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Tweet the Tour-2014

The 101st Tour de France just completed it’s 8th Stage with a jam packed series of races in the upper regions of the French countryside known as the “Hell of the North.” Rain soaked roads, cobblestones and a few crashes have added to the drama as the sprinters battle it out and the fresh blood of the teams try for stage victories. There have been a few causalities along the way including top sprinter Mark Cavendish (Team OPQS) and last years winner British Rider Chris Froome (Team Sky) both abandoning due to injuries.


While that other world sporting event is coming to a close

Le Tour is just heating up with the general classification of riders set to take off and battle it out for the yellow jersey and eventually the overall tour win.

Le Tour has a tradition of starting the race outside of France with outside cities bidding to host the event. This year race organizes picked England for the first three stages, starting in Yorkshire and ending in London. The reasoning was the recent success of British riders and to be able to compete with the viewers of the World Cup, knowing the UK would draw huge numbers of fans…and they were right,

Here is a video from the Grand Depart (first stage 7/5/14) highlighting the start.
Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 11.27.13 PM
(Due to embedding restrictions-view it here.

Of course real Yorkshire folk say the best way to ride the tour is to trade in those fancy clipless pedals, for clogs:

Following along with a sporting event of this magnitude can be daunting and also a bit boring, I mean not everyone has time to watch hundreds miles of live race coverage or wants to.

For a couple of years now I found it really fascinating to follow along the race using the social media, twitter. It’s an amazing way of combining news articles and sports updates with personal accounts of riders, fans and just about anyone else following along. It’s this great mash-up of information that adds all kinds of dimensions to the scope of an event like this.

For those interested in playing along, the official twitter feed for the Tour is @letour. I use the hastag #TDF and constantly type that into my search.

You can also make your own lists of individual twitter accounts you want to follow and go directly to those list. I made my own Tour de France and added in as many of the teams and riders that I could find.

I’ve included a cheat sheet of all of the 22 teams and 198 riders along with general managers. There is also some basic information about each team along with some fun facts.

July 5th-27th
22 teams
9 riders per team for 198 participants 

Tour Director: Thierry Gouvenou


ITV cycling @itvcycling

Reporter: Chris Boardman @Chris_Boardman
Road CC: @Roadcc
Podium Insight: @podiuminsight

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Le Tour Starts Today-Viewings at Westside Market-NYC


The 101st Tour de France or for the bike snobbish set-Le Tour, is underway. This year, in another attempt to expand the influence of professional cycling to other places, Le Tour starts with three stages in the UK.

Stage one or-the Grand Depart-takes the 22 teams of 198 riders from Leeds (you know where the Who (the band) famously played live) to Harrogate, a spa town in North Yorkshire.

Then the second stage this 22 stage (2,271 miles in total) bicycle race goes between York and Sheffield.

Before heading to France, stage 3 goes from Cambridge to London.

Here is an article from the BBC about some of the highlights of the race in England and some sights tourists might miss out on:

From Leeds to London: What the Tour de France riders will probably miss.
By: Laurence Cawley
July 5th, 2014

Tourism bosses hope the Tour de France will showcase England’s beautiful scenery to the world. But ironically the riders will not see much of it. Instead they will see bitumen, road markings, perhaps some blurred spectators’ faces, a forest of whirling wheels and Lycra-clad bottoms. So what cultural treats will they be missing out on?

The Tour de France is two races in one. The first will see 198 riders set off on Saturday from Leeds on a 21-stage, 2,271mile (3,656km) pedal slog to Paris.

Ride over for more here.

Here in NYC, the Gotham West Market will be having screenings and events in celebration of Le Tour–here is more:

From the beginning, Gotham West Market was designed to be the destination for cyclists, and with this in mind, a month of programming kicks off this Saturday to celebrate the Tour de France, the crème de la crème of cycling events. From July 5 through July 27, cycling enthusiasts are welcome to bike on over and celebrate at the Market with daily screenings, special offers and of course, some healthy competition. More info below.

Screenings: Gotham West Market will air the race daily on their two projection screens starting at 8am. Special viewing tables will be reserved for those coming by to catch the action. For those who miss the live broadcast, the race will be aired again at 3pm daily inside NYC Velo. Additionally, the first person in the market to watch the Tour de France will get a complimentary Blue Bottle Coffee and Choza taco (tokens located in the viewing areas).

Perks: For those visiting the Market dressed cycling gear, The Cannibal will offer a selection of 2 for 1 beers, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams’ pop-up shop will upgrade cones and cups with an extra scoop of ice cream and El Colmado will offer a Contador and Valverde wine special in honor of the top-seeded Spanish riders.

NYC Velo: NYC Velo, the Market’s own bike shop and concierge will offer complimentary bicycle concierge starting at 7:45am daily and also offer 10% off storewide to shoppers who visits during the Tour de France.

Quizzes: Guests can test their cycling knowledge with Tour de France quizzes. Prizes include gift cards from Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop gift cards, ice cream trios from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, $20 tokens to The Brooklyn Kitchen and Genuine Roadside’s complimentary meal trading cards.

The Smart Bike Made In A Smart Lab By Samsung

The bicycle is a brilliant invention for its analog simplicity. Still that hasn’t stopped modern digital technology form “re-inventing the wheel.” There’s been a lots of advancements in accessories for bicycles such as rear cameras and the adaptation of smart phones and now Samsung takes a few of these developments and puts them into one bike. This global electronics company has created the Smart Bike, that can view rear traffic through a small camera and phone screen and create it’s own laser bike lanes to protect the rider.

This is part of a new Italian program sponsored by Samsung-Maestros Academy to bring new life into older crafts using technology.

Here is more from Fast CoExist Magazine:


By: Adele Peters


Here’s what you get when a smartphone manufacturer asks a master bike builder and a young apprentice to reimagine a better bicycle: A design that uses apps to cleverly make streets safer for cyclists.

The Samsung Smart Bike comes with a built-in phone holder on the handlebars; as you ride, you can look at a map or use the phone to stream footage from a camera at the back of the bike, so you can see if a car’s headed your way. As it gets dark, the phone automatically activates four laser beams–two in front, and two in back–to project a red “bike lane” on the street around you.

Read more: here.

Brooklyn Machine Works wins Red Bull Mini Drome 2

20140628-233943-85183675.jpg (photo by: JC Ramirez- Urban Cyclist Worldwide )

Friday night (6/27/14) was the Red Bull Mini Drome challenge in NYC. This event travels to cities all over the world and this was the second time around, held at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in Crown Heights.

Urban riders and fixed gear freestylers go head to head on a tiny wooden veledrome. Although its small, racers can get up to speeds of 25 mph, riding laps on ultra tight, banked curves. Very little room for error so the race is as much mental as physical.

This year was also a bit different with riders forming teams of two.




Here is a recap from Red Bull:
Hundreds of New Yorkers packed in the Brooklyn Masonic Temple tonight to see 100 of the top fixed gear cyclists rip on the world’s steepest and smallest velodrome for the return of Red Bull Mini Drome. For the second year in a row, 100 passionate fixed gear racers signed up to race in 10-lap heats around steep wooden banks, resembling a mini Olympic cycling track, in the center of one of Brooklyn’s oldest temples.

In an exciting team finish, local shop Brooklyn Machine Works teammates Darren Lee and Austin Horse edged out the Lockfoot shop duo to be crowned the competition’s 2014 team champions.


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Forged Rubber Tour Forges Ahead At Manhattan Chrome Store.

Chrome industries has a new line of shoes hitting the streets, made from an old-school manufacturing method. 70 year old that is.

I was lucky enough to receive a pair in advance and I’m loving them. Super comfortable on and off the bike.


These volcunized kicks are made from recycled machines found in Slovakia and were originally used to make army boots. Now they’ve been adapted by Chrome to make forged rubber sneakers, made individually by hand and maintaing Chrome’s values of making thoughtful, well-made products.

To get a better idea of the process Chrome is having a tour to show off the new shoes and how they are made:

Chrome HUB
238 Mulberry St.
NY, NY 10012

Tuesday, July 1st and and Wednesday, July 2nd
Public Unveiling of “Forged Rubber” Manufacturing
11am – 7pm


Biggest Track Riders On The Smallest Track, Red Bull’s Mini Drome Returns to NYC 6/27

Friday, June 27th, the Mini Drome is back with a vengeance in Brooklyn. Fixed gear riders will battle it out on the smallest track imaginable.

This time, there will be teams. The top 50 cycling teams (two riders each, 100 total riders) from across New York’s five boroughs and surrounding areas.

Last year this event was a real blast, watching urban racers and free stylers trying to figure out how to maintain momentum on a microscopic, severely banked wood track. All to the delight of the on looking crowd who packed this two level church space like a scene out of Escape from NY. I half expected Tina Turner to come out in some sort of chain mail dress and lead the chants of…”Two Men Enter, One Man leaves.”

Definitely, those participants who had experience in other cities (this is a traveling event) had a bit of an advantage since half the battle was knowing how the track worked. Since this is the second year for NYC, it should lend for some fierce competition.
Wythe Wall 2[2]

Here is press from Red Bull.

Although it’s only in its second year in NYC, this unique high octane race has quickly become a top cycling competition on the east coast bringing speed, balance and bravado together on a steep and shrunken velodrome, custom constructed to give competitors a treacherous challenge. Riders will reach speeds of 25 mph forcing them to test their mental stamina, technical precision and raw strength. Fifty teams of two riders have been invited to participate in this pinnacle fixed gear competition. Each rider will clock in heats of ten laps with the top eight combined teams advancing. The night will culminate in a showdown bracket of the top eight teams with one squad being crowned the 2014 Red Bull Mini Drome victors. There will also be an individual competition with riders going head-to-head with the better time advancing.

Tickets to the event are free and on a first come first serve basis. For more information visit:

Door Open at 7:00pm, Main event starts at 8:00pm

Brooklyn Masonic Temple
317 Clermont Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Attendance is free and 21+

Bicycle Film Festival 2014, June 25th-29th.


This week is the Bicycle Film Festival in it’s birthplace, New York City. June 25th-30th. A week’s worth of events beyond just movies, including parties, a gold sprints contest and an incredible art show that runs throughout the festival.

First up is the Joy Ride art show with works from street artist pioneer KAWS

and Chinese rebel Ai Weiwei.


Plus lots more:

Here is a quick rundown:

Wednesday-June 25th, 2014

Joy Ride Art Exhibit
Opening 6:00pm-8:00pm
Marlborough Broome Street
331 Broome St. @ Bowery St. Manhattan

Organized by Ed Spur & Brendt Barbur

Thursday-June 26th, 2014
Gold Sprints Party
East River Bar
97 South 6th St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Hosted by: Bike Stop Astoria and the Drop Crank Society.

Friday-Sunday, June 27th thru 29th, 2014
Bike Movies, Movies, Movies.
As always, all screenings take place at the Anthology Film Archives.
32 Second Ave,(at 2nd St.) NYC, 10003
(212) 505-5181

For a complete schedule and to buy individual tickets or a festival pass:

Here is a compilation trailer for the festival.

Other films this year include:

New Shoes From Chrome-Forged Rubber

Chrome makes rad shoes. I mean they make lots of great stuff-bags, hip packs, panniers and clothes, and have been doing so for decades. I really like the street footwear they been churning out. They’re shoes are ideal for urban riding, easily adapting from fitting into toe cages or foot straps and then operating as a comfortable sneaker, off the bike. Chrome also makes the same durable quality shoe with cleats for SPD adaptable pedals, cleverly desquised

On top of looking great and functioning well, San Francisco based Chrome industries goes out of their way to find sustainable ways of manufacturing their products not only with materials but also with the process. This definitely coincides with the individualized smaller market of cyclists who are more hyper aware of hand craftsmanship and just like the bicycle itself, analog solutions in the digital age.

In the times of 3D printing and insta-app design, Chrome is recycling 70 year old manufacturing for their latest line of shoes.

Hot off the presses is a new line called…Forged Rubber. Here’s a brief description:

Urban Mobility Gear Maker, Chrome Industries, Turns Modern Manufacturing Upside Down With New Individually Crafted Forged Rubber Sneakers

Our Forged Rubber sneakers are made by hand, one at a time, on 70-year-old machines we salvaged from Slovakia. Forged Rubber™ is a slower, more bombproof way to make vulcanized shoes. The rubber is harvested from nearby rubber tree farms and forged directly to the canvas upper at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a bond that is durable, a sole that is incredibly flexible, and a shoe that can survive the city. Chrome Forged Rubber™ is the most resourceful way to make the most durable city sneaker.

The benefit to you as the consumer–three new styles of shoe:

The forged rubber: Timur


The Mirko:


and the Dima:



Chrome will be showing off their process at their various HUB stores–
Chrome’s Forged Rubber Mobile Factory Tour brings making back to the people.
Chrome celebrates the craftsmanship behind their urban sneaker debut with its Forged Rubber Mobile Factory Tour, where one of the refurbished 70-year-old Slovakian Forged Rubber machines will travel to Chrome’s HUB stores in five cities, allowing more people to experience the hand-made manufacturing process in-person.

Where to see the Forged Rubber Mobile Factory Tour

Chrome HUB’s
•San Francisco – 6/20 – 6/21- 962 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110
•New York City – 7/1 – 7/2 – 238 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012
•Chicago – 7/11 – 7/12 – 1529 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
•Seattle – 7/18 – 7/19 – 1117 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
•Portland – 7/25 – 7/26 – 425 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

Check out the shoes: here.

And for more details a look book on issuu.

Win a free bike from Bird and Papillionaire

Need a great, fashionable commuter? Win a free bike from Brooklyn boutique Bird and Red Hook bike shop, Papillionaire


From Bird’s website:

Bird and Papillionaire are giving away two bicycles in our second annual Win a Bike Sweepstakes! Just enter your information in the fields below for your chance to win. The drawing will be held the first week of July and winners will be notified via email. We will also announce the winners via social media.
Click here for complete contest rules and conditions.

– Enter for your chance to win a Papillionaire bicycle!

Contest ends June 30th, 2014

Events for June-Time’s Up

A bunch of events for June taken from
Time’s Up calendar and monthly email:

There are some great bicycle related events here in June highlighting the diversity of NYC’s amazing cycling community, also a great social way to embrace the summer and experience New York City and beyond. Some of these are Time’s Up specific events, some we will be volunteering at and some are just plain awesome and need to be mentioned.

–Friday, June 20th-Take a ride out to Coney Island and experience the city’s closest beach, fire works and the Cyclone rollercoaster. A Time’s Up Event…Details below.

–Saturday, June 21st-The 10th annual Bicycle Fetish Day, hosted by the City Reliquary Museum. This event is an all day block party high-lighting and fetishizing human kind’s greatest invention…the Bicycle. There will be prizes awarded for a categories such as Best Vintage Bike, Best Mutant Bike and Best in Show. Havemeyer Street between Hope and Grand in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
city fetish day.

–Saturday, June 21st. Kick off the summer solstice in New York Punk rock style with pasties, glitter and nautical themes. The Mermaid Parade-Defending the honor of American Popular Culture. Come dressed as your favorite mermaid or King Neptune on the Boardwalk of Coney island. This years King and Queen are Mayor DeBlasio’s kids…Dante and Chaira. Parade begins at 1pm. Visit: for more info.

–Saturday, 21st-22nd. The Clearwater Festival, A two day music festival celebrating the life, music and vision of Pete and Toshi Seeger through environmentalism and sustainability. Croton Point Park, Croton-on-Hudson, NY…details below.

–Wednesday-Sunday, June 25th-29th. The Bicycle Film Festival. A week long event with a Dance Party, Art Show, Block Party and three days of movies about Bicycle culture.

On Going events:

Time’s Up! Movie Night!
Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

July 8th
The global income gap is given a stage and a spotlight by former US labor Secretary Robert Reich. The film follows him from fighting the good fight of information dispersal from Fox News to college campuses. Who knew the economic world order could be so funny.


SUPPORT TIME’S UP! Environmental Organization today by making a tax-deductible donation or becoming a member at


Time’s Up! is a 20-year-old nonprofit, grassroots environmental organization working to make New York City- and the world- a healthier and more sustainable place to live. All of our events and campaigns are free and open to the public- educational and fun bike rides, bike repair workshops, movie nights and presentations, community garden workdays and outreach, bike and public space advocacy and more.

Become a member at


Come join us for the rides, events and workshops listed below. Details follow the headlines.


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