Matt Levy, bike tours for bike month

Matt Levy has a unique perspective on NYC and he knows the landscape and history well. He should, he’s a fourth generation New Yorker and from a family of tour guides.

Matt and Co. at Levy’s Unique NY, have two great bicycle tours for Bike Month:


Sunday May 8th, 2011
Bike Brooklyn Beer Blitz
Meet at The City Reliquary Museum:
370 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburgh
$25, includes a mid-tour beer at Matt Torrey’s Bar.
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from their site:

A 4 hour bicycle tour of Williamsburgh, East Williamsburgh and Bushwick and the former brewery buildings of the most densely packed brewing neighborhoods in America, circa 1890!

See historical photographs of various brewery buildings when they were built, between the 1880s and 1920s, compare them with vintage 1970s photos (in the heart of Bushwick’s deep dark arson-and-gangs era) and observe them as they stand today, re-purposed but obviously the same brewery buildings. German Churches, banks and social halls will also be observed.

The tour will end at Evergreen Cemetery on the Brooklyn/Queens border, where many of the Brewers are buried . . . with a surprise!

A historical, educational, beer-drinkable adventure! BYOBike and helmet.


Sunday, May 22nd, 2011
Bike the Boro’s Borders!
$5, $3 is you can name 3 ‘hoods on each border!
Meet at the corner of Metropolitan & Scott Streets,

From the site:

Ever wonder what the life is like between the lines of both the most populous and the most diverse boroughs in NYC? (Hint – not the same boroughs!) Ever scratch your head as to why our boroughs’ borders zig and zag, jig and jag, whiz and bang back and forth so much and so randomely? (Hint – its hardly random!) Ever found the burning desire to follow that thin slashing, dividing yellow line til’ it runs out of land to divide?

Come along on an awesome North to South bike ride and tour along the Brooklyn-Queens border! Hosted by The Levys’ Unique New York! We will start at the foot of the romantically named and aromatically scented Newtown Creek Industrial Inlet, at the corner of Metropolitan and Scott streets. Then we will do our darndest to follow the boro border line along such disparate Brooklyn neighborhoods like East Williamsburg, Bushwick, Broadway Junction, Highland Park, Cypress Hills, Cityline (there’s a neighborhood called Cityline!), East New York, Spring Creek, and South-east Canarsie, and thats just in Brooklyn! On the Queens side we’ll also haul through LIC, Ridgewood, along the Evergreen Cemetery, Woodhaven, Ozone Park, Lindenwood and we’ll skirt the edge of Howard Beach! Exciting!

Crowd sourcing tickets

Not necessarily an original idea, crowd sourcing and mapping the tickets being handed out to cyclists, but Transportation Nation the blog by WNYC transportation reporter Andrea Berstein is getting into the game.

Hey, the more the better, and maybe this will lead to good press about a bad harassment campaign by the NYPD.

More from their site:


(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) Have you been ticketed while riding your bike? Know someone who has, or even just seen someone getting a ticket on their bike? We want to hear about it.

Cyclists have to obey motor vehicle laws in New York City. There are more cyclists on the streets—just see this chart. Now, we’d like to map how many more violations are being issued.

Read more here.

Messenger service fix-a-flat

Got a flat on one of NYC’s lovely unfixed roadways? Don’t have a tube? It’s late at night and your in a remote part of town?

First there was the 24 hour bike vending machine, but you needed to be near Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Now, stash messenger service is offering a delivery of a fix-a-flat.

As seen on twitter: #bikenyc, spread the word. We will come to u to fix your flat! $15 plus tube! Text us anytime @ 718-954-4512 with your location & tire size.

Bike messengers remembered

Bike messengers are an integral part of the business world, risking their lives and choosing to do a job on non-polluting forms of transportation.

Recently two messengers were killed in traffic.

Edward Carl Hendrick, killed by a hit-and-run driven in Charlotte.

and here in NYC,

39 year old, Joesph Granati, was killed in Brooklyn. According to the Daily News, he was hit by a 24 year old driver in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

The Messenger Poet, Kurt Boone has known a lot of messenger community and witnessed both the fun times and the tragic. He wrote this poem.

“The Last Ride”
by Kurt Boone

I have seen the bicycle messenger ride
in and out of traffic in New York City.

I have seen the bicycle messenger
die on his last ride.

Maybe the booze
Maybe the wrong turn
Maybe no helmet
or just maybe no brakes.

Life is precious for goodness sake.

I remember Joe
I remember Bronx Jon
I remember Carl Hedrick
and I remember Peru

We are all messengers.
For big business know our name.

A week before my book party and
Joe’s last ride. He said to me I hope
your book brings respect to the messenger life.

Tears are poring down my eyes
as I write this poem on the
F train ride home.

Rest In Peace My Brothers.

Though the money ain’t right
I am a courier for life.

Their will be a memorial ride tonight.

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Chrome Brigadier-Get Gone

The everything bag. Everything you will need for a day trip to a weekend getaway, check out the new Chrome Brigadier.

From Chrome:

“The weather gods are finally cutting us some slack…It’s feeling like time to grab your stuff and get gone. Check out how professional skateboarders and Chrome Familia members Emmanuel Guzman, John Igei and Bobby Worrest put the new Brigadier to the test. The ultimate travel backpack that transforms into a haul bag to live up to the adaptability demands of year-round global travel — whether bike, board, train, plane or automobile…”

Get Up, Stand Up…Ride a Bike


Time’s Up has a new dance party ride this Sunday:

Sunday, May 8th, 2011
2:00 PM
Washington Square Park (under the arch), Manhattan.

Summary: Punky Reggae Rastafaride celebrating the life, vision of Bob Marley and everything else green in New York City.

Details: Ride your bike around NYC listening to reggae hits and punk rock. Rastafaride to end at the Yippie! Museum Cafe!

Don’t forget to bring Mom, it’s Mother’s Day.

Bike New York helps kids ride bikes

The TD Bank 5 boro bike tour may have been expensive but not only does a portion of the profits go to charity, it also helps kids ride bikes.

Here is an article in the New York Times by J. David Goodman which examines how the non-profit who puts on the 5 boro, helps add bike curriculum to local schools.

In Schools, a Push to Pedal

By J. David Goodman
April 30th, 2011

20110503-051948.jpg(photo by: Ray McCrea Jones)

They say you never forget how to ride a bike.

Tell that to Delsa Jacqueline Lopez.

Delsa, a sixth grader, first learned to ride when she was about 4, but when she found herself facing “the dreaded bike” in gym class, she discovered the lessons had not stuck. And she was terrified.

Read the article here.

Launch of

Already deeply immersed in the cycling culture with a line of clothing for female riders, Nona Varnado is launching a new website for the ladies.

Nona’s planned out a special woman’s program for bike month and there is a kickoff event tomorrow.

Wednesday, 5/4/11
From 6pm-9pm

A bike tech meet-up at the chic bike shop AdelineAdeline in Manhattan.

147 Reade Street
New York, NY 10013

From the site:
“Learn all about the upcoming events, meet awesome people you’ve only tweeted before and have a great night in AdelineAdeline’s beautiful space.”

This is also in conjunction with the #bikenyc tech meetup group.

For more info visit:

Recap to the kickoff of Bike Month

This was a big weekend for biking.

Saturday was the Blessing of the bikes.

Here is my buddy Eugene doing a track stand in the Church of Saint John the Divine.

mmmm, sacralicious.

Then there was the NY Press and Transportation Alternatives sponsored: New Amsterdam Bicycle Show, a new convention for bikes, products and manufactures.

A little recap from photographer Dmitry Gudkov, who’s been taking amazing portraits of the NYC cycling community.

(photo by Dmitry Gudkov)

Read more here.

He was also on a panel discussion with avid commuters, Adam Pollock and Jessica Cassidy who talked about getting around NYC by bike.

Here is Jessica’s wrap up of the Bike Show, on her blog.

Later that day, Time’s Up held a spirited dance ride in the vein of Santacon and Zombiecon. This time is was PolarBearCon to bring attention to the dire straits of our climate.

A quick video.

Photos by: Brennan Cavanaughn

See more on the Time’s Up Flickr gallery.

and a write up in Gothamist.

Then Sunday, Bike Month kicked off on May 1st with the massive TD Bank 5 boro bike tour. Thanks to Bike New York for hooking me up with a free pass and media badge.

Another amazing group ride spanning all five boroughs on a gorgeous spring day. Special thanks to Jonathan Beck for taking some amazing photos of the ride.

Here is a link to the entire photo set on

New facebook group for bike theft

Just caught this new facebook group:

Someone Stole My Bike-NYC

Find out more here.