Bike Bike in San Marcos Texas this weekend.

(photo from last year’s Bike Bike in Toronto)

Bike!Bike! is an annual international conference for bicycle non-profits and bicycle initiatives. A weekend of bike lectures and events for bicycle organizations to share ideas, meet each other and further develop their goals for work in the non-profit sector.

This year the conference is being held in San Marcos Texas and being hosted by the San Marcos Community Bike Project.

Find out more at the Bike Bike website,

Last year’s conference was held in Toronto and hosted by the Bike Pirates, Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Collective.

Bike Trade-in this weekend with Bicycle Habitat and Recycle-A-Bicycle

Bicycle Habitat, NYC’s premiere bicycle shop is teaming up with amazing non-profit Recycle-a-bicycle, for a trade-in event at BH’s newest Brooklyn location in Park Slope.

Here are more details from BH’s Blog (

“Clean out your bike room, for a good cause.

This Sunday, we’re hosting a bike trade-in from 11am-3pm at our store in Park Slope.

Bring your bike to our store at 476 Fifth Avenue, and get a voucher for serious savings:

$50 off a new bike
$100 off a road bike (any bike that retails at $1200 or more)
OR: 20% off any accessory

May 2011: New Yorkers donated bikes to Recycle-A-Bicycle

Bikes will be accepted by Recycle-A-Bicycle, an awesome local non-profit organization that works with NYC youth to teach bike repair and maintenance, as well as encourage environmental stewardship such as upcycling and carbon-neutral transit. With locations in the East Village and DUMBO, Recycle-A-Bicycle works on hundreds of bike every year – and raises up some skilled mechanics. (In fact, we’ve hired some of the folks who have come up through their program.)

RAB will accept bikes in any condition. And for whatever they accept, we’ll give you a voucher.

So, get to it! Grab your old bikes, get ready to save $50 or even $100 – and see you Sunday!

**Note: The trade-in will occur ONLY at our Brooklyn store, between 11am and 3pm. The voucher is valid at both store locations, but Recycle-A-Bicycle will NOT be at our store in Manhattan. Bikes can be accepted only at our store in Park Slope.

Kingsbridge Armory, Bronx-used for bikes?

The massive Kingsbridge Armory, located in the Bronx is known to the film industry as a giant space for staging such epic sci-fi films as, “I am Legend,” or as I remember it a massive Macy’s commercial:

Now there is talk of revitalizing this space to be used for BMX and a possible indoor velodrome.

Here is article from the NY Daily News:

History Bronx building, Kingsbridge Armory, may become cycling center and BMX course.
BY Daniel Beekman

Monday, June 20th 2011.
(photo by: Michael Schwartz for News)

The Bronx’s long-vacant, hotly disputed Kingsbridge Armory could become a massive cycling palace, housing a velodrome and a BMX course.

A proposal submitted this spring to the borough president’s task force calls for the rundown, fortresslike building to host international racing events and free programs for kids. The armory’s large 600-by-300-foot drill floor makes it especially appealing, said would-be developer Michael Green, former president of the Century Road Club Association.

“We want to get more young people involved in cycling,” said Green, who pointed to the success of a similar project, the 168th St. Armory Track and Field Center in Washington Heights.”

Read more: here.

Brommie Yummie-BFF

Steven Huang has a thing for folding bikes, well not just any…Bromptons to be exact. They are truly his BFF and he has taken his love of the crown jewel of folders and created a whole series of city tours /group rides in NYC and Philly called: Brommie Yummie …Also known for his other favorite love, eating and exploring new venues.

Steven will be on hand at the block party for this year’s Bicycle Film Festival (Saturday, June 25th) and is also offering a special “Mini Yummie” tour. They start at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) at 11:30 and ride by Greenwich Village to munch down some Fish & Chips and Ginger beer before arriving in style at the Anthology Film Archives, host site of this year’s bicycle film fest and outdoor street jam.

Then at 1:30pm, participants will have a chance to become the fastest Brompton Folder in America by being part of the 1st Brompton Fastest Fold Competition.
Limited edition T-shirts will be on sale:

Now this is a Brompton only ride (you know who you are) so space is limited so:

Brompton only, space is limited, to reserve & confirm your spot, please email your name, mobile phone number and number of riders to: $10 guide fee is most welcome… Thank you!

my newest sponsor: Bike Werx

I wanted to introduce everyone to my newest sponsor.

Picture 14

Owner Val of BikeWerx, has started a new direction in bike sales offering a complete service to fellow cyclists who are interested in selling their bikes, parts and other accessories.
Val has been involved in the bike scene in Miami for many years watching it blossom into a vibrant bike culture despite the spread out flat terrain and automobile dominance that spans the region (State) He has followed along closely with the work of Rydel Deed and his site, hosting great biking events like critical Mass.

Val witnessed a real turnover rate of his roadie friends of their bikes and the need to have quality service and a guide to selling ones trusted stead.
He took his vast experience in bike sales and opened a shop in Coral Gables, Florida:

Bike Werx
4105 Laguna St.
Coral Gables, FL. 33146

Now he works closely with his costumers in the retail space but one of his companies main goals is to be able to sell used bikes at top value. For example, let’s say your dual suspension mountain bike, you bought in the late 90’s, is gathering way too much dust and besides you’re more of commuter now. Sure you could sell this bike on ebay, but maybe you have no idea what the current value is or if anyone is even interested in an off road beast like that. This is where Val’s bikewerx comes in. They will work closely with you to come up with the proper price and sell the bike in the appropriate market, weather it be ebay, craigslist or around town. They’re goal is to personalize the used sales experience, make shipping easy and then offer their customers the best price, or use credit to get a new bike or equal trade in that more caters to what direction the cyclists is moving. Often times his customers start with an entry level road bike and then want to move into something more competitive or maybe go the other way and settle into a nice beach cruiser.

Here is a quote from bikewerks first blog posting, back in March 2011:

“Bike Werx launched on the idea that cycling enthusiasts need an option to cash in on unused or unwanted cycling gear without the hassle of creating and maintaining online listings, photographing items,paying auction fees, haggling with sketchy “buyers” over the internet, or dealing with bike shops and exorbitant consignment fees. The pro staff at Bike Werx has extensive buying and selling experience in the industry, and we’re confident we can get you top dollar for your gear”

I had a great conversation with the owner and was very delighted to offer a modest trade for some advertising. (see the top spot on my ad column)
So if your in the Miami area check out the store and if your looking to sell a used bike…this is the place for you.

Find out more about how it works, here.

Stolen Bike-56cm red IRO.

I was asked to post this recent theft.

My name is Tristan Jones and my bike was stolen last night (6 across the street from Cake Shop (on Ludlow street between Stanton and Rivington in the LES). The bike and wheel were locked with a u-lock to a horizontal scaffolding bar, which the thieves unbolted and slid the u-lock off of, sometime between the hours of 7:30pm and 9:00pm.

I built the bike myself on an IRO frame I purchased at Continuum Cycles.
It’s a 56cm IRO track frame with a custom red glitter paint job, so is unmarked. It has white swobo riser bars, FSA cranks, a red sugino messenger chain ring, red holdfast straps, cane creek tank-II headset, maxxis refuses, and tektro front brake calipers. I forget the wheelset, but the front wheel is silver, and the rear is black. I think they might be Velocities.

Big thanks for all your help. Hope to have good news to report on this soon.

Tristan Jones
Any information contact:

Next week-Bicycle Film Festival-NYC #11

NYC Bicycle Film Festival kicks off next week!!

Need a little reminder?

Kicking things off with a dope party: BIKES ROCK! Wednesday-June 22nd.

Saturday, June 25th is the Street Party and Alleycat, hosted by and Stoned Tone.

Bike & Food event–June 25th-Slideluck and Trimble Racing

David August Trimble and the Slideluck Potshow are teaming up for a great event in Redhook.

Here is more from the facebook events page.

Following the overwhelming success of the first SLIDELUCK of this year’s Brooklyn Series in Bushwick, we invite you to join us for an evening in a fascinating little corner of New York City: Red Hook.

In 1636, the Dutch called this point of land “Red Hook,” because of its red, sandy clay. It then became a bustling maritime port, which fell by the wayside – and in the 90’s was considered the “Crack Capital of America.” Today, it is home to a lively and diverse community of artists – a number of whom will be featured in this slideshow.

Come join us at the amazing and spacious Kidd Yellin Gallery, for some great food (possibly a pig roast), live music, friends and fantastic artwork. Delicious beverages with be provided by Brooklyn Brewery, Perrier and Brooklyn Republic Vodka. And once again, we will work with Sustainable Party to make this a zero waste event!

Saturday * June 25 * 2011
7:30 Drinks & Food * 9:00 Slideshow * Afterparty at Sonny’s
Kidd Yellin * 133 Imlay St. * Red Hook * Brooklyn * 11231
$15 at the door *

More info: here.

Paralympic Athelete-cycling inspiration.

Here is a truly amazing and inspirational story by J. David Goodman of the New York Times, about a paralympic cyclist, who overcame all.

The Long Hard Ride of Damian Lopez Alfonso
Published: June 9, 2011
(photo by: Raymond McCrea Jones/The New York Times)
Photo caption: Damian Lopez Alfonso, 34, in July is scheduled to race in Canada, the first event on his road to qualifying for the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.

Article: WITH only the tips of his elbows touching his bicycle’s upturned handlebars, Damian Lopez Alfonso pedaled along the Hudson River bike path on a cool March day. His balancing act elicited stares from disbelieving pedestrians and curious double-takes from fellow cyclists.
Because not only does Mr. Alfonso ride his bike without forearms, lost in a devastating childhood accident, but he also rides it very, very fast.
Tracy Lea first witnessed his unorthodox cycling method during a race outside Havana nearly eight years ago.

Read the whole story here. (includes video and photo slideshow)

Look…a “crackdown” actually about safety. Chicago

Here is a video from the Chicago Tribune that shows the D.O.T. and police force actually concerned about safety.


This comes from a story about Chicago recent “crackdown” on cycling and how they are working with the DOT and the cycling community for legitimate issues of safety. They recently parked themselves at one particular intersection and were on hand to warn cyclists.

Crackdown on bicyclists: 240 warnings, 1 ticket
By Jon Hilkevitch Tribune reporter
June 7, 2011

For motorists who think bicyclists in Chicago have been granted unconditional rights to violate every traffic law on the books, authorities were out in force today to suggest otherwise.

The sting was conducted at only one intersection near downtown, and only for two hours during the morning rush. But the site that was chosen is a complex intersection that’s a magnet for bicycling commuters, widespread disregard for red lights, and plenty of accidents and close calls, officials said.

Some 240 warnings and one ticket were issued by the end of the law enforcement and education operation, which was aimed at bicyclists pedaling through red lights and taking over crosswalks meant for pedestrians only, officials said. It was carried out by the Chicago Police Department, the Chicago Department of Transportation and the City of Chicago’s Bicycling Ambassadors program in what officials dubbed a “share the road” campaign.

read more here.