A new facebook group, “My Building hates the environment”

Today I had a dream. That one day buildings all over NYC will truly be free for cyclists. It’s safe to say that cyclists don’t face the same hurdles like Dr. King and the freedom riders of Birmingham Alabama, with dogs and water cannons, but here in NYC we’ve got some strong obstacles […]

Article on bikes in buildings bill

article in the New York Times on new Bikes in Buildings Bill that kicks in tomorrow in NYC

title: Clearing a Path for Bikes in City Office Buildings by: Susan Stellin Published: December 8, 2009

On a rainy Thursday in November, three bicycles were parked in an office on the 29th floor of 7 […]

Updates from City Council meeting on Bikes in Buildings Bill

Thanks to Ben Fried and for the steadfast reporting…

Quick Hits From Yesterday’s Bikes in Buildings Hearing

by Ben Fried

Due to popular demand, here’s a quick rundown of yesterday’s transportation committee hearing in City Council on the Bikes in Buildings Bill. More details to follow.

* There was no vote. The […]