Empire’s newest trailer.

Every cities got one. A signature video which shows off the top talent riding fixed gears fast, precise and daredevil through the varied topography of the local streets.

San Francisco has Mash, which kind of kicked things off. Then there was Macaframa, also hailing from the city of massive hills.

Vancouver’s been touring with […]

Bike Theft Round up…

Well the bike thievery hasn’t taken a break this summer. Here are some recent sad tales I’ve been sent. I apologize for the ones that were so late (I was on vacation)

The go backwards from most recent. August 25th, Will O’meara said his roomates bike was stolen from the hall of their building […]

Geekhouse video from Open.

Zack Teachout over at open bicycle in Somerville, Massachusetts, sent out this video.

Its a movie about a day in the shop with Geek house bikes founder, Marty Walsh.


Geekhouse Movie from Geekhouse Bikes on Vimeo.

Then watch this video…Forget all those fixed gear trick video going around…this is the real deal…THE DEATH […]