NYTimes: Spokes, advice on riding in winter

You probably know about the New York Time’s Spokes Blog, who brought you such original ideas as a Gift guide for cyclists. I wonder where they possibly got that idea? Wish I thought of it. I wait I did.

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 and Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

Oh well, […]

An indepth look at Philly’s crackdown on cycling from NY Times

J. David Goodman takes a look at the recent situation in Philadelphia with a close look on the relationship of cyclists in our own city of NYC, in his Spokes blog for the NY Times.

Troubles in Philly, Lessons for New York? (photo by David Swanson/AP)

The animosity that some cyclists and pedestrians feel […]

Photos and article from 2009 Harlem Skyscraper Classic

On Sunday, after racing in this years Harlem Skyscraper Classic, David August Trimble took some vibrant detailed photographs that really captured the action of this pro cycling event.

See more of Dave’s photo at his flickr set.

Also J. David Goodman of the NY Times wrote this article on how the race […]

Sunday on Backstage Live, CBS news webcast.

Saturday morning I was invited onto CBS news early morning show webcast called “Backstage Live.” They wanted a bike celebrity such as myself to talk about bike culture in New York City, current state of critical mass and ways of keeping your bike safely locked. Coming from someone who gave his bike away […]