NYPD, crackdown on Crack

So it seems the NYPD are in such a rush to ticket bike riders, they haven’t bothered to look at the laws. got a hold of cheat sheet given to officers.

More on this from Gothamist:

The NYPD’s escalating crackdown on cyclists, “Operation Safe Cycle,” has resulted in a spike in frivolous tickets for such non-violations as riding a bike with a tote bag on the handlebars and not wearing a helmet. It’s obvious the average cop on the beat has no clue what’s illegal and what isn’t, but they’ve been ordered to target cyclists, so that’s what they’ll do. And to help them fill their quotas, NYPD higher-ups distributed this “cheat sheet” [pdf] informing—or, we should say, misinforming—cops about the biking rules. Streetsblog got their hot little hands on it.

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Are you a fixster? Chrome comes to Chicago.

Love this illustration I found on (Chicago)

Come On, this is you right?

Found here.

I know, so 2006.

Speaking of Chicago…

Looks like Chrome is opening a new store. Makers of awesome messenger bags, clothing and shoes are expanding to their third show room (SF and NYC)

Grand opening: June 4th, 2011
1529 North Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 661-0077

Store Hours: 11am-8pm Monday-Saturday, 11am-6pm Sunday.

Time to gear up and look…sooo 2011

or maybe this…

Ray LaHood, thinks biking is important

This just in:

US Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, loves bikes:

“Bikers have as much right to the streets as anybody driving a car and I am concerned about [their safety].”

From the Huffington Post:

Ray LaHood ‘Concerned’ About Safety of Urban Bikers, Unsure If He’s A Hipster.
By: Sam Stein


WASHINGTON — U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood signaled on Tuesday that his department would be looking into measures to encourage automobile drivers to observe better safety standards when it came to bicyclists cohabiting the roadways.
In an interview with The Huffington Post, the Illinois Republican praised various cities for restructuring transportation policy around cleaner forms of transit, singling out the construction of bike lanes to encourage biking as particularly effective. But with additional bikers on the road come additional risks. And as head of the Department of Transportation, LaHood noted his “concern” over the “way that bikers are treated when they are on streets.”

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Bike Block wall street 5/12/11

This just in:

There will be a special action in Wall Street on Thursday, May 12th, 4:00pm

A call for a huge action and civil disobedience for those who tanked our economy with corporate greed and continue to plunder our environment.

Looking for a bike block.

Stand by for more details.

“who’s street?…”

Mountain biking in NYC

Mountain biking is alive and well in NYC. Check out this article about how volunteers are building trails and making outdoor trail riding a reality.

Volunteers build mountain bike trails
Written by Gloria Pazmiño
Manhattan Times
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photo: Volunteers conduct trail maintenance at Highbridge Mountain Bike Park on Fort George Hill, Sat., April 30.

Northern Manhattan’s hilly terrain and steep rolling landscape is being put to perfect use: extreme mountain biking.
The woodsy hillside in the northern end of Highbridge Park was carved into a series of mountain bike trails in 2007. The course now has about three miles of trails that are overseen and maintained by the Parks Department and New York City Mountain Bike Association (NYCMTB).

Read more: here.

Outlier, new shirts and dungarees.

Yes, Outlier clothes are expensive, but they are hand made in NYC and built to last.

Here is more about there new stylish active wear for biking or just looking good this spring/summer.

“Our goal at Outlier is to always design future classics, innovative products that we think will be as good in a decade as they are right now. With our new Slim Dungarees and Northeast Pivot Sleeve Shirts we think we’ve got two ready for you today.


br />
The Slim Dungarees are a lean version of our Keirin Cut Dungarees. Don’t call them jeans. There’s no denim in here. No cotton to suck up sweat and rain and clam up your life for hours as it sort of dries.

If Levi Strauss set out today to sell pants to gold miners, do you think he’d pick a fabric centuries old or would he do what he did 160 years ago and find the toughest, most durable and most comfortable cloth around? Made out of our Workcloth Doubleweave Canvas, the Slim Dungarees boast a rugged canvas exterior and soft brushed interior, making them as comfortable as they are durable. They shrug off light rain, coffee and beer yet breathe with ease. They look great covered in grime and paint yet clean up like nobody’s business. The tough, the comfortable and the good looking rolled up into one pant.

Sometimes the simplest things in life are best, which is why we made the Northeast Pivot Sleeve Shirt. As much as we love testing performance fabrics all day, sometimes even we want to throw on a soft and comfortable button-down oxford and call it a day. With the Northeast Pivot, we took our patent pending pivot sleeve shirt construction and did it up with a beautiful oxford cloth we sourced from Spain. A killer button-down shirt with a great range of motion that you can wear every day.


Cut and sewn in NYC. Now available via the Outlier Webshop.

The Slim Dungarees are available in Black and Indigo Blue for $188.
The Northeast Pivot Sleeve Shirt is available in Blue, Gray and Lavender for $128.

Friday the 13th-Tak and Alleycat


A Japanese man with an enormous mane of dreads down to his ankles can be seen at most messenger events clicking away on his SLR and hanging out with a big smile. That’s non other than Tak Sakamoto who’s been documenting the urban bike scene in Japan and NYC for decades. He’ll be having a presentation at the Soho Apple Store, 103 Prince St.-NYC
Friday May 13th.

There will be a 45minute slide show and then Stone Tone will set off his Friday the 13th Alleycat.

More about this from

“Another NYCMESSKINGS alleycat fo’ dat azz! Come out and venture through NYC most haunted spots in the city. Finish iz at Wreck Room Bar (940 Flushing Av.) See ya there!”


More about Tak from his site: newyorkbikedreams

“Known simply as “Tak,” Takuya Sakamoto initially traveled to New York from Japan for the alleycats, or bike messenger races. Roaming the streets as a bike messenger and attending cycling races, he began to document the events with his camera, eventually becoming a freelance photographer for Japanese magazines. Join us as he discusses his photography and his travels in the tight-knit cycling community.”

New York Times, rides around Manhattan’s waterfront

Jane Margolies, from the New York Times, explores the current status of biking around the outskirt paths and greenways of Manhattan.

She heads along counter clockwise along with one of the creators of this years 2011 free D.O.T. Bicycle map.

On Two Wheels, With Water as a Companion

(photo by: Kirsten Luce for The New York Times)

Published: May 5, 2011

When I was told my local bicycle mechanic that I was thinking about circling the city by following the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, he shrugged off my reservations about the unfinished route, which I’d heard was still dicey in parts.
“It’s Manhattan,” he said. “It’s an island. What are you going to do, get lost?”

Yet there I was on a recent Sunday morning, turning right at East 63rd Street, only to find that I’d started down the car ramp onto the Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive.

Though the Greenway does encompass some city streets, mostly it snakes for more than 28 miles along rivers, under bridges and through parks. My companion for the ride was the recently released 2011 NYC Cycling Map (available at bike shops or by calling the city’s 311 information line), depicting the Greenway mostly as an enticing thick green line along much of the coast, with dotted lines indicating sections to come. (Full disclosure: I recently worked as a freelance editor on the city’s new plan for waterfront development; the Greenway was mapped out years earlier.)

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Matt Levy, bike tours for bike month

Matt Levy has a unique perspective on NYC and he knows the landscape and history well. He should, he’s a fourth generation New Yorker and from a family of tour guides.

Matt and Co. at Levy’s Unique NY, have two great bicycle tours for Bike Month:


Sunday May 8th, 2011
Bike Brooklyn Beer Blitz
Meet at The City Reliquary Museum:
370 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburgh
$25, includes a mid-tour beer at Matt Torrey’s Bar.
RSVP with

from their site:

A 4 hour bicycle tour of Williamsburgh, East Williamsburgh and Bushwick and the former brewery buildings of the most densely packed brewing neighborhoods in America, circa 1890!

See historical photographs of various brewery buildings when they were built, between the 1880s and 1920s, compare them with vintage 1970s photos (in the heart of Bushwick’s deep dark arson-and-gangs era) and observe them as they stand today, re-purposed but obviously the same brewery buildings. German Churches, banks and social halls will also be observed.

The tour will end at Evergreen Cemetery on the Brooklyn/Queens border, where many of the Brewers are buried . . . with a surprise!

A historical, educational, beer-drinkable adventure! BYOBike and helmet.


Sunday, May 22nd, 2011
Bike the Boro’s Borders!
$5, $3 is you can name 3 ‘hoods on each border!
Meet at the corner of Metropolitan & Scott Streets,

From the site:

Ever wonder what the life is like between the lines of both the most populous and the most diverse boroughs in NYC? (Hint – not the same boroughs!) Ever scratch your head as to why our boroughs’ borders zig and zag, jig and jag, whiz and bang back and forth so much and so randomely? (Hint – its hardly random!) Ever found the burning desire to follow that thin slashing, dividing yellow line til’ it runs out of land to divide?

Come along on an awesome North to South bike ride and tour along the Brooklyn-Queens border! Hosted by The Levys’ Unique New York! We will start at the foot of the romantically named and aromatically scented Newtown Creek Industrial Inlet, at the corner of Metropolitan and Scott streets. Then we will do our darndest to follow the boro border line along such disparate Brooklyn neighborhoods like East Williamsburg, Bushwick, Broadway Junction, Highland Park, Cypress Hills, Cityline (there’s a neighborhood called Cityline!), East New York, Spring Creek, and South-east Canarsie, and thats just in Brooklyn! On the Queens side we’ll also haul through LIC, Ridgewood, along the Evergreen Cemetery, Woodhaven, Ozone Park, Lindenwood and we’ll skirt the edge of Howard Beach! Exciting!

Crowd sourcing tickets

Not necessarily an original idea, crowd sourcing and mapping the tickets being handed out to cyclists, but Transportation Nation the blog by WNYC transportation reporter Andrea Berstein is getting into the game.

Hey, the more the better, and maybe this will lead to good press about a bad harassment campaign by the NYPD.

More from their site:


(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) Have you been ticketed while riding your bike? Know someone who has, or even just seen someone getting a ticket on their bike? We want to hear about it.

Cyclists have to obey motor vehicle laws in New York City. There are more cyclists on the streets—just see this chart. Now, we’d like to map how many more violations are being issued.

Read more here.