Bike Love…and hate, week in review.

Well NYC is getting a lot of bike love these days. Eclectic artist, musician and avid cyclist, David Bryne, wrote a piece in Sunday’s NY Times endorsing the bike sharing program coming to NYC in a month. (Citibike.)

This Is How We Ride

“This summer the city’s Department of Transportation inaugurates a new bike-share program. People who live and work in New York will be able to travel quickly and cheaply between many neighborhoods. This is major. It will make New Yorkers rethink their city and rewrite the mental maps we use to decide what is convenient, what is possible. Parks, restaurants and friends who once seemed beyond plausible commuting distance on public transportation will seem a lot closer. The possibilities aren’t limitless, but the change will be pretty impressive. “

Mr. Bryne’s essay had a simple way of highlighting the benefits of what’s coming here to NYC, by describing how he used the program in London and other cities, where bike sharing already exists:

“I’ve used bike-sharing programs in London, Ottawa, Washington, Toronto, Barcelona, Milan and Paris. In London, where they introduced a public bike program two years ago, I could enjoy a night out without having to worry about catching the last tube home or finding a no longer readily available black cab. In Paris, the Vélib program has more than 20,000 bikes and extends all the way to the city’s borders. Significantly, the banlieues, the low-income housing projects that surround that city, aren’t included, so the system reinforces a kind of economic discrimination, but maybe more coverage is coming.”

Read the full op-ed, here.

Granted, NYC’s is going to be the most expensive at $9.95 a pop, but he broke it down how to keep the trips under 30 minutes and how this program is designed to be another viable transportation option along side public transportation, not to be used for long tours of the city. He was really psyched about the transformative prospects of bike sharing in NYC.

The higher price for NYC, has already begun to alarm people such as this recent article in Gothamist. Headline: “CitiBike, NYC’s Bike Share, WIll Cost $77 For A Four-Hour Ride”. Read more, here.

Those fears were addressed in a blog posting from Scientific America:

The reason is that a bike share is not simply an automated bike-rental service. It’s a flexible option for short-distance transportation. Need to get across town to make an appointment? Grab a shared bike and go. Want to take a leisurely four-hour ride along the waterfront? You’d be better served renting a bicycle from the numerous businesses that cater to that market. Besides, if CitiBikes are anything like the heavy, utilitarian clunkers I rode in Paris, you won’t want to spend four hours in the saddle.

The overage fees that most users are likely to incur are more reasonable—$2.50 for yearlong members who ride an extra half-hour beyond their allotted 45 minutes, $4.00 for short-term members who exceed their 30 minutes by a half-hour or less—but certainly seem aimed at keeping trips short.

continued, here.

Meanwhile, D.O.T. commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan was busy answering questions about which neighborhoods will be getting the bike sharing program at a recent city council meeting. This according to WNYC:

The Upper West Side of Manhattan won’t get bike share until June 2013. That’s according to New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, in testimony before the New York City Council Tuesday.

The date isn’t exactly a surprise — the city acknowledged at the launch of its Citi Bike program that some neighborhoods won’t get bike share until next spring, but the June date puts it at the outer edge of that timeline.

Read more, here.

Meanwhile, in Tuesday’s AMNY they had praise for bikes with a short piece on how businesses are specifically targeting the rising trends in cycling:

Biking business boom: More city merchants offering deals for bikers

At The Candy Rush in Crown Heights, bicyclists stop by for doughnuts and gummy bears. On the Lower East Side, they pop into Luca Lounge for beers. At Brooklyn Roasting Company, they pick up espresso shots.

These businesses are among hundreds of shops, cafes and bars trying to lure cyclists with discounts and other incentives – a trend being driven by the Bloomberg administration’s push to make New York the biking capital of the East Coast.

“Many businesses understand that bicyclists means business,” said Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives, a group that tracks bike-friendly businesses. He predicts bike-friendly businesses will grow in the months ahead to 1,000 from around 250.

Continue reading here.

Now the hate…

With all this love and praise of the bikes in NYC to help transform our transportation and increase business, Cyclists continue to be harassed, especially those brave souls who participate in the monthly critical mass rides.

Here is one cyclist going through a 20 minute ticketing process for not having proper lighting on his bike, which clearly shows in the video to be FALSE.

Kind of sad when Critical Mass is celebrating it’s 20th year come September.

Artwork by Mona Caron.
More info

and there’s never a dull moment for our city legislators to look for new revenue streams in punitive ways, especially towards cyclists.

Here is new legislation being presented trying to make it mandatory for all adults to wear helmets when operating a bicycle.

From Gothamist:
Councilman Proposing Bike Helmet Law Says Not Wearing One “Worse” Than Forgoing Seatbelt
By: Christopher Robins
Published: May 31, 2012

Today City Council Member David Greenfield is introducing a law that would make wearing a helmet while riding a bike mandatory in New York City, punishable by a $25 fine. “The reality is 91% of cyclists who are killed are not wearing helmets,” Greenfield says. “Seatbelt laws don’t keep people from driving cars,” he adds. “Seatbelts save lives. In a way, not wearing a helmet is worse than not wearing a seatbelt. You’re endangering your life, your family’s lives, and the lives of those in your community.”

Yet we live in a city in which cyclists are ticketed more than truck drivers, and cyclists make up around 10% of traffic, while bike lanes make up less than 6.5% of the city’s streets. How will a helmet law change this? “There’s a reason why no major city has imposed a mandatory bike helmet law,” Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson says, “and that’s because the best way to protect cyclists is to avoid accidents in the first place, and you do that with more bike lanes.”

More, here.

It’s still the same ol dual edge sword here in NYC, making me skeptical of real transformation. Sure great things have happened with infrastructure, laws and soon a large scale sharing program…but that comes at a price of continual harassment and a police force who tends to always side with the motorist and corporate powers.

My hope is that all sides of NYC’s governance, get on the same page and find ways to promote biking and allow it to thrive so they can see it as the future and not just as a passing trend that needs to be clamped down on.

Cycles of Life-comic

Saw this on:

It was created by artist, Grant Snider and posted on his site:

He wrote this: “In less than 6 months my wife and I will be learning to ride cycle #5! It’s sure to be an exciting and terrifying course. You can order a poster of this comic at my shop.

Sidewalk tickets, not just for hipsters anymore

If there were a chart of complaints of the transportation set of NYC, topping that list for cyclists would be cars blocking bike lanes. Of equal value of kvetching for pedestrians would be bikes riding on the sidewalk. Biggest of those offenders are food delivery workers who seem to relentlessly use these spaces designed only for pedestrians, thus making average commuting cyclists feel their getting a bad rap.

Now I’m not a big fan of using punitive punishment to try and correct this behavior, but this seems to be the direction the city may be taking with new proposed legislation.

Great more ticketing. In light of giving the NYPD more power to target cyclists, it may be the only way to transform the mindset that it’s time we all started using the road in order to transform the city into a more livable place.

Kurt Boone, the messenger poet, sent me this Daily News article:

City looking to increase fines for delivery cyclists who ride on sidewalks.
Legislation would allow Department of Transportation officers to ticket transgressors.

By: Reuven Blau & Tina Moore
Published: May 29th, 2012

20120530-184045.jpg(photo by: Jefferson Siegel

Takeout on two wheels may soon be getting a lot more expensive — for the delivery guy and the restaurateurs.
The city is looking to increase the number of enforcement agents and jack up the current $100 fine on annoying commercial cyclists who illegally ride on sidewalks, officials said Tuesday.
Legislation being hammered out in the City Council would allow a new cadre of Department of Transportation enforcement officers to ticket transgressors — an army of agents to work alongside the NYPD.

Read more: here.

Congrats to Chas, winner of 2012 NACCC

Saw this one

20120530-152917.jpg (picture from Prolly’s 2011 NACCC coverage in Chicago.)

Congratulations to Chaz (SF) for winning this Year’s 2012 North American Cycle Courier Championship, (NACCC2012) held last weekend in Richmond, VA.

20120530-153611.jpg(photo from: team murder-2010)

A great video from:

Let’s not forget our own Austin Horse taking 2nd place and Crihs Thormann taking 6th. Great job.

Full results posted on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide.

***Chas (SF)*Carrie (Bmore)***
2nd-Austin (NYC)
3rd-Matt Kuhn (RVA)
4th-Luke Stevens (RVA)
5th-Jim Cadenhead (SB)
6th Crihs (NYC)
7th Joe Chapman (ATL)
8th Kevin Sparrow (MKE)
9th Jeff O’neil (PA)
10th Rob Engleberth (DEN)
11th Nico (CHI)
12th Mike Malone (CHI)
13th Jeremy Cox (DEN)
14th Kate Shrock (DC) Most Proffesional
15th Marco (Philly)
16th Jordan Ganas (GA)
17th Josh Rovner (NYC)
18th Patrick Suddith (BMORE)
19th George Cantor (CLEV)
20th Todd Nelynk (PA)
21st Chris Rabadi (DC)
22nd Fred Marshall (SEA) Best All Around Rad Dude!
23rd Bruce Beran (DC)
24th AndyLarson (MPLS)
25th Geri Lacaj (NYC)
26th Brandon Goble (CHI) Cargo bike
27th Steven Obester (FL)
28th Sean Parker (BMORE)
29th Lewis Griffin (CLEV)
30th Jay Karonoski (CLEV)
31st Luis Avina (LA)


More coverage of the NACCC,




Garden party for Local Spokes 5/31/12

Who planning our streets? The local spokes.

A group of cyclists and community groups in the Chinatown area of Manhattan have formed a coalition:

This NYC-based Coalition seeks to engage and understand the community’s various perspectives through multilingual outreach and a youth ambassadors program.

There having a release garden party tomorrow to announce their neighborhood bicycling action plan…


Everyone is invited to celebrate the release of our neighborhood Bicycling Action Plan on May 31, 6-8 PM at the M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden! Refreshments, raffle and more!

Video Friday- 5/25/12

Here is another round of video Friday.

Title: Shinya Short Edit.

Title: Una História de amor Dobrável.

Title: Bike Camping with Friends.

Title: 2012 NYC 5 boro bike tour time lapse in three minutes.

Title:State Bicycle Co. -“the Contender.”
Follow sponsored rider Scott Piercefield as he rides his State Bicycle Co. Contender on a midnight solo-ride through Phoenix. Many of the sights and sounds are familiar those who ride through the city at night.
For more info please visit:

Title: Can’t Fool The Youth: Fixed Gear Freestyle Video Magazine Teaser
Found on: zlog blog

Title:Devon Smillie

Title: Chester Blacksmith-Anytime Now.

Title: Newcastle Fixed Gear: Daniel Fee.

Title: Hello my name is Marco.
Marco mixes it up for Sadio in Japan.

Title: Interesting video on decending in the Giro!

Title: Fairdale x Roger
This collector’s edition Fairdale bike comes with a complete Roger skateboard. Roger’s Michael Sieben designed the graphics for both the board and bike. The bike is extremely limited with only 50 made. Comes with a complete Roger skateboard and the Fairdale Skaterack.
Find more info at:
Video by Mike Aho and Roger Skateboards. Starring Max Taylor and Tim Kerr

New Events listings from Time’s Up

This Week At Time’s Up!

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Sunday, May 27th, 2:30pm
42nd Street Public Library, 42nd St and 5th Avenue
Sunday Nights from 7pm-8pm
Monday, May 28th, 6pm onward
ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street, Manhattan, between Stanton and Suffolk
Thursday, May 31st, 6-8pm,
M’Finda Kalunga Garden, Rivington between Forsyth and Chrystie
In both NYC and Brooklyn locations!
See events listing for details.



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Friday, April 27th, 7:00pm (Last Friday of the Month)
Union Square North

Last Friday of every month, meeting at Union Square North. Come out and join Critical Mass, the ride
that changed New York City. Celebrate cycling, and assert your right to the road — Brooklyn style!


Saturday, April 28, 10pm
Columbus Circle (SW corner of Central Park, at the intersection of Broadway, Central Park South 59th
Street, and Central Park West)

Join us on bicycles or skates at 10 p.m. on the last Saturday of every month at the Columbus Circle
(59th Street) entrance to Central Park for a totally safe, magical, evening ride in Manhattan. As with
our Moonlight Rides, we’ll share the tranquillity of Central Park, plus we’ll add the grand vistas of the
Hudson River from Riverside Park. The scenic tour continues down the greenway to the lovely pier
where bicycles are welcome. After that, it’s a pleasant ride through streets back to Columbus Circle.


Sunday, May 27th, 2:30pm
42nd Street Public Library, 42nd St and 5th Avenue

There are plenty of fountains on public property for you to occupy and enjoy! Join Timesup! for
another fountain ride in 80 degree weather. We will slip on our bathing suits, get on our bicycles
and dive into the free, wet and wild world all over mid town! Exercise your rights and exercise your


Sunday Nights from 7pm-8pm

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Monday, April 30th, 6pm onward
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Come to our weekly Monday night meeting on the first floor of historic ABC No Rio. This week we
will be giving a grant writing workshop to anyone who commits to write one grant for Time’s Up!
We will work on an actual grant together at this workshop, then transition into our normal ride and
campaign planning meeting.


Thursday, May 31st, 6-8pm,
M’Finda Kalunga Garden, Rivington between Forsyth and Chrystie

We are inviting everyone to a garden party to celebrate the release this exciting neighborhood
Bicycling Action Plan. In the plan, we outline actions and recommendations for improving bike
infrastructure, education around biking, and how to create bike related jobs in the Lower East Side and


In both NYC and Brooklyn locations!
156 Rivington Street, between Suffolk and Clinton Streets in the Lower East Side, and
NEW IN JUNE: First Street Green, South Side of 1st St between 1st and 2nd Avenues

Every MONDAY, 6:30 p.m.
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Every Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.
Come learn how to fix bikes, do simple maintenance and tune-ups at the bike mechanic skill share.
1st Tuesday- Basics for Beginners
2nd Tuesday- Brakes and Gears
3rd Tuesday- Cups, Cones, and Bearings
4th Tuesday- Wheels and Spokes

Every Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.
Bring your bike and share skills with other cyclists while you fix up your own bike.

Every Sunday at 4 p.m.

Come learn how to fix bikes, do simple maintenance and tune-ups at the bike mechanic skill share.
1st Tuesday- Basics for Beginners
2nd Tuesday- Brakes and Gears
3rd Tuesday- Cups, Cones, and Bearings
4th Tuesday- Wheels and Spokes
Every Sunday, Open Workshop from 6 p.m.

Happy Anniversary Brommie Yummie!

Ah Food and Foldups.
Got this one from Steven Haung of

“Because of a recent Wall Street Journal online magazine article, I am reminded that 5/23/2010 was the first Brommie Yummie. (Thank you Bert from NYCeWheels for documenting the first ride on the video and thank you Jeff for the interview!) To check out the article, please go to:

Special thanks also to those of you who came out these past 2 years and supported Brommie Yummie. Without you, these rides wouldn’t be the same. And welcome to those who are new to this list.

To be more inclusive this year, we will launch Fold-N-Tell, the yummy ride for the un-brommie folders. For the upcoming 2012 Brommie Yummie and Fold-N-Tell Ride Dates, please go to:

Live long and bike safely… may you unfold and fold your Brommie* with grace and ease!

(* Please replace it with the folding bike of your choice.)

One more thing… to celebrate my passions for Tai Chi and Brommie, check out this very short clip:

Steven Huang

P.S. If you will be in NYC next few weekends, then please check out some of these other upcoming fun rides:

Friday 06/01 – Time’s up: Central Park Moonlight Ride.

Sunday 06/03 – Tour de Brooklyn.

Saturday 06/09 – Time’s Up: Prospect Park Moonlight Ride.

You Get NACCC’d the Fck Out!

What’s going on in Richmond Virginia this weekend?

Time to decide the fastest cycle courier in North America. North American Cycle Courier Championships.

Check it out: NACCC2012
and I’d have to agree with Prolly, where I saw this flyer…one of the sickest designs I’ve seen for a bicycle event:

Hey you artists, contest time with Crumpler + Tod Seelie

Tod Seelie is a photographer who takes unbelievable photos of the cutting edge music scene:


He also covers the artworld bringing us stunning images like this:

His work can be viewed daily at and at the arts magazine site FECALFACE DOT COM.

Tod is gearing up with Crumpler Bags for a drawing contest giveaway of one of their sweet backpacks: Dry Red No. 5

–>Whether you’re dressed up for a business trip or down for some serious holidaying, this multi-tasking backpack is the ideal companion for the laptop-toting traveller. As comfortable to carry as it capacious, the Dry Red No. 5 features a mini office organizer up front, a padded sleeve for your 15-inch MacBook at the rear, and in between, an expandable general cargo space. It even comes with its own cable pouch.
Follow crumpler on twitter: @crumplerus.

Here are the details:
As Spring is sliding into Summer, it’s time to start planning for your travels and adventures. In support of that, the good folks over at Crumpler have offered to give away one of their great backpacks (the Dry Red No. 5) to help you gear up for wherever your feet may take you, even if it’s just down the street.

To determine the winner, we’re holding a drawing contest. Crumpler has a tendency to have some pretty strange names for their gear, so I’m going to ask for you to send me a drawing interpreting one of the bag names listed below.

Local Identity
Pleasure Dome
Sinking Barge
Convenient Disgrace
Seedy Three

The submissions should be sent to sucka [at] suckapants [dot] come with “Crumpler contest” in the subject line and should specify which name you’re interpreting. The contest will run for two weeks from the date of this post before I’ll select a winner. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to U.S. residents only.

From the source.