New video from Street Films

Check out the latest video by Elizabeth Press from

They’ve created a personalized visual storycorps project called: “My NYC biking story,” where they introduce us through a short video, to members of the diverse biking community of New York City. This episode features 23 year old Bin Feng Zheng who speaks three languages and is an ambassador to the Transportation Alternatives safe cycling program.

From the site:

This spring, Transportation Alternatives launched a program to promote safe cycling throughout the five boroughs. Bin Feng Zheng, 23, works for this program as an NYC Bicycle Ambassador. Bin started riding a bike just two years ago, so he knows all about the challenges of learning to ride. He’s also tri-lingual — speaking Chinese and Spanish — which helps him promote responsible riding and the benefits of bicycling in the diverse neighborhoods where he grew up. He says one of his big motivations is to bring biking to Chinatown and the Lower East Side, “because in the end it’s not just about biking, it’s about having a more vibrant community, it’s about having safer streets.”

This video was made with support by: tread bike shop. located at 250 dyckman Street, NYC

Yeehaw, this years NACCC in Austin Texas

This years North American Cycle Courier Championships: October 7th-9th, Austin Texas

More details to come,

Tour De Queens

One of Transportation Alternatives local borough rides, July 10th, 4th annual Tour De Queens

Register here.

The Bike shop explosion

The bike shop explosion just keeps happening. There are three new shops in Brooklyn.

Bicycle Habitat opened a new store on-476 Fifth Ave. at 10th Street in Park Slope, (718) 788-2543.

Landmark Vintage Cycles 376 Bedford Ave between South Fourth & South Fifth.

and Silk Road Cycles 76 Franklin St. at Calyer Street in Greenpoint, (718) 389-2222.

Read more from this Brooklyn Paper, story.

Time’s Up-July 4th Beach Ride

Join Time’s Up for a ride out to the Rockaways.

Memorial Day Group Shot. July 4th Beach Ride
Monday 11:30 AM
Meetup: Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
(Northern entrance to Prospect Park)

Join Time’s Up! for a leisurely bike ride out to Rockaway Beach to celebrate the independence we feel on our bicycles!

Invite your friends! Let’s have a party on the beach!

Remember, the Rockaways are all Hip.

Check out: Rockaway Taco, Rippers, Babycakes Vegan bakery and more.

Cyclist in Critical Condition-Ray Deter, owner of DBA bar in Manhattan

Cyclist, long time supporter of Time’s Up and owner of the East Village bar and institution: D.B.A. is in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

54 year old Ray Deter, was hit by a Jaguar driver on Canal Street, yesterday around 5:30pm.

According to, one eye-witness says: “he was lying in the street like a rag-doll.”

Also from Gothamist:

“In photographs from the scene, the Jaguar’s sun roof and windshield are seen to be heavily damaged by the impact. According to the Daily News, the unidentified driver received a summons for possessing a small amount of marijuana. As you may know, New York State decriminalized low-level marijuana possession some three decades ago, making it a violation punishable by a fine, not an arrestable offense.

However, the NYPD has been criticized for arresting record numbers of minorities for possessing small amounts of marijuana that turn up during illegal stop and frisks. So isn’t it shocking and disillusioning that walking while black with a little grass lands you in the Tombs, but cops send a pot-possessing Jaguar driver on his way after nearly killing a cyclist? It almost makes you wonder if the police enforce laws differently based on the perpetrators’ social class!

UPDATE 4:35 p.m.: An employee at D.B.A. Brooklyn confirms that the injured cyclist is Ray Deter, owner of D.B.A. On the bar’s Facebook page, they’ve posted the following:

— We are reaching out to every one of our patrons and friends to please send your prayers and loving energy to Ray Deter at this time. As some of you may have heard, Ray was in a very serious bicycle accident yesterday and is in critical condition. For those of you who are hearing this for the first time, we are so sorry to share this news in this manner, though we are grateful for the tool to reach many of you.”

Ray’s recovery is our number one concern, but hopefully the NYPD will gain valuable information from this horrible incident due to the passing of the Saving Lives Through Better Information Act and work towards our streets becoming safer.

More about this crash and Ray, from the blog

Velo City and Escape from New York 2

This weekend, July 2nd, is the annual Velo City tour in NYC, a multi-city velodrome series where participating track racers compete for tickets to the Cycle Messenger World Championships. (held this year in Warsaw, Poland)

You have to be a working courier to win tickets, but it’s an excellent time to watch some fierce amateur track racing at NYC’s only velodrome in Kissena, Queens.

Find out more at

Then later that night…

Grab your gang (teams of four) and join in the late night alleycat mayhem: Escape from New York 2.

The checkpoints have already been posted, and yes there is a tattoo involved for one of your gang by Tuff City Styles.

and there is a $100.00 best bunny hop checkpoint.

Find out more:

The race benefits the New York Bike Messenger Foundation.

Last week to fund NYC critical mass documentary.

Whether you’re a fan of critical mass, hate it or have no idea what the hell it is…There is an amazing documentary in the works that needs your help in getting the story told.

This is the last week the help fund Christopher Ryan’s film. There is a new trailer out:

And here is the Kickstarter Page.

Aaron Naparstek on Brooklyn Politics Podcast

Check out this great interview with creator and blogger, Aaron Naparstek, on

Aaron does an informative job of explaining the recent controversy behind the Prospect Park West bike lane and the basics behind the Department of Transportation pushing a more bike friendly agenda with NYC’s streets.

Find our more, here.

EHBPC 2011-Bike Polo in Barcelona

Did you miss the EHBPC? The “What?!” you say? The European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Barcelona…Duh.

Held last weekend. June 23rd-26th.

There are some really stunning photos coming out from the premiere fixed-gear blog: (It will help to be able to read Spanish)

Here are a few:

Read more at this blog post.

and the flickr gallery.

Don’t worry, the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships are coming up in Calgary, Canada:, August 4th-7th. There are qualifying tournaments being held all over, like this one in Toronto:

For more info about events, visit Doug D’s site: and in NYC: