Stolen Bike Alert-1990’s Celeste Green Bianchi

Christine Carson recently had her beloved Bianchi stolen which was given to her as a gift from a friend who passed away. Heartbreaking. The bike was stolen from the Williamsburg Waterfront Park on Monday (4/16) It was locked to a friends bike on the rack with a cable that was cut by the thief. The bike was an 1990’s Biachi Campione with their classic celeste green. All Shimano components, white dorcus saddle and camo (grey, white and black) cork tape on the handle bars. Michelin tires (Bianchi Blue)

She did not have a picture of her bike but submitted one that was close (different handle bar tape)

Unfortunately, it’s the season for bike theft, so be extra vigilant about how you lock up.

Any info on this bike:

Time’s Up polar bear ride-RESCHEDULED

A message from Time’s Up:

Hey Calling All Polar Bears and Polar Bear Supporters,

Because of rain imminent in the forecast for this Sunday we are rescheduling
our fantasical Polar Bear Ride for the following Sunday, April 29th…deets:

* Sunday, April 29, 2012
* 1:30pm
Union Square Park South

Ride in polar bear style and help raise awareness about global warming and
the many species it is driving to
extinction. Heelz on Wheelz will rock a Polar Bear Dance. Dress in white.

Nice work once again from Greg Ugalde.

Nice artwork by Greg Ugalde.

Seen on

Time’s Up Polar Bear Earth Day Ride this Sunday. (4/22/12)

Time’s Up Polar Bear Earth Day Ride.
Sunday, April 22nd

1:30pm-Union Square South, Manhattan.

Bike sharing is coming to NYC

That’s right! With highly successful programs in Washington DC (Capitalshare) and Boston (New Balance Hubway) Alta bike sharing is going to be a reality here in our town this summer.

They have a newly revised website: with details about where the potential 600 stations will be set up and a pricing guide for how it’s all going to work.

I jumped on the bandwagon already by setting up a social network site:

This will be a place for people to post their pictures and experiences using the new bike sharing program.

Friday-Ditmas Rides-Tonight

From your host: Rene Netter.

The weather is supposed to be getting much better starting tomorrow. So lets ride this Friday starting at 7 pm. We will meet at the Cortelyou branch of Library. Hope to see everybody soon. Best, Rene.

P.S.: We have a new Facebook page:

Rydesafe making a seen.

Brooklyn designer Anthony “Tonky” Clune wants to get noticed. He also wants cyclists to be seen so he’s got these great decal packs to dress up your bike to be highly visible to motorists and look like something out of Tron.

Here is a recent article from the Brooklyn Paper and thanks for the interview and shout out.

Red Hook cyclist will make your bike glow in the dark
By: Kate Briquelet
Published: 4/4/12

Brooklyn’s streets would be safer if all of the cyclists looked like extras from “Tron.”

That’s the vision of Anthony Clune, a Red Hook bike rider and designer who has created a reflective armor that transforms two-wheelers into glowing neon rides.

Bikes decked out in the decals resemble futuristic vehicles ripped from science fiction movies — and they’re certainly more visible to motorists.

“This will keep your brain inside your skull where it belongs,” said Clune, 31, who goes by the name Tonky. “It would be a dream come true if I could prevent an accident.”

Called RydeSafe, Tonky’s diamond-shaped stickers are made from the same heavy-duty decals used on emergency vehicles and they fit on frames, rims, seats and helmets — potentially illuminating more parts of bikes and their riders than lights.

Read more: here.

Congratulations to Tonky for reaching his fundraising goal on kickstarter.

21 cyclists killed last year, yet only two motorist arrests

Reporter Alex Goldmark, from does an investigative piece on the pitfalls of pursuing criminal charges against motorists who kill cyclists in NYC and the cultural landscape that is often too quick to blame the victim.

Killed While Cycling: Why So Few Fatal Bike Crashes Lead to Arrest in NYC
By: Alex Goldmark
Published: 4/8/2012
(A “bike lift” in silence during a memorial ride for killed cylists, March 2012 (Photo by Alex Goldmark)

Last year, 21 cyclists died in vehicle crashes in New York City. But only two drivers were arrested and local district attorneys are hard pressed to cite convictions for cyclist deaths. Instead, they say, cyclists and their advocates don’t understand how tough it is to call a traffic crash a crime.

As far as intersections go, Bowery and Delancey is a pretty big one, eight lanes cross six. It’s never really empty, not even at 1:30 in the morning. It was that time of night about four years ago when Rasha Shamoon was fatally struck there by a Range Rover while riding her bike home.

As is standard procedure in traffic deaths in New York City, the police arrived and treated the intersection as a crime scene. They interviewed the three people in the car, but no other witnesses were mentioned in the police report — several people had called 911 from the scene, but we’ll never know if they saw the crash or not. Police determined Rasha Shamoon caused the crash and let the driver go.

read more: here.

BTB sunglasses giveaway

Wanna look this cool for summer?


Hey it’s giveaway time here again. Just in time for warmer weather. This time it’s sunglasses courtesy of BTB sunglasses.

We’re giving away a pair of the BTB200 model.


BTB is a new brand of sunglasses started in part to fund their charity, the BTB Foundation. The mission of their foundation is to assist in the fight against childhood obesity.

You can get more info: here. A portion of every sale on the BTB Sunglasses website goes towards this cause.

BTB makes precession crafted lenses that are complete UVA & UVB protection.

Sporty models for Running and Golf and of course cycling.

These shades are durable. In fact, there bulletproof.

Visit them on twitter: @btbsunglasses.

Speaking of shades…

Ok the first person to give me the last name of this guy:

And the three years he won the Tour de France in the general classification, wins.

Send to my twitter feed. Good luck!

Bike Check! Bike Check. Critical Mass NYC tonight.

Critical Mass Tonight.

A message from:

No more fear #AmericanSpring is here!


7pm Union Square North

Bring lights, bells, whistles, cameras and knowledge of your rights.

Bring beautiful ideas on how to create safety, community and fun in the public streets of NYC. Tonight we gather in proximity of Occupied Union Square, the current front line in our shared battle for a future post-capitalism. Come out and show solidarity! No bike needed, you are free to march!

Expect Us!