Velo City and Escape from New York 2

This weekend, July 2nd, is the annual Velo City tour in NYC, a multi-city velodrome series where participating track racers compete for tickets to the Cycle Messenger World Championships. (held this year in Warsaw, Poland)

You have to be a working courier to win tickets, but it’s an excellent time to watch some fierce amateur track racing at NYC’s only velodrome in Kissena, Queens.

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Then later that night…

Grab your gang (teams of four) and join in the late night alleycat mayhem: Escape from New York 2.

The checkpoints have already been posted, and yes there is a tattoo involved for one of your gang by Tuff City Styles.

and there is a $100.00 best bunny hop checkpoint.

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The race benefits the New York Bike Messenger Foundation.

Last week to fund NYC critical mass documentary.

Whether you’re a fan of critical mass, hate it or have no idea what the hell it is…There is an amazing documentary in the works that needs your help in getting the story told.

This is the last week the help fund Christopher Ryan’s film. There is a new trailer out:

And here is the Kickstarter Page.

Aaron Naparstek on Brooklyn Politics Podcast

Check out this great interview with creator and blogger, Aaron Naparstek, on

Aaron does an informative job of explaining the recent controversy behind the Prospect Park West bike lane and the basics behind the Department of Transportation pushing a more bike friendly agenda with NYC’s streets.

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EHBPC 2011-Bike Polo in Barcelona

Did you miss the EHBPC? The “What?!” you say? The European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Barcelona…Duh.

Held last weekend. June 23rd-26th.

There are some really stunning photos coming out from the premiere fixed-gear blog: (It will help to be able to read Spanish)

Here are a few:

Read more at this blog post.

and the flickr gallery.

Don’t worry, the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships are coming up in Calgary, Canada:, August 4th-7th. There are qualifying tournaments being held all over, like this one in Toronto:

For more info about events, visit Doug D’s site: and in NYC:

Bike NYC the book reviewed in Urban Velo

Thanks to Urban Velo, for the review of our new bike guide to NYC.

BIKE NYC – The Cyclist’s guide to New York City

&#8220BIKE NYC is a new guidebook to cycling NYC written by three Urban Velo contributors. Perhaps the best known of the bunch is Michael Green, the man behind Regular readers are more than familiar with Ed Glazar, as hardly an issue goes by without one or more of his photographs. And Marci Blackman, a professional author and NYC tour guide, wrote a feature for us back in issue #18.”

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Video: The true cost of Gas

What’s the true cost of a gallon of gasoline in the US? Around $4.00? not since the IEA released a bit of oil from the reserves. Guess again: $3.65?

Not if you total up the true costs on our health and the environment.
Here is a nice video from the

CMWC2011-Warsaw Poland

Forget that silly race in France. The really battle of cycling supremacy is the annual Cycle Messenger World Championships. This year it’s being held in Warsaw Poland from July 27th-31st.

Promo video:

Find out more

The site provides a nice list of host cities past:

“1993 Berlin, DE
1994 London, UK
1995 Toronto, CA
1996 San Francisco, US
1997 Barcelona, ES
1998 Washington D.C., US
1999 Zurich, CH
2000 Philadelphia, US
2001 Budapest, HU
2002 Copenhagen, DK
2003 Seattle, US
2004 Edmonton, CA
2005 New York City, US
2006 Sidney, AU
2007 Dublin, IE
2008 Toronto, CA
2009 Tokyo, JP
2010 Panajachel, GT”

New Eastside Greenway Design contest: Close the Gap

What to do about the Eastside Greenway? It’s the last missing link to completely surrounding the island of Manhattan with a green path dedicated solely to bikers and pedestrians.

Transportation Alternatives, along with D3 have come up with a idea.

A design contest called: Close the Gap

From the site:

“Close the Gap, an international design competition sponsored by Transportation Alternatives and d3, invites architects, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers, and students worldwide to broaden the dialogue of alternative solutions for sustainable urban living. The competition focuses on the Midtown sector of New York City’s East River Greenway–a critical missing link in Manhattan’s alternative transportation infrastructure.”

New Blog-Grid Chicago

Just wanted to introduce a new sustainable transportation blog coming out of Chicago, created by urban planner, Steve Vance and Author John Greenfield.

Check out:

It’s loosely modeled after Streetsblog.

A description of their site:

“Grid is an outlet for news, commentary, and photography about sustainable transportation-related events, projects, and ideas. Grid is a platform for critical analysis and thought, and will take a stand on issues important in pursuing progressive and sustainable transportation – transportation that is efficient or uses clean or no energy. Additionally, Grid will help advance the culture of sustainable transportation modes, like walking, biking, and taking transit, with articles that explore the fun and livelier side of sustainable transportation. This may include pieces about trips and travel in Chicagoland and the Midwest, or interviews with locals about how they share bicycling with their peers.”

They recently posted a great interview with Messenger legend, Augie Montes who discusses the upcoming 2012 Cycle Messenger World Championships, (CMWC) in Chicago. (This year it’s being hosted in Warsaw, Poland–

Augie Montes on plans for 2012 messenger championships in Chicago
By John Greenfield On June 23, 2011 ·
(photo by Christopher Dilts Article also appears in momentum magazine.)

“Every year hundreds of bike couriers from around the globe descend on a different city for the Cycle Messenger World Championships, with races, arts events and parties celebrating one of the toughest, most enjoyable jobs around. This year the 19th annual worlds take place in Warsaw on July 27-31; next year Chicago does the honors.

Augie Montes, an eleven-year veteran of the delivery biz who spearheaded the 2008 North American Cycle Courier Championships (NACCC) in Chicago, talked with me about the recent championships in Tokyo and Panajachel, Guatemala, and filled us in on the Windy City’s plans for hosting the worlds in 2012.

What’s the purpose of the messenger championships?

It’s a chance for folks from all over the world who do the same job to meet each other, hang out and celebrate the fact that it’s a fun and unique job due to the culture that’s built up around it.

What countries have you gone to for messenger championships?

I’ve been to a bunch of the NACCCs but the only time I got to leave the country for a world championship was Tokyo in 2009. I always work too much [as an owner-rider at Four Star, a Chicago courier collective] to make it to the other ones.

Read more here.

Our book is finally here! Bike NYC

After a year of interviews, rides and writing…the book I co-authored with Marci Blackman and Ed Glazar has hit the shelves.

BIKE NYC. The Cyclist’s guide to New York City.

Pick it up in your local book store or order it from

Here is the official press release from our publisher,


The Cyclist’s Guide to New York City
By Marci Blackman, Ed Glazar, and Michael Green

Good news for both the health of city dwellers and the planet—regular bicycle riding has doubled in New York City in the past four years! With protected paths and bike lanes popping up everywhere from Broadway to Prospect Park West, commuter biking and joy riding is safer and easier than ever. BIKE NYC is the definitive guide to navigating the city via its fastest growing mode of transportation. Three seasoned riders and bike tour guides, including the creator of, offer advice on fabulous rides through all five boroughs. Part guidebook, photo-essay, history, and human-interest story, BIKE NYC is all about rediscovering the city and being a part of the bike culture movement. Get exercise and gain a new perspective on New York City with adventures such as:
• Riding Manhattan tip to tip, from 122-year-old Pier A to the Cloisters
• Checking out the “Cemetery Belt,” an eighteen-mile ride through ancient cemeteries of Brooklyn and Queens
• Pedaling your way through a Manhattan and Queens art crawl
• Seeing Coney Island’s beaches as never before
• Experiencing “the Dead Pool” on Staten Island up close and personal—the place where tugboats go to die
• Taking a spooky Halloween night ride through Brooklyn brownstones
• And more!

Small enough to carry anywhere, BIKE NYC is packed with safety tips, historical facts, photographs, and listings of the best food stops and bike shops no matter where you are on your ride. Whether you’ve got a custom-built bicycle or an old hand-me-down, BIKE NYC will be your new key to the city.

About the Authors:
Marci Blackman has cycled through Europe, across the United States from San Francisco to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and through the high octane, traffic–snarled streets of New York City. Blackman writes and lives in Queens and works as a bicycle tour guide for Central Park Bike Tours.

Ed Glazar has been riding bikes for most of his life—from the ditches and BMX tracks of east Texas to the streets of New York City. His street cred includes several years of experience as a bike courier and a dispatcher, and most recently as a New York City bike tour guide. He has been taking photographs for more than ten years.

Michael Green is the founder of the innovative blog, one of the key resources for urban cycling in New York and around the world. Michael has been quoted in the New York Times and has been interviewed by New York magazine, Time Out New York, the Village Voice, CBS, and several radio programs.

The Cyclist’s Guide to New York City
By Marci Blackman, Ed Glazer, and Michael Green
Skyhorse Publishing Paperback
On Sale: July 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61608-313-7
Price: $12.95

Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10018
212 643 6816