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Monster Track 13 x 12ozProphet

Monster Track XIII Bike Race Takes to the Streets of NYC
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March 13, 2012

Monster Track 2012 took place in NYC on Saturday afternoon, as over 100 brakeless track bike racers took to the dangerous streets of New York to compete for the title of Monster Track XIII champ.

For those not familiar with messenger/track bike scene, Monster Track is the most prestigious of messenger alley cats in the world. An alley cat is basically a totally illegal, unsanctioned bicycle race, unique to the messenger community. In an alley cat, racers have the task of navigating the city in the same way that a messenger does. There is no specific “race route” racers are given a manifest with checkpoints, and are required to get signatures at each checkpoint the same as a messenger during his or her workday. The object is to finish the manifest first, the route is up to the individual, and if you happen to get ahold of a bus and skitch for 20 blocks, it’s all good.


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Selling the dream

You tired of being just a plain ol cyclist?

Maybe this bike can transform you into a hip bike riding superstar.

Saw this on (via @Bklynbiker)

Anyone out there in need of a bike? More specifically, anyone out there in need of a power bike?

Do you want to be noticed? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Sleeve tattoo didn’t do the trick? Dubstep bounce remix didn’t go viral? Look no further than this bike.

The line above is from an ad for a bike that was posted on the New Orleans Craigslist board yesterday. The text of the full ad is after the jump in all its glory.


I am selling my Vista Carrera 7 road bike. Perfect for the aspiring culture creator. I have recently become a Successful Entrepreneur and I no longer have the need for such trifling possessions. I drive a gigantic cargo van that literally pisses gas onto the road to mark its territory.

Do you want to be noticed? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Sleeve tattoo didn’t do the trick? Dubstep bounce remix didn’t go viral? Look no further than this bike. Don’t even look past it in the pictures posted below. Import it into Photoshop and delete the background. I know you know how to do it, because you’re a graphic designer.

Orange body. Green accents. Pink handlebar wrap. Some silver. Black. Dirt. Are there even any more colors? There are awesome reflective stickers on the bike, too, which makes darting out in front of automobiles on dark evenings and asserting one’s absolute and total right of way even more self-righteously awesome. Dear motorist: Did you not see the stickers. Do you think I have time to just put stickers on things. I’m trying to save the world from people like you.

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Steve Vaccaro talks legal rights for cyclists, at REI, March 23rd.

Here is an upcoming event from the 5 Borough Bicycle Club (5bbc) An education talk from the bicycle lawyer Steve Vaccaro on the rules of the road in NYC.

Friday, March 23 – Bike Law 5BBC-TA event at REI with Steve Vaccaro
6:30 PM, REI Community Room, 295 Lafayette Street (between Houston & Prince Streets)

5BBC member Steve Vaccaro, a daily cyclist and lawyer representing cyclists and cycling organizations, will speak and take questions on cycling law topics, including the role of the police and the District Attorney in crashes, how to navigate the no-fault process, and the recent ticket blitzes in Central and Prospect Parks.

What you need to know about crashes
Cyclists’ right to the road
Ticket blitzes and what you need to know about cycling tickets
Central and Prospect Park cycling rules (and updates)
Bicycle Advocacy 2.0

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Kevin Dillard (DemonCats) photos of Monster Track 13

The illustrious Kevin Dillard of DemonCats (outta DC) not wasting any time with his fantastic Monster Track 13 photos.

riders getting ready at Affinity Cycles in Brooklyn.
Stone Tone (left) and Crihs (right) with their game faces on.
Crowd mobbing for the manifests.
Dagga keepin it real.
The winners circle.

Kevin always does an amazing job of capturing the people who make up this event with really tight portraiture.

View the whole album here. (

Monster Track 13–winners!

Congratulations to this year’s Monster Track 13 winners.

1st place: J.T.
2nd place: Alfred
3rd place: Chas (1st outtta-towner from SF)
4th place: Crihs
5th place: Eric
1st female: Heather

More details to come.

Funny bike video

Since I missed video Friday, I thought I’d just post a few gems. This ones to funny to be ignored. In the novelty vein of the “performance,” video,

Here is: “Motherfucking Bike,” from the Sons of Science out of SF.

More: article in the Huffington Post

Ditmas Rides…Again

Now that the weather is getting nicer (not that we even had a winter) Ditmas Rides, a family group ride is starting up again. Here is a message from ride organizer, Rene Netter.


The next Ditmas Ride will be this Friday (3/16) @ 7:00 pm. We will meet in front of the Library @ the corner of Cortelyou and Argyle.
New: We now have an official Facebook page so check it out and subscribe to it if you want to be kept in the loop:

The purpose of the Ditmas Rides is for us to have fun and to celebrate and spread a way of getting around we already enjoy. There is no planned route and we the participants will decide where we would like to go shortly before the ride starts. Ditmas Park has a lot of small streets so hopefully we can have a joyful and stress free rides. I myself are planning to bring my daughter Nona Lily along and hope that other parents will bring their children as well.

March 23rd, Alleycat

From Stone Tone and the NYC messkings.


Monster Track Parties

Some photos from last night Monster Track 13 party at the NYC Chrome


This comes courtesy of:

Check out more on their photo page.

Speaking of this Saturday’s Alleycat, here is the official after party flyer.

Artwork by: Stephan Maze Georges
The art will never stop.

Red Hook Crit Press Release

Press release on this year’s Red Hook Criterium.

Trimble Racing is proud to announce the 5th annual Red Hook Criterium to be held in Red Hook, Brooklyn on March 24th, 2012.

The Red Hook Criterium is an unsanctioned cycling and running race held at night on a short technical circuit inside the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. The two disciplines will be held as separate races on the same circuit and in the same format. The cycling event will consist of elite level ‘roadies’, track racers, bike messengers, and urban cyclists competing over 24 laps. Track bikes are mandatory requiring riders to possess both street tuned handling skills and a high level of fitness. The 4 lap running race will attract elite level athletes competing for a large cash purse, custom prizes, and bragging rights to become the first champion of the night time running criterium. “Having both a running and cycling race on the same night will increase the excitement for both competitors and spectators” says organizer David Trimble “I’m happy to bring these two normally divergent communities of athletes together for one special night of racing.” The running race starts at 8:00 pm with the cycling event immediately following at 9:00 pm. The official after-party follows the cycling race.

In addition to the race, the Red Hook Criterium has collaborated with the Red Hook neighborhood to showcase locally crafted artisan goods and official race merchandise. “On its fifth year anniversary everything is bigger and better” says Trimble “Our venues are improved, the competition deeper, the sponsor support on another level, and the Red Hook community further engaged.” The Red Hook Criterium pop-up store will open before the races at 6 pm.

The race is made possible by local and international sponsors and partners, Giro Sport Design, Eastern Mountain Sports, The Greg O’Connell Organization, Cinelli, Timbuk2, San Marco, Castelli, Ride Brooklyn, Spy Optics, Continental, Elita Milano, Peloton Magazine, Sixpoint Brewery, Movers Not Shakers, Pickett Furniture, NYC Cruise, Cinecycle, Gage + Desoto, The Added-Value Farm, Fort Defiance, Dustin Yellin, La Colombe, The Waterfront Barge Museum, Growing Chefs, Roo Design, Adler Vermillion and Skocilich, Fifo Cycles, The Red Hook Star Revue, Monks Meats, The South Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation and The New York City Economic Development Corporation.

Group rides to the event will be organized from Brooklyn and Manhattan locations. For more information, race registration, schedule, location, prize list, and after-party details please visit:

or visit us on facebook at:

The race is located at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal (72 Bowne St, Brooklyn, NY 11231).