Time’s Up Valentine’s Party February 10th

Feel the love. Time’s Up Valentine’s Day Ride and After Party.


Stop Dragon my bike around

Happy Year of the Dragon. Dragon bike that is.


Seen on wheelhouse bikes twitter feed.

The saga for justice of a killed cyclist

On going saga of one family trying to get justice, or at least a proper investigation behind the death of their son, Mathieu Lefevre.

From Gothamist:

Family Of Killed Cyclist Mathieu Lefevre Sues NYPD For Withholding Information
Article and Photo by: John Del Signore


On Friday, the NYPD finally released the documents pertaining to the investigation of the death of cyclist Mathieu Lefevre. According to a statement released today by Lefevre’s mother, the files show that the driver of the truck, Leonardo Degianni, made a right turn without signaling, “knocked Mathieu 40 feet, left him for dead, and then dragged his bicycle another 130 feet before depositing it and driving off.” Incredibly, there are no photos of the scene of the incident in the NYPD’s file because “the investigators’ camera was broken.” However, the file does contain “numerous” photos of the Lefevre family and their attorney, prompting Erika Lefevre to write, “Apparently, NYPD cares more about investigating our family’s efforts to get information from it, than about properly investigating Mathieu’s death.”

Read more here.

Video Monday-I missed Video Friday

Sorry, here are a few videos to prolong your Monday.

This video has been passed around like wildfire, so I assume most people know about it.

Last year Red Peak created an experimental calender for Hudson Urban Bicycles. In their words:

January 1st 2011 we took a fully loaded bike, bells, basket, lights and chained it to a post on a busy Soho NYC street. Everyday for the next year we took a photo of it and watched it slowly disappear before our eyes. Then, we assembled it into a calendar where every page is the image of one day, perforated at the top for easy ripping. We call this experiment Life-Cycle – a fascinating glimpse of elegant decay.

(Still looks like the bike lasted over 200 days without an issue.)

From MASH, Cas in SF. Seen on urban cyclist worldwide.


a triple camera wide shot on a velodrome in Amsterdam:

Velodrome-Triple-GoProWide from Kees Fopma on Vimeo.

Bike Polo in London:

London International Invitational 2012 from Jon Marshall on Vimeo.

Profile of a bike messenger in Chicago, Chris Jett:

Freestyle fixed gear, kicking off 2012:

Beginning of 2012 from Samo on Vimeo.

Cam White’s Dirt Jam

Auckland Bike Messenger:

PDL New York Chill Ride to Staten Island 1.8.12 from generate on Vimeo.

sooo true…

a little humor and promotion for

Starting them early:

Jonah Kessel quickie. from Michael Chacon on Vimeo.

From Purefix Cycles.

Pure Fix Cycles – A Day in LA part II from Pure Fix Cycles on Vimeo.

Check out this cool new bike rack and kickstarter campaign for The Bike Valet.

For some NYC BMX love,
Post Bike’s Edwin De La Rosa,

For your next occupation, Time’s Up shows you how to make a energy bike generator:

And Kym Perfetto, spin guru and Time’s Up volunteer, shows you how to create some energy,

A Paris leftover from 2011 as seen on John Prolly

2011 Leftover edit from SoundTrack on Vimeo.

Check out this piece of infrastructure, a bike bridge in Bogota Columbia,

Demon Works frames in Bristol,

Demon Frameworks – Bespoked Bristol 2012 from Bespoked on Vimeo.

Boombotix twitter giveaway

It’s giveaway time here again. Last time it was a sweet jersey from Sugoi and now I have the pleasure of giving one of my loyal follower a chance to win one of the neatest gadgets to accompany any bike ride. I present a portable speaker from Boombotix.

These little skullys are downright powerful for a such a compact unit, whether you chose to ride with it or not, chances are you’ll easily use this speaker for all your portable needs…gaming for the next Idol star in the shower, lounging at the beach…you get the idea.

The rules are pretty simple and the same as the last contest I did using my favorite social network… twitter.

Here is how to play:

The whole contest will take place through twitter, starting tomorrow. 1/23/12.
Here’s how it works.

Monday (1/23/12)-Wednesday (1/25/12) and Friday (1/27/12) I will tweet a question with the hastag #Bombotixgiveaway. Don’t worry, the answer to these questions will be a one word answer, with all you need to know written somewhere in THIS blog posting. The contest will only take place on twitter.

The first person to tweet all three words, wins the speaker. You must be a follower of both @bikeblognyc and @Boombotix before Friday. Yes, this means you will also need to have a twitter account.

For example, sometime on Monday (tomorrow) I’m going to tweet something like this: #Boombotixgiveaway, Question: Last name of Brooklyn Borough President who hates bikes?

Your answer would be Markowitz, which you keep in a safe place until Friday, (There is no need to tweet the answers unless you feel like it.) Then Wednesday I do the same thing. When Friday rolls around I ask another question and the first person to reply to that last tweet…wins.

You would hit the replay button on the bottom of the tweet with something like this: #Boombotixgiveaway Markowitz, blowhard, obese @bikeblognyc @Boombotix.
Please include both my handle and Boombotix.

Good Luck.

Now here are some facts about Boombotix.

1. We cater toward the active lifestyle – surf , skate and snow culture
2. Our Products are covered by a “No Matter What” one year warranty
3. We are based in the heart of the Mission in San Francisco
4. Our designs are inspired by Japanese vinyl toys
5. Our speakers pair with any mobile device so their is a range of equipment that works with it
6. Boombotix used to be called SkullyBoom
7. Our next product release is the handlebar bike mount so you can mount your speakers onto your bike. That will be releasing at the beginning of next year.

A little about the prize:

This will be the BB1 which is a wired speaker. The speaker includes an easy mountable clip and a mini-mini retractable plug which easily fits into any smart phone, ipod, ipad and most portable devises.

Color and style will be determined by Boombotix’s availability, but I asked for a green one and they complied, so requests can be taken.


Today there will be no posts on this blog in solidarity with many other sites who are taking a stand, such as Boing, Boing, and The reason for this internet black out is in response to the US Senate which is considering legislation that would radically alter this thing we call the internet as we know it forever. The proposed legislation is called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and would give extensive powers to corporations to shutdown any site they feel is violating copyright. To learn more, watch this:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Then I urge you to visit for information about contacting your representatives to help stop SOPA.

Feminist cycling zine and blog

Elly Blue (@ellyblue) is a feminist cyclist and author of the zine, Taking the Lane. bicycling, economics, feminism, and other cultural commentary.

She recently inspired, Zöe Leverant (@iamhelsabot) to start the blog out of Portland, Oregon, dealing with similar subject matter.

Here’s a sample:

Elly Blue is a feminist writer and cyclist based in Portland, OR. I picked up the first issue of her zine Taking The Lane at the SF Zinefest two years ago. It compiles essays, letters and imagery about being a female cyclist and provided some of the inspiration for me to start this blog. You can buy back issues of the zine ($3) or subscribe ($12/year) at the link above. She also has a great take on the cycling gender gap, in which she argues that it’s economics, and not aesthetic issues, that’s really keeping women from being equally represented as cyclists in the US.

BX velodrome rollers benefit

20120116-125435.jpg(photo by: Suzanne DeChillo-NY Times)

Except for a few feature films and commercial shoots, the Kingsbridge Armory has remained mostly empty for more than a decade, but is a very hot and much anticipated property in the South Bronx.

There are new developments in the works as interested parties are working on proposals which must be submitted by March 22nd. The field has become more wide open mainly impart to some local politicians and an agreement by the city council and the national Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, as explained in this recent NY Times article.

One of these proposals is to build an indoor cycling velodrome which is being spearheaded by Michael Green of the Century Road Club Association (CRCA)

This is a huge boast for competitive cycling and to help raise funding there will be a rollers event January 19th.

More info here.

Activist Tech Demo

Learned about this through Time’s Up.

Activist Technology Demo Day

Saturday, January 28
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center

From Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, technology has played an important
role in shaping contemporary resistance and the representation of these
events in the media. What new tools of protest and occupation have emerged
over the past year? The Urban Research Group @ Eyebeam and The Public
School New York invite activists, technologists, artists, designers, and
community organizers who have a working prototype of an activist technology
to occupy a worktable at Eyebeam and share their work with the public. We
are curious about anything from the strategic use of social networking
sites to bicycle powered generators, instant architecture to anti-police
violence suits, real-time video streaming to counter-surveillance tools.
Our interest extends to the creative use of technology and designing its
social implications. This is an opportunity to meet with other makers with
similar interests. The day will culminate with a discussion with members of
the Urban Research Group and The Public School New York.

Want to participate? Please send a brief introduction and a URL for the
project to by January 20th. As desk space and
technology support are limited and we may not be able to accommodate all
projects. Selected participants will be notified by January 22nd.

Might be a great way to learn how to bring bike powered generators to your next occupation, like Time’s Up did for Zuccotti Park (before the cops tossed them in the garbage)


Learn more at this video.

Cog Magazine and Empire postcard contest

Here’s a sweet new contest I saw on NYC’s own bike maker and shop, Affinity Cycles blog.


“Crihs and Luke from Empire wanted to do a contest with COG magazine and myself to start the year off right. Rather than taking the easy route, as per the norm these days, the guys got creative and set up a pretty rad contest. The rules are above, so read them carefully and please, take your time with this one. It’s gonna be rad!”

Also posted on Prolly (one of the contest judges)