Come on America, lose the helmets

Bike sharing programs in America may be even more successful if they (gasp) lose the helmets.

New York Times reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal explains why in this op-Ed.

To Encourage Biking, Cities Lose the Helmets By: Elisabeth Rosenthal Published: September 29, 2012 Image by: Eric Hanson

ONE spectacular Sunday in Paris last month, […]

A look at the success of bike sharing

Is a bike sharing program successful for reducing pollution, increasing efficiency of transport or revenue generating for a city? New York Times reporter, David Jolly, while researching Paris’s bike sharing, Velib program says it depends who you ask. One success may not show up on the balance sheet, but is more of a long […]

Paris Bike Sharing program in Trouble or is it?

This article from the BBC, depicts how vandalism and theft are threatening this premiere bike sharing program, Velib, in Paris.

over 15,000 of the original fleet of bikes have disappeared. Here’s a video of some of the bikes in action…

Perhaps the hype is being over inflated by the one company […]