Tragic News, cyclist killed.

Really saddened to learn about this. A 23 year old woman, Jasmine Herron was killed on Saturday, (9/11/10) on her bicycle in Brooklyn.

Here is an article from the Daily News:

Woman in bike tragedy, Jasmine Herron, rode bike everywhere, co-workers said

By: Barr Paddock, Mike Mclaughlin, Edgar Sandoval and John Lauinger […]

Cyclist killed in Greenpoint.

I can’t imagine why we would need bike lanes in Brooklyn? Good thing they removed them on Bedford Ave. This is really tragic and my condolences to the family.

Article form Daily News:

Soulful DJ Solange Raulston is killed after being struck by car while riding bike in Brooklyn by Mike Mclaughlin, Mark Morales […]

Crackdown in Clinton Hill

Ah, the Police are at it again…bored and strapped for cash. Now the latest sting operation moves to Clinton Hill…watch out. Running red lights can cost you $120.00 in fines and do nothing for safety.

Check out this article from May 12th in the Brooklyn Paper. Mike McLaughlin reports from his Mean Streets column. […]