Coney Island Fireworks Ride

Time’s Up Coney Island Ride-Fireworks Ride.
Friday, July 29. Union Square, NYC

From Time’s Up: We leave 7p sharp (17th St & Park Ave South), or join us at:
7:30p (Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge) or
8p (the “Bike Zone” at Celebrate Brooklyn, 11th St & Prospect Pk W.).
15 miles, easy pace, as the crow flies.

Safe cycling, moon-lit schmoozing, and glorious fireworks await
you on this leisurely-paced 15-mile ride to Coney Island.
Using bike lanes and bike paths, both new and old, we’ll wander
from the East Village to Prospect Park (where, visiting the TA bike
parking operation, you can pick up front and rear bike lights if needed),
and then off to Coney Island for their weekly evening fireworks presentation.
Ride ends at Windsor Terrace, where some of the group will have dinner at
Enzo’s Brickoven, and ride back to Manhattan afterwards. Co-sponsored by
Transportation Alternatives and the Five Borough Bicycle Club.
Please RSVP to and tell us which start point you’ll be using.
Leaders: Ken Williams, Josh Gosciak.


Get Biking NY

New tumblr site from Kim Burgas of the Get Fancy rides. Another location to keep track of cool events on a bike in


Check out:

World Naked Bike Ride 2011-NYC

Looks like I missed a real scorcher in NYC and had some good timing in planning a trip to LA for vacation. (more on that later)

I’m pretty glad I missed lines at crowded public pools, raw sewage dumping into the Hudson and 104 degree temperatures.

I’m bummed though to have missed an event that’s perfect for a heatwave.

The annual NYC World Naked Bike Ride. (source

*Gothamist was all over it with this article from yesterday’s event.

Barbara Ross, Time’s Up volunteer, has a whole bunch of photos posted here.

20110725-021252.jpg(photo by: Barbara Ross)

*sorry for the mobile version links, I’m
posting from an airplane on the return trip to NYC.

Wolfpack hustle wins

Looks like the elite team from beat jetblue airlines in their race of $6.00 flights from Burbank to Long Beach, California. More from

Here is another article from Slate.

Carmageddon #flightvsbike challenge: How a team of cyclists beat a Jet Blue flight from Burbank to Long Beach.
By Tom Vanderbilt
Updated: July 16th, 2011

In cycling news today, the Belgian Jelle Vanendert won the 14th stage of the Tour de France, beating Spain’s Samuel Sanchez by 21 seconds, and 46 seconds ahead of Luxembourg’s Andy Schleck.

And in Los Angeles some guys on bikes beat a Jet Blue plane from Burbank to Long Beach.

Read more: here.

Check for video footage, here (

And search twitter for: #flightvsbike.

Heading to LA

So I’m heading to LA for a long needed family vacation. Just in time to watch it meltdown.

The big news is the closing of the 405 freeway this weekend for construction. This is being affectionately labeled as “Carmageddon!” Major news outlets are treating this like surviving a major disaster. Take this headline for example from CNN:

With L.A. 405 closure, it’s all about surviving ‘Carmageddon’


You’d think this would be a golden opportunity for a car obsessed population to think about the way they get around and why they sit in 3 hours of traffic with 6 lanes in each direction on major freeways.

Instead we have Jet Blue airlines offering flights for
$4.00 between Burbank and LAX airports.
How lazy can you get? Do you get a free snuggle with it?

Meanwhile the fixed gear squad, wolfpack hustle, thinks you can get around by bike, much faster.


Read more here.

Meanwhile the LA bicycle coalition knows best and is hosting group bike rides all weekend.

Check out there events page.

Time’s Up Coney Island Ride-Tonight

Coney Island Ride Tonight!!

Time’s up is throwing another group ride out to Coney Island. Looks like gorgeous weather, and a beautiful moon over NY Harbor

7:00 PM departs Manhattan
Meet at
Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge (SW corner of Chambers and Centre St/Park Row)
OR 7:30 in Brooklyn at the Carroll St Drawbridge (btw Nevins and Bond)
OR 8:00 at the 69th St Pier in Brooklyn at the Shore Pkwy bike path entrance (take 68th St)

The Cyclone Ride goes to Coney Island Amusement Park (Brooklyn) from Manhattan.

Bring locks as we plan to lock up and ride the rides. Bring money for food and amusements, and a swimsuit if you plan to hit the waves. Some people return on the subway, and others ride back in informal groups. Rain cancels.

They should get there in time to see the fireworks

Just Added!
NEW Coney Island Cyclone Ride meeting spot. Southern Brooklyn. 7:50pm, Marine Park Parking Lot: Ave U. entrance just west of E.33 Street, (gathering NW corner of the


Tips on staying cool.

Always on the front line of bike fashion, fellow blogger Velojoy has some tips for staying cool in the NYC summer heat:

“1. Be prepared – Traveling anywhere in New York City requires planning, no matter what the mode of transportation. So, I pick clothing both for comfort on the ride and to look put-together at my destination. In the heat, that sometimes means folding a fresh blouse or a T-shirt (or two) into a plastic bag that I tuck into my tote.

Read more: here.

New tires coming from fyxation

New tires coming from fyxation

“Hello World. Introducing Fyxation Accela!

Ever since we launched the Session 700 people have been asking us when we’d come out with our next tire. We’ve been working on this for a while and just received our pre-production samples and we couldn’t wait until the fall to offer a quick preview of the Fyxation Accela.

Read more: here.



Stolen Bike-FBM Sword fixed gear

I’m still maintaining this service of posting stolen bikes, but I’d prefer people start using:

or on twitter: @bikewatchnyc

Meanwhile, I got this email from Mary Beth about her stolen FBM sword.

“My bike was stolen last night (7/7/11) between 10pm and 7:30am on Hall Street between DeKalb and Lafayette-

it is a 51cm FBM Sword, yellow (custom)
it has/had a sparkly red brake housing, a Serfas Furano women’s saddle, Continental tires (Gatorskins, the front one significantly more worn than the rear), a post-mounted rack, non-descript non-deep V rims, cranks with a matte black finish…hmmmm…

The grips and seat are/were different from this picture…it’s the yellow bike :)

Thanks for helping,
Mary Beth Burton

Any information about this bike contact:

20110714-061953.jpg(seen on the left)

Now, if you think this type of theft is only a rumor, guess again…

“The bike was locked with a “good” kryptonite u-lock to a parking sign on Hall St. between DeKalb and Lafayette. The thief dragged a waste bin over and unbolted the placard from the sign and lifted the bike off the post. :(
I’ve locked it there overnight many times- in fact, my boyfriend keeps his bike outside every night, in general…but not attached to a sign. sigh…..

Bikeshorts 7/17

It’s bike shorts time again. The monthly (or two) short film festival about bikes is coming to the Bowery Stadium in Manhattan.

Sunday, July 17th
276 Bowery (btwn Houston St & Prince St.)-Manhattan

See the website, for more info and lots of great videos from bikeshorts past.