More NYPD harassment

While a major bike sharing program is coming and the D.O.T. continues to make changes to make the city better for cyclists of all levels, the NYPD are up to there usual tricks of harassment.

Gothamist recently posted an article on cops handing out tickets on the Williamsburg bridge.

Once again the NYPD chooses a punitive approach instead of directing people to use of the right path, marked by bad signage.

Cops Ticketing Dozens Of Cyclists Near Williamsburg Bridge Entrance In Brooklyn


While the DOT is hard at work installing barriers at the bottom of the Williamsburg Bridge bike/pedestrian path in Manhattan, the NYPD is hard at work on the other side of the bridge writing tickets to cyclists. During yesterday’s p.m. rush hour, a tipster sent us these photos of the NYPD issuing a slew of summonses. The offense? Riding the wrong way down a wide, sleepy half-block to get to the cyclist entrance to the bridge. The witness estimates that he saw “16-20 people” ticketed in twenty minutes, which seems hard to believe, but he tells us the offending cyclists were ordered to stand on line and wait their turn as the cops took care of business (literally).

Read more here.

Time’s Up events

Time’s up actions and ways to plug in:

Time’s Up will be tabling AT LIVING AS FORM EXHIBITION

Thursday 9/29 and Friday 9/30 12pm-8pm

Essex Street Market building (the one at Essex and Delancey)


1. Decompression Dance Ride for the Occupiers! Tonight! Thursday September 29th, 10pm ABC No Rio

2. Heelz on Wheelz at BMW Labs! Tonight! Thursday September 29th, 8pm, 1st St between

3. Rally at Police Plaza to Critical Mass! Friday Night, 5:30 1 Police Plaza, 7:30pm Union Square North

1. Decompression Dance Ride for the Occupiers! Tonight! Thursday September 29th, 10pm ABC No Rio
Tonight! We will be meeting at ABC No Rio around 10pm and pulling the sound bike to Liberty Plaza. We will circle the block and lead occupiers to the nearest police-free zone for a decompression bike ride. Come ride bikes with us and dance with the liberators of Liberty Plaza!

2. Heelz on Wheelz at BMW Labs! Tonight! Thursday September 29th, 8pm, 1st St between
From the ladies themselves: “The bike dance ladies of HEELZ ON WHEELZ are getting SERIOUS! WE’RE TAKING OVER THE BLOCK for four minutes (1st street between 1st and 2nd aves) at the GUGGENHEIM LABS , following a panel discussion Your Brain on Commuting (6-8pm) WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! come to the lecture (6pm), come after the lecture (7:45PM) – HELP US BLOCK THE STREET! let us know if you can make it – we may want you to pick up some cones on the way. forward to bike friendly folks!”

3. Rally at Police Plaza to Critical Mass! Friday Night, 5:30 1 Police Plaza, 7:00pm Union Square North
We are bringing Critical Mass back to its glory days, and bringing it to Liberty Plaza, where the police have been surprisingly bike friendly! Join us for a rally against police brutality at 1 Police Plaza first, at 5:30pm, then ride with us to Union Square, where we will once again have the sound bike and we will be joining forces with the radical activists of Liberty Plaza. They have liberated a public place, much like Critical Mass did with the streets of New York, and we will revel in this space and this freedom with them.

Occupy wall street-call to action

I first meet Andrew Lynn when I participated in a fun action where we walked around Kmart in the East Village and didn’t buy anything. This was part of an anti-consumer form of street theatre called Whirlmart. Since then Andrew has been super active in bicycle issues, working upstate with Troy bike rescue and one of the film makers behind “Still We Ride,” which diligently exposed the hardcore repression of the NYPD against the peaceful critical mass bike ride since 2004.

Andrew has been taking time to participate in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations where people have been camped out for almost two weeks, blocks from the financial epicenter.

Normally I wouldn’t necessarily use this blog as a platform to blatantly champion an action, but I was recently moved by a mass email Andrew sent out about his thoughts and experiences participating in this growing movement.

I felt so strong about his conviction and belief in what’s going on across the country, it just seems like the right thing to post this and be another place people can read it.

Andrew’s experience with Occupy Wall Street and a call to action.

Dear Friends

This is a communique intended for you individually. I have been extremely busy, and have had only time to post to Facebook regularly, but not to further networks. I hope that this note can be shared more widely. (so please do your part)

first off… if you are in the dark, I highly recommend checking out some videos on these links

and then google or youtube search “occupywallstreet” or twitter users search: #occupywallstreet

Where I am…

As many of you know, I have been part of the group of people occupying a park in the vicinity of wall street. The Occupation is 13 days in and shows no signs of slowing up, but rather signs of growth. I meet people from all over the place who are new here everyday both from within NYC, but also as far as Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Philadelphia and more. Moreover, this model of occupation is being replicated in cities all over the country as citizen activists begin occupations in places such as Boston, Sacramento, Chicago, San Diego, Phoenix, Portland, OR, SF, St. Louis, Detroit, LA…. and that is just off the top of the heads of people sitting around me right now.

what is happening

In short ‘future kulture’ is happening. We have organized a micro city on purely democratic principles in which anyones voice can be heard. There are two General Assemblies per day and many meetings of separate working groups, some discussing solutions, demands, and tactics on a global and local scale, and others managing operations of our camp. Working groups include but are not limited to Food, Comfort, Sanitation, Medical, Library, Media Production, Streaming Media, Media Relations, Finance, Direct Action, Security, and many more. I hesitate to call this a protest. It is an Assembly and a Call to Action. Three days ago, I would not have necessarily believed that I would be writing this, feeling the way I do about all of this, or even still here. This is real. It is growing, and it IS the beginnings of a new, young, social movement that has real potential (and those of you who know my typical cynicism will be surprised by this) to steer our country towards the necessary General Strike of working people, unemployed people, owning class people, students, and everyone else.

a call to action

I want to personally urge people to come here. On first reading that, the impression might be that we need more people on the ground here. That is only partly true. The camp grows to multiple thousands of people everyday, and more every day. However, that is a small part of why your presence (even for a day) is useful and necessary. Really, what is going on here is political education of a profound and new kind. Activists and concerned citizens need to witness the model that is happening here in order to replicate and allow the Occupation of the US to virally grow as quickly as possible. The virus will mutate. Occupations will look different as they spread, but to those of you within traveling distance of NYC, please hear me that this is something like I have never experienced and it has changed my life, and I would like to share that experience in a deeper way than posting to Facebook and telling people about it.

who is here

all kinds of people are here, and as I said more and different people every day. the overwhelming majority at this moment are young people who have never been part of past actions or movement. That alone is jawdropping to me. it is not the typical lefty crowds that are found at peace marches etc. it is those folks too, but it is more far-reaching, and i think that is highly significant.

what to expect

expect to be fed for free as much as you can eat. expect to witness true democratic decision making. expect to have genuine conversations about everything that matters to you about the future of our society and planet with fellow occupiers, passersby, and police. expect truly horizontal organizing and decision-making expect participate teach-ins. expect to lead teach-ins if you so desire. expect to work (join a working group and help with whatever your particular skillet provides). expect to be slightly overwhelmed at first. expect to be interviewed by television stations, radio reporters, and writers. expect to participate in different kinds of peaceful marches. expect to march in solidarity with unions (CWA, Airline Pilots, Postal workers, etc) expect to meet a LOT of people. expect the unexpected.

when to come

I have put my life on hold and taken considerable risk personally to come here. I intend to leave to rejoin my life of employment and local activist responsibility Saturday night. I urge people to come here on Friday night or Saturday. If you come Saturday, try to arrive early as marches generally leave at 9am, and activities build from there. The weekday climax of events tends to be in the after-work hours when thousands of people converge here for a daily General Assembly in which anyone can have the ‘peoples mic’ (a system of human amplification) that can be witnessed on various youtube videos out there. I don’t know what specifically will be happening on that day, so I can’t provide any more details… but I don’t think it necessarily matters. This is ongoing, daily, and is not stopping. It is building, and in a few months this will be bigger than you or I can imagine. it’s not a promise, but it is an honest prediction…. and I would not have predicted it 4 days ago.

I need to go. Thanks for reading. Please share this out….

Andrew Lynn

3rd annual,Tour del Taco, October 9th

Do you love things that look like this?
(photo by: 52 projects.)

The Tour del Taco is a roving group bike ride that hits up the best Taco’s in town.

Here is a write up in Gothamist:

Saddle up for the 2011 Tour del Taco, a bike ride through the finest taco establishments this town has to offer. Organized by three taco-loving friends, the Brooklyn by Bike tour on October 9 will hit five spots in Brooklyn and Queens: Los Hermanos in Bushwick, La Esquina in Williamsburg, El Gobo in Corona, Roosevelt Ave taco trucks in Queens, and one TBD Sunset Park stop. Who will reign supreme?

We spoke to Brooklyn by Bike co-founder Anita Singh, who tells us she’s most excited to his El Gobo, which friends have described as the [perennial taco favorite] “Tortilleria Nixtamal killer.” This is the third year Singh has lead the Tour del Taco, which she describes as a fun and casual ride (but still, ride safe! No liability here.) Cyclists will meet at Grand Army Plaza at 11am, then travel south in Brooklyn, north up through Queens, and ends back in Brooklyn with an afterparty at DeKalb Market. The ride is limited to 75 people and is totally free, though you will have to buy your own tacos. Singh recommends about $5 per stop. RSVP to reserve your space here, and prepare for a taco adventure of epic proportions!

Heelz on Wheelz at the Guggenhiem Lab on Commuting

Thursday, September 29th 6pm-8pm will be a panel discussion on commuting at the Guggenheim Lab. The lab is a traveling discussion series focusing on contemporary urban issues. (find out more here.)

Description of upcoming series, “Your Brain on Commuting.” (Info page on event.)

Whether you travel by foot, train, bus, or car, the way you move has a stunning impact on the way you think and behave. Join our panel as they share fascinating insights into the psychology of commuting. Learn new ways to maximize happiness on your way to work. With Traffic author Tom Vanderbilt, transit psychologist Carlosfelipe Pardo, and Alejandro de Castro Mazarro from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation.

BMW Lab is located: From August 3 to October 16, 2011, the BMW Guggenheim Lab is located at:

First Park | Houston at 2nd Ave

The bicycling dance troop, Heelzonwheelz want to be there too, to visualize another way we get around…ahem (cycling)

From the ladies:

This THURSDAY the bike dance ladies of HEELZ ON WHEELZ are getting SERIOUS!

WE’RE TAKING OVER THE BLOCK for four minutes (1st street between 1st and 2nd aves)

at the GUGGENHEIM LABS , following a panel discussion Your Brain on Commuting (6-8pm)


come to the lecture (6pm), come after the lecture (7:45PM) – HELP US BLOCK THE STREET!

let us know if you can make it – we may want you to pick up some cones on the way.
forward to bike friendly folks!

a little sneak peak video of the heelz in action:

new one from Monkey Lectric

I was super psyched to be contacted by the fine folks at Monkey Lectric. They hooked me up about 5 years ago with their led light and it was such an attention grabber. Now they’ve got a new and improved model, the mini monkey light, inspired with some 8-bit illumination.

Here is a little about the new product:

The Mini Monkey Light is a rugged, practical, high performance bike light that keeps you visible in all weather conditions. The Mini Monkey straps to your spokes and displays brilliant 8-bit graphics on your spinning bike wheel. The bright and colorful display is visible from all angles, and it makes riding in the evening even more fun than the daytime.

We believe that more people will consider biking for transportation if they are more confident and have more fun when they ride at night. We also believe that a practical and affordable product is critical to reaching a mass audience.

Today we have completed and tested samples of the Mini Monkey Light. The product is ready for full production. We need your help so we can invest in the equipment and parts needed to mass produce. If we reach our funding goal we hope to ship the product within 3 months.

Their Kickstarter fund raiser page.

Race across the sky-benefit for NYCMTB and IMBA

Race across the sky, is a documentary about the 2010 marathon mountain bike race known as the Leadville 100.
Here is a trailer, featuring some famous guy named Lance.

There is an upcoming screening and benefit for the NYC Mountain Bike (NYCMTB) and International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA), two great organizations that help build and maintain trails in the NYC area. Hosted by super awesome bike shop in Manhattan and now Brooklyn, Bicycle Habitat.

Here are the details as seen on

Race Across the Sky 2010 ($20 ticket)

Join pro cyclist Rebecca Rusch for this private screening of the documentary, Race Across the Sky 2010, to meet and greet other cyclists and help raise money for NYC MTB and IMBA.

The movie explores the trials and triumphs of the Colorado-based Leadville 100 races and the victories of the athelete in all of us, from the eyes of the participants and spectators.

Ticket price includes Q&A session with with Leadville 100 women’s champion and three-time 24-Hour World Champion Rebecca Rusch, plus post-screening reception with complimentary food and drink!

All ticket proceeds benefit IMBA and NYC MTB!

About the Movie: In 2009, “Race Across the Sky” captured the imagination of countless mountain bike enthusiasts – this year, “Race Across the Sky 2010″ delves into the resulting race entry boom, including record numbers of citizen riders, all with their own personal reasons for challenging themselves to this epic test of will, strength and endurance. Joined by the toughest elite field this high-altitude century race has ever seen, these riders are tested by one of the most brutal courses known to the sport. From the center of the little mining town of Leadville, Colorado, to the 12,570-foot top of Columbine Mine, get ready to be inspired all over again.

Organized by Rebecca Rusch – to benefit IMBA and NYC MTB

Reception sponsored by Rebecca Rusch, Bicycle Habitat, Red Bull and SRAM.

718 Cyclery builds wheels

718 Cyclery in the South Slope of Brooklyn (soon moving to a new location on Union) prides themselves on their handbuilt wheels. The shop has always had a great niche of what they call collaborative builds, where they work with their customers to find the right bike and then, work with them to build the bike of their dreams in a 1-2 hour session. The wheels however are much more complicated, and the staff at 718 feels it best to do the wheel building. Now they’re making it even easier with a handy order form available on line for their customers to fill out.

Here is a quote from their site:
We build wheels by hand….lots and lots of wheels. A handbuilt wheel offers superior durability and craftsmanship over the lifetime of the wheel.

Fill out as much as you can..submit to us and we will work up an estimate within 24 hours. As you can imagine, there are many thousands of components to select from. This list below represents our best selling and highest quality available components. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, add a note in the “Additional Notes” field at the bottom of the form.

We’ll ship anywhere,and will include shipping in your quote.

Just click the link below or on our new ad banner to the left.

Bike sharing coming to NYC

The big news last week was New York City is going to be the next American city to begin a bike sharing program. 10,000 bikes will be placed on the street at 600 solar powered stations. This is another effort by the incredibly bike friendly D.O.T. to give more space to bicycles and increase ridership of the average city dwelling commuter.

Here is an article from the UK’s independent newspaper.

New York City bike share system gets a green light.
published: September 19th, 2011

New York City authorities confirmed last week that the Big Apple’s first bikeshare scheme will begin next summer. The New York City Bike Share scheme, operated by the NYC Department of Transport (DOT), is set to put America’s most popular destination on a par with rivals such as London and Paris.

Read more: here.

Another article by:, NYC Bike Share will have 600 stations-10000 bikes.

On September 14th, there was a formal announcement of the new program presented by D.O.T. Commissioner, Janette Sadik-Kahn with music, author and bicycle cleb, David Byrne.

Source: Transportation Nation.

(photos by Kate Hinds)

The company who won the bid for NYC’s bike sharing is Alta, who recently launched a program in Boston, known as the theHubway.

According to the Boston Globe, the success of the program in just a few months has already exceeded expectations.

In the informative NYC cycling blog, Brooklynspoke, a recent article, THE HEAT IS ON, illustrates through the use of a heat map, the areas where the public has expressed the most interest in bike sharing stations.

(source of D.O.T. heat map, here.)

Transportation Nation also highlights a few dates and locations where the bicycle sharing program can be tested out:

Saturday September 24, 12:00p.m.-4:00p.m. at Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, 176 Lafayette Avenue between Clermont and Vanderbilt Avenues.

Thursday September 29, 12:00p.m.-6:00p.m in Union Square.

Sunday October 2 12:00p.m-6:00p.m at the Atlantic Antic festival, at the corner of Atlantic and Nevins.

Here is the website for the NYC bike sharing program, Stay tuned.

NY bike jumble-9/24

This weekend: New York City’s premiere bike swap meet.
NY Bike Jumble.
Here is an article in the Brooklyn Paper.

Deals on Wheels! The Bike Jumble is coming this Saturday.
by: Alfred Ng
published: September 19, 2011

New York’s only exclusive bike flea market returns to the epicenter of cycling, that’s Park Slope, baby! Offering cheap two-wheelers, parts and accessories in an all-day celebration of all things cycling called the Bike Jumble.
This two-wheeling flea market has kept on growing since the first Jumble in 2009.
The success speaks to the need in New York to have affordable and logical transportation, said Jumble founder Harry Schwartzman.

Read more: here.

More info on the jumble, here.