Vote for Norman

One way we can express ourselves politically is to vote, when not too busy holding signs of Obama as Hitler and being afraid federal death panels are going to pull the plug on Grandma.

Voting is a bit less time consuming and angry, but you generally don’t get prime time news coverage on Glen […]

Fundraiser for Norman Siegel

Norman Siegel has always fought for the bikes in NYC. Now its time to fight for him.

There will be a fundraiser for his campaign as NYC public advocate tonight.

An Invitation To A Comedy/Music Fundraiser Hosted by Randy Credico at The Yippie Museum 9 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10012 Refreshments […]

NYPD caught on tape, again. Critical Mass report for May

The on going saga of harassment from the NYPD against cyclists continues with last week’s monthly critical mass ride in Manhattan.

In May the 5 borough bike club wrapped up its lawsuit trial against the NYPD for their heavy handed parade rule which states no more than 50 people can ride bikes in a […]

Time to act Locally.

Norman Siegel has been a life long advocate for civil rights and equal justice. He’s also been a huge asset and friend to the NYC cycling community, tirelessly defending the rights of free speech and free assembly.

Once again he is running for New York City Public Advocate and a new group is […]