Video Friday, the last of 2011

Here are a bunch of videos to round out that old has-been year, 2011.

Rick Rowland sent me this compilation of images of the things dreams are made of around Christmas time…Bicycles. Here are a montage of stills of how the bicycle in incorporated into people’s holiday cheer.

Jen Whalen of the Bicycle Film Festival sent me this video about her experience at this year’s Art Basel in Miami.

@still_flowing sent me this video of a transformer tall bike in Russia.

The Bicycle Collective, is a non-profit bicycle organization in Salt Lake City. Here is a promotional video about their significance to the local community.

It’s not always a hassle traveling by bicycle. See how they do it at Manchester Airport in the UK.

Products time:
Here is a review of the Tern Bicycles P9 folding bike, from NYCE wheels your foldup and electric bikes specialists in NYC. Notice the amazing helicopter cam (@ 00:37)

From Bikehugger, comes a review of Biologic’s recharging hub and smartphone case.

From Pure fix cycles, showing off their bikes in “A Day in LA.”

Pure Fix Cycles – A Day in LA from Pure Fix Cycles on Vimeo.

Now this products not for bikes…but I think you’ll see the connection:

(from urban cyclist worldwide)

CineSkates Camera Sliders from Cinetics on Vimeo.

Here is proof it’s never too early:

Balance Bike JoJo takes on Toddler No-Pedal Racing from Balance Bike JoJo on Vimeo.

Here in NYC, a nice video on Affinity Cycles.

Affinity Cycles from Amitabh Joshi on Vimeo.

For the world of BMX, VANS let it Ride tour 2011, edit 1. Featuring: Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann, Kevin Kalkoff, Matthias Dandois and Alex Valentino.

VANS Let it Ride 2011 – Team One edit from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Seen on John Prolly from Come Up

For the Free style fixed gear set:

Forest Parker for LDG

Forest Parker For LDG from Forest Parker on Vimeo.

The Loose Nuts team of Tom LaMarche, Torey Thornton, Kareem Shehab and Miles Mathia.

LNC Winter Tour Promo from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

Hong Kong Fixed Gear:

Hong Kong Fixed Gear from Roy Shum on Vimeo.

Halloween theme ride in Shanghai:

Halloween ride in ChangSha city from Epique Magazine on Vimeo. presents an edit of fixed gear vs bmx in the LBC. presents – BMX vs. FIXED FREESTYLE – SANTOSxMCKEAGxCONGOxPISSY #YouknowWazgood from on Vimeo.

And of course…FAHRTWIND, group night rides in Germany.

FAHRTWIND from lukas panek on Vimeo.

Time’s Up New Year’s Eve Ride

Got this from Time’s Up about there super fun annual bike ride for New Year’s. This is the only bike event I know about on New Year’s Eve and a great way to see the city and avoid the masses jammed packed in Time’s Square.

Annual New Years Eve Ride

Make sure to start the year off right. Come join us for our annual New Year’s Ride and bring in the new year with us in central park.We will be riding up to Belvedere Castle in the middle of Central Park.There will be fireworks and the best New Year’s Eve dance party in town. This New Year’s Eve bash is free so don’t hesitate to stop on by. We do ask you bring food and drinks to share.

The Ride begins at 10 pm at Washington Square Park (Underneath the Arches)
Alternate pick point at 10:20 pm at Madison Square Park (23rd & Broadway, Flatiron Side)
A Feeder ride will leave the Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge at 9:45 pm
Or Just meet us at Belvedere Castle at 10:45 pm

Facebook event page.

From Time’s up webpage

A gallery of past rides.

Affinity Holiday party at Kinfolk

Saw this on cycleangelo’s blog


Tomorrow night, one of my favorite bike shops in Brooklyn is having an event at one of my favorite lounges in Brooklyn. Affinity Cycles is having a holiday party at the Kinfolk lounge. Come through and hang if you’re in the hood. Details below:

Location: Kinfolk Studios, 90 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn NY
Time: 8 PM – ???
RSVP: or


Video Friday-12/23/12

Have a happy holidays and a Happy New Year, here are some videos till the next time, 2012.

Hey, how’s your Albanian? Ecovolis has a bike sharing program in Albania and no part of the bicycle goes wasted…now this is recycling.

Ecovolis Love Recycling from Ecovolis on Vimeo.

Seen on

In Portland Oregon they show solidarity with Occupy Portland, how else…on bikes. Here is the Bike Swarm.

Here’s a cool video from the How it’s Made series, aluminum bike wheels:

Some BMX action:

The Shadow Conspiracy

Speed riding in NYC, Night Bomb.

nightbomb 12.23.11 from nightbomb x on Vimeo.

Downhill mountain bike race in a Japanese Shrine: (

Check out this crazy helmet cam mountain biking: Thanks (@eightrack)

Here are a few from John Prolly

The Halstee Manifestio a spice of life video and way to be about doing what you love…riding bikes of course.

The Holstee Manifesto from Lucaci Eduard on Vimeo.

a video form the Minnesota Cyclocross Championships:

2011 MN Cyclocross Championship from Quality Bicycle Products on Vimeo.

Freestyle Fixed gears, Grime TV

Nice looking track bike love:

ENOL from Hector Torra on Vimeo.


[VAGX] LUMISAC / OBEY THE BLUE LIGHT from David Jongkwon Kim / DKSHOP on Vimeo.

and one from Tracko

Cadence Collection 2012

Cadence Collection: Purpose Perplex from WEREHAUS on Vimeo.

and here in NYC,
a retrospect to 2011, NYC bike scene.

and last but not least, again seen on Urban Cyclist Worldwide…Fake Money, the messenger Rappers extraordinaire–“Cause it’s Christmas in this Bitch.”

It’s Christmas In This Bitch from Fake Money on Vimeo.

New bicycle design iPad app

There is a new cycling app available for iPad customers commemorating the bicycling with all it’s glorious designs.

Thames & Hudson present:

Cyclepdia for Ipad: Iconic Bicycle Design


More about it:
interactive collection of 100 bikes that have changed cycling history. From the suitcase-sized Skoot
to the Gold-medal-winning Lotus Sport 110, from Tour de France road-bike classics to moving designs
of breathtaking innovation, each bicycle is displayed in stunning clarity and technical detail.



Watch the promotional video: here.

Find out more: here.

Cars parked in the bike lane? Tweet it.

This got your pissed off:

Here is one way to take action using smart phones and social networking.

It’s called an it was developed by an NYU/ITP graduate student. I learned about it from Nona’s blog, Check it out and start #hastagging these annoying culprits.

In similar fashion, check out what this local tattoo parlor did in Toronto. In between inking sessions at speakeasy tattoo, they noticed deliberate violations of motorists parking in the bike lane. So they created the website Look at the Asshole in the Bike Lane.

Here is more from

Not so sure how much these negative exposure campaigns will work to change motorist behavior…but it’s definitely an interesting experiment and good data mapping in seeing where high concentrations of violators originate.

Quick follow up…

The story I posted about Stephen Aurthur getting pelted with a brick…here is a quick follow up. He was interviewed by CBS news:

Check it out here.

Bike found-Brooklyn Paper.

Here is a nice article from the Brooklyn Paper about the recent family box bike which was rescued. I just can’t get enough of this story. Thanks for the shout out, Brooklyn Paper.

Bike stolen? One Park Slope family simply stole it back
By: Eli Rosenberg
Published: December 13th, 2011
(photo by: Elizabeth Graham)

Here’s one way to defeat bicycle theft: steal back the wheels yourself.
A Park Slope family became vigilantes after a week-long search for their stolen bike led to Ditmas Park, but police called to the scene would not reclaim it for them.
Christian John and his family’s oversized Dutch cycle disappeared from its nightly parking place on Fifth Avenue and Third Street sometime between Nov. 23 and Thanksgiving Day. After finding the beloved bike gone, John filed a police report, mounted a neighborhood fliering effort, and alerted members of his church congregation.

The story was reported on BikeBlogNYC and BrooklynSpoke, who published pictures of the unique cycle with the family’s number, as well.

Read the whole story, here.

Be Reflective

The best way to get around NYC at night is to be seen. 2 local Brooklyn designers have a couple of new products that make cyclists more reflective and easier to be spotted by drivers.

First off there’s Alex Vessels & Mindy Tchieu, with We-Flashy clothing.

More about them on

and next is, decals for you and your bike from Tonky designs.

RydeSafe Reflective Bike Decals by TONKY from Tonky Designs on Vimeo.

Dangerous route in Fort Greene for cyclists. 6 attacks reported

Choosing to commute on bicycle is a hard enough decision, dodging things like bad driving behavior and now we have to worry about bricks being thrown at us? Here is a recent article in the Brooklyn paper about a recent attack of a cyclist near the projects of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Time’s Up volunteer and computer programmer, Stephen Arthur had a brick thrown at him from the pedestrian bridge near the Walt Witman and Ingersoll houses on Myrtle Ave., causing serious injury. Seems if the police are so concerned about “safety” with their crackdown on cyclists…maybe they should post up an officer in a cushman cart at this well known hot spot for violence.

Cyclist Death Trap-Thugs terrorize cyclists on path between housing projects
By: Natalie O’Neill
Published: December 13th, 2011

Brick-tossing teens have turned a major cycling route through a public housing project in Fort Greene into death trap, injuring or terrorizing at least six cyclists, one seriously, in a spate of attacks this year.

The attacks are launched from the maroon-colored pedestrian bridge that links the Walt Whitman and Ingersoll houses between Myrtle Avenue and Tillary Street.

In the most violent crime, the attackers pelted a computer programmer from Park Slope in the face with a brick, cracking his helmet and ripping a gash in his cheek on Aug. 12.

“It’s shocking unwarranted violence,” said the victim, Stephen Arthur, whose injuries were first reported by Gothamist, a blog. “This is a dangerous spot, something needs to be done.”

Read more: here.