Hottest for Fashion week?-Bicycles, duh.

Today starts fashion week in NYC, runways, paparazzi, those giant white tents that morph Bryant Park into a swarming madhouse of designers, photographers and models-all displaying the latest looks for fall.
Bikes are getting into the act and this time in a positive way, unlike Donna Karen’s orange fiasco a few years ago.

This year there’s some token bike sharing going on with some fashion designed bikes being shown off and available near fashion weeks epicenter.

From Transportation Nation:
Break a Heel? Grab a Bike! Designers Prototype Bike Share for NY’s Fashion Week
By Kate Hinds | September 7, 2011 – 2:51 pm


Fashion Week, New York City: One week, dozens of designers, scores of events — and now, for the first time, 30 designer bicycles. And — unlike the clothing on the runways — the bicycles are free to borrow as part of a week-long fashion-inspired bike share program. (More info on how to borrow the bikes is at the end of this story; more pictures can be found here)

Read the whole article here.

Meanwhile, Nona Varnado has the real pulse of bike fashion with her blog and gives us:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cycling & Fashion

If anything 2011 is the year that fashion definitely got excited about riding bikes around the city. But there’s already a collection of indie design labels dedicated to producing hip and sophisticated urban cycling fashion designed to be comfortable while riding while many of the new additions use advanced technical materials to stay dry or dry quickly, stand up to the rigours of dedicated riding while looking super chic at work or just being your gorgeous self. With so many major design players, athletic labels and a new generation of apparel companies thriving on the growth in cycling -it’s also great to see that many of the smaller labels are also focused on domestic production (swrve, Nona Varnado, Outlier).

(photo of: Stella McCartney SS1o Cycling for Adidas)

Read more: here.

Brooklyn Bicycle Club

There’s a new social club for people who wanna ride!

Join today:

Critical Mass 2011 survey

20110907-064826.jpg(photo from, Birmingham critical mass)

Critical mass. Do you participate? If you get a chance take a new survey about this world wide phenomenon.

This is a survey for anyone who participates in Critical Mass. This survey is completely anonymous and all questions are optional, but please answer as many questions as you are able. Additional comments will be deeply appreciated.

The information gathered in this survey is for a graduate study project that seeks to learn more about decentralized movements that happen in public spaces. You are encouraged to pass this survey along to anyone who participates in Critical Mass.

Take the survey here.

East Coast Messenger Stage Race

I’d heard rumor about this from the organizer of the wolfpack hustle race in LA during the closure of the 405, where they challenged Jet Blue Airlines.

Our own messenger super star Austin Horse got back from racing in Europe and wanted to organize a multiple stage race involving cities along the Eastern seaboard. Looks like a reality.

The first ever:

East Coast Messenger Stage Race

Thursday, September 22 at 9:30am – September 26 at 11:00pm

Boston, New Haven, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC

A little about the event:

This is a 5 day alleycat style stage race, from Boston to DC. Racers are responsible for choosing their own route.

Racers can count on having a place for the night in each city and a vehicle to carry their stuff during the day.

Awards for individual stage wins, general classification, team & fixed gear category.

Find out more on this Facebook events page.

Sounds awesome!!


Stolen Cannondale

Apparently the bike thieves didn’t take off for labor day. I got a message from Gregory who had his Cannondale stolen in broad daylight. (9/5/11) He had locked it to a scaffolding and was pretty sure the thief cut the lock, but most likely removed a piece of the structure and freed his property.

From Greg:

Stolen last night was a 2009 Cannondale Six with strike water cages, and a broken shifter (left) I’m trying every way possible to get some attention. It was stolen in broad daylight from outside southern hospitality on the UES. Its red and white. Any info/help is appreciated. I called the police but believe it or not they never came. I’m going to try again today.

Attached is a stock photo of the bike (not the actual bicycle stolen)


Any info, contact
(716) 864-1055

Further talking with Greg he was able to file a police report which is just a formality, but can be a big help if you end up finding the bike in someone else’s possession and can therefore involve the police with a documented record. It’s also helpful with insurance for things like renters insurance which cover stolen bikes, even off your premises.

Core whore alleycat, Mobius Cycles

Bike Shop Profile: Seattle, Wa.

Mobius Cycles, located in downtown Seattle (1016 1st Ave.) gets great reviews from it’s loyal customer base. It’s listed as a holistic bicycle boutique and owner Nikki, along with her knowledgeable crew have a real hands on approach to fixing their customers rides as well as involving them in the process. It’s no wonder this spacious loft is a hangout for the local messenger scene, equipped with comfy couches, air hockey and video games. The space is also shared by working artists and has a warm friendly vibe for the Seattle bike scene. They love to show off their slick custom builds:




It also looks as if they are spearheading the bike watch efforts in Seattle with a twitter feed for stolen bikes.

This friday their hosting an Alleycat to see who the Core Whore really is.


8-bit Freddy on a bike

Check out today’s google doodle honoring what would have been Freddy Mercury’s 65 birthday.

The google team took this graphic banner, now common place as a header for daily events, to a whole new level including an animated video and 8-bit game. Find out more here.

I especially like the part in the video where the 8-bit Freddy is riding a bike.

(thanks @brooklynbybike for pointing this out.)


First Friday Ride!

I was working on this new CBS show, Unforgettable, on Prince and Lafayette St. and look who stopped by. The First Friday critical mass! Their new soundbike was blasting tunes, making an all night shoot a little more bearable.


Happy to hear, Peter got his bike back.


The First Friday Ride meets every month, 7pm Union Square North, Manhattan.



Turning junk into art

Here’s how one Queens artist is dealing with the large amount of abandon bicycles spread around the city: making planters.

From the New York Times/NY Region section:

When Wheels Pile Up: Plant a Bike; Save the City

by: Neil Genzlinger
Published: September 2, 2011

20110902-081808.jpg(photo by: Eric Michael Johnson)

In 1880, New York City removed 15,000 dead horses from its streets, the historians Joel Tarr and Clay McShane wrote in an essay called “The Centrality of the Horse to the Nineteenth-Century American City.” Horse carcasses, they added, were sometimes dumped with garbage into the bays or the rivers, often floating there or washing up on beaches”.

In the late 1860s, a dock stood at the foot of West 38th Street, the essay continued. From there, the carcasses of horses as well as other dead animals and offal from the city’s slaughter houses was either dumped in the bay or sent to a rendering plant.

Read the rest here.

Eurobike 2011

What do we know about Friedrichshafen, Germany?

•It is a town on the northern side of Lake Constance (the Bodensee) in Southern Germany, near the borders with Switzerland and Austria.

•It has a population of 58,000.

•It was a big center of aviation technology during the first world wars, where Ferdinand von Zeppelin established his famous dirigible factory.

•It is the district capital (Kreisstadt) of the Bodensee district (Landeskreis) in the federal state (Bundesland) of Baden-Württemberg.

And it is the home to the annual Eurobike convention, (August 31st-September 3rd) where exhibitors come from all over the world to demo bikes and show off the latest goods.

Find out more at: