50K tickets for cyclists in 2011

So just exactly do we quantify all the harassment of cyclists in 2011 in their “Operation Safecycle?”

Alex Goldmark of the blog, Transportation Nation had this report:

NYPD Issued Almost 50,000 Bicycle Tickets in 2011

The NYPD doled out 48,556 summonses to bike riders in 2011. That figure was reported by Executive Officer of the Transportation Bureau, John Cassidy at a hearing held by the NY City Council Wednesday on NYPD policies for traffic investigations.

About 250,000 people ride a bike each day in New York city, and about 500,000 ride at least several times a month, according to the New York City Department of Transportation.

At the start of last year the New York Police Department cracked down on cyclists breaking traffic laws. Bike community protests erupted, compromise was gingerly reached, and outrage faded. The pace of ticketing, however, did not abate.

By the end of 2011, police handed cyclists 13,743 moving violations — those are for less serious infractions like riding on pedestrian-only paths in parks, or riding on a sidewalk. Most of the summonses last year — about 35,000 — were the more serious criminal court summonses for infractions like running red lights.

By comparison, Cassidy said the NYPD’s specialized truck enforcement units issued about 25,000 tickets to truck drivers.

Read more: here.

Adele, Now what?

Congratulations to UK pop sensation Adele for winning 6 Grammys. Now what?

(seen on Transportation Nation.)

NYPD grilled about investigation of Cyclist Death

This Wednesday (2/16/12) morning was a meeting of the City Council Transportation Committee: NYPD Accident Response & Enforcement.” The hearing was lead by ongoing investigation of slain cyclist Mathieu Lefevre.

Time’s Uplead a bike ride to the event and was on hand for the proceedings.

Times up volunteer Barbara Ross filed this report:

“Thanks Joe and Keegan for rolling out of bed early morning so we can start the ride at the crash site, Laurie for putting the call out and Ben & Keegan for writing up the testimony and release with lightning speed.

The hearing was amazing. The NYPD’s lack of knowledge when answering such basic questions from the City Council members was revealing. The packed audience were stunned and evidence of corruption was out there in the open for all to see. The stories of the ordeal the family members of the victims had to endure working with the NYPD while dealing with a death of a loved one caused everyone in the room to get very emotional.

Time’s Up! was represented at the hearing with over 7 of us and they allowed me to tape most of the testimony of the NYPD and victim’s family. We really really need editors. Peter and I got so much great footage but we just don’t have time to put it out there. Keep you ears open for editors. I put the footage on-line of Erika Lefevre’s full testimony, mother of Mathieu Lefevre, the cyclist killed by a motor vehicle last year. She flew in from Montreal to expose the horrendous job NYPD did on the investigation of her son’s death.

Brooklyn Paper article. story.

Turnin 8

February marks the 8th year I’ve been running this blog. Not sure of the exact date but things have come along way since the days of ranting about critical mass back on blogger in 2005.

Thanks to all who have supported me through the years, given me advice, ridden with me and supported this site. Much more to come in the future.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line and let me know you’re out there and how I’m doing.

Stone Tone in SF-throwin an alleycat

Stone Tone of NYC Messkings is heading to San Francisco in two weeks and will be throwing an alleycat.

718 cyclery video-The Inverted Bike Shop

Lately I’ve been holding off on videos until Friday. I received this one made by Peter Crosby and just couldn’t wait. This is about one of my favorite bike shops in NYC, where you really become involved in the creation of your perfect ride.
From the film maker:

Amongst the multitude of bike shops across Manhattan and Brooklyn, 718 Cyclery stands out for their unique approach to the business. This is the “inverted bike shop”.

This video was filmed and edited by Peter Crosby for Show Love. Contact Peter at

The Inverted Bike Shop from Show Love on Vimeo.

Bike Hugger at SXSW, mobile Socials

Since we’re talkin SXSW, Seattle based will also be on hand in Austin, TX with their mobile socials, also teaming up with Tern Bicycles and others.

Here is a description of one of their events.

Mobile Social SXSW: Party People(photo by: hugger industries)

SXSW 12 with Social Cycling ATX and Tern

Event: SXSW 2012
When: March 11, 2012, 5-7PM
Where: Austin, Texas
Who: SXSW Attendees, Austin Locals, cyclists
RSVP now at Facebook |

Double the MoSo this year. We’re riding together twice. This is the second one with Social Cycling ATX and Tern. The first one is on Saturday and and ends up at Mellow Johnnys

We represent the intersection of bikes, technology and culture at SXSW. Join us for our annual social ride(s) with SXSW attendees and Social Cycling ATX. We’ll ride, blog, party. Meet at Brush Square Park, across the street from the Convention Center.


Meet at Brush Square Park, across the street from the Convention Center.

For more on their events schedule, check it out: here.

Tern Bicycles offers bike sharing at SXSW

Maker of popular foldis-ups Tern Bicycles are planning on offering bike sharing at this years SXSW.

Presenting SXcycles.

Here is a press release:


Tern Bicycles and SXSW Announce Festival’s First-Ever Bike Share Program

February 14, 2012 — Los Angeles — Urban transport specialist, Tern Bicycles, and Austin’s SXSW, announce the conference’s first ever bike share program while serving as its exclusive cycling industry partner. Dubbed “SXcycles,” the bike share program will be available Friday, March 9, through Tuesday, March 13, from 9:00am until 2:00am. SXSW-Interactive features five days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging technology.


With a Tern Link D8, SXSW-Interactive attendees can leave buses and taxis behind while cruising through the sights and sounds of Austin, dropping in to different venues around town on a whim.

“SXSW-Interactive is an amazing event but it can get pretty hairy looking for a cab or parking when hundreds of people all need transport to a different venue at the same time,” said Steve Boyd, head of Tern in North America. “Our goal with SXcycles is to let people see how convenient, fun, and fast it is to get around by bike. Austin is an amazing cycling town and our hope is that if attendees enjoy their bike trips in Austin, they’ll think about incorporating more bike trips when they get home.”

One hundred and fifty Tern Link D8’s will be available for SXSW-Interactive attendees with “Interactive,” “Film,” “Gold,” and “Platinum” badges. Bikes will be available on a first come, first serve basis but riders can pre-register with their information on to save time waiting for their Tern.

A bike with the perfect gearing for the city (8 speeds, 32″ – 85″ gear inches), a quick 10 second fold-to-unfold turnaround time, and zippy 20-inch wheels makes the Link D8 a versatile urban cycling solution. Each SXcycle rider will receive a Link D8 along with a helmet, a lock, as well as BioLogic front and rear lights, Portage Rack, and Commute bag for stowing laptops, tablets, and other festival necessities.

In addition, Tern will team up with Guerilla Cyclewerx, a collective of mobile mechanics who will be available to assist with flat tires, bike swaps, and other minor repairs on the road (full repair services will be available at the main rental area across the street from the Austin Convention Center). Providing the front end service is Austin Bike Tours And Rentals (ABTAR), Austin’s go-to bike tour guide and rental company.

NBBL appeal judge on PPW bike lane

With 60 degree winters and scientifically proven man made climate change, one possible epitaph for the human race could read:

“We tried to become more environmentally conscious. Take things like putting in more bike lanes so more people who feel safe to ride their bikes and thus reduce CO2 emissions. But alas, that just wasn’t convenient for a few rich neighbors…so oh well.”

Too negative?

Well if you thought making significant changes to make NYC more environmentally friendly would come easy, meet this crew.


Looks like the fight for the Prospect Park West bike lane hasn’t completely come to a halt. These people want to appeal the judges decision and weld their power and influence over very helpful infrastructure for making NYC healthier, safer and cleaner.

Here is a recent article from Streetsblog about the appeal, by Ben Fried.

Like a reanimated corpse, the PPW bike lane lawsuit is stumbling on a little while longer, as NBBL appeals Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Bert Bunyan’s dismissal of the case. The surreal part of the spectacle this time around is that bike lane opponents are basically repeating what they said last year, even though their own correspondence has since revealed that they knew claims in the lawsuit had no merit. Who needs merit when you just want to fire some heavy artillery in the political attack against DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan?

Read the whole story here.

And another article in the Brooklyn Paper.

SSCY’s collaboration has new colors.

A collaboration has new colors:

New Bandolier Colors & Chari and Co. Collaboration

First off we here at SSCY want to say thank you for the amazing response to our first product, the Bandolier. It’s great to have an idea and then make it real, but it’s a whole other thing to have people respond so positively to it.

Now we are excited to introduce our new colors for the Bandolier: Fire Red, Beige Sand, the staple Coal Black, and a special limited edition Midnight Navy with reflective accents in collaboration with the world famous NYC bike boutique Chari & Co.



Like any good creative, we have other ideas and products in development. We can’t reveal much except that there is a new bag in the works and we think it’s going to fill another gap in your needs as someone who is always ready for the next spontaneous jaunt or about to cross out the next item on your to-do list.

As always the bags are designed and made with great pride in Brooklyn, New York.

Chilling with you in the winter,