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Veloviernes Febrero
by: Bikercko
the skinny: Live from Guatemala’s emerging bike scene.
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New York City’s Most Untalented Bike Thief
by: AnimalNewYork
the skinny: Terrible bike abuse from the world’s worst bike thief.
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New York City’s Most Untalented Bike Thief from on Vimeo.

EPIC Evel Knievel Bicycle commercial
by: spuzzlightyeartoo
the skinny: such a great commercial
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Fat Tire Farm
by: James Wilson
the skinny: (from Urban Velo)This video was sent to us via Amanda Sundvor from 21st Ave bicycles who seem to be doin’ it all right, so much so that Fat Tire Farm, their “sister shop”, took a page from their promotional book and made this shop video. Granted, it’s not necessarily urban-centric, but I’m diggin’ bike shops using the availability of video to get their name out there. Imagine how difficult it would be for our favorite shops to promote themselves if they were still relegated to buying television commercial space.

Fat Tire Farm from James Wilson on Vimeo.

#legendaryride; Bicykillers take Santa Monica
by: BlackburnDesign
the skinny: In this video, Blackburn teams up with the @Bicykillers as they take a legendary night ride through the streets of Los Angeles and the Santa Monica mountains. Not deterred by darkness but rather inspired by it, these cyclists step into another dimension along with good friends, abundant passion and of course, bright lights.
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Highway To Franco. A reckless journey
by: LAB8
the skinny: ”..A trip from Milano to Barcelona on fixed gear bikes? Ready alè let’s go ! ! ! Go finding that punk of Franco!”
HighWayToFranco was born.

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Highway To Franco . A reckless journey from LAB8 on Vimeo.

Simple Dream
the skinny: A short documentary film directed by Roman Neimann and Andzei Matsukevits.
Produced by Risto and Mario Kalmre. Following the dream-come-true story of an aspiring local BMX-rider Kristjan Aasmäe, the short film brings out the contrasts between the world famous wintertime BMX- and skateboarding event Simple Session in Estonia and the country’s own BMX-scene.

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SIMPLE DREAM (a short documentary) – online premiere! from Simple Session on Vimeo.

MASH Tuesday AM Ride
by: Mash Transit Productions
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Snowballs last chance in Hell rally
by: J.R.Hunter
the skinny: 18th Annual Snowballs last chance in Hell rally….Every February in Minneapolis.
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Snowballs last chance in Hell rally from J.R.Hunter on Vimeo.

The Tortoise and the Hurl
by: Speed Hound Bikes
the skinny: Who’s faster? A red-footed tortoise named Norman, or Tom ‘Hurl’ Everson of Cars-R-Coffins fame?

BMX time.

Volume Bikes: Mike Mastroni from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

POND 69bmx X AMP Bkk. from RONIN29. on Vimeo.

Matt Houck from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

San Antonio Sessions
by: Nike BMX
the skinny: Drop the Nike BMX team off in a city filled with rad spots and you get a ton of incredible riding. Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, and Nigel Sylvester throw down lines in this video that you will not believe.

For more information check out
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Leandro_Moreira – Bike_Check from Wellington Utida on Vimeo.

by: Mario Left
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INDEREQ BMX 2012 from Mario Left on Vimeo.

Danny MacAskill Insight 2012 – presented by Lezyne
by: theLezyneTube
the skinny: Profile of street trials rider Danny Macaskill. Using his new Lezyne Engineering tools, Danny Macaskill re-visits his old job, in the workshop of MacDonalds Cycles in Edinburgh Scotland and chats over his rise to success and how life has changed.

Some classic Giro d’Italia footage:

London International Invitational
by: Chan
the skinny: Highlights video from the 1st London International Invitational Bike Polo Tournament. A showcase of the best teams from around Europe, as part of the London Bike Show at the Excel Centre.
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London International Invitational 2012 from Chan on Vimeo.

North American Hand Built Bicycle Show-2012-March 2nd-4th

North America’s greatest bike builders are converging on California for this years:

The North American Hand Built Bicycle Show.

This year the grand event runs from March 2nd-March 4th in Sacramento California.

Find out more here.

For great coverage, check out:

Urban Velo.


Monster Track 2012-Numero 13

Underground sporting events are an integral part of the NYC bike culture and nothing exemplifies this in a more profound way then the annual Monster Track alleycat race. This event celebrates the fixed gear and is often called NYC’s track bike holiday. It draws riders from all over the world to test their skills in open traffic on a bikes with no handbrakes allowed. I’ve always been drawn to this race and wrote an in depth story for Urban Velo magazine back in 2010.

Here is a little reminiscing from one of the races pioneers JC Ramirez (aka Track King 2012) and creator of the urban biking social netork:
(photo: JC Ramirez-Left, Victor Ouma-Right)

“I did get a messenger job to my friend Johnny aka Snake more than a decade ago
We got our first track bike at the same time.
We talk about making a exclusive Track Bicycle alleycat after a July 4 race
In the year 2000 it became a reality with over 50 hardcore messengers riders, Monster Track was born
In the year 2003 I took over the race after Snake moved out of NYC; I did bring my best friend Victor to the game.
We created the base of a culture with the hardcore race and the freestyle tricks that evolve year by year after us.
Now there is racers all over the world and the track freestyle is stronger than ever.
What ever happen in the future, don’t forget the originator of the game, we made history in the Track Culture and freestyle.
13 years later here we are, come join us and have the best time of your life.
Be safe, Wear helmet and Stay Strong.”

Jc Ramirez aka Track King 2012.

Monster Track 13 will be, March 10th, 2012.

Registration is from 12pm-4pm @ Affinity Cycles 616 Grand St.-Brooklyn.
Photos will be taken by Takuya Sakamoto
Race starts at 4:30pm sharp Grand Army Plaza, Williamsburg Bridge-Brooklyn Side
After Party and Awards-TBD

There is a pre-event at the Chrome Store, March 8th.

The Commentator, documentary project by BFF’s Brendt Barbur


Brendt Barbur, the illustrious creator of the world famous Bicycle Film Festival, is going beyond just curating great bike movies, he’s making one of his own.

The documentary project is called the Commentator and takes an in depth look at Jorgensen Leth who created the legendary sports film: “A Sunday in Hell.” back in 1976.


More about the project:

THE COMMENTATOR revisits A SUNDAY IN HELL, legendary filmmaker Jorgen
Leth’s 1976 cycling masterpiece about the Paris-Roubaix one-day race.
The original film followed the spring classic across the cobbled
French countryside. THE COMMENTATOR will retrace those steps and
follow the race with Jorgen as he announces the 2012 Paris-Roubaix for
television. We will also capture the race from the perspective of the
staff, fans and athletes.

We are fortunate to have a great crew for this project. We’re a team
of friends, and are coming together to celebrate cycling on one of its
biggest stages, as well as to honor the man who helped popularize the
Paris Roubaix. Jorgen memorably screened A SUNDAY IN HELL at a sellout
show for the first Bicycle Film Festival in 2001. Almost everyone on the
crew has participated in the BFF.

The team includes director Brendt Barbur, a producer, curator and
founding director of the Bicycle Film Festival, and famed
documentarian Albert Maysles who will be filming Jorgen Leth in the
trademark style that he lent to his films GREY GARDENS, GIMME SHELTER,
and MUHAMMAD AND LARRY. Our team of photographers and filmmakers is
world class, featuring cycling and surf luminaires Brian Vernor and
Patrick Trefz, as well as former Colors Magazine creative director and
celebrated photographer Stefan Ruiz. Ace producer Laura Coxson of
Maysles Films is also on board. Our film will be scored by iconic New
York rock band Blonde Redhead.

To support this project and pledge funds at their kickstarter page, go here.

Famous bikers arrested #F29

Two outstanding members of our bike community were arrested today in a massive protest against corporate America being titled #F29.

I saw this on twitter:

and this from Alison Kilkenny of Citizen Radio20120229-140734.jpg

Joe Sharkey (@critmasspanic) of NYC World Naked Bike Ride and Time’s Up volunteer Monica Hunken were nabbed outside of the Phizer headquarters on 43rd and 3rd.

I salute your tired vigilance for fighting for local issues such as free assembly and the big scale battles of corporate greed of the OWS movement.

Today’s action is reported here. in the New York Times cityroom blog.

The main focus of #F29 is in solidarity with Occupy Portland who has turned its attention on ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council) a non profit group made up of some of the largest profit making corporations.

Find out more

Here is a short video:

20120229-135841.jpg(photo caption: Protesters outside Pfizer’s headquarters on Wednesday morning. Photo by: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Just got word that Joe is out with charges of disorderly conduct and riding on the sidewalk…which somehow justifies his bike being impounded. Monica is still being held.

Follow up on Prospect Park traffic loop meeting

Brooklynites question why not a flat out ban of cars rather than a reduced lane at last nights meeting about proposed changes to the Prospect Park traffic loop.

More from the NY Daily News:

We want a total ban on cars from Prospect Park, Brooklynites tell city.
Meeting considers redesign of traffic lanes.

By: Simone Weischselbaum
Published: February 28, 2012

20120229-094409.jpg(photo caption: Prospect Park Administrator Emily Lloyd at a meeting on the proposed redesign of park traffic lanes.Photo by: Anthony Lanzilote)

The city’s new plan to cut Prospect Park traffic doesn’t go far enough, lovers of the Brooklyn oasis complained Tuesday night — they want cars banned altogether.
At a public meeting, Prospect Park Administrator Emily Lloyd showed the crowd of about 150 pictures of a redesign set to come to the park in the spring. Rush hour traffic, now assigned to two lanes, will go down to one, creating extra space for cyclists and pedestrians.
But Brooklyn residents questioned why officials won’t ban motorists rather than cram cars into a 10-foot slice of pavement during the morning and evening commutes, the only time vehicles are allowed inside the park.

Read more: here.

OWS bike swarm #F29

Today (Leap Day) the Occupy Wall Street movement is taking it to the street on bikes.

As seen by: @critmasspanic


Meetups in NYC: 9am Pulitzer fountain (5th Ave &59th), 10am Tudor city (2nd Ave & 43rd), 11:30am NY Library (5th Ave & 41st)


Find out more at:

Also see:


More about Prospect Park loop changes

Here is another article about proposed changes to the Prospect Park traffic loop.

New York Daily News:
Bike, walk or run in Prospect Park? Big changes coming down the road.
Cars to be reduced to one lane

By: Simone Weichselbaum
Published: February 27, 2012


(photo caption: Pack of fast bike riders in Prospect Park where big changes to Park Drive are in the works. Photo by: Debbie Egan-Chin)

A revamp of how people bike, run, and drive around Brooklyn’s famed patch of green is set to reduce cars to one lane; give bikers and walkers more space; and have cops ticketing rule breakers.

The Prospect Park Road Sharing Task force – a mix of city officials cyclists, runners and dog walkers – is slated to present the proposals Tuesday night after an uptick in accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians.

“We want to make these changes to increase pedestrian safety,” said Prospect Park administrator Emily Lloyd. “There’s too much friction on (Park Drive) which has gotten busier in the last few years.”

In the task force’s proposal obtained by the Daily News, drivers – who currently are only allowed in the park during rush hour using two lanes – would be crammed into one ten-foot wide slice of Park Drive, a 3.35 mile loop.

Read more: here.

Special note:
@Brooklynspoke, told me about joining the Car free prospect park Facebook page, for some social networking on this vital issue.

Manhattan bridge back to normal


Looks like things are returning to normal on the Manhattan bridge, starting March 5th. Bikers will return to the North side path and pedestrians will take the South (or at least that’s what the signs say-people tend to ignore those.)

Here is more from Gothamist’s John Signore:

On Monday, March 5th, balance will be returned to the Force when cyclists are once again allowed to use the extremely bike-friendly Manhattan entrance to the bridge on Forsyth Plaza, as well as the equally pleasant bike ramp on Sands Street in Brooklyn. Pedestrians, meanwhile, will be instructed to return to the south side walkway, but if history is any guide many of them will just ignore that.

Read the whole story: here.

Meeting tonight, Task force to make recommendations about Prospect Park Loop

Tonight there will be a meeting in Prospect Park Brooklyn of the Road Sharing task force, to present their recommendations about radically changing the 3.3 mile loop in Prospect Park.

Here is more about it from J. David Goodman of the New York Times.

Proposal Would Separate Drivers, Cyclists and Walkers on the Prospect Park Loop

A set of proposed changes to the Prospect Park loop in Brooklyn would radically change its current design, reducing the space for cars to a single lane and creating two separate, dedicated lanes: one for pedestrians and one for bicycles.
The changes, to be unveiled on Tuesday, came in response to a series of collisions between pedestrians and cyclists, and amid growing rancor over how to balance the interests of the 10 million people who crowd into Prospect Park each year. The debate intensified last fall after a pair of severe accidents left two women with brain injuries.

“We decided that the only workable solution was for each group to have a lane and only one lane, throughout the day,” said Emily Lloyd, the Prospect Park administrator and the leader of the task force of city agencies and park users that developed the proposal. She said the goal of the Prospect Park Road Sharing Task Force had been to increase safety by making the drive, which is 3.3 miles long, more predictable and easier for pedestrians to cross. “There was consensus — I would say enthusiastic consensus,” Ms. Lloyd said.

Read more at here.

Meeting information (from

On Tuesday, February 28 at 6pm, the Road Sharing Taskforce will present the recommendations it made to Parks and DOT on how Park users can safely utilize the Park Drives. If you use the Park in any way, you are welcome to attend the meeting.

Taskforce Members include:
• Department of Parks and Recreation (Prospect Park Administration)
• Department of Transportation (DOT)
• Fellowship For The Interests of Dogs & Their Owners (FIDO)
• Jack Rabbit Sports
• Kissena Cycling Club
• New York Police Department (78th Precinct)
• Office of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz
• Office of NYC Council Member Brad Lander (39th District)
• Park Enforcement Patrol
• Prospect Park Alliance Playground Committee
• Prospect Park Community Committee
• Prospect Park Senior Residence
• Prospect Park Track Club
• Transportation Alternatives

Public Meeting: Sharing the Park Drives
Tuesday, February 28, 6pm
Picnic House in Prospect Park
For more information, contact Prospect Park at 718-965-8951 or