What kind of evil person steals this…

I mean really? I saw this flyer posted in my neighborhood in Park Slope Brooklyn.

I felt moved and contacted the owner via the gmail address.

Amy, wrote back:

I will certainly post on bikewatch. We are heartbroken!

The bike was well secured with a heavy kryptonite-like heavy chain. It was even tarp covered to protect from the rain. Whoever took it had to have at least 4 ft. bolt cutters, but even with that it would have been a hard job. The person took it in the dead of the night, the night before thanksgiving. It seems pretty calculated.

We will take any help we can get. Thank you! I’ll attach a flyer and a few photos. Please feel free to spread the word. If there are other places or people we should contact as well, please let us know. Someone MUST know where it is! It’s a pretty hard bike to hide.

Again, thank you!

All the best,

Here are some photos to make you sad or angry or both…

The Bike,

So if you see someone hauling a bunch of scrap metal down to the Gowanus in this contraption…let us know.

The family, now without what must be the greatest bike commute ever.

I mean really, thief…you stole this kids family bike…I hope you get nothing for Christmas, except a baloney sandwich in Central Booking and processed for grand theft.

I’d like to personally spearhead a collection for Amy and her family to raise funds to replace this bike. Anyone want to help donate…let me know.

Boombotix protable speaker-Rockin sound

Ok, I admit it, I like to play music when I ride my bike, especially on long commutes. Something like this long mix by one of my favorite DJ’s, Diplo:
Diplo – Sirius/XM “Blow Your Head” 11-18-2011 by diplo
Or some freaky stylings of Barney Iller:
Club Popozuda Mixtape #13 (Barney Iller) by Club Popozuda

Many NYC cyclists are opposed to this mainly because riding here is such information overload and who needs more distractions. I always adhere to the rule of having one ear bud headphone in and consider myself an experienced enough rider to handle all the bombastic forces weighing down on me from every angle. Then of course that dude rolls by with some thundering bass sound system that costs more for one amp then my entire bike collection. I know, intimidating and quickly drowns out my Chickcorea.

It’s enough to make me want to throw down with a sound clash, but before I end up like these guys:
(source: NYTimes “Biking to a Different Beat.” by Tyler Hicks.)

There is a very cute product out there for us bikers which I think should be on everyone’s Chanukah lists…

Introducing the portable audio system by

This company was super nice to send me a free one, and in my favorite color no less.

This speaker is the BB1 which is connected with a retractable mini to mini cable that goes from most iphones, ipods and protable mp3 devices or a laptop, right into the back of the unit. The skulls eyes are the speakers and for such a small device (about the size of a clenched fist) this little guy packs a punch, even on the loud streets of Grime town NYC. It has a super strong clip for mounting to a messenger bag strap or hip pouch and isn’t about to fall off. It charges with a mini USB into the unit and a standard USB for a computer port or that white cube iphone charger. It lasts for about an 4 hours (at full volume) on full charge and it indicates the charge with a blue LED in the star on the top of the speaker. It takes an hour to fully charge. The volume is controlled with your music devise of choice, so there are no audio controls on the BB1 itself, and I kind of enjoy the simplicity, just an on/off button.

There is now a BB2 bluetooth wireless version available.

There is a huge variety of colors and styles including my personal favorite…a Carbon Fiber.

Ok, it’s not going to blow anyone away like this guy:

But for a little portable speaker for around ($50.00-the wireless one is more) the boombotix is a very convenient little machine with really clear sound. This is the perfect speaker to ride with and then compliment your laptop sounds or park picnic.

Meet the NYC bike builders from the Bird Wheel

The Bird Wheel has done it again, an excellent resource for bicycle information here in NYC. Check out their latest page and meet custom bike builders such as Seth Rosko, Johnny Coast (Coast Cycles) and Lance Mercado of Squarebuilt.

Check it out here.

Print sale from Dmitry Gudkov

Here’s a unique holiday gift idea, a portrait of the New York City cycling community taken by photographer Dmitry Gudkov. All this week he’s having a print sale:

In honor of Cyborg Monday or whatever the made-up consumer occasion is, I’m holding a bike portrait print sale. All this week, Monday-Friday, any bike portrait print order is 20% off. Sure, the portraits look nice on the web, but to have a physical print on your wall is another story. Print them big, and they really breathe. So get one or get two for your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, grandma, or just get one for yourself. Or just send this link to your mom. I’ve spent so much time creating these photographs and post-processing them to be as perfect as possible, I don’t want them languishing in web-res. Prices are going up in 2012 so this is the best time to snag one of these beautiful prints.

Head over to the print store and enter the code Rideabike at checkout. Happy Holidays!

Find out more: here.

Biketrain going citywide

Looks like the experiment in bike commuting otherwise known as the Biketrain is going citywide:

All Aboard the Biketrain – Citywide
UPDATE [Nov. 25]:

The biketrain is going citywide. If you’re interested in leading or participating in a commuter biketrain in NYC, complete the google form below (tell us if you’re interested in leading) and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Read more from the blog On Your Left.

Screening to promote Patagonia pop up stores


Just got an email from Patagonia about two pop-up stores opening in upper Manhattan, and a special promotional screening (tonight) of a new bicycle movie, “Velo.”

We’re pleased to announce the openings of the Patagonia Tin Shed pop-up stores in New York.

The “Tin Shed” concept stores are named after the blacksmith shopin Ventura where Patagonia founder/owner Yvon Chouinard forged toold for rock and alpine climbing. The stores are visiting through early spring and visitors can stop by all winter long for a hot cup of apple cider,

Upper West Side
2625 Broadway at West 100th

Upper East Side
1491 Third Ave at East 84th

Tonight (11/28) at the Upper West Side store on Broadway, Patagonia Tin Shed is hosting a film screening of a great bike film.
Hope you can attend!

The movie, Velo, is by Buck Naked Visual Works

See a trailer here.



Join us at Patagonia’s Tin Shed Broadway store for Velo, Buck Naked Visual Works latest film. Man has had many noble inventions, but few as pure and mechanically sound as the bicycle. The bicycle has made its most drastic transformations in the last 30 years, innovations that have fostered lasting impacts; the creation of entire communities and lifestyles revolving around each uniquely different form. Velo explores some of these different cultures, places and riding styles.

Buy Nothing Day Critical Mass

Today is the Buy Nothing Day critical mass in NYC (and around the planet)
Here is a video from 2008 from Team Spider.

Let’s Occupy the Streets of NYC, on Bike.

7:00pm, Union Square–Manhattan

Matching fund challenge for Transportation Alternatives

It’s been a challenging year for the New York City cycling community, fighting the crackdown of “operation safe cycle,” and defending needed infrastructure such as the Prospect Park West bike lane. Advocacy group Transportation Alternatives has been an instrumental player in these issues. As the year draws to an end, they are looking for donations and have a matching funds challenge. Here is a message from Executive Director Paul Steely White.


Ian and Joanna Smith, with sons Jasper & Wyatt, photographed on
the Prospect Park West protected bicycle lane, established 2010.
Image courtesy Andrew Hinderaker

Dear Transportation Alternative members:

This year, you and I have challenged the enforcement policies of the NYPD. We have brought bicycle lanes to all five boroughs, despite challenges in the courts and out. Challenges like these are T.A.’s bread and butter. To make our city great, and with the support of New Yorkers like you, we challenge New York City’s status quo.

Right now, T.A. has a new challenge. A local foundation has promised T.A. $600,000 — funds we need to empower advocates in every borough — but only if we can raise a matching amount. Will you help T.A. meet the challenge ahead? Donate to T.A. today.

When something is wrong on your street, you don’t just complain about it — you take action. You attend a meeting, you write a letter and you speak up to New York City’s most powerful. In every uphill battle, your commitment makes all the difference.

Today, T.A. needs your help for an extra-important action. For the second year in a row, a local foundation has offered T.A. an extraordinary challenge grant. Right now, your donation goes twice as far — that means T.A. will be a powerful advocate in every New York neighborhood. To take advantage of this foundation’s generosity, we need New Yorkers like you to take action. Help T.A. meet this challenge: Make a donation to T.A. today.

When you and I take on a challenge, we are what makes New York City great. Across the five boroughs, T.A. staff and volunteers are redrawing our streets and reimagining the possibility of our city. Your signature, your presence at a rally, your voice at a community meeting, your donation to T.A. — this is how we are changing New York City’s status quo. Give to today and we can make New York great, together.


Paul Steely White
Executive Director

P.S.: T.A.’s $600,000 challenge ends on December 31st. Donate to T.A. today.

In bike shop news: REI & 718 Cyclery

Outdoor gear superstore REI is coming to Manhattan in the Puck building, 303 Lafayette St.


They’re scheduled to have their Grand Opening December 2nd. This is 35,000sq ft space will have a street level bike shop and all the necessary needs for the urban adventurer.

Here’s an article in DNA info about how the new flagship store is maintaining the old world integrity of this historic Puck facility.

Download their new smart phone app. to learn more about the store and win prizes, including a Novara Buzz One Bike.

Another bike shop news 718 Cyclery gets a nod from bicycle retailer magazine after their recent move to the Gowanus part of Brooklyn.

The article talks about how this little shop that could, maintains its independent spirit with unique collaborative builds, workshops and customer participation.

Read more here.

Press about the 13th annual Cranksgiving

Here is some press about Saturday’s upcoming charity race, Cranksgiving.

Feast on the 13th annual Cranksgiving
by: Adam Nueman-Bicycle Times

The New York Bike Messenger Foundation presents Cranksgiving, a charitable alleycat bicycle ride,open to all and now in its 13th year.

In Cranksgiving, riders navigate around Manhattan to purchase Thanksgiving dinner ingredients at designated grocery stores. At the finish line, they arrive with a bag full of food to be donated to various charities.

The ride will consist of a food drive, where participants will ride to 4 grocery stores & purchase food to be donated to St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen, drop off jars of baby food at two shelters for women and children and raise donations to support City Harvest and the New York Bike Messenger Foundation. Winners will be determined by their times and also by the generosity of their food and money donations.

Cranksgiving is a race, but everyone is welcome to ride and participate in the fun! Bring a bag, some money, and a good lock!

Read more: here.

Take a look at the prize bags:


There is also a podcast interview with Cranksgiving organizer, Ken Stanek on Bicycle Radio-Escape the Peleton.

Posted here. (the interview starts around 25:00)