Village Voice article about cyclists hit and run.

Back in November, 2010, Michelle Matson and her boyfriend James were seriously injured by a speeding car. After a rather useless investigation by the local police, with a “you should be thankful your alive,” attitude, the couple had to resort to there own information gathering including a flyer campaign, looking for witnesses.

In this weeks village voice reporter Camille Dodero retells the story and the lack of effort by the cops even though there was a lot of evidence to work with.

Hell on Wheels: Anatomy of a Greenpoint bike accident
By Camille Dodero Wednesday, Aug 17 2011
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On October 23, James Paz remembers something inhuman slamming into his bike, the terrifying sensation of his body hurtling through the air, and the instinct of trying to land with-out smashing his face on the Brooklyn asphalt. He remembers struggling to his feet and looking back for his girlfriend, Michelle Matson, who’d been pedaling behind him down Franklin Avenue on her beat-up cruiser. And he remembers that she wasn’t there.

Read more: here.

Pedalpushers Club and Levi’s new tour

Recently Levi’s jeans released a new line for the urban bike commuter including a water resistant pair of skinny jeans with it’s own built in u-lock holder, the 511 commuter. (source:

20110817-112259.jpg(photo by:

Last week Levi’s teamed up with Urban Outfitters to launch a city-wide tour to show off the line along with bike repair and musical guests.

My friends over at the Pedalpusher Club, who are t-shirt designers and printers (who made my bikeblog tshirts) have come up with a line of shirts for the tour.


They’ve created six unique designs for the tours biggest stops: Portland, NYC, Philly, LA, Austin, and SF as well as they’re “Ride More Drive Less” design available at every stop featured at participating Urban Outfitter shops. Nice to see this small company get some much deserves exposure with the big boys.

Wrenched NYC-chrome party 8/18

Chrome has been throwing some killer parties in their stores the third Thursday’s of the month.

This Thursday is the launch of Wrenched NYC.

Here is a press release:

We are super stoked to tell you about the release of Chrome’s WRENCHED NYC — the second installment of our free bi-annual alternative guide to city living. As you may remember from WRENCHED SF, each issue focuses on one major city and provides readers with insight on places to eat, drink, shop, wander, party, and relax as suggested by a select group of each city’s creative and cultural contributors.

WRENCHED NYC taps into the brains of: Amy Gunther, Austin Horse, Dave Ortiz, Shadi, Gina Marie Scardino, Gino Ianncci, Joe Avedisian, John Igei, Jou-Yie Chou, Kyle Demmers, Michael Chernow, RB Umali, Ricky Powell, Rodney Smith, Squid, Steve Rodriguez, TAK, Troy Denning, Tyler Clemens, Abe Burmeister and Uli Rimkus.

WRENCHED Launch party, a night of mayhem: We’ll be celebrating the zine release in conjunction with our monthly concert series, Third Thursday. Press and public are invited to come celebrate the launch of WRENCHED NYC with Chrome and the WRENCHED mob.
When: Thursday, August 18th / 8pm EST (this Thursday!)
Where: Chrome NYC / located at 238 Mulberry Street in SoHo
Featuring: DJ set by Thatkidprolific, live music from Jeru the Damaja and one-night-only art instillations from WRENCHED-featured photographers: Ricky Powell, Shadi and Takuya “TAK” Sakamoto. Complimentary beer and vodka drinks provided by Asahi and Berentzen.


This Sunday-Throwdown in the Boogie Down-Bronx, Alleycat

There’s a new alleycat in the Bronx this Sunday (8/20)

Throwdown in the Boogie Down!

Find out more at Urbancyclist Worldwide and

Time’s Up-Coney Island Ride

Time’s Up has been hosting these great rides to see fireworks at Coney Island. Here is the next installment,

Friday, August 19. Union Square, NYC

We leave 7p sharp (17th St & Park Ave South), or join us at:
7:30p (Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge) or
8p (11th St & Prospect Pk W., the “Bike Zone” at Celebrate
Brooklyn, just inside the park). 15 miles, easy pace,
as the crow flies.

Safe cycling, moon-lit schmoozing, and glorious fireworks await
you on this leisurely-paced 15-mile ride to Coney Island.
Using bike lanes and bike paths, both new and old, we’ll wander
from the East Village to Prospect Park and then off to Coney Island for
their weekly evening fireworks presentation. Ride ends at Windsor Terrace,
where some of the group will have a late dinner at Enzo’s Brickoven, and ride back
to Manhattan afterwards. Co-sponsored by Transportation Alternatives
and the Five Borough Bicycle Club. Please RSVP to
and tell us which start point you’ll be using.Your hosts for tonight’s ride:
Ken Williams, Josh Gosciak, from 5BBC.

And this is how we’ll ride (with both hands on, though).

Bicycle debate on the Daily News live blog

Not sure if this type of thing is good for the NYC bicycling community or not, but I was contacted by the Daily News about an online debate they are having tomorrow and looking for your participation.

Find out more Here.

Vacation in Maine

I’m in lovely Bath Maine for the week on our annual family get-together. Enjoying the finer things.




Posts are going to he a little sparse until next week.


Book Release and Discussion-BIKE NYC

We’re having a book release and discussion for our new travel guide to cycling in NYC.

BIKE NYC by Marci Blackman, Ed Glazar and Michael Green

Saturday, August 6th at the Word Up Community Book Store
4157 Broadway @ 175th St.-Washington Heights

&#8220Celebrate the release of Bike NYC: The Cyclist’s Guide to New York City by award winning writer Marci Blackman, Photographer, Ed Glazar and bicycle blogger Michael Green. Kurt Boone, a poet and freelance writer for Urban Cyclist Worldwide will host a discussion about cycling in New York City. After the discussion Marci and Ed will answer questions from the audience on cycling in the city. (Michael Green will not be in attendance due to family obligations.)


Urban Velo Magazine: review.

New York Press: article/interview.

Velojoy Cycling Blog: review.

Article about the Word Up pop-up shop book store in the NY Times.

Video of the Messenger Poet and host of the event: Kurt Boone–

Manhattan from Kurt Boone on Vimeo.

Dmitry Gudkov interview, Turnstyle

You probably know Dmitry Gudkov by now from his amazing photographic portrayal of the NYC bike community, through twitter (@gudphoto) or on his #bikenyc site.


For those who don’t, check out this interview in Turnstyle news.

Dmitry Gudkov: Creator Of #BikeNYC Features Cyclists From All Walks Of Life

“According to the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, only .6 percent of New Yorkers ride their bikes to work. Even so, Dmitry Gudkov, freelance photographer in Brooklyn, makes it clear on his blog #BikeNYC that New York cyclists have a wacky, colorful, and bold way of taking over the Big Apple. The site started in February 2010, and the name refers to the Twitter hashtag that allows people to share and discuss information related to biking in NYC. Check out Turnstyle’s interview with Gudkov, and some of his bike portraits below.

Turnstyle: Where did the idea for the photo project come from?

Dmitry Gudkov: A couple of years ago I started riding a bike in New York and fell in love with the freedom of it. It’s a really great way to get around and really opens up the city. I didn’t have that many friends who rode, so I became curious about the other cyclists I’d see during my commute. I’d been kicking around the idea of doing a personal photography project, and suddenly had this idea of a portrait series of New York cyclists. I wanted the portraits to be very simple and direct – just the person, their bike, and the city. I also decided to write a short profile of each subject to show their experience of riding in the city.”

Read more: here.

Bikewatch on facebook

Your friendly neighborhood watch for bike theft, Bikewatchnyc, now has a Facebook page.

Join up and let’s watch out for our community.