September 2014
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Feminist cycling zine and blog

Elly Blue (@ellyblue) is a feminist cyclist and author of the zine, Taking the Lane. bicycling, economics, feminism, and other cultural commentary.

She recently inspired, Zöe Leverant (@iamhelsabot) to start the blog out of Portland, Oregon, dealing with similar subject matter.

Here’s a sample:

Elly Blue is a feminist writer and cyclist based in Portland, OR. I picked up the first issue of her zine Taking The Lane at the SF Zinefest two years ago. It compiles essays, letters and imagery about being a female cyclist and provided some of the inspiration for me to start this blog. You can buy back issues of the zine ($3) or subscribe ($12/year) at the link above. She also has a great take on the cycling gender gap, in which she argues that it’s economics, and not aesthetic issues, that’s really keeping women from being equally represented as cyclists in the US.

BX velodrome rollers benefit

20120116-125435.jpg(photo by: Suzanne DeChillo-NY Times)

Except for a few feature films and commercial shoots, the Kingsbridge Armory has remained mostly empty for more than a decade, but is a very hot and much anticipated property in the South Bronx.

There are new developments in the works as interested parties are working on proposals which must be submitted by March 22nd. The field has become more wide open mainly impart to some local politicians and an agreement by the city council and the national Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, as explained in this recent NY Times article.

One of these proposals is to build an indoor cycling velodrome which is being spearheaded by Michael Green of the Century Road Club Association (CRCA)

This is a huge boast for competitive cycling and to help raise funding there will be a rollers event January 19th.

More info here.

Activist Tech Demo

Learned about this through Time’s Up.

Activist Technology Demo Day

Saturday, January 28
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center

From Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, technology has played an important
role in shaping contemporary resistance and the representation of these
events in the media. What new tools of protest and occupation have emerged
over the past year? The Urban Research Group @ Eyebeam and The Public
School New York invite activists, technologists, artists, designers, and
community organizers who have a working prototype of an activist technology
to occupy a worktable at Eyebeam and share their work with the public. We
are curious about anything from the strategic use of social networking
sites to bicycle powered generators, instant architecture to anti-police
violence suits, real-time video streaming to counter-surveillance tools.
Our interest extends to the creative use of technology and designing its
social implications. This is an opportunity to meet with other makers with
similar interests. The day will culminate with a discussion with members of
the Urban Research Group and The Public School New York.

Want to participate? Please send a brief introduction and a URL for the
project to by January 20th. As desk space and
technology support are limited and we may not be able to accommodate all
projects. Selected participants will be notified by January 22nd.

Might be a great way to learn how to bring bike powered generators to your next occupation, like Time’s Up did for Zuccotti Park (before the cops tossed them in the garbage)


Learn more at this video.

Cog Magazine and Empire postcard contest

Here’s a sweet new contest I saw on NYC’s own bike maker and shop, Affinity Cycles blog.


“Crihs and Luke from Empire wanted to do a contest with COG magazine and myself to start the year off right. Rather than taking the easy route, as per the norm these days, the guys got creative and set up a pretty rad contest. The rules are above, so read them carefully and please, take your time with this one. It’s gonna be rad!”

Also posted on Prolly (one of the contest judges)

Friday the 13th alley cat part 6

Today, part 6 of the Friday the 13th alley cat series hosted by @stonytonenyc (Stone Tone) of NYC mess kings.

6 PM
Tompkins Sq. Park-NYC

Haunted NYC landmarks, prizes, etc.
Ends at the Wreck Room in Brooklyn, 940 Flushing Ave.


Five borough bike tour lottery ticketing

Bike NYC announces a new change in it’s tickets to the largest group ride in America, a lottery system.

Here is a New York Times article explaining how the TD five borough bike tour has changed its policy partly due to the popularity increase of cycling in NYC.

Bike Tour’s Popularity Leads to Changes
By: Christine Haughney
Published: January 10th, 2012

20120111-131706.jpg(photo caption: Five Boro Bike Tour participants waiting for the Staten Island Ferry in 2003. Photo by: Mary DiBaise Blaich for the New York Times)

Given the Bloomberg administration’s continued push to have the city become more hospitable to bicyclists, it should come as little surprise that the TD Five Boro Bike Tour has grown in popularity — almost to its own detriment.

Last year, the registration period lasted all of 24 hours, freezing out many who had wanted to participate. And once the event began, about 3,000 riders were stranded for hours in a major bicyclist bottleneck on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Read the article here.

Market to Market Ride-the Birdwheel

You know me, I love events. Here’s an upcoming cool shopping/recycling group ride from the birdwheel blog who brings you great in depth articles like the inside scoop on cargo bikes, and why it’s important to support your local bike shop.


Market to Market Ride

(it’s long been a secret, but we’re here to let you know that YES people DO actually ride bikes in the winter)

Join us to shop locally and sustainably & get rid of “stuff” as we #bikenyc Market to Market! Or just come along for the camaraderie…we’re a pretty friendly bunch. You’re always guaranteed to make new friends.

We will be making stops at the following locations:

Meet USQ at noon. Departure at 12:30pm

- Union Square (You can bring old clothes/textiles & compost to the Union Sq location for recycling.
- McCarren Park (here’s info on E-waste event at McCarren Park.

- Artists and Fleas
– Brooklyn Flea

Can’t join us for the entire ride? You can meet us along the way! RSVP and let us know and we will accommodate. Many thanks to GrowNYC for a complimentary cup of hot cider at Union Square.




Alleycat in DC

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are ..” – Ernest Hemingway– Saw this on Cycleangelo blog today and reminded me of the great experience of travel and biking.

DC Alleycat races are always a blast. The courier community always knows how to put on a good show and for out-of-towners it’s always a great way to see the city.

Here is an upcoming night race to benefit RVA’s NACCC.


from their Facebook page:

Washington DC’s late night alleycat is back!

Registration will be at the Looking Glass Lounge starting @ 8 PM. Enjoy awesome food, a $5 Jim Beam + Natty Boh special and stay warm before the race!

The main event starts @ 10 PM and will take you on a cold, long, tough course thru our nations capitol. First place will get a custom Seagull bag, and there will will be prizes for First Fixed and First Out of Town as well.

A killer after party will follow with a huge raffle to benefit our friends putting on the NACCCs in Richmond. More details on that later.

Cost to race will be $10 and will include a free FoF2 t-shirt!

Oh, and if you plan on racing you may want to bring a front light…trust us!

Stay updated at:

And their facebook event page.

Cinelli Frame x Sophia Maldonado

Sofia Maldonado is a well known graffiti artist with a hip-hop style and a keen female sensibility. She also has a thing for bikes. Just to keep video Friday going, check out this one about how Sofia rocks this Cinelli frame.

Cinelli by Sofia Maldonado from B W on Vimeo.


Video Friday, 1/6/12

Oh yeah, It’s video time.

Seems like there is a lot of footage of Cyclocross around this time. Maybe cause, tis the season for getting down and dirty in the mud!

Like for instance, the UCI world Championships in Belgium. Videographer, Laurent Charras of Petitesreines has really captured some stunning footage. Here are a couple of great mini docs.

4ème Manche de CDM cyclo-cross from Petitesreines on Vimeo.

5ème Manche de CDM cyclo-cross from Petitesreines on Vimeo.

Did you miss that? Here is some more forward and reverse action.

Forget Cyclocross, too competitive? the Bike Jerks, out of Minneapolis, want you to know about Bandit Cross. Taking the sport back to it’s roots, less aggressive, more fun and more about community building. Here is a trailer form a documentary their working on:

Bandit Cross: Ruining It For Everybody Trailer from Quality Bicycle Products on Vimeo.

Speaking of getting back to their roots. Here are a few from the glory days of alleycat racing. Found this one posted by Jed Kornbluh, 1999, NYC-Angel Race. Shot by Peter Sutherland of Pedal fame.

Then Squid added this jem on Urban Cyclist Worldwide. Here is a great history lesson on Alleycats.

Here is a little year in review by our pals over at out of Seattle. A little video scrapbook of 2011, freestyle fixed gear cuts.

ZLOG Crew-Year In Review from chris clappe on Vimeo.

And from Grime Bikes:

Im out here from Christian Hamrick on Vimeo.

Wanna make your own Zoetrope? Just add a little strategic paper to a bike wheel and Presto!

as seen on Urban Cyclist Worldwide.

Ok, this one is just too cute for words…kids on a cargo bike…love it!

Cargobike Joy from CinematiQ on Vimeo.

The latest from on street bicycle parking in Brooklyn.

A real classic, Colnago Mexico circa 1985…ah, drool.

Colnago Mexico from Big Col on Vimeo.

Soon all the videos are going to turn into snow footage, right? Here is a little promo video from swallow bicycle works, a new bike shop coming to Loveland, Ohio, for the last days of good riding. (seen on AHTBM)

Ride On from Swallow Bicycle Works on Vimeo.

Here are a couple of short films:

(Seen on Urban Velo)
How bike clubs get started…

Man Man “Piranhas Club” from Lex Halaby on Vimeo.

I found a bike today.

More videos–
Amolador is the portuguese word for grinder, or knife sharpener. These skilled knife sharpeners push their bikes through the streets, playing a distinctive tune on pan flutes to signal their presence.
Their bikes serve as a mobile workshop, with a sharpening stone mounted on the top tube, a tool box strapped to the back, and umbrellas draped over the handlebars.

Knife Man (Amolador) from mattquann on Vimeo.

Life in a Velodrome, some insight with the Wilayah Persekutuan Track Team.

Life in Velodrome from shamilashraf on Vimeo.

The rising popularity of track bike criteriums. Here is one in Barcelona.

La Gran Masacre 2 from Narf Studio on Vimeo.

“JAKARTARCK”, a semi-documentary film about the story behind the early scene of fixed gear community and culture in Jakarta, Indonesia.

JAKARTARCK-BFF2011 Edition from Sinema Sepeda on Vimeo.

The 3rd Annual Pedal Savvy Fashion took place on Nov 12th & 13th at the 4th Annual San Francisco Bike Expo. The Fashion Show featured various innovative looks and special guest appearances by Ryan Leech and The Original Scraper Bike Team. Many thanks to our sponsors Nutcase Helmets, Fydelity, ONE Coconut Water and Portland Design Works. For more information, please visit and >/i>

2011 Pedal Savvy Fashion Show from SF Bike Expo on Vimeo.

and a few for the BMX crowd,

Callan Stibbards – Welcome from The Set on Vimeo.


Jimmy Rushmore, Clint Reynolds, Robbo & Louie ‘Bambi’ Mire pack up and head out with Coxie and Dye from Santander in the North of Spain and trek all the way down to Malaga in the far South.
Clint Reynolds managed to smash his hip into bits real early on the trip, but still hobbled around like a trooper with some crutches salvaged by Coxie.
Brief cameo by Ruben Alcantara on his huge dirt quarter in Malaga.

Bicycle Union: Circling Spain from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.