Crowd sourcing tickets

Not necessarily an original idea, crowd sourcing and mapping the tickets being handed out to cyclists, but Transportation Nation the blog by WNYC transportation reporter Andrea Berstein is getting into the game.

Hey, the more the better, and maybe this will lead to good press about a bad harassment campaign by the NYPD.

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Battle of the Bike Lane, Joel Epstein and more.

Joel Epstein is a reporter who’s covers bike related issues.

Here is his latest article in Huff Post, talking about our local politicians tone-deafness towards real sustainable change and the battle over a bike lane.

The Bike Lane Battle of the Bulge By: Joel Epstein Communications and public affairs professional and urbanist Posted: February […]

Earth to Marty…bike lane lawsuit is a waste of time

While a cyclists lies in ICU in Bellevue hospital after a hit-and-run from a motorist, Brooklyn Borough President and his lawyer pals are trying to figure out how to file a lawsuit to remove a community board approved bike lane along Prospect Park West.

Andrea Bernstein, transportation reporter for NPR has this story:

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