WNYC’s ticketing crowdsourcing results

WNYC did some crowdsourcing to gather information about cyclists receiving tickets. They’ve created a map based on reports sent in by those ticketed.

Reporter Alex Goldmark recently posted results of the NYPD’s landmark ticket blitz and the information gathered.

WNYC News Blog:
Map | Tracking Bike Ticketing in the Five Boroughs

By Alex Goldmark : Senior Producer
Friday, May 27, 2011

The crackdown on cyclists who break NYC traffic law is widespread around the city and not targeted at any one neighborhood or offense, according to results from our crowdsourcing project.

Click here for full size map.

The results are in from our crowdsourcing project to map the uptick in tickets to cyclists who break traffic laws. Poke around on the map above for details about each ticket submitted by readers and listeners. (Add your ticket)

The most common violation was running red lights, which carries a fine of up to a $270, just as it would in a car if issued by a police officer. (Drivers caught by a red light camera pay a $50 fine.) Riding on the sidewalk was also frequently cited, earning cyclists in our survey $25 and $50 fees, sometimes more depending on the danger it caused.

Mapping the Tickets

WNYC has requested data from the NYPD on the number and locations of cycle summonses several times, starting in March. With no response from NYPD, we asked our readers and listeners to help us map the scope of the crackdown, as laid out in the map above.

Find the complete story here.

Help out a fellow cyclist

Saw this posted on twitter:

7th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day

The 7th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day, 2011
From the website for the City Reliquary.

Saturday May 28th, 2011
Havemeyer btwn Hope and Grand in BEAUTIFUL Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA!
Its a block party for your bicycle!!
Once again, the City Reliquary pulls out all stops for the best block party ever. Be blown away by the participants and events scheduled for this Bike Fetish Day, on track to be the biggest one yet in our 7 years.
Featuring vendors: Vaya Bags, Outlier Clothing, Dargelos, Nona Varnado, Talia Lempert and more. With tables from Advocacy types like: Transportation Alternatives, Recycle-a-Bicycle (w/ bike jewelry making workshop), IOBY (w/ a fun activity), NAG, and Bike New York
Awesome activities will include: Pimp your bike photo booth by Swimming Cities, GoldSprints, Bike pinata from Llaves Designs, Alleycat organized by Victor
Prizes for various bike categories will feature:
Cyclist outfittery from Outlier Clothing
Bag from Vaya Bags
T-shirts and tickets from Bike Film Festival
Tune-up from 9th St. Cycles
A gift from Bike Habitat tbd
A gift from Velo Brooklyn tbd
A gift from Nona Varnado, AND MORE!!
Rude Mechanical Orchestra
DJs Stacher & Tinseltown
And food. With an after-party to follow at the City Reliquary , 6-10pm.
Dont miss the blowout bicycle party of the month!!!

Article in the Brooklyn Paper:

Spend this Saturday with the one you love — your bike

(photo by: Stefano Giovannini)

Lawyers speak out on NYPD crackdown

Here is a letter by lawyers Gideon Oliver, David B. Rankin and Steve Vaccaro on the current worsening situation between the NYPD and NYC cyclists. This is also an excellent timeline of the recent history of legal affairs and the crackdown on the biking community.

NYPD’s Ongoing Bicycle Crackdown
by Gideon Orion Oliver, David B. Rankin, and Steve Vaccaro

This is an overview of New York City bicycle laws and the manner in which the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has enforced those laws over time. These materials are for information only and cannot substitute for the advice of a knowledgeable lawyer familiar with the circumstances of a particular case. The authors have extensively litigated NYPD misconduct for issuing “bad tickets” to cyclists, and are available for an initial free consultation.

Read more here.

Class Action against NYPD crackdown against cyclists with no class.

The law firms of Oliver & Oliver and Rankin & Taylor, citywide defenders of civil liberties and bicyclists rights are now bringing a class action lawsuit against the NYPD. According to Gothamist the crackdown on cyclists by the police is riddled with false charges to the point where the cops aren’t even sure of the laws they claim the bikers are breaking.

Gothamist article:

NYPD’s Cyclist Ticket Blitz Booms, Class Action Lawsuit Looms
By John Del Signore on May 25, 2011


(photo by: Adrian Kinkoch)

The NYPD’s citywide cyclist ticket blitz has yielded a record-breaking number of summonses so far this year, according to a report in the Post. The NYPD has issued 13,843 tickets to cyclists in 2011, up from 9,345 tickets written over the same period in 2010, and 3,708 for the same period of 2009. The tickets are for such offenses as running red lights, running stop signs, biking on sidewalks, speeding, not wearing a helmet, and hanging tote bags on their handlebars. Fun fact: only some of those things are actually violations in NYC! And that’s why a group of cyclists are suing.

Read more here.


The World Naked Bike Ride, NYC is June 11th.

Last year the pure nakedness shocked a BP gas station and has lead to their eventual closure…(Gothamist)
(photo by Bitchcakes)

They’ve got a tumblr page.

Get ready, to get NAKED! wiki page.

5/24/11-Bike Burlesque at South Paw

Nona Varnado and along with Heather Loop, presents, Bike Burlesque at South Paw in Park Slope Brooklyn.

Facebook events page.

Survey on bikes across the Verrazano, on busses.

The only bikeable route to Staten Island (within the five boroughs) is the Ferry. Please take a minute to fill out this survey in the hopes of gaining bus access on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

More about this survey:
Staten Island is the only borough of NYC without a direct pedestrian connection to the rest of the city. The Verrazano Narrows Bridge, which connects Staten Island with Brooklyn, is only accessible to cars and buses, though it is a key link in the bicycle network envisioned in New York City’s Bicycle Master Plan. While pedestrians can cross the Verrazano Narrows Bridge by bus, bicyclists can’t do the same legally and must rely on personal automobiles.
This survey focuses on two strategies that could improve bicycle and pedestrian access accross the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Find the survey here.

New bike

A group of nine environmental and bicycle advocacy/activist groups have formed a coalition to create more public space and bicycle infrastructure in the Lower East Side and Chinatown.
Local Spokes ( is comprised of the following groups:

Asian Americans for Equality
Good Old Lower East Side
Green Map System
Hester Street Collaborative
Times Up!
Transportation Alternatives
Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

According to their website, the group strives to:

This NYC-based Coalition seeks to engage and understand the community’s various perspectives through multilingual outreach and a youth ambassadors program.

They are having an launch meet and greet BBQ,

Wednesday May 25th 5-8pm at El Jardin Del Paraiso – on East 5th Street just East of Avenue C.

Stairmaster Challenge Alleycat


Stoned Tone of NYC messkings, wanted you to know he’s helping his friend Eli throw an alley cat on Saturday. That’s right…the end of the world. So grab your bike and join the stairmaster challenge. There will be lots of checkpoints with stairs so get ready for armageddon on your calves.