Jen Walen BFF-Tweed Run Video

High Wheelers and High Fashion, well old school fashion. It’s the Tweed Run, started in London, it’s now a world wide event, a bicycle gathering of people who dress in tweed, as if their heading out for a vintage ride in the English countryside. The Bicycle Film Festival’s Jen Whalen put together this film of NYC’s tweed run.

Hey Check Me Out, video contest-Ed Wonka and Chrome Bags.

Do you like to bust tricks on your fixed gear? Like those blokes in New Castle?

Newcastle Fixed Gear Trailer from Mr. T on Vimeo.

Or this guy, Jonathan Bell:

Johnathan Ball for All-City from JBall on Vimeo.

You can be a video superstar and show off your bike trick skills. One of Chrome’s toughest riders, Ed Wonka, is judging the video:

More details as seen on:

CHROME just recently announced that they’re doing a video contest for the best minute of fixed freestyle footage. The winner will receive a fatty hook up on chrome products, shoes, bags, shirts, etc. Chrome’s very own, Ed Wonka will pick the winner, and all submissions are due by November 28th. So if you’re thinking about entering or want some free shit, now is your chance. Check out the Chrome site for upload information, and a list of the prizes.

Recap: Photos and video from SICX

New York City’s only Cyclocross race was held on Staten Island last weekend (Nov. 12th), known as the Staten Island CX.

Here is a video,

2011 11 12 – SICX: men’s 4 field (partial, unedited) from matthew vandivort on Vimeo.

and some great pictures from Alan Tansey.

Horse Cycles and Ace Hotel

Thomas Callahan of Brooklyn based Horse Cycles,

GET TO WORK from Horse Cycles on Vimeo.

is teaming up with the Ace Hotel (20W 29th St. NYC) and created a small fleet for this hip hotel chain.

Here is a video about the collaboration:

ACE HOTEL+HORSE CYCLES = this … from Matt McClain on Vimeo.

Video from Blvds of Death 2 alleycat

Video from Blvds of Death 2 alleycat race, Stoned Tone–keeping it real in Queens.

As seen on Nice video Diablo!

Don’t forget, Cranksgiving charity race, 11/19

In your typical messenger style alley cat race, a bunch of strong riders take their bike skills to the next level and race in open traffic, with the winners gaining some bike prizes and street cred. Coming up this Saturday, the winners are not only the bikers but the hundreds of local residents who get food and money donated fro this year’s Cranksgiving charity race. The race participants not only donate money for entering but the checkpoints are all food stops which all gets donated to local food pantries.

Last year, the super fast Crihs Thormann (his photography tumblr site: I love NY more than you.) took the winner prize and here is a little helmet cam video of the event, showing how Crihs got the job done.

Cranksgiving 2010 nyc from crihs on Vimeo.

Come on down to Cranksgiving 2011, Saturday November 19th. It’s a great event and awesome way to help feed the hungry this Thanksgiving.

SRAM (p)Art project

photo of: Allen Brewer–Village

SRAM maker of high-end bicycle components, came up with a unique way to raise money for World bicycle relief, an organization that provides bicycles to developing countries.

More about the project:

Here’s a box of 100 SRAM high-performance bike components. Now make something of it. That’s the challenge SRAM laid down for a group of noted artists from across the country, handpicked by Milwaukee’s art Guru Terrence Coffman and SRAM’s very own Marketing Chief David Zimberoff. The participating artists more than met this challenge.

The works they created were recently displayed at the Interbike national bicycle show. They will also be displayed in a juried exhibition in Chicago and sold to collectors in an online auction. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to World Bicycle Relief.

Find out more about the SRAM (p)Art project: here.

DOT giving away lights, tonight-2 locations

Just saw this of the D.O.T. Twitter feed: (@nyc_dot)

Meet DOT’s #bikenyc team tonight for FREE bike lights! First location: 3rd Ave Bridge, Manhattan side, 5:30-7:30. While supplies last!


DOT gives away FREE #bikenyc bike lights 2nite! 2nd location: BK side of the Williamsburg Br, S5th + 5th Pl 5:30-7:30. While supplies last!

Times Up, powering up Occupy Wall Street

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying when they give you lemons make lemonade. This is definitely a good metaphor for recent actions of local bike activist group Time’s up and their support of Occupy Wall Street.

A while back the NYPD and FDNY confiscated the OWS generators and power source, Time’s Up came to the rescue with bicycle powered gennys. This led to the creation of a sustainability committee and later to providing bike sharing to the various committees in Liberty Plaza.

Here is more about what this life lifelong environmental bicycle education group has been up to:

OccupyWallStreet Sustainability Program Proposal

Time’s Up! volunteers have been working with occupywallstreet NYC since Day 1. Recently, we helped them start a sustainability committee. Below, are some of the sustainable projects we could use funding for:

1. Human-powered energy bicycles to help power phones, laptops, lights, etc.
2. Daily compost pick-ups from occupywallstreet to local community gardens
3. Supplying each committee with their own bicycle with combination locks to share
4. On-sight bicycle repair workshops


Status of all programs
1. Just recently, the city confiscated all the gas-powered generators which were providing electricity to all of OWS NYC. Time’s Up! has been working on pedal-powered energy sources and have now been getting a lot of press. Every committee wants one and we have been working around the clock to make them. Right now, volunteer mechanics are recycling bikes at Time’s Up! BK space and Brooklyn Machine Works are welding bike stands. Other parts, like generators, batteries, and wires are all being assembled at different locations. Along with donated parts we are receiving donations are from all over to finance this project.

Project Budget-$14,000 -OWS has already raised 5k and Time’s Up! has raised 9k. If we get more money, we will be transporting Energy Bikes to other cities.

2. Composting Trailers -OWS is feeding thousands of people a day and Time’s Up! has set up daily composting with special trailers which can break and go missing. We are trying to develop systems so we can leave trailers around with locks for public access. We would like to buy at least 3 more trailers and locks.

Project Budget-$2,800 -Money raised, $400. We are working on a video highlighting the composting project as we speak, so we can try to raise money online.

3. Committee Bicycles -Several committees expressed that they would love to have their own bike. We are building them, but it is going slowly. We would like to paint the names of each committee on them and adapt them for each committee’s use. For instance, the medical team would have bicycles that have racks on the back stocked with First Aid kits. Food Committee would finally be able to deliver on-sight food and liquids to marches and traveling events. We also hope to implement a water distribution system using bikes to deliver tap water from local community resources and getting OWS away from using plastic bottled water.

Project Budget-$4,200 -Money raised, $650. We are receiving donated parts to start this project.

4. On-sight Repair Classes -This is going well, but it’s starting to get cold, so we’re looking for a space in the area to continue these workshops. We hope to expand the project so that people can build their own bicycles and be self-sustaining. A lot of these people are from out of town and have very little money for transportation. We already have about 30 donated bicycles. We need parts, tools and a space to realize this project.

Project Budget (w/o space & operating outside)-$1,800 for 25 bikes. $3,000 for 50 bikes.
$4,000 a month to rent a space (possibly basement space) in the area and stock with tools equipment

Please let me know if you have specific questions on any of the projects. All donations to Time’s Up! are 100% tax deductible and come with progress reports.

All projects will be well documented and publicized to the press in hopes of spreading low-cost sustainable methods to other cities.

Please donate to Time’s Up! so we can make this a reality!
Find out more: here.

Here is some recent press:

Occupy Wall Street turns pedal power

Time’s Up doesn’t need generators, they have people power~Animal New York

With Generators Gone, Wall Street Protesters Try Bicycle Power~Gothamist

Bike more, live longer.

Hey guess what? Bicycling is good for your health and a recent University of Wisconsin-Madison study, proves it.

Live longer: Go by bike?
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison have confirmed: Bicycling is good for your health. That’s not exactly new. The most interesting aspect of the study is that they were able to quantify the benefits.

The researchers found that 20% of car trips within that region were for distances of 5 miles or less. If even just half of these short trips were made by bike instead of car, the impact would still be a $3.8 billion in savings, and 400 fewer deaths each year.

Read more here.

Source: Bicycle Habitat’s blog.