Rat Race-new Alleycat 12/10/11

A new alleycat from JT and Stone Tone.

Rat Race

A Straight up messenger style race, no sponsors just Cash. Starts at the Red Hook Crit. office (72 Van Dyke-Red Hook, BK) and ends at the Ice House in Red Hook Brooklyn.(318 Van Brunt)

The Checkpoints are already posted and can be done in any order: 1. the cotton club, 2. studio 54, 3. 940 flushing, 4. weehawken street, 5. 17 essex, 6. sothebys 72nd and york, 7. the 5 points in queens, 8. grand army plaza, Brooklyn.

Holiday gift guide from Velojoy

I had this big plan to put together a holiday gift guide, but luckily, NYC cycling blog, beat me to it. She’s got some great ideas here from cool tech gadgets to fashion to keeping warm on the bike this winter season. She’s made it into an easy downloadable pdf (which includes hotlinks) which includes some companies that have been extremely generous to me such as Boombotix speakers and Pearl Izumi. This guide does cater to the ladies but has great ideas for all including a whole list of books for the urban cyclist, including mine (plug plug…Thanks Susi)

There is also highlighted products form blog creator Susi and her crew who put this whole thing together.

So if your not blowing off gift buying to have a hunger strike in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, or been influenced by the poetic anti-consumer message of our own Reverend Billy. (His documentary-“What would Jesus Buy?”)

Hey, maybe you just owe that crazy biking Aunt Gertrude and it’s time to repay your secret santa…
Head Here, ( and Check it out.

Boxbike found!

Looks like the family who had their box bike stolen may have got it back. Saw this on

Stolen Box Bike
UPDATE 12/2 8:26 PM: The bike has been found! See the comments below. Thanks to Mike Green at BikeBlogNYC for first alerting me to this story and to reader Mike for making the discovery on Cortelyou. More to come…

Look out bikers, NYPD eyes Prospect Park

Well it looks a if the NYPD are wrapping up their year of harassment (yeah I said it.) otherwise known as “operation safe cycle,” by setting their sites on Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Safe cycle, would be an appropriate title, if the cops truly were into a safety campaign instead of what we’ve seen through the last 12 months, misuse of enforcing the laws and a ridiculous effort to penalize cyclists.

Now they are handed out this to riders in Brooklyn’s most cycled park:


Wow, what an intricate graphic campaign they’ve designed to educate the ridership in the name of safety. Instead of taking an artistic approach like the D.O.T. and it’s Curbside Haiku signs, the NYPD simply ripped out a page from the vehicle code and are handing out in the park. Their goal is to maintain a 25mph speed limit and ticket bikers and skaters who violate it. This may be a crushing blow to the dentists and their $10,000.00 titanium filled peletons that often wreck havoc but for the rest of us I think it’s hard to achieve that speed.

Here is an article on this in the Brooklyn Paper.

I could go on about this but I think Brooklynspoke best summed it up in his last blog post, especially with this part:

I’m all for an enforcement of rules and safe riding in Prospect Park; lord knows the park would benefit immensely from an improved culture of respect among all users, especially training cyclists. But if the standard accident rate for initiating an NYPD response is at least two serious crashes in six months, why isn’t the NYPD passing a similar flier out to drivers all over the city every single day of the week?

Read more here.

Chicks on Bike Radio Project


Check out the Chicks on Bikes Radio, a collective documenting and educating young woman about the benefits of cycling across the US.

Our Story: We travel, we talk and we interview…celebrating the extraordinary girl next door. An internet radio show, podcast and interview project aimed and women and cycling. (That’s bicycles – if you were wondering). Over the next six months we are raising funds and awareness to launch the initial pilot project aimed at getting teen girls riding bikes – called The Riders & Writers Project

Find out more, here.

Sweet contest from Chrome


Chrome Bags got together with another American original, Miller high life beer and to celebrate their new line of bags and apparel,


their having a sweet giveaway.

In celebration of the release of the limited edition Miller High Life & Chrome bag collection, the two brands have partnered to bring you the greatest Holiday sweepstakes ever! Enter here for a chance to win this incredible prize package for you and a guest:

–Round trip airfare for two to Chicago.

–Accommodations for three nights.

–2 custom Miller High Life Citizen messenger bags made to order at the Chrome Chicago Shop.

–Ground transportation to Milwaukee.

–A VIP Tour of the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee.

–Beer sampling at the Bavarian-style Miller Inn.

–Two Tickets For the Annual “Holiday Lites” Festival in downtown Milwaukee’s Miller Valley.

Enter to win: here. You have till December 7th.

Of course when I think of Miller high life this classics Spike Lee scene always come to mind.


Bike Polo Texas style

Maybe because I’ve been deeply immersed in season 2 of AMC’s zombie thriller, the Walking Dead and I love cool flyers,

It’s Bike of the Living Dead, for the League of Bike Polo in Austin TX.


Video Fridays

Here is some videos found on the webosphere to fill your Friday with bike love.

I was sent this one from a reader: Kiel. Seems like this bike train (bike pooling) is taking off. Here is one about biking to school in a group, Portland Oregon style.

How bout bombing some nice fall folage on a klunker bike? Saw this one on All Hail the Black Market, who got it from the Cascade region blog,

Lars N Bars gets Klunking from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

Here is a video of how the Dutch got their cycle paths, through hard work of cycling activists:

Find out more here.

Trailer for the documentary, Beyond this place.

Cloud Rock La Belle is the quintessential hippie, still living a perpetually stoned and carefree lifestyle 40 years after the 60s ended. In BEYOND THIS PLACE Cloud Rock’s son, writer/director Kaleo La Belle, attempts to re-connect with his absentee father by taking a 500 mile bike trip together around the Pacific Northwest. From behind the camera, Kaleo struggles to understand a man so different from himself while Cloud Rock works to form a functional relationship with the son he has never truly known. Poignant and often funny, BEYOND THIS PLACE examines the sometimes unconventional bonds of family.

Trailer for Bushwhacked new film Velo:

Velo Trailer from BuckNaked Visual Works on Vimeo.

Video I saw on Trackosaurus Rex about the ultimate design challenge in Oregon, for the perfect urban commuter cycle:

Oregon Manifest 2011 Constructors’ Show from oregon manifest on Vimeo.

Video from Urban Velo

The Dirty Dozen Race-a masochistic challenge up a steep ass hill in Pittsburgh.

Dirty Dozen Race 2011-Canton Ave from Matt Dayak on Vimeo.

Some Helmet cam action from NYC’s champ alleycat racer, Crihs. From the Bombing Broadway race, as seen on John Prolly,

broadway bomb 2011 from crihs on Vimeo.

and this one of building the Red Bull mini drome in Manchester (also on Prolly)

Red Bull Minidrome | Manchester from Stephen Hughes on Vimeo.

A look at what it’s like to attend the Koichi Yamaguchi’s frame building school in Rifle, Colorado.

Yamaguchi from Jon Chew on Vimeo.

A little shop in Barcelona barcelonetabikes, puts on a night group ride.

Barceloneta Nights from Barceloneta Bikes on Vimeo.

And last, a nice little helmet cam from the recent Cranksgiving in NYC.

Haiku for you–to win $50 from Spokesman Cycles

Receive this press release from NYC’s Spokesman Cycles about crafty contest:


(New York, NY, Nov. 30, 2011) As New York City’s Department of Transportation unveils its “Curbside Haiku” safety education campaign, one local chain of bicycle stores is betting its customers are just as creative. Spokesman Cycles is holding a contest for the best haiku about riding a bike in New York. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate.

Entries can be posted on the Spokesman Cycles Facebook Page until December 9th. The poem garnering the most “likes” by December 14th will win. Complete rules are available at our Facebook page.

Spokesman Cycles has stores in Union Square, Long Island City and the Atlas Park Mall. A new East Side store, at 313 East 60th Street is opening soon. The stores sell, repair and rent bicycles and are known for a well-curated selection of bicycle parts and accessories. Spokesman Cycles is family owned and operated.

Ilana Teitel
Spokesman Cycles

What kind of evil person steals this…

I mean really? I saw this flyer posted in my neighborhood in Park Slope Brooklyn.

I felt moved and contacted the owner via the gmail address.

Amy, wrote back:

I will certainly post on bikewatch. We are heartbroken!

The bike was well secured with a heavy kryptonite-like heavy chain. It was even tarp covered to protect from the rain. Whoever took it had to have at least 4 ft. bolt cutters, but even with that it would have been a hard job. The person took it in the dead of the night, the night before thanksgiving. It seems pretty calculated.

We will take any help we can get. Thank you! I’ll attach a flyer and a few photos. Please feel free to spread the word. If there are other places or people we should contact as well, please let us know. Someone MUST know where it is! It’s a pretty hard bike to hide.

Again, thank you!

All the best,

Here are some photos to make you sad or angry or both…

The Bike,

So if you see someone hauling a bunch of scrap metal down to the Gowanus in this contraption…let us know.

The family, now without what must be the greatest bike commute ever.

I mean really, thief…you stole this kids family bike…I hope you get nothing for Christmas, except a baloney sandwich in Central Booking and processed for grand theft.

I’d like to personally spearhead a collection for Amy and her family to raise funds to replace this bike. Anyone want to help donate…let me know.