in case things get messy inside-which they will or you’re caught in the rain. Like all their bags at Timbuk2 it comes with a lifetime guarantee and they really stand behind their products.

I even liked the bag that the bag came in: a waterproof map of San Francisco…what a great idea.

The $139.00 price tag is a little steep, but welcome to the world of parenting. Honestly, I think this is a great product and worth the price because your are getting a bag that will grow with your kid(s). Think of this bag as one you will use from front-rider baby bike seat all the way til junior is riding their own bike to school.

Seriously, this will be the only diaper bag you will need.

a video from Timbuk2 about the Stork:

Father’s Day–Skyscraper Classic in Harlem

June 17th is Father’s Day and also the perfect time to take Dad to a 1st class cycling event in the heart of Harlem, NYC.

The the Harlem Skyscraper Classic


Learn more about this great event and others next weekend as well as a cyclist Father’s Day gift ideas from:

This week at Time’s Up

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A joyous and liberating protest aimed at reducing the dangers posed to our world and our bodies by automobiles and oil dependence, the ride takes place in solidarity with the World Naked Bike Ride, in its 10th year internationally, with rides happening across the Northern Hemisphere on this date.


Saturday, April 14, 9:00pm
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Every Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.
Come learn how to fix bikes, do simple maintenance and tune-ups at the bike mechanic skill share.
1st Tuesday- Basics for Beginners
2nd Tuesday- Brakes and Gears
3rd Tuesday- Cups, Cones, and Bearings
4th Tuesday- Wheels and Spokes

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Bike Tour of Historic Morningside Heights, June 10th.

Got this sent to me:

“I am leading a bike tour of historic Morningside Heights on behalf of the Morningside Heights Historic District Committee this coming Sunday and was wondering if it would be possible to post on your blog.

Sunday, June 10 – 10 a.m.
Bike Tour of Historic Morningside Heights
Gather at St. John the Divine, Amsterdam Ave at W. 112th Street
Subway: Broadway Local to 110th/ Cathedral Station For more info:

Get the ins and outs by the seat of your bike as you travel around one of NYC’s most scenic—and significant—neighborhoods. Get the inside scoop on Olmsted’s parks, Grant’s Tomb, Columbia University, Saint John the Divine, and a host of other institutions that made Morningside Heights the quintessential “Acropolis of the New World” by the turn of the twentieth century. Architectural Historian Gregory Dietrich and Adam Cohn will lead this cycle-delic tour which promises to leave no cornerstone unturned.

Cost $10.00″

From: Gregory Dietch (ggdietrich{AT}

4th World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships

Get your mallets and your passport ready.

Coming to Geneve, August 14th-18th. 4th annual World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.

Seen on:

More info:

Used bike and shoe drive, June 17th.

Got this message from the NYC Surf Blog,

“NYC Urchin is partnering up with sustainable clothing line Loomstate on a used bike and shoe drive on Sunday, June 17th at the Brooklyn Flea on the Williamsburg waterfront at North 7th Street, 10am-4pm (rain or shine). We are incredibly excited to unite forces with Pedals for Progress and Soles 4 Souls to give new life to some overlooked materials and help mobilize some fellow humans! We look forward to your involvement in this effort!

Pedals for Progress collects 5,000 – 7,000 bicycles annually, over 130,000 to date, distributes them to developing areas of Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe where they are repaired by local affiliates and sold at a low cost, directly developing the local community. In many cases, bikes are essential tools for survival, used for commuting to work, accessing health care, education, and food. All bike donations are tax-deductible.

Soles 4 Souls collects shoes and distributes them where they are needed, especially in disaster relief situations to decrease disease transmission. The EPA estimates Americans throw out 790,000 tons of footwear and apparel each year! The solution seems simple, doesn’t it?

Where YOU come in – Please start your spring cleaning!

Drop off adult or children’s bikes that are in repairable condition, but are not missing any major components. It costs $40 to get a fixed bike into the hands of a deserving individual, which is why we require a minimum $10 donation with each bike. P4P will also take working portable sewing machines.
Bring us your new and lightly used shoes! All shoe types are accepted, even single shoes! Please donate $1 with each pair to help with shipping. You can also simply donate for a chance to win the below prizes.
Volunteer for the day or for an hour…come hang out with us and help out!

The Perks – In addition to simply feeling great about changing someone’s life, your good heart also deserves some goodies! Bike donators will receive a discount at Sole Bicycle (opening up in Brooklyn this month) and will be entered into a raffle to WIN your very own fixed gear Sole bicycle. Shoe donators will receive a discount at JackRabbit Sports and will be entered to win organic cotton beach balls courtesy of Loomstate.

Questions or want to help out? Contact Annie at 201.519.0488,

For a chance to win an awesome bike by Sole Bicycle Co. donate here! For every $10 donated, YOU will get a raffle ticket to win!