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New Bike Map-2012

The D.O.T. has just released it’s new 2012 bike map just in time for May (bike month) I picked up one today for free at Court Cycles (514 Court St.) in Cobble Hill Brooklyn. Over 350,000 detailed maps are available for the right price (free) at most of your local bike shops in the five borough area. There is also a current pdf made available at the D.O.T. website, and if you have a smart phone you can download it and carry the map with you like a poor man’s app.

For years these maps have been an excellent resource for getting around with clear indications of bike lanes, bike shops, rental outfits, as well as subway stops and other mass transit.

This map is so easy to use even a three year old will enjoy it. Right Max?

The legend is really key here highlighting:
-Historic Districts
-Public Pools
-Skate Parks
-Boat Launches
-Bike Shops, including with designated shading, which rent bikes and where there are rental only facilities.

It looks as if they’ve managed to include all the new bike shops, which is no easy task since new ones keep popping up monthly.

Shops like:

Pedal Universe (2450 7th Ave.) Harlem-Manhatan
Echelon Cycles (51 8th Ave.) West Village-Manhattan
Landmark Bicycles -2nd Store-(376 Bedford Ave.) Williamsburg-Brooklyn
Dog Day Cyclery (115 Van Brunt St.) Red Hook-Brookyln
Silk Road Cycles (76 Franklin St.) Greenpoint-Brooklyn


Red Lantern Bicycles (345 Myrtle Ave.) Fort Greene-Brookyn, who recently had a nice write up in the New York Times:

Section: Neighborhood Joint | Fort Greene
For Cyclists Seeking Repairs, and Beer
Photo caption: Red Lantern Bicycles, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is the only cycling shop in the state with a liquor license. Here, a mechanic who goes by the name Chombo relaxes after a day of fixing bicycles. More Photos from the Times. Photo by:
Michael Appleton for The New York Times.

Article by: Gersh Kuntzman
Published: April 19, 2012

RED LANTERN BICYCLES in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is a serious cycling shop: The air smells of chain grease; Sunlite tires, Planet Bike fenders and unbuilt Bianchis crowd the repair floor; and there is an antique penny-farthing in the window.

At Red Lantern, customers can enjoy coffee and $3 beers while waiting for their bicycles to be fixed.
But other sights, sounds and smells dominate this Myrtle Avenue storefront: the single-estate Finca la Folie coffee beans roasting on site, writers pounding on their laptops and off-duty messengers tipping back bottles of beer, thanks to that rarest of bike-shop wall hangings: a State Liquor Authority license.

Read more: here.

My latest sponsor:

Just want to give a shout out to my latest sponsor,, digital cycling magazine. They have been so kind as to allow me to embed a video player (just below my first two postings) just in time for your pro cycling viewing of the Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Criterium du Dauphine Prologue, Eschborn Frankfurt and other European sounding titles I can’t pronounce. Not to mention the Giro d’Italia and Le Tour. Take a look at the latest cycling coverage and impress your local club, training partners or random strangers at sports bars.

Velodrome coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park

Not sure what’s happening with the Velodrome proposed in the Bronx but it looks like an indoor cycling track is becoming a reality in Brooklyn. Hey at least the Nets won’t be the only sport around with a new facility.

New York Times:

Brooklyn Bridge Park Gets $40 Million Gift to Build Field House
By: Lisa W. Foderaro
Published: April 19, 2012

Fans of track cycling have for years pursued a quixotic dream: a velodrome in New York City in which to stage indoor bike races. Now Joshua P. Rechnitz has made it come true.

(photo by: Andrea Mohin/The New York Times)Photo caption: “A field house would occupy the site of this warehouse on Furman Street.”

On Thursday, Mr. Rechnitz, a cyclist and the grandson of New York philanthropists, pledged the largest single gift in the history of the city’s parks system — $40 million for a new field house in Brooklyn Bridge Park that will include an indoor cycling track.

Read more: here.

Tragic News-messenger killed

Was forwarded this by Kurt Boone.

From the NY Daily News:
Bicyclist, 27, killed joyriding in front of Met Museum.
He grabbed onto rear of truck, police say

20120419-185344.jpg(photo caption: A rider was struck in front of the Metropolitan Museum. Photo by: Aaron Showalter)
By Claire Trapasso and Sarah Armagha

Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 10:43 PM

A 27-year-old Bronx bike messenger was killed in front of a Manhattan museum as he was joyriding while holding onto the back of a commercial truck, police said.

Daniel Martinez was riding south on Fifth Avenue near E. 83rd Street around 6:30 p.m. (4/18/12) when he grabbed onto the rear of a Ford F55, cops said.

When the vehicle came to a stop at a red light, Martinez flew underneath, just steps from the front entrance to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, cops said.

Read more: here.

My condolences to Daniel’s family on this tragic event.

Details on this case based solely on the newspapers description don’t seem to add up. Not exactly sure how someone dies from holding on to a truck that makes a stop at a red light. I also have a problem with the word joyriding. 6:30pm, the time of death, sounds like working hours for a bike courier and not just out for a thrill that the papers description implies. This is not to condone “skitching” however, most riders who engage in this dangerous activity, generally have heightened skills in the operation of their bicycle and are more aware of the dynamics of the vehicles and drivers involved based on years on the streets.

My point is not to avoid blame but rather to question the details especially in light of the recent lack of police investigation when it comes to cyclists deaths. All to often the case is written off as a tragic accident and blame is immediately placed on the cyclist, especially when words like joyriding are used in the papers. How do we know the driver wasn’t texting on his phone, looked up and saw a red light. Then he slammed on his brakes and the rider died. Then the driver tells police he was skitching.

I apologize for bringing politics into the same post as the tragedy of the loss of one of our fellow cyclists. In the life and death struggle of choosing to ride a bicycle in the city, it’s hard to avoid especially when the only information we have about this quoted: “cops said.”


Ok you’ve color coordinated your fresh whip…now it’s time to coordinate your grips. Check out GripRings from

Two brothers from San Francisco are working together to make individual grip rings to accessorize your handlebars to your individual tastes. I also really like the bar ends they’ve come up with which hold all the rings in place by tightening an allen wrench. Clever.

I really dig the translucent ones.

If you like their product, why not help fund them through their Kickstarter page.

Stolen Bike Alert-1990’s Celeste Green Bianchi

Christine Carson recently had her beloved Bianchi stolen which was given to her as a gift from a friend who passed away. Heartbreaking. The bike was stolen from the Williamsburg Waterfront Park on Monday (4/16) It was locked to a friends bike on the rack with a cable that was cut by the thief. The bike was an 1990’s Biachi Campione with their classic celeste green. All Shimano components, white dorcus saddle and camo (grey, white and black) cork tape on the handle bars. Michelin tires (Bianchi Blue)

She did not have a picture of her bike but submitted one that was close (different handle bar tape)

Unfortunately, it’s the season for bike theft, so be extra vigilant about how you lock up.

Any info on this bike:

Time’s Up polar bear ride-RESCHEDULED

A message from Time’s Up:

Hey Calling All Polar Bears and Polar Bear Supporters,

Because of rain imminent in the forecast for this Sunday we are rescheduling
our fantasical Polar Bear Ride for the following Sunday, April 29th…deets:

* Sunday, April 29, 2012
* 1:30pm
Union Square Park South

Ride in polar bear style and help raise awareness about global warming and
the many species it is driving to
extinction. Heelz on Wheelz will rock a Polar Bear Dance. Dress in white.

Nice work once again from Greg Ugalde.

Nice artwork by Greg Ugalde.

Seen on

Time’s Up Polar Bear Earth Day Ride this Sunday. (4/22/12)

Time’s Up Polar Bear Earth Day Ride.
Sunday, April 22nd

1:30pm-Union Square South, Manhattan.

Bike sharing is coming to NYC

That’s right! With highly successful programs in Washington DC (Capitalshare) and Boston (New Balance Hubway) Alta bike sharing is going to be a reality here in our town this summer.

They have a newly revised website: with details about where the potential 600 stations will be set up and a pricing guide for how it’s all going to work.

I jumped on the bandwagon already by setting up a social network site:

This will be a place for people to post their pictures and experiences using the new bike sharing program.