After all–These go to 11.

Getting into the theme of 11/11/11, the Ride to Eleven Alleycat in Pittsburgh.

More info here.

Cranksgiving 2011 coming to NYC

One of New York City’s premiere messenger style alley cat race is coming to NYC November 19th, with a different twist. It’s called Cranksgiving and every year the race participants, instead of just whipping through checkpoints, have to gather food items affiliated with a thanksgiving meal. Then all money and food is donated to charity.

Here is an article about it from 2009. An Outlaw Street Race for a Good Cause–New York Times.

A little info from the Cranksgiving website.

Cranksgiving is a charity bike ride that began in 1999, organized by New York City bike messengers. Food is collected at grocery store “checkpoints” and then donated to a soup kitchen at the end of the ride. All kinds of cyclists are welcome! There is no set course, and you can ride at your own pace. The event benefits 5 charities including City Harvest, The New York Bike Messenger Foundation, Nazareth Housing, Yorkville Common Pantry, and St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen.

Along with other great local companies, like Chrome Bags, Continuum Bike Shop and Affinity, I’m proud to be a sponsor of this great event.

Cranksgiving takes place in 19 other cities (for a complete listing, check the website) and one recently went down in St. Louis (Nov. 6th) with 700 riders.

An article from the

Check out the Facebook page, where so far-106 people are attending.

Urban Velo #28 is out now!

Learn about bike sharing in Mexico and the World Hardcourt Bike Polo championships. Just a few things to discover in the fascinating world of bicycle culture, which comes to life in Urban Velo magazine.

Check it out online, Here.

Guardian rides the Marathon

Not all participants of the New York City Marathon get to experience the race by the heart-pounding action of running all five boroughs. Here’s one Guardian reporters experience as a bicycle escort for the wheelchair riders.

Getting to cycle the New York Marathon

by: Matt Seaton
published: November 7th, 2011


Amanda McGrory of the US crosses the finish line to win in the women’s wheelchair division of the ING New York City Marathon, 6 November 2011. Photograph: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

I was supposed to be running in this year’s New York Marathon, but injury brought my training to a shuddering halt. To say I was disappointed to have to pull out (even if the many people in my position do get to defer their entry to next year) is typically-English understatement, so when the opportunity arose to ride the 26.2-mile runner’s course on my bike on race day, I jumped at it.
I still had a smidgeon of envy for the runners, as New York dawned in perfect conditions, chilly but brilliant, on Sunday morning. But I couldn’t be churlish about it for long: after all, how many people get to parade on their bike for the whole closed-road course, complete with cheering crowds?
The answer is about 70 people have that unusual privilege, although no one is cheering for us, the cyclists, because rightly, they’re yelling encouragement to the wheelchair racers, whom the cyclists accompany as outriders.

Read more: here.

718cyclery has moved!!

718 cyclery has moved from it’s 7th Ave location in Park Slope to it’s new home in Gowanus at 254 3rd Avenue (at the corner of Union)

This Saturday, November 5th, there having a launch party. From their owner Joe Nocella:

Join the crew at 718 Cyclery for our 2nd launch party in as many years. We quickly outgrew our last space, and look forward to hosting the bike/Brooklyn community on Saturday, November 5th starting at 7pm. We are working on getting a Billy Squier cover band, or possibly Billy Squier. Food and drink will abound.

Cyclist killed, family demands investigation

So apparently if you hit and kill a cyclist with your truck, and then abandon it, you won’t be charged with anything. This seems to be the case of the recent tragic death of a 30 year old artist, Mathieu Lefevre who was killed by a flatbed truck in East Williamsburg.

Yesterday his family gathered for a press conference at 1 Police Plaza, demanding an investigation into Mathieu’s death and other cyclists killed.

From Gothamist.

20111027-135138.jpg(photo: From left to right, Mathieu Lefevre’s mother, his brother, father, and sister. By: Kristina Monllos/Gothamist)

The family of Mathieu Lefevre, the 30-year-old artist who was run over by a truck in East Williamsburg earlier this month joined Transportation Alternatives at a press conference today at 1 Police Plaza, calling on NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly to reinvestigate the case of Leferve, as well as other cyclist fatalities. On Monday we learned that no charges would be pressed against the flatbed truck driver who left the scene after killing Lefevre. He parked his truck just two blocks away and, according to the NYPD, “had no idea” that he’d hit someone. Lefevre’s mother Erika says there were markings on the truck from the accident, which is why investigators decided to track down the driver.
Lefevre’s family has been in New York since Thursday and has received little word from the NYPD. Earlier today Erika Lefevre told us that the detective she’s been told to contact has not yet bothered to return her calls. Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, opened the press conference by listing many cases where drivers have clearly broken the law, killing pedestrians and cyclists who were obeying the law, and yet charges were not filed. He went on to explain how, in his opinion, this has become an epidemic:

Read more: here.

Philly Bike Expo-this weekend

This weekend is the Philly Bike Expo:


Check it out:

*Show Hours*
Saturday 10AM-6PM (Industry hour 9AM-10AM)
Sunday 10AM-5PM
Purchase tickets online here!

Awesome video of Stephen Bilenky chatting about the exhibitors at the Philly Bike Expo: here.

Halloween in NYC…on bicycles.

It’s Halloween time in NYC–on bikes.

As far as events:

Here’s what we know so far:

1) Time’s Up–pirate ride along with the Occupy Wall Street movement against corporate greed.

Friday, October 28th, 1:00pm-3:00pm

Aarrrrgh-walk the plank you scurvy dogs–The richest 1% bankers who knowingly tanked our economy, stole our jobs, our homes and our future prosperity-got bailed out and then asked the rest of hard working America to front the bill.

It’s time for them to Walk the Plank!

Time’s up, known for putting on a pirate event or two, are heading over to rally with the occupyers, so start your Halloween early and ride like a pirate.


Friday, October 28th, 1:00pm
meet at the Occupy the Boardroom March in midtown. (location TBD)

Pirate Ride
Be a Bank Pirate this Friday!
Pirates meet up with the Occupy the Boardroom March in midtown 1pm.
The march will deliver thousands of letters from the 99% to 5 big banks.
The event should be done by 3pm.
1st meet-up point at ABC No Rio for ship building at 11am,
leave ABC No Rio for midtown at 12 noon!-we have 6 ships to build and need help.
Ride to 2nd meet up point- Bryant Park in front of the library, at 1pm, there
we meet the marchers with stealth and no mercy, cannons blazing.
We have a box of extra pirate hats assorted accessories….
we’ll bring what we can to Bryant Park.

Friday, October 28th, 7:00pm (last Friday of each month)
Union Square North-Manhattan

**This is the Halloween Critical Mass so you are highly encouraged to decorate your bikes and dress in costume for the most festive CM of the year!!

More info: here.
Good resource for other critical mass rides and info:

3) TIME’S UP Annual Halloween Dance Party.


Friday October 28th starting at 8pm and going until late.
155 Avenue C, Manhattan NYC, between 9th and 10th Street
(L train to 14th St. and 1st Ave. or F train to Houston and 2nd Ave.)
Or just ride your scary bike.
Entrance is a sliding scale starting at $9.99
Come join Time’s Up annual Halloween party featuring:

C-Squat is located at:
155 Avenue C, Manhattan NYC, between 9th and 10th Street
(L train to 14th St. and 1st Ave. or F train to Houston and 2nd Ave.)
Or just ride your scary bike.

Entrance is a sliding scale starting at $9.99

Come join Time’s Up annual Halloween party featuring
dance-till-you-drop performers & sounds with…
Dog That Bites Everyone , Devestation Wagon. Ninja Turtles,
R-Tronika, Heelz on Wheels,
Video Projection by CJ.

Scariest costume prizes!
Police are ineligible.

Free Valet Bike Parking.

Saturday, October 29th

4) Annual Halloween messenger style alleycat race.

A legendary tradition dating back to 1995. (according to cyclehawk messenger Squid)

One of NYC’s oldest Alleycat races;

The Annual Halloween race, 10/29/11

2:30PM Registration- Brooklyn Base of the Williamsburg Bridge.

3:30PM Start
$5 with Costume, $10 without.

5) then the madness continues in Bushwick, BK

8th annual BikeKill!-Saturday, October 29th.


Youall know where and when it is.

Halloween Alleycat-10/29

One of NYC’s oldest Alleycat races;

The Annual Halloween race, 10/29/11

2:30PM Registration- Brooklyn Base of the Williamsburg Bridge.

3:30PM Start
$5 with Costume, $10 without.


Bike Kill 2011

A dirty finger told me, Bike Kill 2011 is coming October 29th…stay tuned.