Another stolen bike

This looks like a recognizable one, so be on the look out. From the owner George Zaslav: “Hi I am 22 years of age I am a student. My neon green fixi was stolen on 02/02/2010. It’s green with red front brakes short straight bar with red grips a checkered top tube protector, Zero […]

Two bikes stolen in October (that I know of…)

Two people wanted me to post this about their bikes being stolen:

1-Brad Wilson

Mr. Green,

Thought you might be able to post about my bike…

Had my bike stolen last night (October 1st) on Havemeyer between Grand and Metro. Wish I had a picture of it, but I don’t. It’s a mountain bike […]

A Stolen Bike.

Jameson wrote: This was given me as a birthday present for my 50th this summer. This bike was my alternative to expensive public transportation….I’m one of the currently unemployed. Not salient to the theft but background. I am mad at myself about this as I had noticed all of the super heavy chain locks […]

Another Stolen bike: Bareknuckle frame-9/19/09

My bike was stolen this afternoon (9/19/09) outside 77 Water St in Lower Manhattan. It’s new frame (less than a year old) Euro-Asia Import Bareknuckle frame, black shiny with some usual scratches wear-n-tear. Sugino crank set. Front wheel is AT400 Alexrims. Back wheel is a deep V. The seat is chained to the frame. […]

More Stolen Bikes-roundup


Here are the latest stolen bikes in NYC, (that I know about)

A friend of mine who helped out with the video production of Rumble thru da Bronx had his old skool 10 speed nabbed:

“My Lotus Excelle was stolen from 124th and Broadway on Aug. 30 in the early […]

Bike theft story. Needs advice.

So I got this email from James who had a bike stolen, which brings up a fundamental issue, what to do if you find your stolen bike and someone is posting an ad for it on craigs list.

Here is the story: 6/30/09 “My name is James Chae and I recently got my bike […]

Damn, more stolen bikes

Be on the look out for this ride: Stolen in NYC on July 3rd. More info at the Stolen Bikes Page

Another bike stolen

Tom had his White conversion stolen on 6/27/09. check the stolen bikes page for details.

Success! One of the bikes was found from the stolen bikes page.

Not sure all the details but Brandon wrote me an email saying his girlfriends Yellow Pikachu Bike was found, thanks in part to the posting on my stolen bikes page.

Brandon’s words: ” Someone found it on the upper west side and we live in Brooklyn. Dont know how it got up there but […]

Hal Ruzal gives anti-bike theft tips on Brian Lehrer.

NYC talk show host and bicycle commuter had his first bike stolen in 25 years last weekend.

Really sorry to hear that Brian.

In response he had on the Brian Lehrer show, Hal Ruzal, bicycle guru from one of the oldest bike shops in NYC, Bicycle Habitat (244 Lafayette St-NYC) Hal had some […]