Monster Track Wrap Up and Photos

I wanted to follow up with my Monster Track profiles so here are a few question and answers form the Racers themselves:


“Hey Michael, it was nice meeting you and your family in person. Can’t believe your son was so calm in that cold. The whole weekend was […]

Crazy Weekend-Crazy Week.

I can’t believe its already almost been a week since Monster Track TEN. This week started with a real test of the cyclist with a massive snowstorm Sunday Night.

Diablo of Callejeronyc has some nice pictures of how NYC’s couriers get it done, no matter what the weather. Check out this video too […]

Three of the Top Three!

Crihs, Dan C. and Heather all gave me great profiles on Monster Track. I think it helped in their winning strategy. A true NYC pro! Heather. Pictures from Chris Ryan of Team Spider. More Monster Track 2009 pictures at My Flickr Page […]

Amazing Race-Congratulations to the Winners

Wow. It was a jam packed 2 hour Monster Track Race with all the frills. Skitches on cars, near death experiences, lost in Brooklyn.

Picture by Christopher Ryan of Team Spider

Winner: Chris-NYC 2nd: Jumbo-Copenhagen 3rd: Dan Chabanov-NYC 4th: JT 5th: Kennedy 6th: Lincoln

First Female: Heather.

Nice work.

some more immediate pictures […]

Monster Track Profile #5-Mario “Alex” Ferrari

Alex has been tearing it up in the streets and on the track. a serious athletic competitor, who is now trying out for a reality show about athletes. (Shown in white at the Top) Also an amazing skid champ.

How old are you? Dirty Thirty Where do you live? Dirty Brooklyn What bikes do […]

Monster Track X is on.

The shirts have been printed: The Jersey’s have been sent: The DVD from 2007 is for sale: available at Its been Bikesnobed. (He had a field day with the Brunch part on Sunday)

Tonight the activies begin with GoldSprints semi finals at 3rd Ward. Thursday, February 26, 2009 SOME DETAILS FOR THE WEEKEND


Some Photos from Philly

Here are some great photos from last weekend Monster Track Goldsprints in Philly. courtesy of Photographer Ed Glazar.

Goldsprints for Monster Track X, moves on to Philly

Ongoing glodsprints series is raging on until Monster Track weekend. 2/27/09.

Tomorrow its throwing down in Illadelphia.

Pony Up 2 coming to Boston

Official Monster Track X, pre-event…alleycat and goldsprints in Boston.

Top Three Alleycat finishers and Top Three Goldsprints finishers win a some-expense paid trip to NYC for MONSTER TRACK X.

More info at Boston Bicycle Messenger Association


Monster Track 10 is coming!

You know it, you love it, you feared it…

ITS BACK, NYC’s most famous alleycat race.

Stay tuned for a date.