Poleriders Update

What have the poleriders been up to:

a little polo at the Los Marcos Melee Photo thanks to:

Then, last weekend at the Big Apple Comic Con.

They’ll be gearing up the Village Voice Halloween Parade.

Speaking of Pedicabs (the one’s without erotic dancers on them) there was a recent […]

Time to warm up…your lungs that is! Karaoke registration.

To register for the Los Marcos Melee polo tourney…you’ve gotta sing Karaoke.

Opening party, this Friday.

There will be blood, well at least an Alleycat

There will be an alleycat this weekend in conjunction with the Los Marcos Melee .

The Melee is coming!

The signs are here. A chill in the air. The images seem familiar but are they? (photo from:

If you like bike polo…Then get ready for the Melee.

Follow along at […]