Gadgets: simple, bright and loud.

Here is a sleek concept bike, as seen on

“We re-thought everything two-wheeled, with simplicity in mind,” says Joey Ruiter of jruiter + studio, a Michigan-based design firm. “This is as stripped as you can get.”

Ruiter’s referring to their as-yet-unnammed inner city bike prototype, conceived of as a Spartan two-wheeler […]

It's Biking 2.0?

Check out the latest in wheel technology from MIT’s SENSEable City Lab. The “Copenhagen Wheel” somehow stores energy from braking and saves it for when cyclists need a boost.

From Wired Magazine: (article by: David Banks)

“During the climate conference in Copenhagen on Tuesday, MIT’s SENSEable City Laboratory announced a new project for […]

Tech time: iphone navigation

Check this out. Is this the iphone bike navigation of the future?


Also I found this Iphone app to store your bicycle spec information that is also a donation for Prostate Cancer.

Check out: […]

5 iphone apps that replace bike hardware

Check out these cool iphone apps for cyclists: