D.O.T. Sharing bike info on bike sharing

Here’s an article on NYC’s upcoming bike sharing program and how you can get involved.

New York City bike sharing: coming this summer
By: Channtal Fleischfresser
Published: January 30, 2012


This summer, New York City will launch a bike sharing program featuring 10,000 new public bicycles at 600 bike sharing stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The idea is that each bike station would be no more than 1,000 feet away from the next one, so New Yorkers between 79th Street and northwest Brooklyn would not have to walk far to find the closest station.

The good news is that individual neighborhoods can decide where bike stations will go, and they are looking to residents for guidance. Over the next two months, the Department of Transportation (DOT) will hold community planning workshops in the relevant neighborhoods, and residents are encouraged to attend to help determine where to place the bike stations.

The first of these meetings is scheduled for this Tuesday, January 31, to determine the placement of stations in Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, and Clinton. See the New York City Bike Share timeline to see when your neighborhood’s meeting will be held.

The DOT is also asking for input on its website: residents can suggest locations for bike share stations and indicate why they’d be good spots for sharing stations.


Pictures from Fixt of Fury.

Pictures of DC’s Fixt of Fury 2 alley cat race, by Kevin Dillard of DemonCats.


Check out the slideshow here. (works great with music on mobile devises too.)

Bike Nashbar Giro d’Italia

Wanna win a trip to Italy for stages 19 & 20 of the 2012 Giro d’Italia?


Mega bike catalog Bike Nashbar, is having a contest:

Create an original video telling them why you should go and upload it to their contest app starting February 6th.

Keep following at their Facebook page:

Events in February

In Minneapolis, one of the longest running and generally the first alley cat of the year.

Stupor Bowl 15


And in Bristol UK, the 2012 Redbull Hill Chaser


Red Bull Hill Chasers will see 16 elite and 16 amateur cyclists from BMX, mountain bike, road cycling and fixed-gear compete in a series of gruelling head-to-head knockout rounds on the unforgiving incline. Riders will be paired randomly giving amateur riders the chance to compete against the elite. Look out for some big name competitors!

Fined out more at

Ghostbikes for sale?

Just saw this (forwarded on twitter by Limb_0)

Ghost bikes for sale? WTF?

I’m hoping this is a joke?


Velodrome in the Bronx?

ABC News story on proposals for the Kingsbridge Armory including a new Velodrome.


City reopens proposals for Kingsbridge Armory site
Friday, January 27, 2012

NEW YORK (WABC) — Military use of the Bronx Kingsbridge Armory ended in 1996, and since then, it has sat vacant.

A plan to convert it to a retail mall was rejected a few years ago, but now, the city has re-opened the proposals.

The armory was built in 1910 with an interior so large, you could fire a cannon at one end and not hit the other end. It’s that kind of size that is both a positive and a negative when it comes to finding a company or an organization to take it over.

Read the article here. {video}

Ladies, get ready for bike month

Nona Varnado of The Bird Wheel organized a whole program of events geared (get it) for the ladies during May’s Bike Month.

This year she’s at it again and looking for submissions:


OPEN CALL: Ladies Biking Events For Bike Month NYC
The Ladies Program:
A Diverse Series Of Events Aimed At Promoting Cycling, Community, Education & Good Times.

Are You A Local NYC Based Organizer-Type Who Wants To Put On A Bicycling Themed Event?

Last years events included movies night, introduction workshops, maintenance and manicures, garden parties, fashion events, comedy & burlesque and rides. This year we’re aiming to make it more diverse and involve more organizations. Shops, clubs, groups and individuals are all encouraged to respond with ideas or availability. Not the organizer type? Volunteers are needed to help make things awesome. It’s basically the most fun you can have in May.

Submit ideas, availability or any help you can lend.


Op-Ed on fairness of investigating traffic fatalities

Here is a great Op-Ed piece from the Drum Major Institutes, Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein about the recent case with killed cyclist Mathieu Lefevre. The author looks at why this tragic fatality was not treated in the same fairness as another accident involving a woman in midtown elevator and how to move forward in treating traffic deaths more seriously.

End the Culture of Accepting Traffic Deaths

by: Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

In December, a horrific elevator accident killed a young executive named Suzanne Hart in Midtown Manhattan. The city’s response was swift and firm: the Department of Buildings quickly inspected all 650 elevators owned or maintained by the company involved, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office also launched a criminal investigation into the botched maintenance work.It was a horrible incident necessary of a thorough investigation.

Two months earlier, another horrible incident resulted in the death of a young New Yorker. However, the difference between the city’s responses to both incidents is stark and shocking.

In October, Mathieu Lefevre was struck and killed by a truck while commuting home on his bicycle in an industrial part of East Williamsburg. The truck driver left the scene.

The NYPD tracked down the driver that struck Lefevre a few days later, the truck having been found parked a few blocks away. The driver claimed he never felt the collision and was unaware that the incident took place.

No charges were filed against the driver and the NYPD brought the investigation to a close, falsely concluding with the notion that Lefevre had run a red light.

It wasn’t until after being threatened with a lawsuit by the victim’s family that the NYPD released the file of the investigation. This is when certain facts of the incident became known: investigating officers were unable to take pictures of the incident because of a faulty camera (no camera phones, I suppose); and video footage from a private security camera captured the incident, showing that the truck driver struck Leferve while making a right hand turn without signaling. This video proved that Lefevre did not run a red light and makes it difficult to believe that the driver was unaware that the collision took place.

But one especially eerie detail stands out: the NYPD had taken pictures of the victim’s family while attending a rally in support of better enforcement of traffic laws. It was in the file.

Why was the city’s response to these two tragedies so different? There is a general culture that simply accepts traffic deaths as a way of life; this is a culture of acceptance. Traffic deaths are, after all, common. One New Yorker dies roughly every 35 hours in a traffic incident.

Read the rest here.

Velojoy, tips on bike cleaning

Susi, over at Velojoy has a new contributor.

Velojoy welcomes new contributor Susan Lindell, director of retail operations and chief “wrench” for Recycle-A-Bicycle in Brooklyn. Susan’s monthly posts will help keep you in the know about the basics of bike maintenance and mechanics.

20120127-125330.jpg(photo by: Velojoy)

Find out some great tips for cleaning a bike, especially with grime filled winter on its way.

Read more here.

Video Friday-1/27/12

Spanning the globe, well more like the internet, to bring you random bicycle related videos.

First off, as seen on Urban Cyclist Worldwide.

Freestyle fixed, rodents and getting grimmy on the streets. Bmore Fixed has a new website and presents, BMFXD Druids Path, a highlight reel of riding hard in downtown Baltimore.

BMFXD Druids Path from Colin Foster on Vimeo.

Check out Toronto bike shop, Bikesonwheels. Here’s a little promo.

Bikes On Wheels “Be Mighty” from Stuart A. McIntyre on Vimeo.

**Bonus, Here are some winter cycling tips, from their blog.

If you’ve got lots of free time, watch a 17 minute bike polo match from the 2011 hardcourt championships, Seattle. Iron Ponies vs Call Me Daddy.

Iron Ponies vs Call Me Daddy from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Skull Ride Dortmund, Germany:

and keeping with the bike polo, check out winterfest 2012. Find out more,

Bike Polo Winterfest 2012 from Arturs Pavlovs on Vimeo.

Boston’s own daredevil helmet camera master Lucas Brunelle and courier Kevin Porter interviewed about high speeds and world wide travel for a local Boston news program.

A couple of BMX videos:

Lucas Porzio for Profile Racing, 7 days in Tampa.

Lucas Porzio: 7 days in Tampa. from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

and Nigel Sylvester and the Animal Bikes crew, going off at Rampworx Liverpool
s UK, indoor skate park.

Animal Bikes Tour 2011 at Rampworx from Rampworx Skatepark on Vimeo.

Seen on John Prolly, Brazilian crew Tr3e Cycles, embarks on a track bike ride from Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre.

GIRO 1300 – Teaser from tre3e cycles on Vimeo.

Kelli from Golden Saddle Cyclery in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

CBNC for Rudy’s from ace carretero on Vimeo.

A little insight Independent Fabrications new facility in New Hampshire.

Independent Fabrication from Logan Hodson on Vimeo.

A Night at the Velodrome, from the vimeo page: A video collage of the recent US vs Canada track event at the Home Depot Velodrome in Carson, CA.

A Night at the Velodrome from Spazzkid on Vimeo.

Cyclocross in Belgium

Stoemper in Belgium from Stoemper on Vimeo.

Artsy footage SURFACE

S U R F A C E from Sam Clifford-Harding on Vimeo.

Fixed gear marathon

Fixed Gear Marathon 2012 Teaser from Street Squad on Vimeo.

A short of Ian Killick, downhill riding in the desert.

Although a ways off, (May 5th) a little promo for the 2012 Giro d’Italia.

Downhill, the director’s cut of the Descent 2.

Redbull Joy Ride, Kokanee Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival 2011.

GoPro HD: Kokanee Crankworx 2011- Red Bull Joyride from GoPro on Vimeo.

Promo video for Time’s Up upcoming Valentine’s Day ride and party.

Seen on Urban Velo.

And they say it couldn’t be done. A pedal powered talk show. From Urban Velo: “The first episode of the newly coined Pedal Powered Talk Show is live, featuring Daniel Baldwin of all people. The entire studio setup is built into a cargo bike, and everything is pedal powered allowing on-site production no matter how remote the location. Links to episodes 2 and 3 and besides the scenes photos are available at”