Hit and Run, again

In civilized cities, who recognize the true culprits of danger, (motorists) as seen here in Copenhagen:

(photo by The bike cops ticket the cars.

In car culture, “Drill Baby, Drill” cities like NYC… “You Betchya…” The automobile is sacred and can do no wrong.

Therefore the city has turned it’s sights on law […]

Love your lanes Marty, Love your lanes!

In the federal government, the Democrats and Republicans have divided themselves further away, bickering over tax breaks for billionaires and mandatory health reform. Big government, small government, let’s just fight and hold the financial future of hard working Americans hostage until Sarah Palin is done with her reality show and can figure out how […]

the 700 club.

Lance Armstrong has: 2,069,670 Sarah Palin has: 149,441 Neil Diamond has: 27,767

and now Bikeblognyc has: over 700 followers! Woo Hoo.