Bike Lane Clown ride and pillow fight-NYC

Those whacky bike lane liberating clowns are at it again. DON’T BE A FOOL. Last week it was a pie fight, this time its pillows.

TIME’S UP! FOOL’S RIDE: Don’t be fooled! Bike lanes are for bikes! Saturday, April 4th, 2pm Meet at the Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge bike path, Continental Army […]

Article on Pies of March

Our on the street Bicycle Beat reporter, Jefferson Siegel has this recent article in the Villager: Photo by Jefferson Siegel Beware Pies of March — don’t block lanes, bikers warn By Jefferson Siegel Cyclists are reveling in the addition of new bike lanes throughout the city. However, they are less than thrilled with the […]

Stop Clowning around with the Bike Lanes.

Feeling the pressure from an irate Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn who don’t have enough places to park their mini-vans, the city council is trying to remove bike lanes.

Well, the Clowns have a thing or two to say about that:

BICYCLE CLOWN BRIGADE: BROOKLYN LOVES BIKE LANES! Wednesday, December 17th, 8:30 a.m. […]